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    20年間疎遠だったアメリカ人兄弟の ALEX(兄)と MIKE(弟)が、週に1度クラブハウスで落ち合い、好きなことについて話す番組です。トーク内容は主に地元ロサンゼルスでの思い出、東京と新潟での日々、好きな漫画、ゲーム、アニメ、ホラー映画、怪談、都市伝説、子育てなど。
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  • Apoie o podcast e ouça os quatros episódios do mês na primeira quarta-feira do mês:


    O Ateliê é um podcast documental que acompanha a denúncia de ex-alunos do Ateliê do Centro, uma escola de artes que existe há 20 anos no centro de São Paulo. Essas alunas afirmam que o Ateliê é, na verdade, uma seita, em que passaram anos sofrendo abusos físicos, psicológicos e financeiros por um professor que eram obrigadas a chamar de “mestre”.
    Outras dezenas de pessoas ouvidas por Chico Felitti e Beatriz Trevisan confirmam os relatos.

    O documentário mostra, em dez episódios, o que há por trás de uma denúncia. Uma história de força, de dor, de solidariedade e de busca por justiça.

    Rubens Espírito Santo, fundador do Ateliê, refuta que tenha cometido crimes. Não nega as descrições de violência, mas afirma que tudo o que se passou dentro da escola foi consentido e entre adultos.

    O Ateliê: novos episódios todas as quartas-feiras.

    Fale conosco no e-mail [email protected]


    O Ateliê é um podcast da Pachorra Felitti Áudios, Livros e Filmes.

    Chico Felitti - criador, roteirista e apresentador

    Beatriz Trevisan - produtora e apresentadora

    Maria Leite - produtora

    Renan Bianco - produção-executiva

    Luan Alencar - edição e direção de som

    Victor Oliveira - trilha sonora original

    Capa - arte de Catarina Pignato sobre tela de Mirela Cabral

    Domenica Mendes - Gerência dos canais do podcast

    Eduardo Giuntini Martini - consultoria jurídica

    As narrações foram gravadas na Agência de Podcasts, em São Paulo.

  • 城ヶ島にある島の石風呂屋やしろやは、ちょっと不思議な石風呂屋さん。4次元の住人である女将に、心とからだの不思議なこと、アドバイス、やしろやで起こるオカルト話等をきくラジオです。不定期。

  • Finding Freedom: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery is a podcast devoted to empowering everyone in the chains of modern slavery - NGOs, law enforcement, academia, corporations, victim service providers, and the public - to combat human trafficking through education, discussion of disruption tactics, stories of success and failure, and analyzing recent events.

    We’ll have leaders, victims, advocates and accomplices join us from across industries and sectors to share their stories - of trauma and healing, of in-depth investigations, and of real cooperation and collaboration across the unlikeliest of bedfellows - to help eliminate one of the most lucrative black markets on the planet.

    Join hosts Sherrie Caltagirone, the founder and Executive Director of Global Emancipation Network, and Corey Marshall, GEN Chief Advisor and founder of Catalyze Strategies, every week.

  • 毎週土曜日20:00更新

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  • Eh Canadian based true crime podcast that looks into horrific crimes to commemorate victims and survivors.

  • | Winner Best Podcast – NZ Radio Awards 2019 | | Winner Gold Medal – New York Festivals Radio Awards 2019 | | Winner Best Investigative Radio/Audio Series – The AIBs 2019 | Gail Maney was sent to prison on her son’s birthday. The police said she’d put a hit on a man who stole drugs from her. She went to jail for 15 years. She’s consistently denied having anything to do with the disappearance of Deane Fuller-Sandys. In fact, she says, she never even met him. She isn't sure he was murdered at all. She thinks he’d just … gone fishing. In this eight-part series, Amy Maas and Adam Dudding investigate the case against Maney. They unravel the conflicting and shifting accounts of key witnesses. They expose major flaws in the police timeline. And they raise disturbing questions about police conduct in the case.

  • Crime Soup is your new favorite weekly true crime podcast that covers all things crime. Join us every Tuesday for a new episode where your host Kaylee Carter will give you the latest scoop of Crime Soup. Bon Appétit!

  • 你知道這是甚麼嗎 你相信這個神奇的podcast 在每個月會推出兩次更新嗎? 偷偷告訴你 這個podcast包含許多真實犯罪內容跟科普 雖然我不是數學家 但這聽起來還不錯對吧?

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  • Welcome to the Unexpected Hauntings Podcast! Have you ever encountered a paranormal experience that can't be explained or that is unexpected? Well if so this the podcast for you! This podcast will go over ghostly encounters and stories from others that have had the same type of encounters throughout their life! Whether it be ghosts, aliens, UFOs, or anything else out of the ordinary we want to hear it! Support this podcast:

  • Sure, you know True Crime, but how many stories have you heard that have that distinctive French Touch?
    Numerous studies have shown that serial killers are not an invention of our modern society, but on the contrary, since the dawn of time, men and women have killed their fellow human beings for pure pleasure. This collection of stories follows the path of criminals and serial killers who haunt our collective history, based on clues gathered at crime scenes, on court records, and on the technical and psychological analyses of experts. The listener then has all the elements to form an opinion. This series is not only a collection of facts, but an attempt to understand through a variety of complex cases, the patterns that drive someone to kill and then, do it again...

  • Mystery Magnet is a weekly podcast that explores all things mysterious in this world and beyond.

  • A what-if scripted audio drama based on the oldest unsolved cold case in human history: the murder of "Otzi The Iceman", found perfectly preserved in ice after 5,300 years... with an arrowhead mysteriously lodged in his shoulder.
    A production of Voyage Media, starring Ethan Suplee (Remember the Titans, American History X, The Wolf of Wall Street).
    Based on the novel Relic: The Copper Ax: The Tragic Story of Otzi the Iceman by Bill Copeland, available on Amazon (élic-Copper-Ax-Tragic-Iceman/dp/1649086768/)

  • Nederland kent Rian van Rijbroek als ‘cybercharlatan’. Toch heeft ze IT-miljonair Gerard Sanderink in haar macht. Wie is deze Rian van Rijbroek, waarom doet ze wat ze doet en hoe kan ze al zo lang haar gang gaan? In de podcast ‘In de ban van Rian’ zoekt Tubantia-journalist Angelique Kunst het antwoord op die vragen.

  • 分享發生在臺灣的真實犯罪案件

    任何問題或意見,都歡迎來信:[email protected]

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  • 思い出記録ラジオ トークテーマ、感想とかなんでもメールください[email protected]

  • アメリカ凶悪犯罪事件を取り上げ、犯罪者の生い立ちや当時の社会情勢など事件背景を掘り下げていく犯罪ドキュメンタリー・トーク番組。

  • 2062年から来た未来人が、リスナーからの質問へ答えたり、未来人自身の私生活の話や、現代の時事問題の事について話す番組だ。2062年未来人は、現代へタイムスリップしてきたのはいいが、理由があり現代に残って生活している。無論、批判や異議はすべて認めるから安心するんだ。