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  • Youtuber with 450,000 subs! Facebook Page 600,000 follows Tiktok 2.2million followers Tune in @nightgod333 Things like the Sumerian Tablets, the true origins of the earth. The Annunaki and the alien factions involved in our planets existence. INNER EARTH!!! One of my favorites. Frequencies and 5th dimension consciousness. Stay up and stay woke! Check my Youtube @Nightgod333 and YT NightGod Support this podcast:

  • Life is like a puzzle. Each puzzle piece represents a stage of our life’s story. But what if your life puzzle starts with tragedy, complex trauma, and fear? These puzzle pieces can become misplaced or disorganized. Sometimes, this complex trauma is so tragic, that our mind removes these memories or sequesters them so deeply that a new identity is created to protect us from this tragedy. This is a story of just that.
    Debbie Klose survived decades of trauma and tragedy. The only thing protecting her was her mind, and the different alters that have existed within her, to get her through life. So much is still unknown about Dissociative Identity Disorder, formally known as multiple personality disorder. Debbie is here to share her story, hoping to help others out there who may be suffering with complex trauma or dissociation. And to help the clinicians who are curious about these conditions to understand more too. While each case is unique and different, there are some similarities.
    This is Debbie’s story, and the story of her alters, who are all a part of her. Join me, Alicia Haygood, as I dive deep into Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s a story of courage, resilience, and persistence in the journey to transform from shattered to united.

  • Kênh Podcast Alvin Hoang là một Kênh với mục đích giải trí. Nội dung của Kênh là những tác phẩm cũ hoài niệm cuối thập niên 80, đầu thập niên 90 của thế kỷ trước.

  • Trong show này, mình sẽ trò chuyện với các chuyên gia từ nhiều vì trí công việc khác nhau trong ngành công nghiệp khách sạn. Hy vọng show này sẽ mang đến nhiều thông tin cần thiết, thú vị cho các bạn để tất cả chúng ta có cái nhìn chính xác hơn về nghề khách sạn.

  • The Springfield, MA gaming and entertainment podcast. We will talk about everything MGM Springfield and how to make the most of your visit to the casino and Pioneer Valley. Topics include gambling in Massachusetts, the games at MGM Springfield, smart gambling, casino etiquette, on and off property dining, hotels, local attractions, news, concerts, and events.

  • 飄蕩孤獨男子陪你閒話家常到山窮海盡

  • This podcast will be documenting the journey of women who are changing the world through their extraordinary actions. Some of the names and stories may be familiar, and others, not so familiar. I will have discussions with women who differ in many ways from their ethnic backgrounds to their life ambitions yet they share one thing in common - they are all, in my eyes, a legendary lady.

  • Coming out stories from inspiring LGBTQ+ people from all over the world. Hosted by Rosie Pentreath.

  • It’s true that some things are better left unsaid but nothing is off-limits in this comedy podcast.

  • Project Love – Dein Podcast für mehr Liebe & Fülle im Leben unterstützt Dich ein positives Mindset aufzubauen, Blockaden zu lösen und so mehr Liebe und Fülle einzuladen. Wenn Du Dein Inneres positiv veränderst, verändert sich auch Deine Außenwelt und Du legst denn Grundstein für eine glückliches & erfülltes Leben. 
    Es erwarten Dich Themen wie Selbstliebe, Visionen, Ausstrahlung, Mindest und vieles mehr. Außerdem gibt es zusätzlich Tipps,Interviews & Geschichten aus meinem Leben.

  • FMおだわら 87.9MHzで毎週水曜日 16:30に放送している「高齢者介護」をテーマにしたラジオ番組です。

    パーソナリティ:社会福祉法人 小田原福祉会 井口健一郎 
    アシスタント :小山由佳子(FMおだわらパーソナリティ)

  • 建設業界の話題、働き方改革などを中心に配信。

    ◆運営サイト【GENBA Lab.】

    DMはコチラから:[email protected]



    #現場監督 #施工管理 #建築 #起業 #若手教育 #建設業

  • Aquí encontrarás historias y relatos de personajes, que dasafiaron a la autoridad, donde escucharas esas historias que jamás te han contado, en su forma verdadera y explícita, sin miedo, como sus personajes las narraron alguna vez.

  • 越南12生肖裡有貓,沒有兔子?CNN票選全球第一名美食是印尼巴東牛肉?


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  • みなさん、こんにちは。



  • Подкаст «Русский с talkом!» — это подкаст-интервью, в котором гости-иностранцы говорят по-русски и не только, но с talkом.
    Что связывает их с Россией? Смех и слезы или смех сквозь слезы?
    Честно, искренне, с улыбкой обсуждаем их победы и поражения, любовь и мечты, которые так или иначе связаны с Россией.

    В каждом выпуске герои знакомят публику с особенностями жизни в стране, которую они представляют.

    В нашем подкасте в специальной рубрике гость проходит импровизированное испытание, в котором профессиональный актёр разыграет смешную ситуацию, типичную для России.
    Всё, что может спасти героя, — это русский язык и его харизма.

    Подкаст выходит при поддержке Центра языкового тестирования Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета.

    Ведущая: Евгения Галицкая.
    Актёр рубрики: Александр Керейша

    INSTA @linguatherapist

    COOPERATION [email protected]

    Подкаст записан в студии "Две дорожки"

  • 老李小林,上台一鞠躬。

    你是什麼顏色? 你說藍色是你最愛的顏色。



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  • The Pan-African Experience is a podcast that aims to re-ignite discussions about Pan-Africanism. And the purpose is the plant seeds of unity and inspiration among Africans, both at home and in the diaspora. Our discussions are based on extensive research. I speak to academics to expand on existing/new knowledge, and proffer solutions to internal and external issues faced by Africans/Black people.