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  • Découvre le replay des wébinaires "1 soirée pour le glorifier" du blog en podcast!

    Le blog TPSG a pour vocation d'aider les chrétiens à voir comme Dieu voit pour vivre comme Dieu veut.

  • El Shaddai Luxembourg Centre Chrétien International. Eglise dirigée par le Bishop Adama Ouedraogo.
    Pour plus d'infos allez consulter notre site internet

  • From the Bayan ul Quran series By Dr. Israr Ahmed (r.a.)

    More than 100 hours of commentary on the Holy Qur'an with detailed background, supplemented by Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), etc.

    Please browse the following reference links for background and further info on each Surah:

    The Holy Quran' in text with translations:

    Tafheem ul Qur'an by Syed Abul Alaa Maududi (r.a.):

    Detailed Surah info: (based on M. Maududi's tafheem in a more readable format)

  • Nous sommes Shana et Nathalie, deux astrologues passionnées et nous avons décidé de créer ce podcast pour confronter nos points de vues sur l'astrologie mais aussi pour aborder tous les sujets qui lui sont liés. Ici, vous trouverez des épisodes sur les signes, les planètes, l'astrologie karmique, l'amour en astrologie et 1000 autres sujets dont bien évidemment, le prévisionnel.
    Avec au minimum un épisode par semaine (tous les dimanches) nous allons faire de nombreux voyages du Bélier aux Poissons, du Soleil à Pluton et de la complexité de cette pratique ancestrale à ses explications les plus ludiques, laissez vous porter par la magie de l'astrologie, au calme, avec un thé ou un café, c'est l'heure de la Pause Astro.

  • Herzlich Willkommen bei "Seelenstimmen"! Was du hier über deine Stimmpower erfährst ist neu, anders, transformierend. Denn deine Stimme ist mehr als du hörst, mehr als ein technisches Tool. Ich bin Achtsamkeitssprechmentorin, komme vom Theater, werfe im Leben jedoch gerne fade Kulissen um, die von mir verlangen meine Wahrheit zu unterdrücken. Wenn du auch diesen Ruf in dir spürst, dann klick rein u. erfahre, wie du deine wahre magnetische Stimmpower für dich aktivierst, die dein Leben für immer verändert.
    IG: @isabelle_schulz_mentoring

  • Passer à la vitesse supérieur, développer votre potentiel et accomplissez le but de votre vie .
    Découvrir sa destinée est un facteur déterminant pour l’accomplissent du but de sa vie. Qu’importe ta situation sociale, ta condition de vie, ton âge ou ton niveau d’étude. Si tu n’es pas heureux, tu veux découvrir et développer tes capacités, tu veux passer à une autre dimension de ta vie, tu veux percer le mystère de ta destinée. Tu es au bon endroit.
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  • Kurz gesagt: Esra, Youssef und Narin machen diesen Podcast. Ist echt killa. Ein Podcast über Dating, Intimität, Sex, Erotik und Partnerschaft in der deutsch-muslimischen Community. Aber warum? Weil wir in muslimischen Communities noch einen Stock im Arsch haben, wenn’s genau um diese Themen geht. Dieser Stock sitzt so tief und kitzelt schon das Gehirn. Unsere Hosts Esra und Youssef sprechen dabei unter anderem über Pornosucht, Vaginismus, Dating-Herausforderungen bei Muslim*innen und vieles mehr. Bei Honigtraum wird euch das Wasser aus den Ohren laufen, also spendet großzügig über unseren Patreon Account.

  • This podcast offers insights into the mind's inner workings toward forgiveness and spiritual awakening. In each episode, Frances Xu and her guests dive into the practical aspects of the spiritual journey. They share deep and intimate discussions on a range of topics including relationship and community. Episodes of the show will air every Thursday at 10 a.m. US Central Time.

    Frances is a public speaker and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She has worked closely with David Hoffmeister and has facilitated retreats and workshops around the world.

