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  • Do you wanna hear something scary? Join Blair and Steffany every week as they bring you the creepiest ghost stories, urban legends, and folktales.
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  • 'Creepypastas' are the urban legends of the internet. A new age of horror told through digital word of mouth.

  • Bodies are piling up in the strange town of Springfield, and forensic pathologist Jonathan Spacer intends to find out why. But, Jon isn’t without his own secrets… He can talk to the dead, for starters. A full-cast serial fiction podcast for mature audiences. Available now on all podcast apps. Subscribe for premium content, including bonus episodes and early access.

  • Lesbian romance stories brought to you as an immersive podcast. Created to make you smile, blush or keep you on the edge of your seat. Listen with headphones to immerse yourself fully! New chapter every other Tuesday.

  • LET OP: Voor de ultieme luisterervaring raden we je aan deze podcast te beluisteren met een koptelefoon op! 

     In deze 8D-audioervaring neemt Leila (Nora Akachar) je mee naar haar geboortedorp Laekenberg. Daar is niks meer zoals het was: mislukte oogsten hebben gezorgd voor een uitbarsting van populisme, vrouwenhaat en massahysterie. Tuimel in een wereld waar burgemeester en burgers elkaar letterlijk de tent uitvechten, waar er maar één vonkje nodig is om het hele kruitvat te doen ontploffen. En waar Leila misschien dat ene vonkje kan zijn.

    De Brandstapel is een psychologische horrorserie van BNNVARA voor NPO Radio 2 en is mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage NPO-fonds. Regie: Hanneke Hendrix. Met o.m. Nora Akachar, Nasrdin Dchar, Nazmiye Oral en Marcel Musters. 

  • An original comedy/horror audio drama podcast about a couple's journey in renovating an inherited house that may or may not be haunted. Take a peak into the day-to-day life of Tom and Janet Miller as they come to terms with the vast undertaking ahead of them. With the help of their completely normal neighbor Lee, and a small cast of recurring locals, this will be an adventure for everyone.For links to our Social Media, Merch, and additional show info, head over to our website: www.hhfpodcast.comCurrently releasing monthly on most streaming services. Support this podcast:

  • An Intriguing and Erotic Podcast that Focuses on Exciting and Intense Sexual Stories Told with Sensual and Alluring Expression of Words to Ignite the Magical Fantasies and Enchantment that True Tales of Sexual Pleasure, Desire and Fantasy can Embody for the Sole Satisfaction of Your Kinky Desires.

  • 1995:Frieda heeft straatvrees en durft de deur niet uit. Haar enige lijntje naar de buitenwereld is haar telefoon. Maar wat nu als die telefoon nu ineens wordt bezeten door een hijger? Die misschien wel meer is dan alleen een hijger? Hoe verdedig je jezelf dan?

    ‘De Hijger’ is een nieuwe spannende fictiepodcastserie van Karin van der Meer en Hanneke Hendrix, de makers van ‘Wraak’ (2020) en ‘Moorden in het Noorden’ (2022).
    Over stalking in de nineties, straatvrees, teleurgestelde ouders, vriendschap, exposure in vivo en de wens om vrij te zijn. En over wraak.

    Concept, script, casting, regie en productie: Karin van der Meer en Hanneke Hendrix

    Meer horen van deze makers?

    Muziek: Mike Roelofs
    Mixage: Frans de Rond
    Montage: Hanneke Hendrix en Frans de Rond
    Vormgeving tegel: William van Giessen voor Superpulp

    Frieda: Keja Klaasje Kwestro
    Bob: Rein Hofman
    Moeder Frieda: Carine Crutzen
    Antoine: Jaap Spijkers
    Annet: Whitney Sawyer
    Henk: Jilles Flinterman
    Assistente: Sarah Bannier
    Telefonist Frank: Oscar Kocken
    Telefoniste Noord Hollands
    Dagblad: Myranda Jongeling
    Agente Vermeulen: Christine van Stralen
    Agent Gerritsen: Eric Steensma
    Agent de Gans: Quirijn Lokker
    Jongen van de koeriersdienst: Sam Belderink
    Telefonist: Gillion Grantsaan
    Telefoniste: Monique Arp
    Telefoniste: Linda Kasander
    Marga: Nynke de Jong
    Stem van de PTT: Anne Lichthart

  • Wolverine, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Hawkeye, and Doctor Doom will team up to stop Valeria Richards. She is the smartest woman on Earth, immortal and lonely beyond reason. After surviving a rain of nuclear missiles in Southern California and gaining possession of the reality warping Cosmic Cube, she was driven to the brink of madness. Something mysterious is unfolding in this irradiated “Dead Zone” and it’s up to our heroes to find out what, and to stop Valeria from committing an act of ultimate evil.

