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  • Hi! I'm Christina, The Heart Alchemist. I’m also a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician.

    Here you can enjoy interviews, meditations, and the audio versions of all of my YouTube video content!

  • Enjoy some of Neville Goddards lost and previously unrecorded lectures by your host, Barry J Peterson. We will be offering lectures by Neville Goddard, and also exploring the works of Freedom Barry and Frank Carter.

  • Estou muito feliz por nos encontrarmos no caminho à Unidade Interespécies.

    Neste canal partilho sobre a minha missão de dar Voz a Alma de humanos e animais que me guiou à fundação da OUI - Organização pela Unidade Interespécies. Que este podcast possa contribuir para a felicidade e liberdade de todos os seres.

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  • Welcome to The Self Love Fix Podcast. I’m your host, Beatrice -an embodiment coach, teacher, and mentor, and founder of The Self Love Over Codependency Program.

    Are you ready to finally step into your worthiness and magnetism? Are you tired of your limiting beliefs and self-doubt affecting every aspect of your life? You deserve to live an abundant life, you deserve to desire and achieve all of your dreams, and most importantly, you deserve to embody unshakable self-confidence.

    Believe it or not, I didn’t always embody self-trust. Most of my life, I lived at the mercy of what other people thought of me. It was only during a very low point I experienced during grad school where I asked myself, “Where does your need for perfectionism come from?”

    This was a game-changing moment for me. For the first time in my life, I asked myself about the origins of my behavior instead of blaming myself for them.

    From then on, I promised to live out my passion and mission for embodying my true essence and to teach others to do the same.

    That’s exactly why I created this podcast. This podcast is all about helping you shift from shame, people-pleasing, codependency, low self-esteem, and self-doubt and into alignment, expansion, and unapologetic self-trust through spirituality and healing the inner-child.

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  • From the Sensus Fidelium YouTube Channel this will cover news, apologetics, documentaries, and interviews in mp3 form

  • El podcast para quienes quieren aprender a leer el tarot y estรกn dando sus primeros pasos. Y tambiรฉn para aquellos que desean saber mรกs sobre el enfoque espiritual de este arte.Cada semana compartirรฉ contigo informaciรณn y tips para que realices tus lecturas de forma simple, prรกctica y luminosa. El tarot es una herramienta muy potente de conexiรณn espiritual. ยฟQuieres sentirlo? ยกBienvenido a mi podcast! Support this podcast:

  • O Baixo Clero é o podcast sobre ministério pastoral do Dois Dedos de Teologia.

  • Ora, pois! o Podcast dos Passionistas de Portugal.
    Um lugar de encontro contigo e com Deus, um espaço de aprofundamento da fé e da vida, com propostas que te ajudem a Orar, a Ser e a Viver como discípulo de Jesus.

  • Join us on Substack. Set your sights at the Good, the Beautiful, and the True, and then focus pointedly and carefully on the concerns of each moment. Aim continually at Heaven while you work diligently on Earth. Attend fully to the future, in that manner, while attending fully to the present.

  • O Podcast Espiritismo Simples tem a proposta de falar sobre a Doutrina de forma simples - como ela deve ser.

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  • These podcasts are designed to provide listeners with teachings from great spiritual Masters and to create a meditative mood so that the meaning can go deep and enter your heart.

    These podcasts are not monetized. If you enjoy and benefit from these recordings you are welcome to contribute to the daily running costs of our hermitage. Donations for this purpose can be made via PayPal using the link: or become a Patron -

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  • Listen HERE to talks from some of our amazing speakers from past conferences. Learn all about the Message of Fatima, the state of the Church, and how you can help.

    You can also listen on your smart devices by searching “The Fatima Center” on your favorite podcatcher or just click one of the links below to subscribe.

  • Divulgacao do Espiritismo o Centro Broward Spiritist Society promove podcastbss Assuntos que nos inspiram : Felicidade, Estudo Mediunico, Mediunidade, autoconhecimento, Ensinamentos de Alan Kardec, Chico Xavier, reencarnacao, eneagrama, Ansiedade, depressao, Palestras, aulas e Cursos de Autocura, Magnetismo, Perdao e muito mais.

  • Founder @DunamisMovement | Senior Leader Zion Church @zionsaopaulo | Author of #NextLevel & #ReinoInabalavel | Junia, Zach & Koa | Revival & Reformation | Make History!

  • 30 Minutes with The Perrys is a podcast with a whole lot of truth given in a short amount of time. Preston Perry and Jackie Hill Perry will bring their humor, honesty, and insight into conversations on everything from relationships, theology, politics, race, and parenting.

  • The Spiritually Sassy Show is for people longing for an avant-garde awakening, where we're redefining what it means to be spiritual in modern times!

    Join our host, spiritual revolutionary and international best-selling author Sah D'Simone, for conversations that inspire and enlighten.

    Each week, he'll be joined by a diverse set of thought leaders, disruptors, change-makers, and visionaries who pave the way for a limitless, deeply inclusive, radically joyful state of being in their own unique ways.

    And because it's Sah, honey, you know he's going to bring the sass!

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  • Welcome to The Daily Still Podcast - A Place to Pause. Here we create space to listen for the whispers of God. Each episode features a short devotional-style, guided meditation, offering room to “be still” in the midst of the busyness of life. We position ourselves to hear God’s Voice, allowing Him to bring alignment and peace to our whole being. Host Cindy Helton is a spiritual guide and leader for stillness gatherings and retreats. She has practiced and led guided Christian meditation for over a decade. Her passion is helping others notice and become more aware of the Presence of God.

  • Crio
    conteúdo positivo para o seu corpo e mente ๐Ÿค
    Meditações, Mantas e Expansão de Consciência.
    Por Anice Peixoto

  • Os efeitos da meditação têm sido estudados cientificamente ao longo de várias décadas, mas os seus efeitos positivos na humanidade transcendem os milénios. A meditação não tem limites, mas para começar, aconselhe-se com alguém experiente. As meditações aqui presentes são úteis num processo completo de desenvolvimento pessoal e espiritual.