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  • Welcome to The Table, where we discuss issues of youth justice in Michigan and occasionally nationwide. New episodes of The Table will be released on the first of the month. Each episode may be a bit different than the last, as we discuss current issues, reports, and maybe even host a guest here and there. The Table can be found wherever you listen. Remember to rate, review, and subscribe. If you'd like to donate to support our work, please go to And again, welcome to The Table.Intro and Outro music is Wasted Education by Blue Topaz.

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  • Food for the soul, i heard laughter definitely helps you live longer so we’ll have a few laughs and also gain some knowledge and enjoy some great conversations from guest. So be prepared to enjoy yourself, we will have various artist and entrepreneurs join us for food testing, interviews, and great discussions.

  • Space Marketing Podcast is where we explore marketing principles, strategies, and tactics through the lens of space. Join Izzy House as she talks with space industry professionals about their challenges and successes with marketing in the new space economy.

  • 競技プログラミングとは、プログラミングのスピードと正確さを競う競技です。

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  • 世の中の全ての事象は脳で決まる!?


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  • We explore ways in which environmental professionals are working to remediated and restore our natural environment with a focus on working with nature for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Brought to you by NewFields Environmental Consultants.

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  • 結婚式屋の働く30代トーク番組。ゴリラのように働く女子のしょうもない雑談を繰り広げるポッドキャスト🦍
    ブランド名は pensee de gorille (パンセデゴリレ)🇫🇷

  • サイエンスホーム鹿児島(小山工建株式会社)のPodcast皆さんからいただいた、家づくりに関する疑問や問い合わせを元に、色々質問に対して、答えは出せないけれど、僕らなりに真面目に正直に、時には飲みながら考えていきます。たまにはお客様も交えての回も配信していきたいと思います。ビールでも片手にお聞きいただけたら嬉しいです。毎週木曜日18時配信。📮皆さんからのおたより募集中です📮皆さんからのおたよりを元に、僕らなりに考えながら、お話させていただきます。家づくりに関する疑問でも、単純に僕らに対するご質問、励ましやお叱りのお言葉をお待ちしております。🏠サイエンスホーム鹿児島(小山工建株式会社)🏠日本の昔ながらの伝統工法「真壁づくり」を専門とする、創業40年を越える鹿児島の工務店。『時間と共に味わいの出る高品質な家を低価格で提案することにより、快適な生活を提供する』 という企業理念を元に、流行に左右されない家づくりに勤しみます。

  • 気象予報士で防災士でもある正木明が異常気象からからくる災害やその他の防災はもちろん、エコへの取組みなど地球環境を守るために役立つ知識や情報を発信し、リスナーと一緒に環境問題について考えていきます。

  • 研究や開発が急速に進む中、最近ホットなあの話題について研究者はどう考えているのだろう?

  • みなさんの故郷にはどんな景色が広がっていますか? 海に山に川、すべてがつながっている神奈川は、豊かな自然とともに生きていける、とてもステキなところです。 生まれた時から様々なことを教えてくれて楽しませてくれた自然。 生き物のにぎわいをこれから先も育み続けられるかどうかは今の私たちにかかっています。


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  • Agricoltura naturale, permacultura, buone pratiche agricole e sostenibilità. Coltivare la terra, il proprio orto e la propria vita. II podcast del Bosco di Ogigia, condotto da Francesca Della Giovampaola, con tanti esperti ogni settimana.

    Una tribù fantastica con cui condividere la passione per la cura della terra.

    Dal canale Youtube Bosco di Ogigia

    Podcast a cura dei giornalisti Filippo Bellantoni e Francesca Della Giovampaola

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  • Dive into the Depths: Join Andrew Lewin on 'How to Protect the Ocean' – Your Gateway to Exclusive Ocean Insights! Explore the latest, uncharted realms of ocean science and conservation that you won't find anywhere else. Andrew takes you on an inspiring journey to uncover the hidden gems of oceanic discovery and initiatives. Tune in to discover how you can transform your life for a better ocean, one episode at a time.