  • La prière est une des plus grandes adorations de l’islam, un de ses plus importants rites, c’est en l’occurrence le deuxième pilier de l’islam après les deux attestations de foi, c’est la plus belle des obéissances et des soumissions à Allah, c’est le rite dont on espère la plus grande récompense de nos actions, sa place en islam est énorme, et sa valeur est considérable de sorte que celui qui la délaisse ne peut pas se prétendre soumis à Dieu et donc de l’islam.

  • Meditaciones guiadas por Valeria Kechichian
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    Guided meditations by Valeria Kechichian
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    O projeto “Meu Bom Dia para Você” em Podcast será apresentado em mensagens diárias, durante todo o ano de 2021.

    São 365 mensagens que estão programadas para disponibilização toda manhã.

    Organização: Academia Valparaisense de Letras (AVL)
    Textos: Simone Fernandes
    Edição dos Áudios: Quintal Estúdios
    Capa: Ademir Júnior
    Narradores: Simone Fernandes, Dry Neres, Michel Duarte, Tacio Lorran, Alex Gomes, Airton Memória, Débora Iglesias, Alexandre Bernardo, Daniel Canhoto, Jhean Lima e Sissa Santos.
    Vinheta: Jorge Recife

  • Follow me into my true life, the life of a former immune sick person that has died 2x by multiple organ failure and found a new life going from there. I manifested my absolute dream life in abundance, happiness and health.
    Think about the greater questions of life with me, discover quantum. Physics, love, happiness and emotions with me! We are here on this planet to discover ourselves, to find the depth of us in this ocean of humanity. I'm inviting you to find yourself by listening, feeling and loving!

  • Kazania górolskie, górolskie gawyndy a i trochę po polsku tyz! A wsytko tutok:

  • The School of The Heart was created thousands of years ago by the Masters who understood that the only way to remember who we really are is to reconnect with the energy of the heart. Our intention is to help people remember how it is to live from the heart. To find out more about our school and the many teachings we offer, please visit . From our hearts to yours.

  • The Senior leadership of The Bay Christian Family Church (The Bay CFC) are pastoral husband and wife team, Dr Allan and Ps Janine Bagg.

    The Bay CFC is the local ministry arm of Allan Bagg Ministries and affiliates with Christian Family Church International under the senior leadership of Drs Theo and Beverley Wolmarans. Dr Allan and Pastor Janine both committed their lives to Jesus Christ at Christian Family Church International - Johannesburg, where their ministry was birthed in their their hearts.

    Dr Allan teaches the uncompromised Word of God in order to fulfill his mandate from God. Read more about this under Dr Allan and Ps Janine's biography.

    The Bay CFC is a spiritual family where Love is King and Jesus is Lord! We live to reflect the heart of God to and in our communities and we place emphasis on the process of living by renewing our minds, by revelation, to live according to what is written in the Word of God.

    The Bay CFC currently comprises five campuses: Sermons are broadcast to the the satellite campuses via Live-link technology enabling Dr Allan to reach the entire congregation, regardless of where it is. We are one church, soon to expand to many more locations!

    (For contact information please refer to 'Contact Us'

  • Ready to smash your inner glass ceiling & manifest a life and business that totally lights you up? If you’re a woman who has big ambitions on her heart and is ready to step into her wealthiest and most abundant self - then welcome! Listen in as your host, Helena Grace Donald (money mindset expert, success coach & author) and her epic guests dig in and share the real ins & outs, ups & downs, tips & tools to creating long lasting financial freedom & success in life and business. Each episode is designed for you to feel totally seen and heard but also majorly FIRED UP! Expect to experience big breakthroughs, total clarity, inspiration and a whole lot of “realness”.

  • Conversations + meditations to help you live a more calm and peaceful life. Have you ever wondered why you’re here and what the meaning is for your life? Have you ever wondered how to successfully navigate the depths of your fear, emotions, challenges and inner self?
    In this series of episodes, we’re going to engage in deep soulful conversations to help you reveal your life's purpose, optimize your health, and align with the benevolent forces of the Universe. You’ll also get guided meditations to help you discover your deeper truth and cultivate inner peace.