• After years of anticipation, Emer Quintero, my Beloved Soul Sister, and I finally sat down, saddled our microphones, and began speaking our truth about Walking the Modern Priestess Path. This podcast explores our journeys of healing and ascension, balancing these paths with the roles of being moms, women, business owners, and practitioners.

    This is a heartfelt conversation about our experiences and visions for the world and specifically the essential work we do. We speak on various topics, flowing freely from reconnecting with our own essence, and how we’ve removed self-judgment, to embracing boundary setting and empathizing with the journeys of others while feeling confident in our own.

    Join us as we discuss the realities of being a modern-day priestess, the challenges that might come up, and how we have worked through these to remain authentic to ourselves. The Priestess path isn’t always “sunshine and roses,” and we face a lot of judgment for how we choose to live. We talk about how we perceive ourselves, how we manage the perceptions of others, and how we protect ourselves from caring about others' opinions.

    Emer and I also discuss our visions for the new earth, what that means to us, and how the priestess path is much less glamorous and classy, and much more focused on embodiment—the nuts and bolts of your beliefs.

    If you’re looking to just sit down, have a cuppa, and listen to our chat about inner guidance, intuition, and learning to truly listen to that inner voice, then this is the episode for you. We touch on powerful areas of our lives, like our children, our roles as mothers, our businesses, how we manage our triggers without reacting, and how we maintain the sacred in our daily routines.

    Tune in for future episodes where we'll dive deeper into these topics and more, sharing our insights and experiences on this transformative yet challenging path of a modern priestess.

    Emer Quintero is multidimensional conduit for Source.

    She is a gridworker, light language channel & sound alchemist dedicated to assisting humanity in rediscovering their innate gifts & attune to their inner guidance.

    Emer has spent over 20 years refining her unique energy healing modality, primarily focusing on womb wellness, trauma release, and activation.

    She is passionate about guiding men and women using embodiment practices and sound to connect with their bodies and voices which she feels are key to helping them unlock their unique soul gifts.

    Emer hosts and facilitates retreats and workshops worldwide along with 1:1 guidance & energy work both online & in person.

    Connect with Emer:


  • In our new podcast mini-series “Retreat Reflections”, I speak with a group of Goddesses that went to Greece with me. As they share their stories and experiences, we expand on our ascension journeys, both individually and as a collective.

    In May of 2024, we embarked on an Ascension Journey Retreat to Greece with a group of wonderful, powerful, and amazing women. We traveled to Athens and Santorini and spent days soaking in the magic of the sites, the rituals, and the ceremonies together. I invited some of these beautiful women from the Ascension Retreat to speak about their experiences.

    It was an honor to gather with these Goddesses and hear how they each experienced this retreat uniquely and how they worked on their inner landscapes. In this episode, each of these women explains their experiences in the ascension practices, in circle with other supportive women, and how their vulnerability combined with inner sovereignty empowered them.

    We discussed what was special to them, what we did on the retreat, and how each of them integrated these practices afterward. The integration process is so important and it’s beautiful to hear that each person has had similar experiences and then had their own unique way of processing it.

    If you listen to this episode and you feel called to this work, you are meant to step into the sacred container of these retreats. We gather in places of ancient wisdom and modern awakening, combining the ancient with the present.

    I see women, who were once persecuted for such transformative work, burnt at the stake, now come together to celebrate each other. We collectively activate our inner light, stepping into the radiant, sensual, and sovereign beings we were always meant to be. If this is calling you, then please take a look at our upcoming retreats to activate it within your being as these women did!

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  • In this episode, Lara Eisenberg shares intimate details and advice about confronting ancestral fears & redefining your identity, guided by her unique experiences of healing her ancestral wounds. She immersed herself in the inner work necessary and found a beautiful light of remembrance throughout her journey. This is a powerful message and inspiration to all those who struggle to connect with their heritage or ancestors.

    The essence of this episode invites you to stand within your power, working through ancestral traumas, pain, and suffering to emerge from a place of courage. Lara has been a friend and soul-sister of mine for over 15 years and I’ve had the absolute privilege to witness her growth, awakenings, and empowerment process.

    Throughout our chat, Lara shares deeply intimate memories, experiences, and realizations about her Jewish heritage and lineage, working through experiences of antisemitism and how that has impacted her and her family. She explains how for most of her life she lived in fear, guilt, and in the shadow of her heritage due to so many comments and experiences that inevitably made her feel small in her Jewish identity. Until she started healing these wounds in such a profound way and started accepting her identity and working through the experiences and memories of her family.

    There is a sense of fear that isn’t easily extinguished when so much pain is inflicted, and it is a conscious choice to walk towards your fears. She describes her next step in ancestral healing as “getting close and intimate with your fears. In this next step, Lara embarked on a pilgrimage to Poland, she toured the concentration camps, and the gas chambers and she felt the heaviness of tragedy immensely. Through this process, she describes it as incomprehensible, to hold the emotions and energies of everyone who went through those walls, through the trauma and death that still lingers.

    “How could this happen to my people?”

