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  • Gänsehaut, das ist der kostenlose Creepypasta/True Crime-Podcast auf Deutsch, der euch die Nackenhaare aufstellen wird. Hier geht es um Gruselgeschichten aus dem Alltag. Jede Folge mit einem anderen Thema: Tinder, Instagram, WhatsApp - der Alltag kann schlimmer sein als jeder Horrorfilm. Hier gibt es die Geschichten dazu...

  • Phénomènes paranormaux, extraterrestres, réincarnation... Les Dossiers de l'Étrange explorent et tentent d'apporter des réponses aux mystères de la vie...

  • Lucy Rush liest erotische Geschichten vor.
    Wenn dir das Warten auf die nächste Episode zu lange dauert, findest du die Geschichten auch als Hörbuch auf:
    Apple Music:
    und vielen anderen Portalen unter dem Suchbegriff "Lucy Rush"

  • Paranormal investigation of ghosts ufo yeti Ioch Ness monster. Support this podcast:

  • Podcast provocateur de plaisir. Fictions érotiques, avec un zeste de vécu, pour apprivoiser le désir, ingrédient indispensable au bonheur sexuel. Des épisodes parfois poétiques et romantiques. Souvent, érotiques ou carrément impudiques. Très addictifs, toujours. Supernova vous donne rendez-vous chaque dimanche soir, à 20h. Sur le site vous trouverez en exclusivité des séries érotiques en plusieurs épisodes: prélude, désir, plaisir et jouissance. #podcastdudesir

  • Eine Vollmondnacht, ein Lagerfeuer, vier Freunde von früher. Was sie verbindet? Die Lust an grusligen Geschichten – und ein dunkles Geheimnis …
    «Grauen» ist der neue Hörspiel-Podcast von SRF. Einmal im Monat, immer zur Vollmondnacht, kommt eine neue Folge. Das Beste aus Urbanen Legenden, Schweizer Sagen, creepy pasta und ganz alltäglichem Horror sorgt für schauriges Vergnügen. Auf Schweizerdeutsch.



  • Dramapodcast - Hörspiel mit Monster, Marketing und zuviel Ramen Nudeln. In Chur.
    Staring: Sara Francesca Hermann, Gian Rupf, Marco Luca Castelli, Ursina Hartmann, Lorenzo Polin, Nina Fopp, Sabrina Bundi, Gian-Marco Schmid, Flavio Deflorin, Patrik Markgraf, Urs Marti.
    Buch, Regie, Schnitt, Musik: Michel Decurtins

  • In diesem Podcast werden euch in entspannter Atmosphäre Kurzgeschichten vorgelesen, die dich in jeder Alltagssituation unterhalten.

  • Bonn, irgendwann Anfang der 80er Jahre. Hauptstadt-Dschungel und Provinz-Theater. Hier leben und arbeiten die beiden Kriminalbeamten Ralph Bachmann und Gregor Beksinski, zwei echte Kerle mit Herz und Köpfchen.

  • Gaudenz Trüeb's humoristische Kurzhörspiele drehen sich um zentrale Themen wie Sexualität, Essen, Familie, Gott, Handy-Kommunikation, das stille Örtchen und viele andere mehr. Die Hörspiele sind in verschiedenen Schweizer Dialekten von Gaudenz Trüeb himself eingesprochen.

  • A dystopian audio drama set in a world where society is organised by computer terminals.

    Kinga is on a journey to find out exactly who is in control of these terminals as well as why they even exist in the first place!

    New episodes released on the 1st of every month.

    See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Eine kurze literarische Geschichte, die uns für einen Moment aus der Alltagshektik herausholt und in unserer Phantasie nachwirkt. Unter diesem Motto haben zwischen 2006 und 2021 zahlreiche Autorinnen und Autoren über 4400 Geschichten verfasst – und selber erzählt.

  • Die Zentrale: Das sind Thomas, Benjamin und Olli. Drei Jungs aus Berlin, die sich regelmässig zusammensetzen und gemeinsam über die Abenteuer der drei berühmten Detektive aus Rocky Beach sprechen.
    Während Thomas und Olli schon ziemlich früh mit der Serie konfrontiert wurden und damit aufwuchsen, ist Benjamin der Einzige, der sich nie mit den drei Fragezeichen auseinander gesetzt hat. So entstehen bei den Folgenbesprechungen zu den einzelnen Hörspielen schon mal die einen oder anderen Missverständnisse und eine durchaus gewollte unfreiwillige Komik. Zum Glück kann Thomas mit seinem Nerdwissen jederzeit einspringen und wenn da nicht die anderen beiden wären, würde er sich vermutlich wie Justus Jonas in ellenlangen Vorträgen verlieren.
    Ein Podcast von Fans für Fans über das wahrscheinlich bekannteste Detektivtrio der Welt. Wir hoffen, ihr habt genau so viel Spass beim hören wie wir beim besprechen der Folgen.

    Unser Titellied wurde übrigens von Valentin Vollmer komponiert.
    Besucht ihn doch mal auf seiner Instagramseite

  • In this modern dark fantasy, a small California town—and three people within it—become the targets of an ancient evil.

