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  • Welcome to the two/thirds podcast hosted by Jelly and Slogo

  • The perfect podcast for bass players - Giving you the low-down on the low-end!

    Totally average bassist/YouTuber Jonny Dibble and session player Chris Horrocks and (sometimes) joined by guests to talk all about the latest bass news, answer audience questions and breakdown some killer bass guitar tones.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Mildly Depraved Book Reports. Like Mr. Rogers at a metal concert with whiskey.....

  • I rant about random things with friends in about a minute. Not all opinions shared are accurate to my thoughts and feelings. Want to rant too? Send me a voice message and I'll include it. Join the official Discord at 1 year old now!

  • Študentska oddaja Kluba študentov Kranj - vsako sredo on 19:00 v živo na 97.3MHz

  • My Life Is A Joke Podcast is the beginning of Fe The Comedian comedy career. Tag along with her as she talks about interesting topics while giving her raw and uncut comedic perspective Be ready to laugh, get hype and get down to it. Come keke with Fe. You don't want to miss this. Tune into our audio-visual podcast every Friday.

  • For many years my family and I have been having some very interesting conversations. Those conversations are not found any where on the internet so we decided to share them with others to enjoy our journey with them. Some of the stories may be funny, while may be others filled with emotions and learning. All and all this is a place where you will find a little bit of everything but most importantly a little something to make you laugh, cry; dream or wish it was Friday. Welcome to my FAMBAM Support this podcast:

  • 90 Day Fiance Threeway Replay: Welcome to the best show on the internet dedicated to the worst show on television. Join hosts B, Dylan, & Will as they dish, drag, and debate all that happens on the human train wreck that is 90 Day Fiancé. Come for the tea, stay for the judgment, 90 Day Fiancé Three Way is here to bless your ears.

  • ‘Next to Madison’ is a weekly podcast hosted by writer, producer, author & comedian, Madison Malloy. Each week, Madison sits down with an expert guest, to provide insight on a range of important topics such as health, finance, dating, overcoming obstacles, taking risks and much more. Madison’s direct interview style, mixed with humor and honesty help and inspire her listeners to draw amazing lessons which they can use to discover new and creative ways to live their best lives to become happier, healthier and wealthier.

  • 🎙️ A podcast where we're joined by a “Third Wheel” each episode to learn a bit more about them, debate various topics and (occasionally) play some games whilst your hosts Aaron & Hamish take shots at each other and act as if they understand everything being spoken about 🙃. New episode every Sunday! 🚨

  • Začnimo na začetku. Povprečen človek na dan izgovori vsaj 7 tisoč besed.
    Ob upoštevanju, da smo štirje in ob dejstvu spolne sestave lahko z zagotovostjo trdimo, da smo
    krepko nad povprečjem (huh, vsaj nekje). Ostalo nam je še 6966 besed, zato preidimo k bistvu.
    Dobrodošel v podcastu s 4 prijatelji.

  • Žiga in Peter iščeta neznane ljudi, predmete, dogodke, kraje, dosežke, presežke, ki jih bodisi poznamo bežno, bodisi jih sploh ne poznamo. So pa vplivali in še vedno vplivajo na naš vsakdan. Segata globoko v njihovo ozadje in osvetljujeta genialnost, presežek in pogum. Iščeta navdih za današnji čas in prihodnost.

  • Ta podkast je odgovor na vprašanje, kaj se zgodi, ko se združijo ljubezen do odkrivanja zabavnih dejstev, kriza srednjih let in iskanje izgovorov, da odpreš penino že pred poldnevom.

    Podkast Danes praznuje ustvarjava Mojca Gorenc in Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama.

  • Screen Snark is hosted by Matt aka Stormageddon and Rachel "Quirky" Schenk. It is a casual exploration of how the media we love shapes our life and builds our character. Join us and a new guest every episode as we talk about the world and stories we love and live as we dive into movies, TV, streamable media and all the rest.

  • Believe it or not, I don't JUST model bikinis... I can get down and dirty with your naughty comments, questions and curiosity! Let's do this!

  • Sopotnica je Danila Hradil Kuplen, ki vas vsakokrat z drugim, bolj ali manj znanim, a vedno zgovornim gostom spremlja v (post)delovno popoldne. V ležernem ozračju, s prepletom izbranih, kratkočasnih, portretnih, glasbenih in aktualnih vsebin.

  • Ljudje od nekdaj pripovedujemo zgodbe in od nekdaj so šle v uho. Pripovedovanje je najstarejša oblika pripovedi, v obdobju podkastov pa doživlja ponoven razcvet. Vse več ljudi ustvarja zvočne vsebine, vse več jih posluša podkaste. Kaj sploh še ostane radiu?

  • Want to listen to two people disagree, but still get along? Join Isaac Leggett and Chris Dimoulas as they pick their takes on a movie. One loves it, one hates it; they debate it.

  • Do you ever catch yourself thinking 'I’m totally that BITCH’? Listen to stories that empower and entertain by your host Serena Laturnas. Spilling tea about sex, relationships and general bad-assery that will make you laugh and feel confident. Support this podcast:

  • Join Star Trek superfan and writer Jack Tracy comment on Star Trek's more challenging episodes and surprise each other with a pitch on how he would “zhuzh” the episode in order to make memorable for the right reasons.