    She describes how difficult it was to hold space there, and how the grief alone felt exhausting and overwhelming. This pilgrimage set aside such a beautiful journey for Lara that she connected not only with her Jewish identity but also with the brave women in her lineage who fought, escaped, and worked so hard to remain strong within the movement. While working through the painful parts of her lineage, Lara now describes herself as filled with pride instead of shame.

    Now she lives a life connected to a proud Jewish identity, only because she decided to work through her fear and shame, allowing her to unfold a new celebration within her ancestry. She shares advice, rituals, and practices that can help anyone who wants to connect with their ancestors, and heritage, and heal wounds they may discover along the way. This episode is a dose of empowerment, and I encourage you to listen to it knowing that there is always a way to step out of fear, into confidence, out of shame, and into the light!

    Lara Eisenberg is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Yoga Therapist, and Sexuality and Embodiment Coach. She holds dual master's degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. She has extensive experience and education in stress management, trauma touch skills, earth-based spirituality; restoring sexual vitality, self-love, and awakening the feminine.

    Lara is the author of the "Trauma Resolution for the Empowered, Awakened Female: Mind/Body Practices for Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Balance" and the CD "Relaxation, Peace and Restoration."

    Lara has been working in the field of mindfulness, therapy, spiritual and somatic healing for over 22 years. She owns Body Mind Wellness—a virtual somatic psychotherapy and coaching practice helping women to restore the natural harmony that exists between mind, body, and spirit, by deepening their connection to Gaia (the earth’s spirit) and the language of the body. She believes women need a space to explore their red thread (matrilineal line) in order to understand themselves and the emotional burdens they may be carrying, as well as reclaim their feminine soul from the impact of patriarchy, sexualization, and objectification.

    Lara feels life on earth will be transformed when women connect deeply to the Earth and fully commit to reclaiming their emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, and sexual health. In her personal life, Lara uses her intense passion for dance and playing the frame drum as a beautiful form of feminine expression.

    Connect with Lara

    I decided to disengage from social media when my daughter was born 3 years ago, however, you can find posts on my ancestral journey on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Join me in this episode as we discuss the Priestess Path and how sacred the homecoming of self is with Elaine Doyle who underwent a drastic lifestyle change to bring her life into Divine balance.

    A chance encounter during the Bealtaine season brought Elaine and I together, and I’m so grateful that we met because our paths of self-discovery and more importantly, self-re-discovery in becoming a priestess and following the path of a priestess have such similar energies. I resonate with so much of what Elaine shares in this episode.

    Do you resonate with the Path of a Priestess?
    Does it feel overwhelming when you think of changing your lifestyle, changing your perspective and profoundly healing from within?
    Are you tired of a stressful career and an imbalance in your life?

    It can be overwhelming, and Elaine shares how when something in your life is misaligned in your life, it becomes a progress of stimulation toward the sacred. When you choose to step into your authenticity and walk in the path of a Priestess, your own unique journey, you are essentially signing up for a journey of coming home to your true self. A continued journey of remembrance of self, and this journey is not easy. But, when you’re on this path of a priestess, pilgrimage, you come face to face with parts of yourself, your shadow self, that you may have lost or forgotten about. Remembering your true self will activate levels of your soul that you have hidden, forgotten about, or suppressed.

    In this episode, Elaine and I share how we were drawn to this path of the Priestess, and how we faced many challenges and blockages to eventually emerge in our own Divine truth. The answers of your soul reveal themselves as you follow this path, as you unveil the parts of yourself that may lay dormant, and when you’re ready they will activate within you.

    Do you feel like you don’t know who you are?

    We have all been there, and this episode will make you feel at home in the confusion! Sometimes, not knowing who you are, or why you are called to do what you feel so deeply within yourself, is the best place to be. Because once you open yourself up to this vulnerability, you open yourself up to the possibility of the Priestess Path, which leads to divine timing, trusting yourself, ancestral healing, listening to your womb, and listening to your body, mind, and spirit. Your spirit already knows what it needs, and when you enter the path of a Priestess, and you welcome spirit to lead you, you will find the authenticity and remembrance you’ve longed for.

    If you are still figuring out your path of figuring out who you are and where you’re meant to be, you’re not alone. That is why Elaine and I have come together to speak about our journeys of remembrance and how we can share that light and wisdom with others. We are still continuing to grow, learn, and open ourselves up more and more to channel the energy and power of Source.

    Listen to this episode to hear the real-life experience of the Priestess path, and how you can incorporate balance, healing, and sacredness into your everyday practices.


    Elaine is a qualified life coach, CBT therapist, social worker, and energy healer and is currently walking the path of the priestess. Elaine has worked with thousands of people from all over the world both one-on-one and in groups to help them come home to themselves, to their hearts, and to help them remember their divinity.

    Elaine is passionate about connecting people back to the ancient indigenous ways of Ireland as a way to receive the codes of wisdom needed to birth this new earth.

    INSTAGRAM: elaine_doyle_

  • Welcome to another episode where we discuss parenting reprogramming through healing. Today, I have the privilege of sitting down with Eli Harwood; the Attachment Nerd, a remarkable individual who speaks on different attachment styles and how to form secure attachments.