    Tess Bellamy’s return home is anything but triumphant. She’s decided Hollywood isn’t for her, resigned to a normal life of caring for her ailing mother. Linna Severand would be a powerful sorceress...if she could escape her family’s mansion, and usurp their control of her magic. Gabriel Majeaux once tried to save the world from evil. Now he’s the last of his kind, moving from place to place to avoid detection. 

    After a series of horrifying events, their lives collide...and if they aren’t prepared, it’s unlikely they’ll survive. 

    Dark Heights is a Realm Production created and written by C.D. Miller. Listen Away. 

  • Derrière les petites annonces se cachent souvent de grandes histoires, il suffit de savoir les écouter. Les bonnes rencontres, est un podcast en deux saisons par leboncoin où se mêlent fiction et documentaire. 

  • A podcast to help stressed adults relax or sleep in these "Trying Times". A satire title, a sincere podcast. Find us on Patreon at

  • *Boom Slam*
    I do not have a lot of time, but my job as a reporter is to give news to the public. I do not know how many of you are left . . . These have been some tough times, to say the least. The outbreak started around the time they announced COVID-19. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, implored us all to quarantine so the government leaders of every country could get together and talk about what was happening. They knew they couldn’t hide it for long. They did not want to cause an uproar. So instead, they gave news and media outlets, like mine, fake information regarding “covid”, which was actually the beginning of something much more terrifying -- a pandemic, yes, of apocalyptic proportions. --The zombie virus we know now, not some glorified flu, has taken over much of the world. Countries are torn apart. The few survivors we have left might be tuning onto this broadcast. For you, my devoted listeners and last of humanity, I will share details with you that may help you save what's left of this world, or at least to understand it. I am afraid this will be my last news release. Gathering data was fatal for my health. I was bit.
    I was bit by one of the earliest indicators of this virus-- a zombie spider. *spider sound effect* Scientists found zombie spiders, and thought they were cool -- nothing harmful to humans. Just harmful to an insect. A small insect. They could not have predicted the parasitic wasps that could control spiders to grow into something much more massive, but it did. The wasps started spreading. They attached to travelers’ clothes, and got all around the world, till eventually they could control any breed of spider. Additionally, the wasp started evolving at a higher rate than its victims. The wasp eventually took small animals, like dogs and cats. Turning them into mindless entities. This is when scientists alerted the government. However, the public was kept from these findings. All we knew was that our dear pets were starting to get sick and violent. We were given new numbers to call and our pets were corralled and eliminated. Animal activists were appalled and tried to save these animals, but only got bit in the process. They were then eliminated. It should have stopped there. But, it kept spreading.
    Everyone who did see what was truly happening was marked as weird, or even crazy. Alex Jones, a known crazed consevrative who often has far right radical ideas, saw it. He announced it. Jones screamed about how the Bible has always been telling us that an apocalypse would happen. He quoted Isaiah 14, which was the story from the Bible that told of Lucifer's fall. Anyone who was sane knew that if Jones thought it, they should probably laugh it off and ignore it. After all this is the same man who thought water was making frogs gay. He got weapons to defend himself. No one actually knows where he is to this day. He ran into the woods to hunker down. Maybe folks like him had the right idea after all. He was right. In the end, just as the Bible said, there was a massive horde of undead soldiers when a group of zombies attacked a national guard unit. The unit lost. From there on, it showed even the military could not protect us.
    *boom slam*
    The world is pretty much all for one and one for all now. Has been for 5 months. I do not know how to stop this. I have researched and researched. All my findings of curing the zombie virus are null. Zip, zippo. We are doomed, listeners. The only thing I found was the chance to find people who specialize in black magic -- usually Haitians. Their priests are called bokors. If they know how to make a zombie, maybe they know how to undo this mess. I know voodoo seems like a joke, but what other choice do we have? It’s a process called zombification. I know that it involves some type of drugs… It’s a stretch that it would cure this parasite. But, maybe… just maybe. Someone, anyone listening?
    *orchestral tension*
    Well, if someone is listening. Please, it might be our only cha

  • 1871 Los Angeles was a dangerous place, especially for the refugees, migrants and troublemakers who lived on Calle De Los Negros, at the heart of Chinatown.

    Yut Ho, a beautiful young refugee, came to LA and fell in love, only to be drawn into a showdown between two of Chinatown's most notorious gangsters. Before long, the entire city was caught up in a life or death struggle where old-world values of kinship, honor and loyalty clashed with new-world issues of race, sex, and identity. The ensuing conflict would threaten the lives of Yut Ho and all the denizens of Chinatown– and would change the face of Los Angeles forever.

    This true but largely forgotten event from California's past is brought to you by the Holmes Performing Arts Fund of the Claremont Colleges, the Music Department of Scripps College, the Pacific Basin Institute of Pomona College, the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department at The New England Conservatory, and the Public Events Office at Scripps College.

    It is hosted by Hao Huang, Micah Huang, and Emma Gies, featuring original music by Micah Huang and The Flower Pistils. A special thanks to Evo Terra from Simpler Media Productions for his expertise and support.