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  • Get fitter, faster and stronger without injury and burnout! Follow Melissa Kendter, certified Functional Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, UESCA Running Coach, and hybrid athlete with a no BS approach to fitness, providing you with the tools you need to run and lift into your 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond. My goal is to empower you with training tips and help you become the best everyday athlete you can be. I'll provide an unfiltered look into health, fitness, performance, human optimization and more → www.trainmk.com @melissa_kendter

  • Bem-vindos! Nestes episódios vão poder ouvir muitas histórias sem glúten e relacionadas com a doença celíaca

  • You know that sinking feeling when you wake up with a hangover and think: “I’m never doing this again”? We’ve all been there. But what happens when you follow through? Sonia Kahlon and Kathleen Killen can tell you, because they did it! They went from sisters-in-law, to Sisters in Sobriety.

    In this podcast, Sonia and Kathleen invite you into their world, as they navigate the ups and downs of sobriety, explore stories of personal growth and share their journey of wellness and recovery.

    Get ready for some real, honest conversations about sobriety, addiction, and everything in between. Episodes will cover topics such as: reaching emotional sobriety, how to make the decision to get sober, adopting a more mindful lifestyle, socializing without alcohol, and much more.

    Whether you’re sober-curious, seeking inspiration and self-care through sobriety, or embracing the alcohol-free lifestyle already… Tune in for a weekly dose of vulnerability, mutual support and much needed comic relief. Together, let’s celebrate the transformative power of sisterhood in substance recovery!

    Kathleen Killen is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) and certified coach based in Ontario, Canada. Her practice is centered on relational therapy and she specializes in couples and working with individuals who are navigating their personal relationships.

    Having been through many life transitions herself, Kathleen has made it her mission to help others find the support and communication they need in their closest relationships. To find out more about Kathleen’s work, check out her website.

    Sonia Kahlon is a recovery coach and former addict. She grappled with high-functioning alcohol use disorder throughout her life, before getting sober in 2016. Sonia is now the founder of EverBlume, a digital tool that offers a unique approach to alcohol recovery support.

    Over the last five years, she has appeared on successful sobriety platforms, such as the Story Exchange, the Sobriety Diaries podcast and the Sober Curator, to tell her story of empowerment and addiction recovery, discuss health and midlife sobriety, and share how she is thriving without alcohol.

    Her online platform EverBlume launched in February 2023, and was featured in Recovery Today Magazine and deemed an ‘essential sobriety resource’ by the FemTech Insider.
    The company champions self-improvement and mindful sobriety, with support groups designed by and for women struggling with alcohol.

    So how can EverBlume help you meet your sober community? By offering deeply personalized support. Members get matched based on their profiles and life experiences, and take part in small group sessions (max. 16 people). In your support group, you will meet like-minded women, discuss your experiences, and gain confidence, knowing you can rely on your peers in times of need.

    Whether you identify as a binge drinker, someone who developed a habit during the Covid-19 pandemic, a high-functioning alcoholic, or an anxious person using alcohol to self-soothe… There is a support group for you!

    Current EverBlume members have praised the company’s unique approach to alcohol detox. “No one is judging me for not being sure I want to be sober for the rest of my life” ; “I felt so heard and understood and today I woke up feeling empowered to make the change in my life”.

    Feeling inspired? Learn more about the EverBlume sobriety community at joineverblume.com, or simply listen to Sisters In Sobriety.

    Your sobriety success story starts today, with Kathleen and Sonia. Just press play!

  • For more than 25 years, Dr. Darcy Sterling has been helping people conquer their toughest relationship challenges. She is a New York City-based licensed therapist, the host of E! Network’s Famously Single, the former Global Ambassador to Tinder, and now she brings her no-nonsense advice to her new podcast, We Need To Talk With Dr. Darcy Sterling.

    We Need To Talk is a dating and relationship podcast that will inspire and empower you with the tools and skills you need to love better so you can live better. 

    Joining as co-host is her niece, New York City publicist Ashtyn Tardif, who comes to every episode armed with as many questions as Dr. Darcy has answers to. Join us each Tuesday for the takeaways you won’t get anywhere else.


    We Need To Talk With Dr. Darcy Sterling is intended to provide listeners with information, education, and entertainment. The information on this podcast and any linked materials should not be used as a substitute for working with a licensed therapist, a physician, or any other qualified professional. 

    Listeners should not use this show to diagnose, disregard, or delay obtaining medical advice from a trained, licensed, healthcare professional. 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Aqui compartilho sobre ser artista, trabalhadora com transtorno de personalidade borderline.

  • Problemas para dormir? Ou apenas quer algo bom para ouvir enquanto faz isso? Feche os olhos, agora você está com João Pestana, o melhor podcast para adormecer 😴 💤

  • “The Green Room” is a series created & hosted by Jenna Andrews that offers an inclusive community & a safe space through which viewers can expand their awareness of mental health topics. Jenna has partnered up with the Jed Foundation, a nonprofit that protects emotional health & prevents suicide for teens & young adults and She is the Music, an industry-wide movement to empower female creators & drive inclusivity and equality for women in music, on the series.