    Eli's story began in a family marked by trauma, a history that propelled her into a profound personal transformation. At the tender age of nine, Eli witnessed her mother's decision to change her lifestyle, sparking a realization in Eli about the dramatic impact such a shift could have. Recognizing the need for change in her own life and in the lives of others, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She pursued her master's degree, delving into the intricate world of attachment theory, becoming captivated by the nuances of human connections and patterns.

    In this episode, we explore the various attachment styles that define how we function as human beings. From the primal instinct of survival to the intricate dynamics of early bonds. Eli unpacks how comfort intertwines with our vulnerability, shaping our responses to the world around us. Crucially, she emphasizes the pivotal role caregivers play in our emotional development.

    Our responses in life are deeply influenced by our caregivers' emotional regulation and their attachment styles. Eli sheds light on how these coping mechanisms are passed down through generations, forming the basis of our own attachment styles. Eli speaks on how important it is to have a space to feel seen, safe, secure, and regulated. When we don’t experience these spaces in our childhoods, there may be negative side effects that we can pass on to our children.

    Eli passionately explains the importance of creating spaces where individuals can feel seen, safe, secure, and regulated. She highlights the profound impact these environments, or the lack thereof, have on our childhoods and then our adulthood. When these nurturing spaces are absent, negative effects can flow through generations, and it is vitally important to break these cycles both individually and collectively.

    You can expect to be enlightened about the power of understanding attachment styles in the context of parenting. Eli emphasizes the possibility of reparenting ourselves by examining our attachment styles and their origins by looking at the patterns woven throughout our lives, patterns that can be unraveled through introspection and inner work. Throughout this entire episode she inspires hope, showing us that with dedication and self-reflection, we can shift, change, and transform these patterns, ultimately fostering healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

    But that's not all – Eli has an exciting announcement to share. Her upcoming book, "Securely Attached: Transform Your Attachment Patterns into Loving, Lasting Romantic Relationships," is a wealth of information and insights, offering practical tips and tricks to shift our attachment styles while healing the wounds left behind. This book isn't just for individuals seeking personal growth; it is also a valuable resource for therapists, coaches, and anyone passionate about fostering healing and transformation from within.

    Grab a cuppa, get comfy, and be ready for a powerful conversation that delves into the heart of attachment theory, parenting, and the incredible capacity we all possess to rewrite the narratives of our lives. Stay tuned for Eli Harwood's wisdom, guiding us toward a more secure and fulfilling emotional future.

  • Join us for this magical episode as I sit down with Jen Murphy, a true guardian of Celtic traditions who speaks on her journey of embodiment and the Celtic Wheel. Jen's journey into the world of Irish folklore and mythology began with her storyteller grandmother, who regaled her with captivating tales of ancient Ireland. This early fascination with Irish traditions set the stage for her remarkable academic and spiritual journey that you wouldn’t want to miss!

    With a degree in Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies and anthropology, Jen delved deep into the study of systems of oppression, forging her path towards teaching practices and learning how to adapt ancient traditions for the modern day. After the birth of her first son, she experienced a profound transformation, guided by the energy of the Goddess and Queen Maeve, among other powerful archetypes. Jen describes this journey as a trail of breadcrumbs leading her to her present purpose.

    Today, Jen runs a Celtic Embodiment School where she imparts her wisdom and knowledge to others. In this episode, she shares her profound connection with the Calliach during the Autumn Equinox, highlighting the immense power of these energies during this sacred time of year when we slowly descend into the darkness.

    Listen in as Jen reveals the daily practices she teaches women, helping them awaken their feminine and masculine energies while inviting supportive archetypes to hold space with them. These practices not only foster personal growth but also enable a profound connection with the spirit.

    Intrigued by the Selkies and the Celtic Wheel? Join us as Jen takes us on a journey through these mystical realms, tales, and her personal experiences, offering insights into the ancient practices and wisdom she recommends. Discover how she seamlessly incorporates her academic skills and spiritual work to connect with archetypes, cultures, and traditions from around the world while empowering women to incorporate these rituals into their everyday lives.

    Don't miss this episode as we explore the magic of the Autumn Equinox and the Celtic Wheel with Jen Murphy, a true guide to the hidden depths of Celtic spirituality and tradition.

  • Join me for a captivating interview with Sam Rubenstein, Karen Kremer, and Meghan Rogacki in this Divine Woman Expert panel, as we delve into the profound practices explored in the Divine Woman Awakening Program. In this episode, we unlock the transformative power of embodying the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

    Discover how these remarkable women shifted from living linear lives to embracing a cyclical, flowing channel that allows ancestral traditions to thrive in practicality. We explore the interconnectedness of all eight points on the wheel and the profound impact they have on one another.

    These are the 8 points of the Celtic wheel, each containing a resource designed to nourish you through the point of the wheel, providing you with practices to explore in each season.

    Autumn Equinox


    Winter Solstice


    Spring Equinox


    Summer Solstice


    My Goddess guests share their journeys through the Divine Woman Awakening program and how they embody the essence of the Celtic Wheel throughout the year, in each aspect of their personal lives.

