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  • Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin who is a black college drop out shares his esoteric manifestation secrets that allowed him to earn over $40,000,000 in a very short period of time.

  • Taking about freight brokerage trends across the US
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  • A podcast for impatient business owners, overwhelmed marketers, and PR practitioners with no time for podcasts. In just ten minutes, Albert Communications interviews a guest who answers three questions and offers proof of what’s working in marketing communications today.

  • Empower others in the transportation industry and make their story a success story. We further provide consultation services for anyone in the transportation industry or looking to start in the industry. Support this podcast:

  • Accurate, timely, and actionable selling and social media advice for eBay sellers! I Love to Be Selling is hosted by award-winning eBay influencer and Top Rated Seller Kathy Terrill.
    Kathy has more than 25 years of retail experience, including 6 years as an on-air presenter for QVC and almost 20 years on eBay. During that time, she has grown her home-based business from scratch to Top Rated status, with shooting star feedback for 12,000+ transactions.
    Well known and respected as an eBay selling and social media coach, Kathy has presented with eBay staff at seller events nationwide. She also has appeared on NY1 and Fox News as a small business expert.
    I Love to Be Selling gives you eBay information that is proven to work. Each episode is chock-full of practical tips and valuable takeaways. Listen up, and soon you, too, will be saying, “I Love to Be Selling”!

  • Join the leaders of Sherpack, a consumer goods fulfillment company, as they share tips on how to grow your business, host guests from brands you know and love, share behind the scenes of a fulfillment company and hear all the fantastic stories that come along with it.

  • This show is about the opposing forces of selling and sales. One part art, one part science.

    I interview the best and brightest quota carrying reps and sales leaders to break down what it really takes to be great at sales... I mean a great seller!

  • Where we talk about all things logistics, transportation, supply chain and business

  • Dealership Detailing Podcast +Life+Growth+Energy+High Vibrational + Numerolgy+Quantum Physic’s+ Metaphysics
    New Episode Evry Tues.. 🤌🏾

  • Host Chelsey Lowe speaks with some of Black Women Talk Tech's members about what it's like to be a black female business owner and the tips and tricks they've learned along the way.

    Black Women Talk Tech is a collective that provides resources and community to black women tech founders.

    Music for the BWTT Podcast was sourced from Free Music Archive. The track is "CubanLinks (Smooth Trap)" by Makaih Beats.

  • Arum Galadima is the Founder and Host of the Knowledge Bandits podcast, a weekly podcast where he interviews African entrepreneurs on the Continent and in diaspora. Knowledge Bandits is inspiring African entrepreneurs all over the world to take their next leap.

  • Growth Stories features CEO and co-founder Gaurav Bhattacharya, and inspires next-gen leaders with stories from top leaders.

  • 5 quick min of motivation, insight and reflection from Fitme's owner and founder Christy Campbell,

  • When becoming a content creator, influencer, entrepreneur, or free lancer it is important to not only learn how to create the lifestyle you want but also how to grow with it. Each week I will not only give tips and tricks for growth in your professional life but also how to balance it with your day to day lifestyle. The journey won’t be easy, but your not alone!

  • Just an amateur sharing my life experiences with business and some insight on some of the different ventures I took to try and become financially independent.

  • Year Two of short daily episodes to improve the quality of your speaking voice.

    Through these around-5-minute episodes, you can build your confidence and competence with advice on breathing and reading, inflection and projection, the roles played by better scripting and better sitting, mic techniques and voice care tips... with exercises and anecdotes from a career spent in TV and radio studios. If you're wondering about how to start a podcast, or have had one for a while - download every episode!

    And as themes develop over the weeks (that is, they are not random topics day-by-day), this is a free, course to help you GET A BETTER BROADCAST, PODCAST AND VOICE OVER VOICE.

    Look out for more details of the book during 2023.


    Audio recording script and show notes (c) 2021, 2022 Peter Stewart

    Peter has been around voice and audio all his working life and has trained hundreds of broadcasters in all styles of radio from pop music stations such as Capital FM and BBC Radio 1, the classical music station BBC Radio 3 and regional BBC stations. He’s trained news presenters on regional TV, the BBC News Channel and on flagship programmes such as the BBC’s Panorama. 

    He has written a number of books on audio and video presentation and production (see contacts clink above) and presented hundreds of radio shows (you may have heard him on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, Virgin Radio or Kiss, as well as BBC regional radio) with various formats. He has read tens of thousands of news bulletins and hosted 3,000+ podcast episodes.

    The podcast title refers to those who may wish to change their speaking voice in some way. It is not a suggestion that anyone should, or be pressured into needing to. We love accents and dialects, and are well aware that how we speak changes over time. The key is: is your voice successfully communicating your message, so it is being understood (and potentially being acted upon) by your target audience?

    This podcast is London-based and examples are spoken in the RP (Received Pronunciation) / standard-English / BBC English pronunciation, although invariably applicable to other languages, accents and dialects.

    The 'Peter Stewart' show is perhaps of great interest to those in broadcast voice overs, the broadcast voice, how to start a voice podcast, broadcasting voice training, your speaking voice, breathing technique, and conversational speaking. You may also find it useful if you are searching for information on voice coaching, voice training, voice overs, podcasting, broadcasting, presenting, being a voice over actor and newsreading, audio branding, public speaking, the recorded voice, vocal tips, performance, vocal health education, vocal technique and voice over training.

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    "Beauty Flow" Kevin MacLeod (


    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The 'From Good to Great' podcast series, from Human Capital Group, gives an insight into what the most effective leaders in the UK housebuilder and developer market do to thrive in this dynamic and challenging industry.
    We discuss the tactics, habits and routines of highly successful people from discipline leaders to CEOs, and SME to PLC owners.
    If you lead or aspire to lead a team or business, our content and support will help you find new ways of thinking and operating, overcome your challenges and inspire you to reach your full potential.

  • Do you really know what it takes to build startups in Africa? We will strip it bare here!

  • Business Success in 30 Minutes or Less! Two sisters, who happen to both be serial entrepreneurs talk all things business, tech and how to make money!

    Unfiltered, to the point and motivational. If you're ready to start earning money with a side hustle, stay tuned. From sugar daddies to property investment, this podcast dives in to how to make your first million, and where to spend it when it rolls in.

  • Canal que traz conteúdo diversificado com profissionais que atuam no mercado digital discutindo temas relevantes, de maneira inteligente com intuito de conectar ideias.