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  • Fazrul Fahmee Ismail mendapat ijazah Kejuruteraan Kimia & Minor in Arabic dari Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Amerika Syarikat. Beliau juga mendapat ijazah bahasa arab dari Alim International Arabic Learning Centre, Kaherah, Mesir. Fazrul Ismail ialah seorang penyelidik, jurulatih, penceramah dan coach dalam bidang keusahawanan dan softskills serta banyak menyampaikan siri latihan mengambil pengajaran dari al-Quran dan Sunnah. Latarbelakang pendidikan beliau di US dan Mesir menjadikan modul beliau amat istimewa untuk peserta yang pernah menyertai program beliau. Beliau amat suka untuk membimbing dan mendidik individu yang berwawasan yang ingin berjaya. Antara buku dan artikel yang ditulis oleh beliau adalah

    ❖ Panduan Asas Teknik Ulul Albab – Sifir 16 (2019)
    ❖ Board Game: QINGO – Quranic Bingo (2018)
    ❖ Produk : Flash 114 (2017) – flash card untuk mengingati 114 Surah dalam
    ❖ Nikmatnya Tadabbur Tazakkur (2016)
    ❖ Bina Modul (2016)
    ❖ Sinopsis 114 Surah (2016)
    ❖ Kolumnis Majalah i diterbitkan oleh Karangkraf (2004 - 2016).
    ❖ Ebook Saya Mahu Belon (2013)
    ❖ Buku Lonjakkan Potensi Diri – MasterPIES (2012)
    ❖ Kolumnis majalah Zuriat di Singapura (2010-2011)
    ❖ Al-Fatihah Workbook – disiapkan di US (2009)
    ❖ Hidup Zero Alasan (2005) – diterbitkan bawah PTS
    ❖ Pemikiran Sistemik (2004)- diterbitkan di Malaysia oleh PTS Publications &
    ❖ Pemikiran Sistemik (2003)– diterbitkan di Mesir
    ❖ Systems Thinking in Action –teknik aplikasi Pemikiran Sistemik
    ❖ Teknik Komunikasi untuk Nuqaba’
    ❖ Mengapa 10? – menerangkan mengapa ada 10 Prinsip dalam Pemikiran
    ❖ Amalan Berjaya bagi Lelaki dan Wanita –konsep berjaya yang
    dinyatakan dalam Surah al-Mukminoon

  • Beloved, The Divine Woman Podcast is an invitation to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, heal old wounds, and live in harmony with nature, source, and spirit.
    Join Priestess Amanda Sophia and spiritual thought leaders as they discuss ancient spiritual teachings from The Celtic Wheel and share tips on how to live from a place of sovereignty, joy, and connectedness. Each episode will empower you to connect with your inner divine feminine. Weave these sacred teachings into every area of your life and emerge fully confident of your innate worth.
    Tune in, Beloveds. You are welcome here.

  • This podcast covers Holy Quran recitation completed with Indonesian and English Translation. BarakAllahu...🙏

    Email: [email protected]

  • Pope St. John Paul II famously declared, "The Hour of the Laity has struck!" These are unprecedented times. Every week new challenges and opportunities confront those trying to live an authentically Catholic life. The Hour examines the 'signs of the times' to draw out practical, personal, and spiritual insights to help you grow in holiness and build the Kingdom. Hosted by Pete Burak but driven by inspiring guests, listeners can expect weekly, fast moving, and Spirit-filled conversations.

  • Poveștile de viață sunt povești care să inspire copiii, tinerii și chiar părinții.
    Sunt povești de viață ale unor copii și tineri dincolo de lucrurile mărețe pe care le-au făcut, ci prin prisma calităților umane care le-au permis să atingă acele realizări. Împreună descoperim ce valori, ce abilități, ce set de convingeri, credințe, ce tip de comportamente și interacțiuni umane au oamenii care reușesc.
    În următoarele podcasturi, veți întâlni tineri care pot să fie copiilor modele de viață și care să îi inspire prin poveștile lor de viață pentru a face din viața lor cea mai minunată poveste.

  • Relationship Truth: Unfiltered is a place for people of faith to find real answers when it comes to destructive relationships.
    Leslie Vernick is the author of seven books, including the best-selling, ”The Emotionally Destructive Marriage.” She has dedicated her life to cutting through the religious confusion and teaching women to grow in their relationships: with God, with themselves, and with others.

  • Listen to our Podcast on Spiritual Research and Development.

