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  • Para eternos curiosos: Conversas sobre saúde física, mental e estilos de vida saudáveis.

    Sobre mim: sou médica interna de 1° ano de medicina geral e familiar, a fazer mestrado em nutrição clínica. Nenhum dos episódios substitui a avaliação por um profissional de saúde. O objetivo é apenas promover a literária na saúde. “ Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
    Mais em @margarida.dgsantos ( instagram )

  • IFS Talks is an audio series to deepen connections with the Internal Family Systems Model through conversations with lead trainers, authors, practitioners and users. 
    You can find it here at this link.In these audio interviews, we will have the opportunity to draw out aspects of IFS Lead Trainers and skilled presenters to create a user-friendly format for listeners to get to know each trainer or practitioner, their background, in and before IFS. With candid, self-led dialogue, trainers and practitioners can share their specific interests with listeners interested in deepening their inner knowledge and IFS practice. Cece Sykes, Susan McConnell, Mary Kruger, Pam Krause, Lisa Spiegel, Martha Sweezy, Art Mones, Ann Sinko, Paul Neustadt, Frank Anderson, Larry Rosenberg, Toni Herbine-Blank, and many more among the interviewees. Among the topics in theTalks:

    - All Erotic Parts are Welcome, with Larry Rosenberg
    - IFS, Trauma and Neuroscience, with Frank Anderson
    - From Reactive to Self Led Parenting, with Paul Neustadt
    - IFS as a Metamodel of Therapy, with Art Mones
    - The Role of Legacy Burdens on Anxiety, Depression and Shame, with Ann Sinko
    - Shame and Guilt as central for IFS work, with Martha Sweezy
    - Bringing IFS to Children and Parents, with Lisa Spiegel
    - IFS with Children and Adolescents, with Pam Krause
    - IFS on Addictions and Eating Disorders, with Mary Kruger
    - Embodying the Internal Family, with Susan McConnell
    - Bringing IFS to Extreme Parts, with Cece Sykes

  • Seja bem-vindo ao podcast Alimentação Saudável. O meu nome é Mafalda Rodrigues de Almeida, sou Nutricionista, fundadora da Loveat e autora de 3 livros de receitas. Por aqui vamos falar de todos os temas quentes relacionados com nutrição, alimentação de qualidade e estilo de vida. Vamos receber convidados especialistas em temas como a organização das refeições, as melhores técnicas de leitura de rótulos e compras, impacto da alimentação no crescimento e desenvolvimento entre muitos outros. Queremos que este Podcast venha simplificar as suas escolhas alimentares e ajudá-lo a ter as ferramentas necessárias para uma alimentação mais nutritiva e completa. Por isso, pegue numa cadeira e sente-se bem confortável para ouvir tudo o que temos reservado para si. Este é o seu Podcast!Conheça o nosso trabalho aqui:www.loveat.ptInstagram: @mafaldaralmeidaYoutube: @LoveatLinkedin: @Loveat

  • Cornelia Grimsmo, youtuber and founder of the brain dump. bullet journals, transfers the intimate thoughts, stories and ideas from our private journals to a podcast for her audience to connect, discuss and learn from each other.

  • Welcome to The Champion Mindset Podcast hosted by Stacy "Bama" Burr, who in 2019 put it all on the line to become the #1 ranked powerlifter in the world (#BITW). This is the #1 spot to find the motivation to grind out that one last rep, and the courage to take bigger and bigger steps towards being a better version of you. This is The Champion Mindset Podcast.

  • É um espaço de terapia pessoal pela pessoa chamada Joana Gama em que vocês também serão convidados a entrar. Psycho porque receio não bater bem da cabeça e terapia porque é uma palavra que geralmente custa dinheiro e aqui não. Só tempo.