    This inner work is foundational, deeply rooted in ancestral healing, inner child healing, and the courageous exploration of our wounds. The Divine Woman Awakening program entails unearthing the past, unraveling our deepest fears, and releasing what no longer serves us. By cultivating a deep awareness of ourselves and our collective consciousness, we regain our confidence and embark on a transformative journey.

    Sam, Karen, and Meghan generously share their unique experiences of embodying and navigating the Celtic Wheel, allowing for profound healing, expansion, and inner growth. We delve into the powerful blueprint the Celtic Wheel provides for living in alignment with nature, reclaiming our sovereignty, and healing on a profound level. Discover the goddesses and archetypes that have ignited a vibrant energy within our guests and learn how they can activate the same within you.

    If this episode resonates with you, Beloved, I wholeheartedly invite you to join me in the transformative Divine Woman Awakening program. Embark on a journey with the Celtic Wheel, reconnect with your true essence, and revitalize your soul. You can now choose between the full program or a single spiral to experience the magic firsthand.

    Welcome, Divine Woman, to a path of profound healing and empowerment.

    If you want to start your journey into Ancestral Healing, I’d like to gift you my FREE Guided Meditation: Unlocking Ancestral Healing

  • In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Dr.Somer Nicole about how to heal the nervous system and she provides profound yet simple tools for self-regulation, reparenting, and protocols you can put in place to feel safe within your own space.

    Do you feel chronically dysregulated?

    Do you feel like you are reactive instead of responsive?

    Beloved, we all have wounds that we are aware or unaware of, and on the path to healing, we often realize we need to reparent ourselves in order to regulate our emotions in a more functional and supportive way. Healing can feel like a painfully slow process, but it is possible to speed this process up and see the results in all aspects of your nervous system and life.

    If you long to trust yourself again and want to hack your nervous system to be balanced, regulated, and supportive of your healing journey, then this episode is for you. Dr.Somer Nicole describes her journey from a Western science background into deep somatic healing. She’s spent the better part of seventeen years delving into alternative, natural and holistic forms of healing, which is where she started reparenting herself from her own inner abandonment wound and healing her inner child.

    In the later years of learning about these different forms of healing, she went through a divorce that acted as a catalyst in many ways. She describes the emotional processes she went through during the divorce resulting in freeze responses and how she unlocked practices that help you unfreeze your nervous system. She explains the foundations of the polyvagal theory and how we can work with our social engagement system to self-regulate our nervous system.

    What are the benefits of regulating your nervous system?

    Improve sleep

    Boosted digestion

    Positive Responses in Relationships

    Reduced anxiety

    Enhanced focus

    Pain management

    And much more.

    If you want to navigate your life from a place of safety instead of defense, then I invite you to listen to this episode and learn about the safe and sound protocol that Dr.Somer Nicole will not only explain but also offers it in her programs. She provides simple tools to self-regulate, activate your vagus nerve, discharge the necessary energy, and be consistent in the movement that your body craves.

    Please have a look at Dr.Somer Nicole’s six-month program: Foundations of Healing: Reparenting, resilience and Reclamation of Power

    Divine Goddess, if this episode stirred something inside of you, pass it along to another soul sister or brother who may benefit from the amazing wisdom shared here.

  • In this episode, we will dance in the sun of the Summer Solstice and I will guide you through practices on how to realign with your radiance, your truth, and your inner wild woman.

    Rise into abundance and connect with your inner goddess as we delve into the transformative power of the Summer Solstice. We will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, shedding our fears and embracing the most authentic and beautiful versions of ourselves.

    Tune in, as we explore the depths of our being and awaken the wild woman within. Together, we'll lift our faces to the sun and embark on a soul inquiry to realign with our radiance. The Summer Solstice serves as a sacred space where we can awaken our inner wild, warrior, and wise woman, tapping into our untethered spirit and allowing our true desires to surface unapologetically, howling freely.

    As the sun shines brightest during the summer solstice, we absorb its energy, inspiration, and outwardness, which foster manifestation and transformation in our lives. We'll bask in the warmth of the sun's rays, invoking feelings of abundance, fertility, expansion, passion, movement, and sustainability. This season invites us to examine whether our inner "wild woman" is being honored and allows a space for the exploration of freedom.

    Through small, consistent practices, we seek to achieve balance within our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, aligning ourselves with the flow of the universe. By embracing the lessons and opportunities presented by the Summer Solstice, we'll unlock our true potential and step into a realm of profound growth and self-realization.

    Tune in to this empowering episode and embark on a transformative journey, as we explore the wisdom of the Summer Solstice and discover the path to embracing our radiance and authenticity. Let the warmth and energy of the sun guide you as we reconnect with our inner wild woman and warrior woman, forging a new path filled with abundance and self-expression.

    As wild women, we rise up, we fight, we bleed, and heal to rise again. You, Divine Woman, are more than capable of this radiance, this resilience. If you would like to learn more about this inner howl, I invite you to read my article: “Wild Woman: Awaken Your Inner Howl”

  • Embark on a sacred odyssey of unlocking ancestral healing and profound self-discovery through this guided meditation.

    Are you longing to cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships in your life?

    Do you find yourself grappling with fears of failure or experiencing a diminished sense of self?