    Marvel's Wastelanders is the sixth and final installment in the “Marvel's Wastelanders” audio epic. Starring Dylan Baker as Doctor Doom, Timothy Busfield as Star-Lord, Stephen Lang as Hawkeye, Robert Patrick as Wolverine, and Susan Sarandon as Black Widow. Directed by Kimberly Senior. Original sound design by One Thousand Birds. Original music by Lindsay Jones. Story by Mark Waid. Written by Nick Bernardone, J Holtham, and Mark Waid. Learn more at

  • Lovecraft Country meets True Blood in this new series from award-winning producers Tonia Ransom and Jen Zink. In season one, a small East Texas town suffers supernatural disasters caused by a demonic book bound in human flesh...and only hoodoo can save the town from its affliction.

  • Van het leven van Anne Frank weten we best veel aan de hand van haar dagboek. Van een paar van haar vrienden en vriendinnen weten we veel, maar van een aantal van haar vrienden en vriendinnen die in haar dagboek worden genoemd weten we betrekkelijk weinig en soms zelfs bijna niets. Hoe is het hun en hun gezinnen vergaan? Van overlevenden horen we de verhalen, maar wie vertelt de verhalen van de mensen die (bijna) werden weggegumd?

    Zoals Anne's vriendinnetje Ilse Wagner en haar familie. We hebben niet eens een foto van haar. In deze podcastserie gaan wij op zoek naar het lot van Ilse en haar familieleden. We gaan terug naar de plekken die hun leven bepaalden. Voor deze zoektocht reisden de makers de wereld over om te spreken met de laatste nog levende vrienden van Ilse en Anne.

    Deze podcast is een Audiodroom Podcastproducties. Hier vindt u meer informatie over de serie en de makers. Heeft u zelf informatie om te delen, neem dan graag contact met ons op via [email protected]

    De serie wordt gemaakt in samenwerking met schrijver Janny van der Molen.


    Aus dem Tagebuch von Anne Frank wissen wir eine ganze Menge über ihr Leben. Über einige ihrer Freunde wissen wir eine ganze Menge, aber über viele der in ihrem Tagebuch erwähnten Freunde und Bekannten wissen wir relativ wenig, manchmal sogar fast gar nichts. Wie ist es ihnen und ihren Familien ergangen? Wir hören die Geschichten von Überlebenden, aber wer erzählt die Geschichten der Menschen, die (fast) ausgelöscht wurden?

    Wie Annes Freundin Ilse Wagner und ihre Familie. Wir haben nicht einmal ein Foto von ihr. In dieser Podcast-Serie begeben wir uns auf die Suche nach dem Schicksal von Ilse und ihren Familienmitgliedern. Wir gehen zurück zu den Orten, die ihr Leben bestimmt haben. Für diese Suche reisten die Macher um die Welt, um mit den letzten überlebenden Freunden von Ilse und Anne zu sprechen.

    Dieser Podcast ist eine Audiodroom podcastproducties. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen über die Serie und ihre Macher. Wenn Sie eigene Informationen haben, die Sie weitergeben möchten, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf: [email protected]. Dieser podcast wird in Zusammenarbeit mit der Autorin Janny van der Molen erstellt.


    We know quite a lot about Anne Frank's life from her diary and some of her (surviving) friends told their stories. But of most of Anne's friends we know relatively little, and sometimes almost nothing, about many of the friends and acquaintances mentioned in her diary. How did they and their families fare? We hear the stories from survivors, but who tells the stories of the people who were (almost) erased?

    Like Anne's friend Ilse Wagner and her family. We don't even have a picture of her. In this podcast series, we go in search of the fate of Ilse and her family members. We go back to the places that determined their lives. For this search the makers travelled the world to speak with the last surviving friends of Ilse and Anne.

    This podcast is an Audiodroom Podcastproducties. More information about the series and the makers can be found on our website. Should you have inforation to share about Ilse Wagner, please contact us via [email protected]. The podcast-series is made in cooperation with writer J...