    The How To Protect The Ocean is your resource to keep you informed on the latest ocean news; teach you how to speak up for the ocean; and, how you can take action to live for a better ocean.

    There is so much information on the ocean and the issues that are affecting it that it can be difficult to find optimism in the future of the ocean. Climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution, water pollution, and coastal development have altered the ocean in ways that have negatively changed the way we use it.

    The repercussions of climate change, including the ominous specter of rising sea levels, the relentless march of warming ocean temperatures, and the ominous shadow of ocean acidification, have not only altered the very fabric of our coastlines but have also conjured fiercer storms and summoned floods with growing frequency. The fossil fuel industry may whisper in your ear that the situation is insurmountable, an inescapable fate. However, this podcast is here to unveil a different narrative, one that empowers you to take action. It illuminates the path to change by casting your vote for leaders committed to implementing climate-rescuing policies and by offering invaluable insights into how each of us can shrink our individual carbon footprint.

    The grim reality of overfishing casts a long shadow, fueled by governmental shortcomings in the stewardship of both commercial and recreational fisheries. Within the delicate balance of our oceans, every fish population possesses a threshold - a point at which the relentless harvest of fishermen begins to erode their numbers. The management of these aquatic resources is a formidable task, as the elusive currents of the sea often defy easy tracking. Furthermore, the menace of illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing looms large in many nations, adding to the crisis.

    Yet, a glimmer of hope shines through the depths. A beacon for responsible consumption emerges in the form of seafood programs, guiding conscientious individuals toward choices that safeguard our oceans. By heeding these programs, you not only savor the delights of sustainable seafood but also become an informed guardian of marine ecosystems.

    The relentless scourge of plastic pollution has unleashed an epidemic of death upon the denizens of our oceans. It's a ruthless killer, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of marine mammals, majestic sharks, grandiose fish, gentle sea turtles, and the graceful sea birds that soar above. The malevolence of this crisis knows no bounds, with microplastics infiltrating even the remotest depths of the ocean and etching their presence along every coastline.

    To mount a defense against this ecological cataclysm, the clarion call for action echoes on the international and national stages. It beckons governments far and wide to adopt resolute policies, wielding the power to outlaw the menace of single-use plastics and demanding the meticulous detoxification of our supply chains. In this grand battle to safeguard our seas, the fight against plastic pollution knows no borders.

    The ominous specter of water pollution looms large, a consequence of our thoughtless disposal into the arteries of our planet – our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. This callous act reverberates, sending shockwaves through the intricate ecosystems of our coastal havens, where the likes of coral reefs, resilient mangroves, and swaying seagrasses thrive. But alas, this intrusion is not benign; it bears the capacity to corrode and dismantle these vital sanctuaries, the very lifeblood of countless fish and the steadfast guardians of our vulnerable shorelines.

    Yet, amidst the unsettling tide of pollution, there emerges a ray of hope. Through individual resolve and visionary government policies harnessed with cutting-edge technology, we can stem this toxic deluge. Water treatment systems stand as stalwart guardians, armed with the ability to sift out the insidious nutrients that fuel destructive algal blooms. The power to heal our waters and preserve the sanctity of our coastal treasures lies within our grasp.

    Coastal development, driven by human desires to construct homes or fortify the shoreline against erosion, represents a significant intervention in the natural order. Yet, these changes, while initially confined to the coastal zone, often send ripple effects that extend far beyond their original boundaries, casting a shadow of unintended consequences.

    The repercussions of altering coastlines resonate through interconnected ecosystems, occasionally triggering a cascade of events that can inflict profound harm on distant areas. In doing so, this well-intentioned transformation can unwittingly imperil the lives and livelihoods of communities residing in the wake of its impact. It is a stark reminder that our actions along the coast carry a profound responsibility, not just to the immediate environment but to the greater web of life and society that depends upon it.

  • 波の音が持つ「1/fゆらぎ」という独特なリズムは、母親の胎内音に近いと言われ、リラックスできる効果があります。



  • In casella di posta insieme al notiziario: ascolta la biodiversità!