    Are you ready to break free from the chains that hold you back, unlocking the boundless potential that resides within?

    Delve into the enigmatic tapestry of your ancestral lineage, unraveling the intricacies of recurring patterns that have cultivated the reality you’re in, from the realm of relationships to abundance and well-being.

    Within our awakened consciousness, we can unlock the secrets of these relentless cycles, understanding the profound reasons behind their repetition, cause, and conflict. As we start healing our ancestral lineage, we will sever the ties that bind us to these imprints, the negative self-talk, the health challenges, and the lack of confidence, liberating ourselves from the shackles of repetition. We are new, we are new together and we can change the pattern in our generational tapestry.

    Immerse yourself in a transformative 21-day commitment to healing, where you will be guided toward a heightened state of awareness and an awakened consciousness. Remember, Beloved, we are sacred alchemists, you have the power to give and receive, and you can release what does not serve you. You shape the destiny of generations to come, you don’t need to remain in a destructive cycle.

    Through this guided meditation, you will let go of what needs to be released, creating space for a deeper understanding of your past and the interconnectedness of your family's history.
    Embark on this powerful meditation practice and unlock the healing potential within your ancestral roots.

    Together, we will unravel generational trauma, offering forgiveness, release, and an expanded perspective beyond the branches of your family tree. As we heal, we release the binds, blocks, and chains of the past and we step into a new world, a new earth. We can decide in simplest terms, what we carry from our ancestors onto the next and how the weight of what they carried will affect us. You can choose to be free, Beloved.


    Beloved, before we start, it's HIGHLY recommended not to listen past this point if you are driving or doing an activity that requires your attention; if you are, pause it for later when you are in a safe, quiet, and meditative space. This guided meditation is designed to take you into a peaceful and meditative state and is highly dangerous while driving or operating equipment. Please be safe.

    Our meditations do not in any way diagnose or treat any illnesses or conditions. Please note that this is not a form of therapy and cannot take the place of any therapy or counseling if such services are needed. This cannot be used as a form of self-therapy and is just an aid to use in your daily life.

    Our meditations are not recommended for persons experiencing mental disorders or illness without first consulting your therapist or counselor on whether or not this content is suitable for you.

    We do not provide medical advice or guidance in these meditations. This content is not intended as a substitute for treatment, professional medical advice, or suggestions from a professional in any form. Any medical questions should be directed to a medical professional.

    This meditation is designed to assist you in your daily practices and we give no guarantee of the success or results of this meditation or the effects thereof. You, Beloved, are the only person who can provide this guarantee to yourself through your intentions.

  • Join me in this episode as we delve into How to prepare for & harness the power of Bealtaine, exploring its significance and the ancient practices surrounding this fire festival. You’ll be guided through a series of soul-inquiry questions to help you connect with your inner self, and prepare yourself for the powerful energies that Bealtaine brings.

    Beltane/Bealtaine is a Fire Festival. The word 'Beltane' originates from the Celtic God 'Bel', meaning 'the bright one', and the Gaelic word 'teine' meaning fire. Together they make 'Bright Fire', or 'Godly Fire', traditionally bonfires were lit to honor the Sun. Like Samhain, which lies directly opposite Beltane on the Wheel of the Year, this was seen as a time when the veil between worlds was at its thinnest. Earth energies are at their strongest and most active at this time.

    In this episode, we'll explore the themes of sensuality, sexuality, and personal power, as we journey toward building our self-confidence and activating our inner joy. We'll delve into the importance of reflection, processing emotions, and healing inner wounds, as we bring balance to the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

    This is a time to step into your power and truth and reconnect to your sensuality and sexuality. all of life is bursting with potent energy, and anything is possible. So light a candle, sit back, and relax, as we take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

    This episode is perfect for anyone seeking to connect with the magic of Bealtaine and harness its potent energies to fuel their personal growth and evolution. Join me on this journey towards awakening and empowerment, as we step into the bright fire of Bealtaine.

  • In this episode, a Divine Woman Expert Panel discusses Somatic Healing and how we can recognize dysregulation and patterns in our nervous system and heal these from their trauma origins.

    We have an amazing circle of women who are experts in somatic healing, including Tanya Lynn a strategic activator, who specializes in feminine leadership, Dr. Somer Nicole, a renowned somatic therapist who specializes in trauma resolution and reparenting, and Laura Swan, a psychotherapist and transformational coach who leads women's circles in Divine Femininity, energy healing, and somatic healing.

    We delve deep into the topic of healing the inner child and the journey toward reparenting ourselves. When we feel young in our emotions such as grief or anger, it's a sign that it's time to heal. Our experts guide us through somatic work, which is a holistic approach that emphasizes the mind-body connection and the role of the body in healing past traumas and emotional wounds.

    We discuss various techniques such as counter-strain, regulating the nervous system, and emotional regulation, and how they can help us recognize when our nervous system is out of balance. Our Divine Woman experts also share their experiences of healing childhood wounds and mother wounds, and how to physically release pain and trauma.

    We explore the importance of recognizing our emotions and the dysregulation that comes with them. We’re guided through practices that allow us to access and heal those parts of ourselves, including recognizing tension and pressure in our bodies and using our voice, laughter, self-compassion, and other practices to activate inner healing.

