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  • Earning money legally? Boooring. It's not just in the movies that you find dishonest people who will do anything to line their pockets. These crooks you're about to hear about have been making money by ripping off the world for years. Worthy of the greatest Hollywood scenarios!Bold and manipulative, they fooled even the smartest people.But these dreams can't last forever; the truth always comes out. In our podcast Legendary Crooks, you'll discover the incredible but true stories of Charles Ponzi, Bernard Madoff, or the story of Victor Lustig, the man who sold the Eiffel Tower.

  • Join Elijah, Parker, and Noah as they dive into the realities of what today's teenage dream looks like. In this laughing stock of a podcast, three dudes from the state of Wisconsin come together in a small studio to share their idiotic ideas, regretful stories, and deep mind-twisting conversations. So for all the teenage drama-leeching, wacky-humored, and un-offendable people out there, this podcast is just for you. Start listening and become a member of the Everybody Hates Us Podcast today! If you want to give input for topic ideas, show some love, or just simply want to roast, send them over to [email protected]

  • Listen to all episodes with Storybutton+www.storybutton.supercast.comThe story of a young man who is looking to find his own path in a world of swords, special abilities, and adventure, even though he can’t level up like his friends. Things change though, after meeting a gruff, rude fairy named Pork. Aiden and Pork embark on a quest to save the Four Heroes scattered throughout the world, and to stop a danger bigger than any of them could have ever imagined.Welcome to "Pixel Quest," the captivating podcast where fantasy and bravery intertwine to create a world of adventure and discovery. Follow the journey of Aiden, a young man in a realm of swords, magic, and quests, who, unlike his friends, faces the challenge of adventuring without the ability to level up. But when Aiden meets Pork, a gruff and outspoken fairy, his journey takes a thrilling turn. Together, they set out on a mission to rescue the Four Heroes and confront a looming threat that could alter their world forever."Pixel Quest" is a podcast that brings stories to life, imbuing them with lessons of courage, friendship, and perseverance. It's a place where every episode is a new chapter in Aiden's quest, filled with challenges, allies, enemies, and a rich tapestry of storytelling that will captivate and inspire listeners. This podcast is an invitation to young audiences to immerse themselves in a narrative where their imagination can roam free, exploring the nuances of a fantastical world.Dive into "Pixel Quest," the kid podcast where stories are not just told but experienced, where listeners can follow Aiden and Pork through a landscape brimming with mystery and excitement. It's a podcast that combines the joy of storytelling with the thrill of adventure, creating a unique listening experience that encourages children to dream big and face their challenges with bravery.Parents and educators seeking a kid podcast that entertains while instilling valuable life lessons will find "Pixel Quest" to be a perfect choice. It's a kid podcast that respects the intelligence and creativity of its young listeners, offering stories that are both engaging and thought-provoking. Through Aiden's journey, listeners will explore themes of personal growth, friendship, and the power of determination.Subscribe to "Pixel Quest" and join Aiden and Pork on their epic adventure, where each episode is a step into a world of enchantment and heroism. This kid podcast is not just a series of stories; it's an odyssey of imagination, a place where listeners can grow, learn, and be part of an unforgettable journey. With "Pixel Quest," the magic of storytelling comes alive, offering a portal to a world where anything is possible, and every listener is part of the adventure.A bttn+ OriginalProduced & Directed by Steven ForbisWritten by Mike MarshallDownload the Bttn App, Premium Home to Kids & Family Audio Content.Listen on your Storybutton. The screenless way to listen to podcasts and more.

  • Join in on the conversation as we discuss books, science fiction and future technologies impact on society.

  • An insight/comedy podcast where two unqualified friends break down and riff on straight-to-stream sci-fi and fantasy films. Join the Sci-Fi Wise Guys as they aim for art but land in comedy.

  • My podcast is about Roblox. In the future I might change the name and do something else like a tour through my sketchbook!📚🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Entertainment & Vibes.

    Join me as i bring you along into a variety of entertaining scenes you will find absolute interest in and vibe along with.🎙️

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  • Audiobooks written and read by me or Abubakar Sadiq Yusuf. If you love a good story but hate reading, these podcasts are literally for you. Just strap on your running shoes or get to work and have me read to you. Better yet, if you miss having bedtime stories read to you, We are right here.

  • Stories to keep you entertained and more. A messenger

  • Everyday black stories brought to life through an immersive audio experience, making you feel like you were really there!

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  • Welcome to Dp-I-Y, where DIY is not what we're good at, but it is how we make our podcast. Join Senseless Apprentice and Mr. Verano as we walk through an issue of Cable & Deadpool and occasionally try to give useful tips and pointers about your possible DIY projects, though we're generally less informative than we would like to be... but we are pretty knowledgeable regarding comic related topics, if a little opinionated.Check us out on - Senseless Apprenticemrver.ano - Mr. VeranoQuestions? Comments? Concerns? Shoot us an email - [email protected] Support this podcast:

  • Though short in stature and short sighted, Gary is a chick with lofty ambitions. With the help of his parents, school friends and migrating starlings, he overcomes obstacles and setbacks on the way to realizing his dream of competing at the Extraordinary Gannet Games, the pinnacle for any red blooded gannet. Cliffs and seascapes, trawlers, buoys and lighthouses provide the backdrop to this tale of bravery and determination that chronicles the adventures of the intrepid Gary as he grows from a chick into a champion. 

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  • A podcast that talks about updates of teens in this country.

  • I don’t tell you the good or the bad. I don’t tell you the wrong or the right. And I sure don’t tell you the positive or the negative. Everything thing is an Independent P.OV.

  • Power Rangers Universe 19 Podcast Is home to all my power ranger and Kamen Rider fan fiction.