  • After the outbreak of a virus that causes instant death, all of downtown Los Angeles is sealed in by an impenetrable wall, quarantining thousands of people inside "The Hothouse."
    Jason "Bruiser" Brusman is part detective, part Secret Service, part leg-breaker inside the powerful corporation that runs the Hothouse. With his family outside the walls, Bruiser's humanity hangs by a thread as he unravels the mysteries of this strange and violent city within a city.

  • Thirty years ago, Super Villains won. After killing the Avengers, the X-Men, and nearly every other Super Hero, the Red Skull assumed the office of President of the United States. Since that day, a traumatized Wolverine (Robert Patrick) has wandered in a daze of survivor’s guilt and self-loathing over his failure to protect his fellow X-Men and their mutant students.

    Wolverine encounters Sofia, a young mutant in-hiding and vows to transport her into the safe hands of estranged former X-Men Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers. When the Red Skull and his top lieutenant Crossbones frame Wolverine and escalate anti-mutant sentiment to dangerous new levels, our hero realizes that his only option may be to face Red Skull and his savage allies head on. But a shocking, terrible truth may destroy Wolverine first...

    Marvel's Wastelanders: Wolverine is the fourth installment in the “Marvel's Wastelanders” audio epic. Starring Robert Patrick as Wolverine. Written and Directed by Jenny Turner Hall, with sound design by Michael Odmark and Daniel Brunelle, and original music by Rhett Miller and John Burdick. Learn more at

  • In a near-future Tokyo, a Japanese investigator and US peacekeeper reluctantly join forces to solve a series of bizarre murders.  Season 2 out now!

    It's 2033 and Tokyo, partially occupied by China, is in a state of fear, distrust, and drone-enforced surveillance. When Detective Miyako Koreda is paired with Lieutenant Emma Higashi of the US Peacekeeping force, Miyako is annoyed by the obviously American-backed PR stunt. But as the city is ailed by a rise in gruesome crimes, Miyako and her new partner must quickly learn to trust each other as they race against the clock to investigate each case —which range from a missing shipment of dangerous weapons to a faceless body on the subway platform — all while dealing with frequent blackouts, local gangs, and underground resistance forces.

    Ninth Step Murders is a Realm production, written by Malka Older, Curtis C. Chen, Jacqueline Koyanagi, and Fran Wilde. Listen Away. 

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  • Erotica Stories, Poems & Monologues with Duchess Cashmere NSFW, 18+, Adult Content

  • In ‘Het Sinterklaasjournaal: De Podcast’ presenteert Dieuwertje Blok veertig hoorspelen, korte verhalen voor kinderen, rondom de belevenissen van Sinterklaas tijdens zijn verblijf in Nederland. Naast de Hoofdpiet en een keur van andere Pieten, treden ook vaste karakters als Jan Boel, Helma Boel en het paard Ozosnel op. Verder werken onder anderen Jeroen Kramer, Niels van der Laan, Brigitte Kaandorp, Bert Visscher, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Rachel Rosier en Youp van 't Hek mee. Meer Sinterklaasjournaal vind je op

  • An explicit Harry Potter fanfiction podcast where friends J-Kon & Kaitlynn read, rate, & rave about SMUT that'll get you all...Dare we say...Hot & Pottered? 😉 New episodes every other HUMP day (Wednesdays) at 6am EST!

  • A Gilded Age Comedy about Birders, Murders, and Confectionery Capers

  • is the home for Paul E Cooley's tales of psychological suspense, science-fiction, thriller, and dark urban fantasy. Visit

    We don't believe in happy endings.

  • The Last Dog is a thrilling and heartfelt audio adventure with the love story between a girl and a dog at its center.

    In an apocalyptic future, climate change and overconsumption have made our planet a very different place. The seas have risen, resources are scarce…and animals have disappeared off the face of the earth. Most people believe they never existed at all. 12-year-old Iowa Chapman is not most people. And when she’s rescued by what might be the last remaining dog, she realizes the responsibility she has to keep this amazing creature safe. Pursued by the evil Regulators, Iowa and Doggo set off on a journey in search of Haven, a legendary island where some believe animals might still be living.

    From Gen-Z Media, creators of Six Minutes, The Last Dog is GZM’s first movie-length audio epic.

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