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  • Expatrié témiscabitibien, Gaël s’inquiète du boom minier lié au plan de transition énergétique, l’un des plus gros projets industriels du Québec. En Abitibi-Témiscamingue comme dans plusieurs autres régions de la province, des mines à ciel ouvert exploiteront bientôt les minéraux critiques et stratégiques, ressources essentielles pour la filière batterie. Quels seront les impacts sur le territoire et ceux qui l’habitent ? Est-ce le meilleur plan pour la transition ?

    Un documentaire sonore présenté par La Fabrique Culturelle de Télé-Québec, en partenariat avec Transistor Média.

  • Historical Legends: Iconic PeopleA captivating journey through the lives of history's most extraordinary individuals.Delve into the captivating stories of the men and women who shaped our world in Historical Legends: Iconic People. This captivating podcast brings history to life with engaging biographies of the most fascinating figures from all walks of life. From groundbreaking inventors and courageous leaders to renowned artists and notorious outlaws, each episode delves deep into the triumphs and tribulations that defined their lives.What you can expect:
    In-depth explorations: Our expert hosts delve into the complexities of each individual's life, providing a nuanced understanding of their motivations, achievements, and impact.Compelling narratives: We bring history to life through vivid storytelling, transporting you to the times and places where these iconic figures lived and made their mark.Diverse perspectives: We explore a wide range of individuals from across the globe and throughout history, ensuring there's something for everyone.Entertaining and educational: Whether you're a history buff or simply enjoy a good story, Historical Legends: Iconic People is sure to entertain and educate you.Whether you're looking to learn more about the heroes who inspire us or the villains who captivate us, Historical Legends: Iconic People is the perfect podcast for you.Subscribe today and start your journey through the lives of history's most iconic people!Keywords: history podcast, biography podcast, famous people, iconic figures, historical figures, in-depth exploration, compelling narratives, diverse perspectives, entertaining, educational, heroes, villains.

  • The podcast where I talk you through the best documentaries in the streamousphere.

  • Accessibility Ally is a podcast brought to you by Sea Change CoLab and Podstarter.

    In 10 episodes we aim to have conversations with folks who have disabilities, and those who are also accessibility allies, to help change the narrative. Throughout the series we chat with business managers, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, organizations, government, and institutions working in the space of accessibility; who all support adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A lot of the conversation is educational, but is also about finding friendship, community and success in an accessible Nova Scotia. Support for this community is a choice, and it is about creating social and economic opportunities through fair wage jobs, and enhancing life skills. It's not hard to make some small changes to be a more inclusive workplace and society. The benefits are many including, economic, the bottom line of your business, and positively changes workplace culture.

    This podcast is narrated by Corrie Melanson.

    Produced by Podstarter.

  • The controversial reality TV show known as ‘Kid Nation’, which borrowed its premise from Lord of the Flies, was cancelled shortly after its 2007 debut. Producers took 40 kids into a makeshift desert town to fend for themselves and create their own society. Was the series an opportunity to discover what kids are capable of? Or simply a ploy for ratings?

    With access to former ‘Kid Nation’ contestants, their families, and the show’s creators, culture journalist Josh Gwynn uncovers how this cult TV show became a lightning rod for an ongoing debate about the ethics of reality TV.

  • Animé de cet esprit de franchise, de dialogue et de convivialité, Parrêsia avec Francis Denis est votre rendez-vous hebdomadaire dédié à approfondir vos connaissances des enjeux incontournables de notre temps. Accompagné, à la fois, de cette « Lumière de la Foi » et de la richesse intellectuelle de ses invités, ce BALADO vous aidera à trouver le sens des réalités de notre monde en constante transformation. Que vous soyez en train de faire votre jogging ou la vaisselle, joignez-vous à ces conversations uniques avec des spécialistes de tous les domaines qui, chaque semaine, adopteront « courageusement la parrêsia » afin d’y voir toujours un peu plus clair. Parrêsia avec Francis Denis, le Balado qui prend le temps de penser !

  • Dans cette série de huit épisodes animés par la coach d’exécutifs, autrice et fondatrice d’o2Coaching, Cloé Caron, vous retrouverez des échanges dynamiques et inspirants sur l’entrepreneuriat, l’investissement et la planification financière.

    La série permettra d’outiller toutes les personnes qui souhaitent faire preuve d’audace dans la vie comme en affaires.

