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  • She Cums First:
    Promoting equitable pleasure and sexuality education.

    Good day, Dr. Nick Myers here. This podcast is focused on sexual health and all of the pleasure that comes with it. In the education section of my Facebook group, there are sessions called Selfless Sex where you think about viewing your entire body as a sexual playground.

    Above all, lets start a movement where we introduce "sexual chivalry," and guys are gentlemen. Who is with me? #SheCumsFirst #SCF

  • Sex at Work is a look into the jobs, businesses and brands that help shape attitudes and norms around sex. Guests include sex educators, workers, and researchers, as well as media and industry leaders whose brands are relevant to sex lives everywhere. The goal is to explore ideas around sex and sexiness in different contexts, the ultimate goal is to create a more compassionate world.

  • CKUT 90.3fm a campus/community radio station in Montreal, has been on the air since 1987. This is a collection of some interviews and audio selections from our past.

  • The podcast for whisky enthusiasts by whisky enthusiasts. Presenting you with your weekly fix of whisky chat in a format that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • En résidence est le club de vin de l'idéal - bar & contenus, à Montréal.
    Son balado est animé par la sommelière Frédérique-Anne Brosseau qui présente avec amour et humour un vin méticuleusement choisi. Se joignent à elle sporadiquement ses acolytes Florence et Eugénie, ainsi que des amatrices, amateurs, vigneron-nes, importatrices et importateurs de vin.

    Le club de vin est une idée originale de Florence Gagnon ~
    Le balado est une conception et réalisation de Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau ~
    Produit par le Studio idéal ~
    Design: Florence Gagnon et Carolyne De Bellefeuille ~
    Thème musical: Camille Poliquin / KROY
    Pour nous suivre
    Instagram: @lidealmtl
    Facebook: / lidealmtl

  • Document 1: Le progressisme en take-out est une page blanche pour les réflexions et les textes de chercheurs, d'intervenants communautaires, de militants et de journalistes sur les enjeux de justice sociale: pourquoi les riches se foutent des pauvres? Comment parler du privilège blanc? Les changements climatiques sont-ils une fable? Les jeunes savent-ils encore parler français?
    Mon nom est Walid Romani, je suis enseignant et littéraire. Chaque semaine, je vous invite en ma compagnie à écouter une sorte de mosaïque de textes de spécialistes commentés (avec beaucoup d'humilité) par moi.

  • المصحف الكامل للقارئ من موقع المكتبة الصوتية للقرآن الكريم Mp3 Quran
    Issa Omar Sanankoua - Rewayat Hafs A'n Assem

  • There is one show where insiders share their secrets in this city. One person that they trust and respect. Opinion, reaction and the highest level of informed sports talk in Montreal.  Melnick in the Afternoon, with Mitch Melnick. 

  • L’animateur Frédéric Choinière rencontre des artistes, qui racontent avec humour, sans gêne et sans pudeur un malheur qu’ils ont vécu lors de l’achat ou la location d’un bien ou d’un service. Avec les conseils de Protégez-Vous, ils sauront désormais éviter les pièges pour devenir des consommateurs plus avisés!

  • Hope Stories is a Hope Mission podcast where we take you into the heart of the hurting and hungry in communities across Alberta.

  • “UNREEL: West Coast Express” is the story of the men who reinvigorated a once vibrant hockey market as told by Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi, Brendan Morrison as well as other prominent teammates and figures. Written and narrated by Scott Rintoul, it is a journey from some of the darkest days in franchise history to the precipice of greatness along a path of unforgettable triumphs and defeats.

    Four years after nearly winning the Stanley Cup, the Vancouver Canucks were engulfed in chaos. Amidst a change in ownership, constant organizational churn and a four-year playoff drought, three unlikely stars emerged from the rubble to resuscitate the franchise.

    Despite none of them being drafted by the Canucks, Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison came to form one of hockey’s most dominant lines, the West Coast Express. A nightly fixture on highlight reels, the West Coast Express turned Vancouver back into a contender, and they appeared destined for a run at the Stanley Cup before it all came undone in a matter of moments.

  • As a Relationship Expert & Certified Master Life Coach, Sharon Pope has helped thousands of women gain the confidence and clarity they need to either fix their struggling marriages or move forward without regret.