    Receive some top tips from Tanya, Laura, and Dr. Somer on how to implement somatic healing practices in your life, allowing you to enhance your somatic journey and experience transformative healing. Tune in to this episode to learn more about somatic healing and start your journey towards a more healed and nourished mind, body, and soul.


    Laura J. Swan is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, trauma-informed and trained psychotherapist, ceremonialist, and passionate advocate of healing, leadership, and women’s empowerment.

    She has had a private healing practice working with women, couples, men, and children/teens for over 20 years, and has been leading and facilitating women’s circles, retreats, and rites of passage for over 22 years. Working with women has been a lifelong calling since she was just 16 years old when she started her first women's circle in high school.

    She lives with her 2 children and husband on their urban farm in Southern California, where she enjoys hanging with her family and animals while gardening and tending to their land.

    Connect with Laura

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

    Founder of The Women's Temple- Join us here

    What's your Feminine Power Archetype? Find out here


    Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” and the visionary CEO of Sistership Circle, writing several books on feminine leadership and women's circle facilitation. She has taught tens of thousands of women how to reveal themselves and step into their power so they start their own circle business, and built a successful training team to certify over 600 facilitators worldwide. Along her journey, she has found that balancing the masculine and feminine holds the secret to BEING a brave woman who is fully seen, heard, and celebrated as her true self while actualizing her dreams.

    Learn more at sistershipcircle.com and get your FREE Rituals!


    Dr. Somer Nicole specializes in Trauma Resolution with Somatic Healing, Reparenting, and Nervous System Regulation. She created her own method called Somatic Reparenting MethodTM. Her Doctorate is in Physical Therapy, she is a CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher, and specializes in Pelvic Floor Recovery. Dr. Somer is passionate about helping people heal and empower themselves at the deepest level, upgrading emotional intelligence, and updating old, limiting beliefs of abandonment, unworthiness, and disempowerment into the frequency of self-love and empowerment. She is a Safe and Sound Protocol Provider to help one fast-track their nervous system into increased capacity and resilience, rewiring the effects of trauma.

    Connect with Dr. Somer Nicole

    Founder of YogaDoctors.TV & www.SOMAwomen.com

    Foundations of Healing

    Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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    Join Dr. Somer Nicole in learning her Somatic Reparenting Method, where she integrates 20 years of knowledge of being in the healing and therapy world. This method will give you an embodied experience of Somatic Healing, Reparenting your inner child and subconscious mind reprogramming.

    Click here to access your FREE GIFT of Intro to Somatic Reparenting Meditation!

  • In this episode, Karen Goldstein shares the Journey to Self through Ancestral Healing, a path where the magic shows up in the ordinary and lights up the present.

    Karen, an Akashic messenger, felt the human experience in a heavy and heart-felt way, something that was difficult to cope with through the struggles. As she continued the exploration of self-healing and the expansion of consciousness, she opened up a new pathway. An opening that allowed her to shift her perspective on how beautiful and positive life can be.

    As we transcend, transmute and transform our healing energies, we do the same to our beliefs and the structures these beliefs are built upon. As she began to lead herself and all of her inner world into healing, that pathway led her to her purpose.

    She now works with the akashic records and deepened ancestral work. This type of work not only works on the surface level but also accesses the crux of our wounds, the challenges we face, and whatever pain we bring forward.

    Karen works with souls who might have suffered great heartache to those who struggle with health issues. The Akashic work she does heals emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds that have accumulated through our lineage and that we can end, heal and transmute.

    Her intuition grew and expanded to curiosity between lineage and ancestors so much that Karen did a DNA test and made a huge discovery about her family’s past. This discovery not only brought freedom to be who she is but also closure to her soul’s lingering questions.

    Listen to this episode to learn about Karen’s daily practices on how she’s been able to reset herself back into the present and allow true rest and reflection in her inner world.

    Karen has beautiful free monthly gatherings for you to join in the love of the Akasha, you can find this group on Facebook, it’s called Cosmic Love Notes where you can come and be yourself. These circles include frequency attunement, alignment, and energetic health maintenance. It’s truly an honor to be blessed by Karen’s wisdom, don’t miss out on this amazing episode!

  • Beloved, in this episode I invite you to make use of my top tips for your altar, ritual, and practices during the Spring Equinox, including soul inquiry that will activate this time of radiance for you!

    In my journey of rediscovering the warrior within and embracing my calling as both Divine Woman Mentor and Priestess, I’ve cultivated so many practices, from ancient rituals to modern techniques and I can’t wait to share more of them with you!

    In the Spring Equinox, we will focus on rebirth, rediscovering your values, balancing and aligning with the wheel of life, and honoring the life and death cycles within ourselves. In nature, things are starting to grow, just as we are growing. In this episode, you’ll learn a ritual to practice during the Spring Equinox and how to create a Spring Equinox altar with everyday items around your home!