  • Olá!

    A Porta 24, é um lugar à tua disposição. A ideia é partilhar, disponibilizar, facultar informação sobre temas que te podem ajudar no teu dia a dia. Na tua vida pessoal e na tua vida profissional. Conceitos ligados à felicidade, à vida e ao amor. Áreas como a saúde, a família e o bem-estar.

    Aqui na Porta 24 criamos um espaço onde a consciência é a palavra chave, mas sempre com muita alegria e humor. Vamos des(arrumar) emoções, vamos sentir, vamos valorizar aquilo que temos de melhor…vem abrir a porta!

    Se quiseres falar com a Porta 24 escrever-nos para: [email protected]

  • The Censored Thoughts Podcast is all about building a platform to vent about our darkest moments. On this monthly podcast, Jacob from AlderHam will dive deeper into some of his personal experiences and occasionally talk with likeminded individuals about some of the hardships they’ve had to overcome in their career. Whether you’re a founder, designer or mental health advocate, tune in to hear some of the realities of running a business in today’s climate.

  • A series of conversations with global public health experts about transforming the vaccine ecosystem towards a flu-free future.

    The Flu Vaccine Forum brings together global funders, scientific experts, and key public policy, regulatory, and public health stakeholders to explore current efforts to reimagine and transform vaccine research, pandemic preparedness and prevention initiatives in the context of advancing next-generation, universally protective influenza vaccines (UIV) and key issues and highlights from the IVR.

    The Flu Vaccine Forum is a webinar and podcast series hosted and organized by the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Influenza Vaccine R&D Roadmap (IVR) Initiative and the Global Flu Funders Consortium.

    For more information, join us at: https://www.influenzer.org/
    And connect with us on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheInfluenzers

  • Com o apoio da CSL Vifor, Paulo Ferreira junta-se a vários convidados para debater o tema da sustentabilidade dos modelos de financiamento de hemodiálise em Portugal.

  • O que esperar dos novos desafios na saúde? Este será um dos principais temas em discussão em “Saúde: Conversas & Caminhos”, o novo podcast da FMUP que vai despertar novas formas de ver e fazer saúde.

  • Grab your Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, pen, highlighter, and notepad and get ready to hear and apply some of the Solution from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous from the Experience, strength, and hope of Nikki M.  The Noodle It Out with Nikki M is an exercise and deep dive into finding solutions to questions, issues, and things we encounter in addiction, recovery, and everyday life, in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Nikki M and Justin B, the co-hosts of this podcast, will bring a couple of questions from our own lives, from the lives of people we work with in recovery, and from the listening audience to the table and "noodle" them out using the Big Book.  The Noodle It Out with Nikki M Podcast is a part of the Reco12 family of recovery resources.  https://www.reco12.com

  • “Arriaga a sorrir” é o novo videocast na área da medicina dentária que pretende falar sobre os temas da saúde oral.
    É o podcast ideal, para se manter atualizado sobre os cuidados com a higiene oral e como evitar doenças na cavidade oral.

  • A couple who’s views of the world are controversial but real. They bring truth to the table and do not hold back.

  • A falta de foros de exposición de temas relevantes , como ejercicio , nutrición y deporte , me decido a crear un espacio , en donde se hablen cosas reales de impacto , que se comparta la información y asi ir mas allá de retos o rutinas de redes sociales .

  • Welcome to Lifting, ADHD and Me, a podcast exploring topics around strength training and neurodiversity.
    My name is Catherine Clarke and I’m a second year journalism student as well as a competitive powerlifter in the 57kg and beyond classes.
    I hope to interview and include input from athletes and professionals alike and keep the episodes relatively concise.
    Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you enjoy what I have in store for this series!

  • O podcast retrata a importância das plantas medicinais no mundo e para os que habitam nele, de forma relevante!!

  • Podcast sobre as plantas medicinais, em especial o Boldo!!

  • The Football Mental Health Alliance podcast is dedicated to delving into the topic of mental health in the football world. Each episode features well-known experts and ex-professional athletes who share their knowledge and personal experiences with mental health. Our guests will provide advice and insights on how to support yourself or those in your care who may be experiencing mental health conditions. 

    This podcast is for you if you are a fan of professional football clubs, a member of a football community, or involved in grassroots football at any level. We believe that mental health is an important topic that deserves to be addressed and understood in all aspects of the football world.

    We will cover a wide range of mental health topics in each episode. Our guests will share their experiences and provide practical advice on how to deal with these challenges while also supporting those around you.

    So come along with us as we investigate the relationship between mental health and football. Listen to our podcast to gain valuable insights, helpful tips, and important information that can assist you or someone you care about in managing their mental health and thriving both on and off the pitch.