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  • La tecnología, la ciencia y la vida cotidiana desde la perspectiva de Santiago Bilinkis

  • The Need-to-Know podcast deals with the now acknowledged reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP. Its hosts are award-winning broadcasters and investigative journalists Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel. Every episode, they’ll look at what’s happened in the UAP/UFO world. Coulthart and Zabel discuss their current investigations, give each other advice, and seek to answer the big questions: who are they and what do they want?
     Ross Coulthart’s work has been featured on Australia’s version of “60 Minutes.” And his documentary for Channel Seven Australia covering his UFO findings has been seen by more than ten million viewers. He is the author of In Plain Sight, in which he concludes that, while publicly dismissing the phenomenon for decades, governments have been seriously studying it all along and take it very seriously. Coulthart continues to report on the subject for Australian network television while working on investigations spawned by his book.
     Bryce Zabel is an award-winning writer who has created or developed five primetime television drama series and worked on a dozen writing staffs. His feature credits include Mortal Kombat and Atlantis. His World War II film, The Last Battle, will shoot in the summer of 2024. Zabel was an original correspondent for CNN, and an award-winning investigative reporter for PBS. Zabel has authored his own UFO book, A.D. After Disclosure. He writes and edits the publication Trail of the Saucers that is read by more than 80,000 readers each month.

  • Lo que haces cuenta, un podcast producido por National Geographic que nos conduce por un camino de aprendizaje y conciencia donde expertos, activistas, aventureros y emprendedores nos explican qué está pasando con la crisis climática y ecológica, qué podemos hacer para combatirla y a la vez enfocarnos en un futuro más sustentable.

    A lo largo de siete episodios nos adentraremos en la Selva Amazónica para entender el avance y las consecuencias de la deforestación, veremos la importancia de los océanos en la salud del planeta, nos informaremos y destacaremos el rol de las mujeres en la lucha por el cambio climático, aprenderemos sobre energías verdes y las esperanza que nos traen, indagaremos en temas como el turismo y la moda para preguntarnos cómo nuestras acciones pueden ayudar al planeta, y escucharemos el mensaje de las comunidades nativas que nos invitan a redefinir nuestra relación con la naturaleza.

    Host: Magali Tajes.

  • Fundador de Ministerios El Shaddai Guatemala
    Rector de la Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala

  • Welcome to Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Podcast, the podcast where we gather 'round, toss in some hot topics, and let the flames of conversation burn bright. We journey through the sizzling landscape of current events, sprinkled with a dash of mystery, a pinch of the unexplained, and a whole lot of fun. us at: [email protected]: https://miufopodcaststore.online Support this podcast:

  • The Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) Patterns and Possibilities podcast focuses on individuals who use HSD to see, understand, and influence patterns that disrupt our daily lives. Every day they deal with complex issues that emerge in the messiness of today's world. Miss Handie interviews individuals who use HSD perspectives and models to help themselves and their clients respond more effectively to the complexity they face. Every two weeks, this podcast will provide insights and approaches to help you navigate the turbulence complexity in your life.

  • Artificial intelligence is already controlling washing machines and translation assistants and helping doctors reach a diagnosis. It is changing our working lives and our leisure time. AI is making our lives easier and, ideally, even better! AI raises expectations, fears and hopes. And it involves risks. It’s all about personal autonomy and freedom, about security as well as sustainability and even global equity.

    AI between a promising future and a brave new world. Leading AI experts talk about their research field: What can AI already do? How does it learn? And will it outstrip us one day? Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence in a 10-part podcast by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

  • Clinical research and advancements furthering clinicians’ ability to diagnose and treat neurological disorders never stop. And neither does NeuroFrontiers, a series dedicated to covering them all. Here neurology specialists will find essential updates on conditions affecting the nervous system, spinal cord, and overall brain health.
    So if you want to stay up to date on the latest clinical research and news on neurological disorders, then look no further. Because NeuroFrontiers is where neurology specialists and great minds explore the mind itself.

  • INTA Sumando Campo, el programa oficial de radio del INTA El Colorado. Un programa con toda la información del #campo y su gente. Te contamos todo lo que tenes que saber sobre el sector #agropecuario. Conducido por Cristian NUÑEZ y Raul FREIXA. Todos los #lunes de 12:00 a 14:00 En Vivo: por - Descarga la App para dispositivos móviles Android:

  • Pensar los genocidios reúne materiales de extensión y divulgación producidos por el Centro de Estudios sobre Genocidio (CEG UNTREF). Su contenido puede ser utilizado en ámbitos educativos o por personas interesadas en conocer más acerca del concepto de genocidio y de las experiencias históricas de crímenes de Estado.

  • A podcast series bringing you the latest from Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology

  • Programa de divulgación científica y actualidad con los hallazgos más recientes.

  • Vet Sessions is a Canadian veterinary medical podcast based out of Guelph, Ontario. This podcast is for anyone interested in learning more about small animal veterinary clinical medicine and especially primary care. Follow along with Dr. Omar Khan, Dr. Shannon Gowland, and Dr. Tiffany Durzi as they tackle common clinical questions and dissect what it means to be a primary care veterinarian. Podcast produced by Sherry Lin. Podcast artwork by Michelle Lai, Sammie Wu, Andrea Wanlin Jia, and Shirley Wei Chen.

  • Delfi Sciannamea te acerca todas las semanas la realidad de la universidad en Argentina. Análisis y diálogos con los protagonistas del mundo académico que piensan una sociedad mejor. Todos los domingos a las 17 en Radio 10 y aquí en versión podcast. Una producción de Freak Consultora.

  • “Inspirados por la Naturaleza”, un podcast de Ladera Sur (

    Un giro hacia la Naturaleza, la ciencia, el activismo y la vida al aire libre. Lo que nos mueve y lo que nos llena el alma, a través de personas que han dedicado su vida a salvar al planeta. Conducen Bárbara Tupper y Martín del Río. Esta quinta temporada es presentada por Patagonia.

    Revive las cuatro temporadas anteriores en esta misma cuenta. Estreno temporada N°5 viernes 16 de junio

  • El podcast que te cuenta lo que esconde la derecha radical. Conduce Franco Delle Donne.

  • ¿Qué, un shot? Por qué no... Eso servimos acá. Conversaciones sabrosas y parchadas, con ciencia de la buena: rigurosa y crítica. En Shots de Ciencia nos encanta contar historias y qué mejor forma de hacerlo que a través de los sonidos y la ciencia.