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  • Новини науки. Українською.

  • Stay up to date with the most important issues in military psychology with the Society for Military Psychology, Division 19 of the American Psychological Association. We are producing several short series on applying psychological principles in military settings and military populations. This Military Psychology Podcast Network will feature topics including diversity in the military, the psychology of consulting with military organizations, behavioral health in military and veteran populations, human factors research, and specialty areas including operational and aviation psychology, fitness for duty and selection decisions, and military ethics. We’ll be addressing the broad question “What is military psychology?” and answering it in a number of ways. We are releasing all series in one feed to make it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest research, policy, and practice considerations. Subscribe to the Military Psychology Podcast Network feed for free access, and follow the Society for Military Psychology at and on social media at @APADIV19.

  • Professor Conor Gearty meets the most influential figures within and beyond academia, shaping the fields of social sciences, humanities and the arts.

  • Dr. Gottschalk gibt in seinem Podcast praktische Tipps für gesunde und schöne Zähne. Es überrascht, wie viele spannende Geschichten und Fakten das Thema Zahnmedizin bietet.

  • Taboo Science is a podcast that answers the questions you're not allowed to ask. It's hosted by Ashley Hamer, a science writer and podcaster. Every episode dives into a different societal taboo to understand the science that makes it tick, the reasons we don't talk about it, and the impact that has on society at large. Why don't we eat people? Why are my swear words different than my parents'? And what makes porn, porn? It's science class if science class had one of those anonymous question boxes. It's Taboo Science.

  • Совместный проект Дхармы1937, людей доброй воли и широко известного в узких кругах публициста

  • 這是一個孤獨人的日誌,歡迎大家關心孤獨人

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  • EGEA (European Geography Association - for Students and Young Geographers) is an organization supported by the EU to motivate young geographers for cultural and scientific exchange to create a positive impact in their life and on society. With this podcast we aim to show you the diversity of EGEA and EGEAns as well as geography itself.
    The episodes are made by EGEAns for EGEAns and everyone else curious about our organization.

    Hope to hear you somewhere in Europe!

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  • GlobalEyes is a podcast which provides a nexus for eye care practitioners all around the world. Each month a different specialist will be featured for a lively discussion of the status of the eye care profession in their country. We will explore the educational system, techniques and methods, patient demographics and what they see as, not only the biggest obstacles, but also the nascent opportunities. Along the way we will learn a little about their personal life, hobbies and interests. A relaxed, loosely structured and fun atmosphere will be encouraged. Join us as we travel the globe.

  • There is no silver bullet to ending poverty, and strategies to reach the most vulnerable must be tailored to each country’s context, taking into account the latest data and analysis and the needs of the people. How the world responds to major challenges today will have a direct bearing on whether the current reversals in global poverty reduction can be turned around.
    Join us and poverty specialists as we explore the latest data and research on poverty reduction, shared prosperity, and equity around the globe.
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  • Podcastımızda dostlarımızla maraqlı müzakirələr aparırıq

  • Plastics Unwrapped is a brand-new podcast series by Dow, featuring a range of expert guests exploring some of the biggest questions facing the plastics industry right now. Across several bite-sized episodes, we open up the conversation and explore the world of sustainability and plastics.

  • О чем поет Гребенщиков и пишет Пелевин? В чем ценность знаний, которые оставили нам Гурджиев, Ошо, Кастанеда и Кришнамурти? Как не заблудиться в огромном мире психологии, эзотерики и религии? Как вырваться из внутренних ограничений? Куда двигаться, когда вы уже всего достигли в жизни, но хотите большего?

    На этом канале Сергей ЛЯМЕЦ, известный украинский журналист, делится своим 20-летним опытом медитаций и саморазвития. Никакой психологии! Никакого НЛП! Только практические советы, как решать нерешаемые проблемы и достигать невероятных целей.

    За 20 лет автор выработал систему, которая поможет вам понять изменчивый внутренний мир человека и развиваться осознанно! Если вы хотите от себя и от жизни большего, вы в правильном месте.

  • On the House of Wisdom podcast, we interview academic influencers about their research and how it can shape a better future.

  • ¿Qué fue primero, el huevo o la gallina? ¿Por qué el cielo es azul? ¿Por qué los dólares son verdes? La Nota Curiosa revela todas esas interrogantes que alguna vez te planteaste y no encontrabas la respuesta. • CULTURIZANDO.COM/PODCAST • Podcast de Curiosidades • Podcast en Español •

  • Hosted by Nick Beckett, Global Co-Head of the CMS Life Science & Healthcare Sector Group, our episodes bring together CMS lawyers and experts to discuss key industry topics impacting, innovating and disrupting the life sciences and healthcare sector.