    On The Loving Truth Podcast, she shares advice on how to navigate deep marriage hardships, challenging common beliefs about what love and relationships “should be” and providing realistic steps towards peace and happiness.

    If you can’t decide whether to stay or go in your marriage… you’re facing infidelity… you’re terrified of hurting your kids… you can’t bring yourself to leave your marriage, even though you want to… or you’re wondering whether it’s possible to respark the desire between you… tune in to the weekly episodes.

  • Hi, I’m Nicole Breanne! I’m curious and I love to talk. Join me each week as I overshare about my life, talk about the rabbit holes I’ve gone down, and find joy and humour in the simple things each day. Come explore some of my favourite topics: relationships, pop culture, astrology and more! Join my community on instagram at @findingsparklechasinglight.

  • Between celebrities, influencers and our own friends, in our screen dominated world we watch a lot of people … but do we really see them? Erika Casupanan, the winner of CBS’ Survivor 41, is uncovering the ups, downs and journeys of people who fascinate her. Discover what inspired them from the start to the many surprises in between. Join Erika for candid interviews with guests from pop culture, reality TV and social media as they celebrate the real people behind the public personas and show the world who they are.

  • What does it mean to be authentically Black and Queer? Taking care of your mental health is hard enough in today’s current social climate, and belonging to multiple marginalized groups comes with unique challenges. The intersectionality of the Black Queer lived experience can add complexity to the pursuit of love, romance, happiness, and fulfillment. As you know, it takes a village in the modern age, and we are a part of that village.
    This drives the topics and stories we bring to the table on Town Hall: A Black, Queer Podcast. Let Miss Peppermint (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 runner-up, Broadway Star, musician) and Bob the Drag Queen (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 winner, Host of Sibling Rivalry Podcast, co-host HBO’s We’re Here) be your hosts and guides into real-life, firsthand stories and accounts from the community at large and potentially – you.
    Every Episode of Town Hall: A Black Queer Podcast, we’ll journey through a theme by sharing stories, music, poetry, and art of varying depth and hilarity. Town Hall: A Black Queer Podcast is dedicated to continuing the work of the Black Queer Town Hall Organization by amplifying Black Queer voices and telling Black Queer stories.
    This is a Black, Queer podcast. Did we mention—it’s BLACK and QUEER?
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  • La vie sociale est une réflexion vivante et diversifiée sur la période de transition qui se dessine à la sortie de la pandémie, qui a changé notre rapport à nous-même et aux autres. C’est une discussion vivifiante qui permet de se retrouver et de se reconstruire.

    Camille DS et Karl Hardy vont à la rencontre de personnalités inspirantes issues de milieux et de domaines diversifiés pour se questionner de façon constructive, mais aussi sans filtre, sur ce qu’on devient individuellement et collectivement.

    La vie sociale est une conversation sans tabous sur nous, sur vous, sur notre société, avec en trame de fond l’ouverture et l’amour de soi!

  • A weekly conversation between Top Chef All-Star Stephanie Cmar and her cohost Joel Murphy where they discuss everything from grocery stores to catering parties to making dinner reservations. It's all the questions you want answered that you don't want to ask.

  • My Thick Accent podcast aims to break the stereotypical moulds the immigrants are asked to fit in by introducing you to the fascinating world of existing and new immigrants from all walks of life. So, stay tuned and let's get to know each other Beneath The Accent!

  • Interviews which go beyond the fluff with your fave creators and musicians. Hosted by Ryan Durgy.

  •  In With Opened Mouths: The Podcast Dr Qanita Lilla, Associate Curator, Arts of Africa sits down with artists, musicians, curators and spoken word poets to discuss the expression of their practice. How did they find their artistic voice? Which life-events shaped them and who are their inspirations? Catch With Opened Mouths: The Podcast for some moving and inspiring conversations.
    With Opened Mouths is on view at Agnes Etherington Art Centre from 7 August 2021 to 30 January 2022.
       Learn more about the exhibition on Agnes’s website: With Opened Mouths: The Podcast is produced by Agnes Etherington Art Centre in partnership with CFRC 101.9 FM. This limited series podcast is released monthly.       The graphic for the podcast is created by Vincent Perez. 
       Original music by Jameel3DN, produced by Elroy “EC3” Cox III and commissioned by the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 2021.     The series is supported by the Justin and Elisabeth Lang Fund, Queen’s University and the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.