    As ilustrações são da @lara_luis

  • We are living in unprecedented times, when fear must be countered with love and distress with healing. Now for Tomorrow is a podcast to show you how that's possible. To show actions you can do now to make tomorrow better. Each step offers an action to take today to make tomorrow better for yourself, those you love, and the world.  
    Hosted by Deepak Chopra, each episode contains a short prompt for reflection and contemplation rooted around actions that you can take immediately after listening.

  • Welcome to The Daily Still Podcast - A Place to Pause. Here we create space to listen for the whispers of God. Each episode features a short devotional-style, guided meditation, offering room to “be still” in the midst of the busyness of life. We position ourselves to hear God’s Voice, allowing Him to bring alignment and peace to our whole being. Host Cindy Helton is a spiritual guide and coach for stillness gatherings and retreats. She has practiced and led guided Christian meditation for over a decade. Her passion is ushering people into the Presence of God.

  • Hosted by Alexandra Dawson, Fears To Freedom Radio is here to empower you to love and accept yo self fully, gain confidence in who you are, and live a life that’s true to YOU. join me for some candid convos about positivity, self love, and honest real liiiiife talk.

  • Sex tips for gay men or men that have sex with other men. Recorded by a qualified therapist, that happens to be gay.

  • Este é um podcast motivacional e empoderador que inclui meditações guiadas, afirmações positivas, ambientes sonoros, músicas originais e testemunhos. Use o poder das afirmações positivas e da música para atrair a vida que sempre desejou! Você é um criador poderoso da sua realidade sabia?

  • Com Amor, Sempre foi um podcast criado para vos inspirar a serem vocês mesmos, a acreditarem naquilo que trazem ao mundo e para perderem os medos do que a vida nos trás. O universo não quer nada mais nada menos, do que vos suportar - está na hora de fazer acontecer.
    Às segundas-feiras antes de uma nova semana, vão ter 15 minutos de inspiração, motivação e ferramentas para vos deixar um passo mais perto dos vossos objectivos.
    Antes dos objectivos, receios, falhanços, sucessos vem amor, sempre.

  • Your audio guide to the world of kinbaku. This podcast covers the stories, history, evolution and ideas related to Japanese bondage. The primary focus is on SM in Japan and will range to discussing bondage in fiction, film, theater, sociology, criminology and other subjects. Contains adult language and content.

    New Episodes air on the 20th of every month.

  • As a Physician Assistant I discuss various orthopedic topics. Each episode will be about 15 minutes long and cover my experiences working along side several different orthopedic surgeons in a trauma setting and elective practice. The scope will range roughly from nursing student through the intern year of residency. I will try to incorporate questions every now and then as well. And I'll deliberately try to use a conversational language without sacrificing the integrity of the discussion. If I think it will help, I'll take a rabbit trail here and there to simplify commonly misunderstood topics, words, pitfalls, etc. that I feel many people likely question as well.

  • Actionable drills, tactics, and routines from the best in the game of golf. The specific advice and suggested purchases which you can test in your own game from tour players, phycologists, biomechanics instructors and much, much more. From their favorite books to personal action challenges. Each guest will inspire you to experiment and question everything. Start making your practice time more effective today. Welcome to Making A Club Champion Podcast.

  • Psychotropic is a bi-weekly podcast showcasing stories that involve substance use. If you are interested in people, the drug experience and its consequences, philosophies and ideas surrounding drug-use, and how it's all laced into everyday life, then these short memoirs, told by individuals who have (or haven't) partaken, might give you some insight.

  • The audio version of Siri Lindley's Bed Head Chronicles video series. Each episode is a few minutes long. My mission is to positively influence others, to help empower you by connecting you to your greatest strengths.

    By helping to guide you to your heart, your passion and your mission. Living your life from a place of love and not fear, and finding the courage, the strength and the ability to create the extraordinary life you dream of! I created this series as a small but important part of this mission. You can watch the full videos on my website https://www.sirilindley.com/bed-head-chronicles/

  • O Podcast que vai empoderar e transformar a vida dos protetores de animais e trazer mais saúde holística para os seus mestres animais lá de casa!