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  • The award-winning team that created ‘They Walk Among Us’, featuring true crime cases from the UK, now bring their unique and bone-chilling podcast across the pond. This is ‘They Walk Among America’ - a new, true-crime podcast covering tales of murder and mystery in the United States.

    ‘They Walk Among America’ is a Law & Crime podcast network production.

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  • Former Toronto homicide detective Steve Ryan, who helped solve some of Toronto’s most notable crimes, takes us inside his old case files. Hosted by CTV Toronto’s Austin Delaney, ‘The Detective’ is a revealing look at the underbelly of true crime in Canada’s biggest city.

  • Isaac Newton built a reputation as the smartest man in Europe. But this action-packed series exposes the little-known story of his stint as England’s most ruthless lawman, and the Moriarty-like kingpin who kept evading him.

  • Le balado Captives est une oeuvre originale de Annie Laurin et de Michèle Ouellette, toutes deux passionnées de mystères et de crimes réels. Elles s’attardent aux événements marquants sur la scène judiciaire au Québec ainsi qu’aux histoires de disparitions irrésolues de la province.

    Au fil des épisodes, elles relatent et discutent de faits qui les ont marquées.

  • Murder & Merlot is a true crime podcast & book club! Join us to talk about murder and read along if you'd like. Just don't forget to bring wine!

  • Amy Bruni, star of the hit TV shows Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters, takes listeners on a guided tour of America's most haunted locations, with the help of expert paranormal investigators who have actually been there.

  • Saskatchewan RCMP 10-36: ON DUTY is a podcast about the Saskatchewan RCMP. The podcast will explore multiple aspects of policing in Saskatchewan and will feature investigations and a broad range of specialized units from across the province.

    Season 1: Who Killed Misha Pavelick?

    The Saskatchewan RCMP Historical Case Unit is investigating the death of Misha Pavelick. Misha was stabbed at a gathering at a campground in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 2006. His death is considered a homicide. Investigators are seeking information from the public to help them bring forth a resolution and charges for this 15-year-old investigation.

  • Charges with Rex Chapman takes its audience on a journey through some of the most fascinating scandals that have rocked the world of sports – from brawls to betting to bribery, and everything in between. Hosted by Chapman, an NBA and Twitter legend, each episode centers around an interview with a famous athlete who ran afoul of the law. We’ll relive their rise to fame as well as their fall from grace – and hear their side of the events that changed their lives forever.

    Created by Portal A & CTRL Media

    Produced by DBPodcasts

    Executive Producers: Steve Nash, Ezra Holland, Brandon Kraines, Nate Houghteling & Todd Barrish

  • You can't spell lifestyle without lies. When the charges against Newport Beach orthopedic surgeon and former Bravo reality star Dr. Grant Robicheaux and his girlfriend, substitute teacher Cerissa Riley, were revealed back in September of 2018, the world gawked at the unlikely criminals. And when a search warrant resulted in a haul that included unlawful guns, drugs, cash, and a mountain of digital evidence, the two were accused of drugging and raping MANY women. Things only got weirder from there. Journalist and podcaster Justine Harman pulls back the curtain on one of the most sordid sex crimes cases in Orange County history.

  • Private Investigator Ellen White and her team look at cases of the missing and murdered in Canada.

  • On December 15, 2016, Soleiman Faqiri was found dead in his cell after an altercation with a group of correctional officers. After suffering a schizophrenic episode, the 30-year-old was awaiting a pre-trial mental health assessment at a Lindsay Ontario jail. He was pepper sprayed, shackled, and wore a spit hood. But there was no footage of what went on inside his segregation cell that day. “Unascertained” pieces together the timeline of Soleiman’s death and what really happened when guards entered the room. It’s a story of a family’s loss, mental health failures in the prison system, and a search for justice. A six-part series from TVO Podcasts. Hosted by Yusuf Zine. 

  • 680 NEWS speaks with investigators from Toronto Police about the force's oldest unsolved cases.

  • A storytelling podcast brought to you by Bri & Cord. We will be opening a can of worms by covering true crime cases, diving into the paranormal, discussing conspiracy theories, and everything spooky in between!

  • On June 22, 2018, 35-year-old scientist Tristan Beaudette is brutally murdered in front of his two young daughters while camping in idyllic Malibu Creek State Park. The killing stuns the tight-knit, privileged community of Malibu. 
    More stunning? The fact that the cops anticipated the attack, but didn’t move to stop it. And the culprit they identify insists he’s being framed. 
    New episodes on Tuesdays.
    Hosted by Dana Goodyear (The New Yorker) and produced by Western Sound and Pushkin Industries.
    Show artwork: Hot Panorama, 2021, copyright Francesca Gabbiani.
    Follow us @losthillspod on Twitter and Instagram for a deeper dive into our investigation.

  • A daughter's call to police about memories of her mother's alleged crime triggers a year-long investigation into a cult, the disappearance of a child and a murder. THE FOLLOWERS: HOUSE OF PRAYER is hosted by journalist Leila Day and former prosecutor and investigative journalist Beth Karas (“Unspeakable Crime: The Killing of Jessica Chambers”) reports on the story. New episodes of the podcast from UCP Audio will drop weekly beginning March 3rd. 


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  • The Living Podcast will grip you with tales of murder and missing persons. Using forensic psychology research, we will take you even deeper into the minds of some of the most deranged criminals

  • Zodiac Speaking explores the infamous Zodiac Killer case which is one of America's greatest unsolved Mysteries. Hosts Mike Morford and Richard Grinell have spent thousands of hours analyzing every aspect of the Zodiac case, and in each episode of Zodiac Speaking, they explore a different piece of the mystery. Whether you are new to the Zodiac case, or well-versed in its lore, listeners are bound to learn something new.

  • Avis de recherche est un balado de crime véritable québécois qui revisite les cas de meurtres et disparitions de la province.

  • Un peu de crime dans ton café est un podcast humoristique qui parle de crimes québécois.

    Animé par deux caféinomanes ricaneuses et à l'esprit vif, Audrey et Catherine, Un peu de crime vous propose une plongée dans les meurtres, arnaques, vols et détournements qui ont marqué le Québec.

    Suivez-nous sur Instagram (@unpeudecrimedanstoncafe), sur Facebook (@unpeudecrime) et écrivez-nous à pour nous donner vos impressions, vos suggestions, ou simplement pour nous fournir en délicieux grains de café.

  • The details surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder have always been murky. It is not only one of the most well known murder cases, but also one of the most misconstrued. As detective Lou Smit's granddaughters, we have come to learn so much about this case, and, in our minds, it's clear that this murder was committed by an intruder. Follow along with us as we break down the evidence and go over the top suspects.