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  • Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard growing up? Well, gather round... and listen close.

  • Authored and led by Dr. J. A. Robinson, technologist and author, and narrated by Melissa Del Toro Schaffner, The UNTOLD TALES Audio Anthologies is a collection of original science fiction short stories of the highest caliber, perfect for your commute or unexpected downtimes. These bite-sized audio dramas come in different flavors and highlight the works of new authors. Victorian Sci-Fi, parallel realities, cautionary tales, horror, time travel - each episode of UNTOLD TALES is an independent short story drenched in the luscious promises of danger, technology, love, hope, discovery, & mystery. Support this podcast:

  • A collection of mystery and suspense radio programs including The Man Called X, Suspense, The Whistler, Escape, The Zero Hour by Rod Serling, and more.

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  • Í þáttunum ræðir Anna Margrét Ólafsdóttir við rithöfunda um allt mögulegt sem tengist því að skrifa og skálda. Sjónum verður aðallega beint að því hvernig það er að stíga fyrstu skrefin sem rithöfundur og hvernig ferlið við ritun bóka, ljóða og sagna er.

  • In this podcast I read Naples. I read what has been written over time by Neapolitan authors, in the Neapolitan language. I read poetry, plays, short stories etc. I hope you like it.
    Ah ... I forgot ... There is also reading in the Neapolitan language.
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    In questo podcast leggo Napoli. Leggo quello che è stato scritto nel tempo da autori napoletani, in lingua napoletana. Leggo la poesia, pezzi teatrali, racconti ecc. Spero che ti piacerà.
    Ah... Dimenticavo... C'è anche la lettura in lingua napoletana.
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  • Based on a true story. A group of soldiers in Vietnam decide they need to murder their rogue lieutenant, if they're going to make it home alive. TRAINING DAY meets PLATOON.

  • Over stressed? Overworked? The Peace and Mind app will put an end to that.
    On the weekend before their ACTs, Anya and her friends download a new mobile relaxation app to take the edge off, unaware that it secretly plants murderous subliminal messages into the brains of its listeners. When people start dying, Anya must figure out who planted the corrupted malware on their phones and how to stop it before she becomes a killer herself.
    Starring Olivia Trujllio (Lin Manuel Miranda’s Vivo, For All Mankind) as Marie, Andre Robinson (Disney+’s Cheaper By The Dozen, Nico in Nico and the Sword of Light) as Callum, Patrick Labyorteaux (NCIS, Heathers) as the Voice and introducing Penny Epstein as Anya.
    This horror series contains frightening imagery, violence and explicit language. It is not appropriate for sensitive listeners.
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  • The greatest heroes of the fiction have assembled to save the world. Only this time… they’re animals.
    In the late days of the Victorian era, Kip, an adorable Yorkshire terrier, is thrust into adventure when his girl, Dorothy Gale, and a magical slipper go missing. Desperate to find her, Kip teams up a rag-tag group of animal heroes that include the suave White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, the brilliant and eccentric Toad from Wind and the Willows, the persnickety Cricket from Pinocchio and the Darling’s protective St. Bernard, Lulu, from Peter Pan. Together, they will uncover a plot that threatens London and the mysterious figure who is scheming to wreak vengeance on all of mankind.
    Starring Emmy Nominated Donovan Patton (Joe from Blue’s Clues) as Kip, Makgotso M (The Woman King) as Lulu, Emmy Nominated Eric Petersen (Kevin from Kevin Can F*** Himself) as Mr. Toad, Robbie Jarvis (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and Brian Stepanek (The Loud House, Green Book) as the Talking Cricket.
    A thrilling tale of adventure for the whole family to enjoy.
    "The Best Upcoming Audio Drama Podcasts for Fiction Fans" - Podcast Rex - September 2023
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  • Tall Grass Encounters (TGE) is an actual play Pokémon tabletop role playing game, with a crew of 4 players and a PokeMaster (PM) join us as we explore the world of Pokémon in the Hakkeno region!

  • - Hej, miło Cię tu widzieć! Jeśli lubisz creepypasty i klimat opowiadań grozy to dobrze trafiłeś! Rozsiądź się wygodnie, załóż słuchawki i posłuchaj...Chcesz zostać Wspierającym? Zapraszam!:

  • A podcast about the people of Wellesley, MA and the ghosts (and monsters) who haunt them.

  • A chaotic and charming, UK-based, Dungeons and Dragons 5e Actual Play Podcast

  • Aliza Schultz reviews nearly every single book by airport paperback novelist Rafael Muslani and learns about herself along the way.

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  • The Secret Garden tells the story of Mary Lennox, a spoiled young English girl being raised in India. After the death of her parents, she is sent to live at her mysterious uncle’s Yorkshire estate, Misselthwaite Manor. Mary is disagreeable, used to being waited on, and initially does not even know how to dress herself. At Misselthwaite, she is mostly ignored and left to wander outside in the gardens. The manor is full of secrets, though, and Mary often hears the screams of a child echoing its halls at night, despite the servants’ insistence that it is only the wind. She also hears rumors of a mysterious garden, locked up for over a decade after the death of her uncle’s wife. Mary sets out to discover the secrets of Misselthwaite and bring the garden back to life.

  • The infamous Whitechapel murders, retold.

    Everyone knows the story of Jack the Ripper, the chilling serial killer that haunted the streets of 19th century London. Now, 135 years later, there’s a new killer in town.

    In this darkly comic reimagining, men are the victims of sexually aggressive murders committed by a woman: the mysterious Jackie. The only obstacle standing in her way? The slightly clueless, extremely over-caffeinated Detective Abberline and his not-so-crack team at the City of London Police.

    This is a laugh-out-loud, gruesome, thrilling comedy drama that will have you in bits – and might take your bits too.

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  • Grimm's Fairy Tales is a collection of German origin fairy tales first published in 1812 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the Brothers Grimm. The collection is commonly known today as Grimms' Fairy Tales.

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  • Podcasting from beautiful San Francisco, author Michael Johnston talks books, music, life and. . .

  • Welcome to a world very much like our own, but with one key difference: in this world, folklore is rooted in stark reality. The Wayfarer's Compendium guides listeners through stories of strange events, close encounters, political conflicts, and tragic history, all set in a unique world that blends reality and mythology.

  • An actual play Call of Cthulhu podcast, The Sprouting explores the eldritch horror of a plant apocalypse.
    In The Cradle, our humans attempt to survive in a world where mystical plants have taken over, eldritch bargains twist the fabric of reality and each has a goal they must see through to the end.
    Do you trust your senses, or do you trust each other? I guess you're about to find out.

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