    Our Podcast is created to facilitate a safe and responsible environment for all who aspire to study the spiritual reality. Each episode is meant to throw a little bit of light onto the path of each one of us, and hopefully to assist each of our listeners to take their own next step.

    With good intentions and one eye always on our truth, please remain open to what lies ahead. Every episode throws a little bit more light on the realms beyond the physical cosmos and attempts to pass a new perspective in a simple and structured manner.

    Please know that it is our understanding that none of the teachings talked about in our podcast or classes are meant to replace medicine or therapy. All true esoteric teachings are meant to work hand in hand with all aspects of science and enhance each other.

    Please take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!

  • Delaney and Bev are co-hosts for the ‘She is Becoming’ podcast. Delaney (under 30) and Bev (over 60) are a multi-generational duo with lively discussion - they enjoy learning from each other and learning from guests that they interview. Together they tackle relevant topics and study the Bible.

  • Tune in for a faith based approach to personal growth and development. Here God is not just a part of the equation, he’s the answer. Listen for daily thoughts, stories and principles to inspire you to become your best self.

  • Prostor za ženske, ki želijo živeti polno
    življenje in stopati po poti svetosti.

  • Sabbath School Rescue is a weekly podcast with Michael W. Campbell & Buster Swoopes, Jr. over the Sabbath School lesson. In this podcast, the “Campbell Swoopes” duo - started this podcast as religion teachers at Southwestern Adventist University - have lively dialogue as they dig deeper into each week’s lesson. Campbell now serves as the Director for the Office of Archives, Statistics and Research at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, and Swoopes is a Regional Director of Clinical Mission for AdventHealth.

    Find out more at

  • Vsako jutro radijski program začnemo z rožnim vencem.

  • Vsako nedeljo na ARS-u prenašamo katoliško mašo, vsako peto nedeljo pa evangeličansko bogoslužje. V prvi vrsti je prenos namenjen vernikom, ki se zaradi najrazličnejših vzrokov bogoslužja ne morejo udeležiti osebno.

  • hi! my name is aubrey and one of my goals is to read the entire bible. join me to read through your bible, but with a little bit of an asmr twist. i think the bible needs to be seen as more accessible, so hi. welcome. Support this podcast:

  • Pray Morning and Evening Prayer according to the 1662 International Edition of the Book of Common Prayer. Through this discipline, a Christian reads the Old Testament once a year, the New Testament three times a year, and the Psalms every month. Anglican spirituality is deeply rooted in daily conforming ourselves to the study of God’s Word and the cycle of confession, supplication, praise, and thanksgiving. This daily service is a great way for people of all backgrounds and schedules to pray, learn, and grow in holiness. Uploads M-F 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sundays 1 and 5 pm Support this podcast:

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: a Paid Subscriber: a Paid Subscriber: a Paid Subscriber: a Paid Subscriber: a Paid Subscriber:, and welcome to my podcast. This podcast is to encourage others about the word of GOD and how Jesus Christ has a wonderful plan for your life. Hope you enjoy the podcasts and know that GOD loves you and he has amazing things in store if you just accept him in your heart and seek after HIM. Support this podcast:

  • V nov delovni teden se podamo okrepljeni z Božjo besedo, ko premišljujemo ob besedah Svetega pisma. Sveti Frančišek Asiški je v 7. opominu zapisal, da "duh Svetega pisma poživlja". Šolske sestre svetega Frančiška pripravimo premišljevanje z izhodišči za osebno ali skupno molitev.

  • Father Joseph Mary Wolfe and Doug Keck mine decades of viewer phone calls answered by Mother Angelica. Mother dishes out teaching, advice, laughter and plenty of prayers as she takes calls from her “Family”. No subject is off limits and no problem too big for the wisdom and compassion of the one and only, Mother Angelica!

  • Welcome to The Soul Powered Portal! This is YOUR portal for all thing's Soul Alignment. The reason you would want to align with your Soul's Path is to unlock all of the abundance, wealth, prosperity, flow, fulfillment, happiness and relationships that are your birthright! Thank you for pushing play today, now let's dive in!

  • Tedenska tematsko-feljtonska oddaja Sledi večnosti spada med verske oddaje in nastaja v okviru Uredništva za religije in verstva na Radiu Slovenija. Odpiramo aktualna vprašanja duhovnosti, vere, religij, teologije … Vsebine osvetljujemo skozi prizmo humanističnih znanosti, kot so: filozofija, sociologija, etnologija, zgodovina … Obravnavamo pa tudi pomembne lokalne in svetovne dogodke.