    Can you see nature is changing and transforming, as it’s blossoming in the warmth? This is happening in our inner world too, beloved! This is a time for rebirth and activating those intentions. A time to declutter and release so that all the light can shine in on your healing! The land is fertile, and she’s so ready to show you her abundance. Welcoming Spring with Space Clearing the Energy of Your Home is always a fantastic resource, and energetically space clearing is so important during this time as well as clearing out the old to make space for the new. This can be on a physical and energetic level. Do have anything that’s blocking you, that you need to release?

    I’ll also guide you through the following Soul Inquiry questions for Spring Equinox:

    What have you been holding close to your heart and dreaming about over winter? What do you want to start this Spring?

    What needs grounding in your life right now? Is there an area that needs your care and attention?

    What is stirring within you and wanting to blossom?

    Are there areas of your life where you can invite more balance?

    What is trying to surface in your life and is there something that keeps asking to be born within you?

    Which projects do you wish to prioritize?

    What actions can you take to ensure the projects most dear to your heart come to fruition?

    How can you recognize the light in every shadow?

    I hope you’ll enjoy the guidance in this episode, Beloved, and find beauty in the blossoming. May you experience the transformational power and magic of the Spring Equinox and allow your mind, body, and spirit to prepare for the warmth of Summer, and receive the light as it comes to you.

  • Let’s have a quick chat about how to practice self-compassion through life’s challenges, it’s not always easy to be there for yourself, to love yourself unconditionally, and be kind to yourself. This is an invitation to just pause, reflect, and realize that you are doing the best you can right now.

    Beloveds, being there for yourself is of the utmost importance. We all go through seasons in life, some may be more challenging than others, and some may teach us lessons we desperately need to learn; but holding space for yourself during these times can affect your energy and how you work through these journeys.

    When we practice unconditional self-love, and hold space for ourselves, we invite others to do the same and even in the areas where we feel a lack of support from others, we can still rely on a strong foundation of self-compassion and self-support.

    The Importance of Self-Compassion is an article I wrote to give you a sense of WHY self-compassion is necessary and how you can implement that in your daily practices, I invite you to read it and ask yourself the following:

    - How am I supporting myself?

    - How can I show myself more compassion daily?

    - What is really hard right now? How can I acknowledge that?

    Embracing yourself isn’t saying that everything is fine and you aren’t going to do the inner work, it is the act of saying that “I am enough” and “what I am doing is enough”, the stark difference is that you’re acknowledging all that’s affecting you from your environment to your past, to your inner child that might still need healing, but you’re accepting the fact that you are coping. The steps you are taking are enough and you can love yourself in the process of healing.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that we often love the idea of our destination but we forget to love our journey… loving each step because it is taking us closer to our future self. Showing yourself love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and kindness will allow your mind to soften around the self-criticism, the negativity we all are guilty of placing on ourselves.

    You deserve to love yourself, practice self-compassion, and be kind to your heart, dear Divine Woman, you deserve to always give that love to yourself first.

    I invite you to listen to this episode as a meditation, a time for reflection, and a time to sit with yourself. Surround yourself with light and love, and give yourself the break that you’ve desperately needed. You are doing your best, and I am so proud of you!

  • In this episode, we’ll discuss the meaning and self-inquiry that takes place during Imbolc, this is a beautiful midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Let’s take a look at what this means.

    Imbolc, meaning "in the belly", is a traditional Gaelic festival and marks the midway point between winter and spring. Mother Nature is preparing for a new life in the coming months. Seeds are nestled into their beds and are growing each day. Animals are growing their young in their wombs to deliver in spring.

    In the past few months, we’ve gone into the depths, journeyed through the cave with Mother Bear and Grandmother Spider from the time of the Autumn Equinox, then deeper into our ancestry in Samhain and further descending into the Winter Solstice. Now, in Imbolc, we receive this promise of light, this gift of what the spring will hold and we can sustain ourselves with the slivers of sunrays it brings.

    This is a time to retrieve our gifts from the darkness, a time to slowly reflect on what intentions we’ve planted, and which of those have been or are now manifesting in our lives. In this episode, we’ll go over intentional questions for soul inquiry, to review what we’ve experienced and undergone in the darkness and how we can bring that into the light of spring.

    I invite you to get comfy, Beloved, get a candle, and a warm cuppa, and seat yourself in a calm space that invites you to listen with intent and welcomes reflection as you hold your pen and paper. Write these questions down, pause the episode in between these questions, and answer with sincerity.

    Imbolc invites us to meet our intentions and heal with action, slowly growing what we’ve planted and welcoming what we will reap soon. You may be looking at your self-care rituals, and how you can improve them, or perhaps you need to reflect on areas where you might still feel stagnant energy, and how you can let go of this and leave it in the darkness. Allow this time to give you inspiration, to clean the clutter from an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual perspective. Align with what feels good and release what doesn’t.

    Beloved, the intentions you have sown during Winter Solstice are taking root and will soon bud into their full beauty. You've come so far already in your journey and all you have set out to accomplish is taking shape just beneath the surface.

    I invite you to listen to this episode as you prepare for Imbolc and allow yourself the space to feel good about what you’ve accomplished, and about what you have been able to heal and restore in the last few months. Be proud of your journey, Beloved. You’ve made it this far, and the Spring Equinox will start showing you just how far your journey has taken you! We’re almost in the light of the sun.

