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  • Become a Paid Subscriber: been curious about mythologies, fictions or mysteries that the world contains from the very beginning of the universe? based on different cultures around the globe. Get to know more about Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Japanese folklore, Slavic fiction and Aztec of various cultures with Afro Emperor. Be part of this fun Journey that's going to be really enjoyable. Let's all listen to the stories that have been passed down for generations.

  • Decisiones Desparejas, un thriller doméstico con Laura Paredes, Marcelo Subiotto y Benjamin Otero, y la participación especial de Dolores Fonzi, María Marull, Valeria Correa y Esteban Lamothe.
    Una serie para especular, deliberar y confundir acerca de los matrimonios, mandatos y demonios.
    Una ficción sonora original de La Maldita.
    Creada por Azul Lombardía y Lucas Mirvois.
    IG @decisionesdesparejas

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  • Adaptations and original stories featuring the adventures of that most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

  • Irish Stories is a weekly podcast which consists of original stories set in Ireland. Each story is a serialized work of historical, literary fiction imbued with a touch of folklore. Each story will consist of several episodes. All stories are written by and performed by the author, M. Maureen O'Callaghan.

    Irish Stories begins with "All Those Things Revealed", a story set in 19th century Ireland. It involves the little-known tradition of the Priest Woman.

    Take a step back in time and visit Old Ireland…..

  • Una conversación alterna sobre debrayes filosóficos, videojuegos, cine y cosas darks.
    Todo lo que querías escuchar, como no lo querías escuchar.

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    Conducido por: Yanielle Samperio y René Mercado

  • "Sam Spade" is a radio show character inspired by the fictional private detective of the same name created by American author Dashiell Hammett. Sam Spade first appeared in Hammett's 1930 novel "The Maltese Falcon." The character quickly became synonymous with the hard-boiled detective archetype: sharp-witted, morally ambiguous, and navigating the murky waters of crime and corruption.The "Adventures of Sam Spade" radio show aired from 1946 to 1951, primarily on the NBC network. It brought the character to life for listeners across the country and further cemented Sam Spade's place in detective lore.A few key features and details about the show:
    Star Talent: Howard Duff was the most famous voice behind the character of Sam Spade for the majority of the series. Lurene Tuttle played his secretary, Effie Perrine, who often became involved in his cases and provided a touch of humor to the show.Format: Each episode typically began with Spade recounting his latest case to Effie, who would then type up the report. This storytelling technique allowed for a mix of past-tense narration and present-tense dialogue, immersing listeners in Spade's world.Tone and Style: The show adopted a somewhat lighter tone compared to the gritty realism of Hammett's novel. While there were still dangerous situations and moral dilemmas, the radio series often incorporated humor, especially in the interactions between Spade and Effie.Popularity and Legacy: "The Adventures of Sam Spade" was popular during its run, receiving positive reviews and a strong listener base. The show's success is a testament to the lasting appeal of Hammett's character and the broader allure of detective stories during the golden age of radio.End of the Series: The show faced challenges due to various factors, including political pressures during the early Cold War era. Howard Duff was blacklisted for a time, which contributed to the end of the series."Sam Spade" remains a defining character in detective fiction, and the radio show is an important part of his legacy. For fans of old-time radio and detective stories, "The Adventures of Sam Spade" offers a nostalgic trip back to a time when the lines between good and bad were blurred, and mystery lurked around every corner.

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  • Turning your book(s) into a business can be challenging. Join indie authors Crystal Hunt and Michele Amitrani every Monday as we discuss—with brutal honesty and a liberal dash of humor—ways to level up your writing career and author business while saving time, energy and money.

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  • Cuentos en la virgocueva un podcast de Humor en los que vamos a hablar de casos paranormales, crímenes, ufología o todo lo que consideremos digno de ser contado en la virgocueva.
    Pónganse cómodos y sean bienvenidos a la virgocueva!

  • Intriga, corrupción y un amor imposible. Muerte Súbita es una serie de ficción inspirada en un rumor que ha persistido en la política mexicana, y que pone en evidencia que el dinero y el poder no cambia quienes somos, sólo lo revela.

