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  • Join Malcolm Gladwell, author and host of Revisionist History, as he talks to thought leaders and industry innovators to explore what it means to look at today's most challenging problems in a new way.

  • At the edge of the ocean, all of our senses are engaged—the breeze on our skin, the scent of rotting seaweed, the sparkle of light on the waves. But dive in and things change. In shallow, coastal waters, water is often murky, even opaque. And the deeper you dive, the darker it becomes. It’s probably no surprise then, that for ocean animals, hearing is paramount. And it’s not just so for singing humpback whales. Lobsters, octopuses, fish, and more all use sound to communicate and navigate, to find each other, or to swim the other way.

    Hakai Magazine invites you to join us and listen in under the waves. Discover some of the extraordinary soundscapes scientists are recording, the surprising ways that animals talk and listen, and how the unexpected patches of quiet triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic is driving a new commitment to hushing anthropogenic ocean noise.

  • Get ready for a deep dive into what cybersecurity professionals often refer to as the "8th Layer" of security: HUMANS. This podcast is a multidisciplinary exploration into how the complexities of human nature affect security and risk. Author, security researcher, and behavior science enthusiast Perry Carpenter taps experts for their insights and illumination. Topics include cybersecurity, psychology, behavior science, communication, leadership, and more.

  • The INSPIRE Podcast is brought to you by the INSPIRE Student Journal. We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest research in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine (and everything in-between) from both students and academics in a language everyone can understand.

  • As a leader in dairy hygiene, teat care and animal health, FIL is on a mission to understand and improve farming practices, performance and profitability here in New Zealand.

    Covering critical times of the season, The FIL Your Boots podcast covers a range of useful and interesting topics, from the difference between iodine vs. chlorhexidine teat sprays and reducing the use of antibiotics to tips for treating bloat and where to look in the event of a grade.

    Whether youโ€™re milking the cows or driving the tractor, tune in as FIL chat with industry experts and local farmers to help provide information and different perspectives for boosting the performance of your herd.

    For more information about who we are and what we do, head over to

  • Documentary film & podcast series exploring the notion of a Predator Free 2050 in Aotearoa. Made possible by the RNZ/NZOA Innovation Fund.

  • The essence of the work of Kiss the Ground is this deep reverence for life. A conversation about ecology, soil, trees, and all the layers of the biology and living things that contribute to our existence. Interconnection and love of the world. Hosted by Ryland Engelhart.kisstheground.comโ€‹

  • Ricardo has never watched Star Trek before! So Marvin and Dan take him on a journey to watch it all, one episode at a time!

    We're currently going through Star Trek: The Next Generation! New episodes every Tuesday!

    Newbie Star Trek is part of Fugitive Frames.

  • The mission is simple - to provoke debate, awaken critical thinking, and to help people break Free of Dumb’, in all its many forms. How? Well, through discussions and thought-pieces that stimulate thinking and debate. We'll discuss aspects of leadership, take look at purpose and branding, how we might navigate the ‘no-normal’, how to uncover facts in a post-truth world that is awash in a sea of fake news and conspiracy theories. Over time we will explore ways to practice critical thinking to form our own conclusions and aid our decision-making. We don't want to try and tell people what to think, we just want to help everyone break free of 'dumb’ in all its many forms. Lee Parkinson is a brand strategist, creative thinker and curious human. He is fascinated with human behaviour - what we actually do, even though it is often quite different from what we say, think, or feel.

  • Former professional rugby player John Daniell and journalist Glenn McConnell travel New Zealand trying to find the rulebook for how to be a man in 2021. Along the way they meet everyone from an All Black to a Tinder-profile guru, from a non-binary father to an historian of Kiwi bloke-ness. It’s a wild ride.

  • Want to learn to fly a helicopter? In this album Royal Berkshire Ambulance pilots show two complete beginners the ropes. Normally, Marie and Tracey dispatch air ambulances, now they find out how to fly one. The five video tracks offer a hands-on explanation of the science and engineering behind helicopter flight. They show how rotors help this tonne of metal take off, change direction and gain speed. They explain the difference between traditional and cutting edge military technology, and demonstrate what happens in an emergency landing. This material forms part of the course S207 The physical world.

  • Radio Eye is a reading service for people who are blind or have other disabilities that make it difficult to read printed material. Smithsonian Magazine is a weekly half-hour reading of the magazine, broadcast on Thursdays.

    This is produced by Radio Eye under the Chafee Amendment to the Copyright Act which states that authorized entities that are governmental or nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is to provide copyrighted works in specialized formats to blind or disabled people. By continuing to listen, you verify you have an eligible print-reading disability.

  • This series comprises interviews with some of the biggest names in the international bridge industry, including their personal journeys into the profession, major projects they have worked on, and their opinions on issues such as sustainability and maintenance. Subscribe to the magazine at

  • SOFAR Channel is a podcast about anything and everything related to oceanography.

  • Healthy wildlife, healthy people, and healthy environments-it’s all connected! Join wildlife veterinarian Dr. Michelle Kneeland and wildlife biologist Vincent Spagnuolo as we explore the interconnections between the people and the issues on the frontlines of wildlife health and conservation today. Whether you are a wildlife professional, a student, or just someone who wants to learn more about wildlife on a deeper level- this is the podcast for you.

  • Throughout history, humans have experienced some of the most unbelievably harrowing adventures. Olivia and Melissa's simple wish is to share and narrate these stories to you - so that perhaps one day, if you ever find yourself in a rather precarious predicament, you might just know what to do.

  • If limitless was easy what would you choose? Discover the hidden ways our body responds to the belief systems we choose to live by. The power our mind has is clearly manifested in our physical, psychological and emotional states. Join me on a journey of discovery that will give insights into aspects of body, mind and consciousness you may not have considered. Asking questions is the most powerful thing we can do. What answers do the experts have? Where are you avoiding your full potential? And how is that effecting your health? I'm John Swanepoel welcome to Limitless Mind Limitless Body.

  • Stories on why we find it so hard to save our own planet, and how we might change that.