  • Beloved, in this episode I invite you to a 40-day self-love meditation challenge, we’ll call it a challenge but it’s really just a commitment to yourself.

    Do you long to re-align with yourself this year?
    Do you want to come home to yourself in 2023?

    In order to align with yourself, your ideals, goals, and the life you truly want to live you need to be connected with yourself. What’s beautiful is that the journey of coming home to ourselves is the same as connecting with Spirit. The more we connect with Spirit, with Source, the more we are connected to ourselves.

    This 40-day self-love meditation challenge will cultivate a space of love, appreciation, and compassion for yourself, value and appreciate yourself without judgment, and create a welcoming thought pattern whenever you think of yourself. This will allow you to create the love you deserve for yourself in this new year.

    Being compassionate toward yourself is vital, Beloved, it allows you to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and be there for yourself in ways you’ve always longed for from others. Think of yourself as the starting point, if you already contain all the love for yourself, kindness and acceptance then you’ll spend a lot less time looking for validation from others. If you’d like to learn more about The Importance of Self-Compassion I invite you to read the blog post I have on it.

    Come home to yourself, align with yourself, and truly love yourself with this meditation.
    Do this for forty days, allow yourself to fall into that rhythm, and welcome this as a more permanent practice in your life if it feels good to you!

  • Beloved, this Activation Meditation for the Winter Solstice is about rebirth and takes place in New Grange, (Brú na Bóinne) which is one of the richest sacred sites in Ireland, and possibly the world. This is a powerful guided meditation to lead you through the darkness of the Winter Solstice and through to your rebirth into the light.

    New Grange is a deeply spiritual, sacred site with potent magic and ancestral powers embedded in the soil, land, and energy. This meditation takes place in this vivid energy, to guide you through your consciousness, your inner guidance into your own darkness. It activates your inner awareness to welcome both inner and Divine guidance, so I invite you to keep a pen and paper close by throughout this practice.

    In this Meditation, we look towards the seraphic connection of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, our relationships with our yoni, our womb and directly connecting to Source. The connection between these points invites balance because we’re connected to our true form.

    Beloved, I invite you to create a nourishing and inviting space where you can be your authentic self, warm under a blanket or surrounded by candles; whatever cultivates a calm and nourishing environment for your soul. Allow yourself to connect with Goddess Cailleach and go into the darkness. You’re not alone and will be reborn into the light, activating your awareness, awakening, and inner wisdom.

    Please note that this meditation is meant to bring your consciousness inward, leading you to a deep meditative state, and listening to this while driving or operating large machinery is NOT advised and can be extremely dangerous.

  • Beloved, in this episode I’ll guide you through my Top 5 Powerful Practices for the Winter Solstice, allowing yourself to truly go inward and commit to pausing, reflecting, and going inward, stepping fully into your Sovereign Self.

    This is a time to listen to yourself, drawing inwards just like nature does when she sinks into the waters of winter. Because the Winter Solstice and the Holiday energies overlap, there’s a constant tug between rest and pausing in between the hustle and bustle. It’s vital to rejuvenate your soul through rest and reflection, listening to the Moon, the Yin energy that allows you to grieve what you need to, and practice self-compassion.

    When you start living according to the seasons instead of society’s expectations you’ll notice how you can create healthy boundaries to avoid triggers, and the Winter Solstice is the perfect time to practice that—releasing, reflecting, and going inward while forgiving yourself for any self-inflicted guilt or trials you’ve experienced this year.

    You can hold yourself with softness Goddess, allow yourself to follow the moon and permit yourself to go into the underworld, learning to love your inner shadow and remove the inner voice of negative criticism and slowly replace it with a neutral perspective on your actions, thoughts, and inner world.

    If you want to learn how to do this Beloved, I invite you to listen to this episode and join me in the Divine Woman Awakening as we uncover the wisdom and ancient practices of the Winter Solstice and the other points on the Celtic Wheel. You belong here, this place exists in authenticity and self-love alone!

  • This podcast includes meditation. Please do not listen while driving.

    What is Samhain? Samhain is a powerful point between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice when the veil is thin and we descend into the underworld. This is also the new year in the Celtic Wheel, which is an exciting time for us to truly dive into fresh perspective, a new sense of our grounded selves. Samhain invites us to reflect authentically and bathe in realizations, awakenings, and intentions. We’re going into the underworld to release our burdens, letting go of what’s holding us back, and entering winter with an energy of healing and restoration.

    This is a powerful time for us to honor ourselves, our ancestors, and Source. We’re looking inward during this time to reflect on how we can nurture and nourish ourselves, how we can unite our light and shadow sides and release the shame that might be attached to these sides of our energy.

    If you’re longing to reconnect with yourself, your ancestors, and your authentic energy then this podcast is for you. I would also like to invite you to the Monthly Gathering as we connect with our ancestors and powerful Goddesses such as Goddess Morrigan, Goddess Caileach, Goddess Danu, and more. The Goddesses are archetypes we can look up to, they intentionally guide us to step into our personal power.

    Disclaimer: This podcast includes meditation. Please do not listen while driving.