  • Every week, join Amethysta Herrick to hear the interesting, frightening, and overall wacky stuff that thunks through her head. Topics include books Ami's reading, productivity tips, and the philosophy and science of gender and identity.

  • A show of audio letters.

    Produced by Ryan Dann

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Beyond the Borderline Podcast is your weekly dose of casual yet engaging and thought-provoking conversations about this crazy world of ours. We are 4 friends from Ottawa just trying to make our way in the universe. Join us as we explore the mysteries and intrigue of life, one episode at a time.

  • Riding Into The Sunset is a podcast by, for and about senior motorcyclists. Hosted by journalist and author Ed Housewright.

  • PiZetta Media CEO Michael VanZetta talks with people on the frontlines, nonprofit leaders, and mental health stories. Hear what amazing people are doing in communities nationwide.

  • Hello welcome to H-Cue Podcast, thanks for joining. The podcast were we kick back relax and dive into all things fun, comedic and lighthearted. Whether it's from submitted dilemmas, Am I the Asshole topic or some debates of opinions H-Cue Podcast got you covered. We are raw and unfiltered in our own comedic way, fingers cross you guys find us hilarious while giving our opinions.

    New episodes every week (Tuesdays and Fridays)

  • Hello there,
    In this podcast I want to create a space for you where you can recharge your batteries, expand, grow and feel at home with yourself. I will take you on a journey that will get you with ease and effortlessness to a more peaceful state of being. Genuine, raw and transparent - always.
    Meditations included
    Enjoy it, cause you’re so worth it !
    Love Aurora
    A little bit about me
    Trust me I’m far from feeling, behaving or being perfect.
    Perfection is nothing I’m thriving for yet I can say I’m proud of my path/ life journey.

    I'm no longer enslaved to my #depression
    I'm no longer a #rapevictim
    I no longer struggle with #eatingdisorder
    I no longer feel the need to hold on to fear, anger and resentment towards men.
    I #create podcast episodes and videos several times a week to support and inspire others even on days I feel poorly.
    I push through hard times while being gentle on myself.

    I'm able to be consistent without feeling drained for the first time in my life because I found something that brings me joy and excitement and stills my hunger to support people out there.

    I try my best to understand people’s harsh opinions that are not in alignment with my values .

    I learn every day on how to express myself better in a foreign language

    I no longer use being bullied back then in school as an excuse in life to not show up for myself or others.

    I ask questions, really annoying questions, in order to experience my environment and to find out what is best for me and my people around me ..
    Yes, I still feel triggered in many situations.
    Yes, I feel depressed and discouraged at times but I embrace it and don’t let it define me anymore.

    Doing all this allows me to meet incredible people along the way.

    People who:
    - inspire me
    - encourage me and ignite my deep compassion

    I'm grateful for all of you and I’m so happy that I can learn from you and grow together with you .

    We are all together in this beautiful mess called life
    Thank you for being here

    Lots of love and respect

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  • It's me the Fun Fact guy from your social channels. Here's my Podcast where I talk to people from around the world I think are interesting

  • Given her vast array of expertise, Gabby Windey takes her guests on a deep dive into the topics today’s audiences care about: dating (duh), sexuality (hell yes), health & mental health (ugh so important) plus a healthy dose of pop culture shit talk.

    Each episode, Gabby will be interviewing guests with the ultimate goal to break down walls and get beyond the typical interview questions— “So tell us about yourself” doesn’t actually tell us anything about who the person really is- does it?! Instead, she skips the surface and plunges right into the core. Drawing from her experience as an ICU nurse, NFL cheerleader, and being The Bachelorette- Gabby is able to bring a unique perspective to each conversation. With discussions covering serious and relatable topics but approached from relatability and heart (along with Gabby’s wicked sense of humor— of course).

  • It’s a Miracle is a podcast sharing hope through the miraculous journey of Amanda Ferrin. Given a terminal prognosis in 2020, she made a choice to live every day as a miraculous blessing and see every sunset as an unpromised gift. Filled with “you can’t make this up” moments that defy medical odds and overwhelming gifts and experiences that inspire and encourage. Whether through an interview, solo episode or mini dose of encouragement… each episode will leave you inspired to expect more and live in hope. What story will you tell with your life? Let’s start a movement of miracles.

  • ملانکولی آبی روایت لحظه‌هایی‌ست که به زندگی معنا می‌دهد
    Instagram: blue_melancholy_podcast
    Telegram: @blue_melancholy
    Blue melancholy narrates moments that give meaning to life.