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  • Storytelling For Content Design is a podcast by Neil Petty, a strategist and content designer with experience in UX writing and brand-building for agencies and companies of all shapes and sizes. SFCD dives into Neil’s tips and knowledge, so you can build frameworks for brand voice, personality, and much more. We’ll also discuss the future of content design for new mediums like the metaverse, audio, and AI, and where the intersection of brand strategy and content design will come into play.

  • Timotej je nekdanji "wannabe hacker", ki je pustil srednjo šolo, začel z delom na žagi, in nadaljeval v klicnem centru ter nato prišel do vodstvenega položaja v internetnem oddelku v multinacionalnem podjetju. V podcastu "reklamist" bo Timotej delil svojo neverjetno zgodbo, od začetkov kot "wannabe hacker" do kreativnih prodajnih in marketinških trikov, ki jih izvaja zadnja leta na svoji uspešni eCommerce poti.Govoril bo osebnih težavah, ki jih je sam moral premagati na tej poti, hkrati pa z vami delil nasvete, ki vam bodo pomagale hitreje priti do zastavljenih ciljev na osebnem in poslovnem področju. Uživajte v poslušanju!

  • This is for the futurists. The visionaries. The ones bold enough to dream about a more beautiful tomorrow. We want to take you on a ride into Future Dimensions – an immersive auditive adventure in which we explore the future together, and carve out the paths that take us there. Because shaping the future always starts with a vision. Ready to ride?

    Explore our website now: www.mercedes-benz.com/en/art-and-culture/zeitgeist/mercedes-benz-podcast

    Do you want to give feedback on the podcast, ask questions or share your remarks? Feel free to tell us about your thoughts on “Future Dimensions” via [email protected]

  • V podcastu Inovator vam člana Društva VTIS, Alek Pikl in Bojana Selinšek, predstavljata nova dognanja iz tujine, ki nastajajo pod taktirko slovenskih inovatork in inovatorjev. Prisluhnite njihovim zgodbam, izkušnjam in pogledom.

    moderatorja: Alek Pikl in Bojana Selinšek
    audio obdelava: Alek Pikl
    ilustracija: Petra Krzicnik
    glasba: Igor Hodak

  • Podcast o programiranju zamišljen da se uklopi u vašu pauzu za kafu

  • Wellness is something we all try to achieve but do we really know the know how?
    How to eat, sleep, exercise, meditate, track your period, how to LIVE!
    Do you struggle to understand your wellness?
    Join Urska Srsen – co founder of Bellabeat and Melanie Messina – content director of
    Bellabeat, as they delve into the intrigue and complexities of wellness.
    Bellabeat ladies will explain the mission and vision of this health & wellness company
    while going through some of the topics that occupy women's minds the most.
    Reproductive health, food for body, mind and uterus, living in sync with your cycle,
    pregnancy and beyond : if those words tickle your brain then come along and join us
    in our podcast adventure.

  • MarTech Well Done explores the intersection of marketing and technology. Hear interviews and experts about their stories, how they are using marketing tools effectively, avoiding mistakes, the secrets of marketing automation, and more.
    MarTech Well Done is the perfect place to enjoy a well-done steak - like your favorite restaurant, something that will always have an ongoing great conversation and meal for you to enjoy.

  • Give us this day, our daily bread. The Daily Bread Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers crypto & DeFi across all chains, interviews top minds in the space, and host debates on what the future of finance will be.

  • On this podcast, you'll find interviews with high-performing successful individuals in Life Sciences. On a weekly basis, we cover their proven methods, principles, strategies, and mindsets to implement new technologies that scale to meet the needs of people in our world.

  • Just in time for COP26, Smarter Grid Solutions is pleased to release a new podcast. It will be our contribution to the search for impactful solutions to the climate challenge. We will focus on Distributed Energy which is a key part of the net zero carbon transition and explore topics such as decentralized renewable energy developments, smart grid integration solutions, the required system flexibility, customer and community enablement and local energy markets.

    We hope to shine the light on the most promising energy system technologies for communities, power grids and markets.

  • Prvi programerski podcast v Sloveniji!

    S sogovorniki iz inženirskega sveta se bomo poglabljali v tehnološke zgodbe, razpredali bomo o inženirskih praksah.
    Prerokovali bomo trende in pametovali o dobrih starih časih.

    Skratka: brodili bomo po blatu industrije in ob tem morda naleteli na kakšno dobro zgodbo.

  • Show about technology and curiosity.

  • Learn about the multi-billion dollar deals that the most senior executives at the best companies in the world perform. Corp Dev World demystifies the best way to buy and sell companies. Learn about the world of corporate development and how to prepare your company to either grow strategically with acquisitions or get the highest multiple possible for your sale! 

    At Corp Dev World, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to succeed in the world of corporate development.

    Through our comprehensive educational podcasts and expert guidance, we strive to demystify the process of buying and selling companies and equip our clients with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed, strategic decisions.

    Whether you are just starting out in the field or are an experienced corporate development professional, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and drive sustainable growth for your business.

  • The Medical AI Podcast offers insights into AI in healthcare and med tech innovation. Join myself, Dr Felix Beacher, Head of Healthcare Technology and Informa Tech and Omdia, for a 30 minute thrill ride of big ideas. In each episode I interview industry specialists in the fields of medicine, technology, business, and academia. We explore the latest advancements in the intersection of medicine and artificial intelligence. From machine learning to bioinformatics, NLP to MRI optimisation and everything in between, our expert guests discuss how technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry

  • A Cybersecurity and Compliance podcast discussing multiple topics related to all things Cybersecurity!

  • Industry pioneers, business leaders and bright young minds in the design and manufacturing sector share their stories of digital transformation. Learn how companies are using cutting-edge technology to make better products, streamline production processes and monetize innovation. The Art of the Impossible is hosted by Asif Moghal, Senior Industry Manager, Design & Manufacturing at Autodesk.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Watch LIVE on Mayo Media Network (https://www.youtube.com/c/MayoMediaNetwork)

    NFTs LIVE provides Breaking NFT insights, news, and market trends are the focus of this fast-paced show hosted by NFT traders TylerD, Sky Hook and Brett Richey. The hosts rotate through a series of running segments highlighting the most important insights in NFTs, bringing in a series of special guests (artists, DFS specialists, and more) for interviews and high-energy discussions exploring NFT investing theories and strategies.

  • Here at Biovolt Technologies, we cover consumer Technology from every angle. Sometimes that means we publish more than 30 posts on our website in a single day. It's a lot, and sometimes you're just too busy showering, commuting, and filling out TPS reports to read a news story. To keep up with your hectic schedule, we're posting audio versions of select news stories, so that you can still get the gist even when you're too busy to look up from what you're doing.

  • This podcast is for the users (including implementers, admins, and owners) of Microsoft business solutions like Dynamics 365 (D365) and Power Platform. You can stay tuned to the community, and what is going on in and around it by following this podcast and/or joining our group "Dynamics 365 User Community" on LinkedIn - http://bit.ly/3bGCB2S

    Disclaimer: Please note that this is not in a corporate or association framework, so all the contents here, are going to be based only on the community interest and need and cannot have any bearing on the individual or representative on the decision.

  • Podkast JedrskaSI je del digitalnega ekosistema skupnosti podpornikov jedrske energije. Izhaja iz izhodiščnega spletnega mesta jedrska.si. Vodi Eva Klara Kukovičič.