    A sus 27 años, Michelle es una periodista española cuya carrera va en ascenso y a la que la vida le dará la oportunidad de cumplir sus sueños más ambiciosos. Al conocer a Emilio Villarreal, un poderoso gobernador mexicano y próximo candidato presidencial, no puede evitar ser seducida por sus desmedidas atenciones y la opulencia del mundo político. Sin embargo, todo cambiará con la llegada de un carismático entrenador de ping-pong.

    Una producción original de Sonoro y Bengala.
    *Esta es una audio serie de ficción. Los personajes, diálogos y hechos retratados son completamente ficticios. Cualquier parecido con personas reales (vivas o muertas) o con hechos reales es pura coincidencia.
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  • The Lone Ranger is a fictional masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend, Tonto. The character has been called an enduring icon of American culture. He first appeared in 1933 in a radio show on WXYZ (Detroit), conceived either by station owner George W. Trendle or by Fran Striker, the show's writer. The radio series proved to be a hit, and spawned a series of books (largely written by Striker), an equally popular television show that ran from 1949 to 1957, comic books, and several films. The title character was played on the radio show by Earle Graser for some 1,300 episodes, but three others preceded him, according to The New York Times: "a man named Deeds, who lasted only a few weeks; a George Stenius [actually George Seaton according to the Los Angeles Times], and then Brace Beemer; the latter became the narrator of the program.

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  • Historias reales que parecen de mentira. Un random por fuera de cualquier normalidad. Por Nicolás Lucca @nicolaslucca .

  • Diario SCP es un podcast de ficción, con efectos sonoros, basado en el universo de S.C.P. Las grabaciones giran en torno a un científico que trabaja en la fundación. Nos puedes encontrar en todas las redes sociales como "diario_scp". El viernes de cada dos semanas se publica un nuevo capítulo. También, los viernes que no subimos capítulo, realizamos directo en Instagram para interactuar con ustedes.

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  • A fan podcast breaking down and discussing the novels of Lois McMaster Bujold‘s epic space opera, The Vorkosigan Saga.

  • Podcastinitis es el podcast de los podcasts.
    Un podcast que habla sobre marketing, sobre negocios digitales y sobre todo sobre marketing.
    Ficciones, actualidad, entrevistas y entretenimiento desde el lado más curioso y creativo de Santos Garrido.
    Si buscas un podcast que te suene a radio, un canal lleno de sorpresas, contenido de valor, entrevistas diferentes y un pellizco de sal te encantará este podcast.
    Pero si buscas un aburrido fondo plano de silencio e interminables monólogos huye.
    Siéntate conecta tus auriculares y prepárate a desear cada nuevo capítulo de Podcastinitis

    Tras la primera temporada, en la que Santos Garrido te habla de cómo lanzar tu propio podcast, en la segunda temporada llega la lluvia de ideas de este productor de podcasts.
    El podcast variado que buscaba señora, la compañía de sus viajes caballero, un ratito de desconexión para entendidos del podcasting y personas que disfrutan de su rincón favorito escuchando algo diferente.
    Si no te gusta puedes destruirlo y si por el contrario te engancha dale a seguir y sé el primero en enterarte de las novedades del podcast más disruptivo no hecho por ningún grupo de comunicación.
    Este podcast tiene además un enganchante fondo musical.

  • Dos tipos encuentran la excusa perfecta para hablar una vez por semana.

  • Las cosas muertas es un podcast de ficción sonora. Historias tenebrosas y fantásticas escritas por Cristian Carniello.

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  • Tales is a podcast that brings you short stories from varies authors.

  • Selamat datang! Terima kasih sudah mau menjadi teman popo. Semoga kita tetap bersama meskipun sudah memiliki bahagia yang berbeda.

  • «Hilo, papel y tijera» es un podcast nacido del libro con el mismo nombre publicado por Editorial Orsai que recopila las mejores historias nacidas en redes sociales. Además, el 50% del precio de venta al público se repartió entre sus autores, que escriben de forma desinteresada en internet.