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  • À 27 ans et bientôt maman, Émy Fournier va à la rencontre des mamans de la région et de leur histoires inspirantes!

  • An indie/independent consumer awareness, anti-scam podcast focused on the multi-level-marketing (MLM) industry which is culty af. Based out of Canada, host Bailey breaks down what is wrong with the inherently flawed and predatory multi-level-marketing industry and the companies that it is made up of— think Amway, Herbalife, LuLaRoe. The podcast is a relaxed, non-linear conversational style show with the occasional interview with former MLM reps (approximately 1 in 10 people in North America have been an MLM rep). Listeners guide the direction of the show by submitting requests for which companies and issues they want Bailey to investigate. The podcast is part of a bigger activist movement to help people avoid entanglements with this problematic industry, and to help those who have left it to de-program.

  • Peter Henderson Bryce was a medical doctor, civil servant and public health expert. In 1907, after surveying 35 residential schools, he submitted a report to the Department of Indian Affairs detailing clear connections between Residential Schools, tuberculosis and high student mortality rates. His recommendations fell on deaf ears and would not be revealed publicly until he was forced to retire. Fifteen years after his initial report, he published an 18-page “appeal for justice”—a pamphlet containing his findings and recommendations, and condemning the government’s lack of action to address illness and death in the Residential School System and First Nation communities. Indigenous peoples continued to experience disproportionate impacts of tuberculosis for years to come. Eventual federal intervention involved a confusing web of enforced medical care leaving Survivors and patients’ families to seek answers and closure.

    This is The Story of a National Crime, new podcast from Knockabout Media, coming this fall.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • SUR LA ROUTE DE L’HORREUR C’EST: Une émission télévisuelle de 12 épisodes de 28 minutes qui sera diffusée sur la chaîne FRISSONS TV à partir de septembre 2021 et ce, en raison d’un épisodepar mois. 52 capsules internet inédites de 3 minutes qui débuteront à partir deseptembre 2021, avec une diffusion prévue à chaque semaine. 74 épisodes de podcast (audio et vidéo de 60 minutes) quiintégreront les réseaux sociaux, à partir d’avril 2021, une fois par semaine.

  • We have depression. Now what? We share vulnerable stories of how we manage anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder while figuring out the not-so-glamours parts of adulting, relationships, and our Asian-Canadian identities. Come join us as we share tools and personal experiences of how to normalize your mental health and well-being. New episodes every other Sunday! Winner of Best Wellness Podcast 2020 at Asian Podcast Awards. **Content Warning: depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, violence, sex, racism, and death**⠀

  • Chaque semaine découvrez la diversité et la richesse de la scène musicale autochtone avec Moe Clark. Pour consulter les archives de cette balado :

  • This podcast is dedicated to the exploration and communication of somatic relational trauma-informed practices woven with psychedelic and earth-based medicines. We welcome from the underground the experience of practitioners dedicated to the ethical, creative and embodied use of medicines in therapeutic and ceremonial settings. Our kindness seeks to bridge the lived experience of the underground, the indigenous ways, the institutional studies, and the direct knowledge of those humans seeking to expand their consciousness and heal on all levels.

  • The Big Story is an American radio and television crime drama which dramatized the true stories of real-life newspaper reporters. The only continuing character was the narrator, Bob Sloane.

    The Big Story
    Genre Crime drama
    Running time 30 minutes
    Country of origin United States
    Language English
    Syndicates NBC
    Starring Bob Sloane
    Announcer Ernest Chappell
    Written by Gail Ingram
    Arnold Perl
    Max Ehrlich
    Directed by Tom Vietor
    Harry Ingram
    Produced by Bernard J. Prockter
    Original release April 2, 1947 – March 23, 1955
    Opening theme Ein Heldenleben
    Sponsored by Pall Mall cigarettes, the program began on NBC Radio on April 2, 1947. With Lucky Strike cigarettes sponsoring the last two seasons, it was broadcast until March 23, 1955.

    The radio series was top-rated, rivalling Bing Crosby's Philco Radio Time.

    Produced by Barnard J. Prockter, the shows were scripted by Gail Ingram, Arnold Pearl and Max Ehrlich. Tom Vietor and Harry Ingram directed the series. Gail and Harry Ingram were husband and wife. The theme was taken from Ein Heldenleben ("A Hero's Life"), a tone poem by Richard Strauss.

    Prockter was inspired to create the program after hearing about a man who was freed from a life sentence in jail by the work of two newspaper reporters in Chicago. Most of the stories in the show dealt with stories about closed cases. Ross Eaman, in his book, Historical Dictionary of Journalism, wrote that the program was "originally intended to honour reporters ignored by Pulitzer committees ...." Jim Cox also cited that plan in his book, Radio Crime Fighters: More Than 300 Programs from the Golden Age.

    Each week the program recognized the reporter who wrote the story on which that episode was based and the newspaper in which the story appeared. The reporter received $500, was interviewed on the air and was acknowledged in the introduction, as in this example:

    Pall Mall, famous big cigarette, presents The Big Story, another in a thrilling series based on true experiences of newspaper reporters. Tonight, to Russ Wilson of the Des Moines Tribune goes the Pall Mall award for The Big Story. Now, the authentic and exciting story of "The Case of the Ambitious Hobo."

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  • Starring Brian Donlevy as Steve Mitchell, Dangerous Assignment is a product of the Cold War, with mystery and intrigue cropping up across the globe. Mitchell, an agent for an unnamed U.S. goverment agency, is dispatched to some exotic, faraway place at the beginning of each episode.

  • Dans cette série, le Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française de l’Université d’Ottawa (CRCCF) offre aux chercheurs, aux membres de la communauté universitaire et au grand public une programmation riche et stimulante reflétant la diversité des perspectives disciplinaires mises de l’avant en études sur la francophonie canadienne.

  • Are you the type of person who never says “no” to the unknown? Are you adventurous enough to quit your job and start something that sparks your passion? They Just Get It will give you the inspiration to create a fulfilling life for yourself. Hosted by Tyler Chisholm, They Just Get It delivers old-fashioned chats with a modern twist. Tyler talks to those who have chosen the path less travelled; they provide insights on goal-setting, overcoming adversity, and building the life you want. Get inspired to create an existence that excites you with They Just Get It!

  • Animals may not speak in our language, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. In fact, they have tremendous wisdom and they have important messages for us. In Animals & Us, we explore intuitive interspecies communication and the incredible insights animals have for us all. Join your hosts Dr. Barbara Shor, veterinarian and animal communicator, and Avantika Mathur, public health professional and researcher, as they explore concepts of oneness, spirituality, telepathy, sentience and animal consciousness. Their hope is to inspire people to deepen their appreciation and reverence for animals, nature and all living beings.

  • We are dedicated to helping you improve your marriage, strengthen your family and encourage you to live your best life. We have conversations with other couples to find winning strategies and methods for your marriage and family, and also discuss books and resources that have helped us and many others.

  • Gab Marois, Marika Sokoluk et Caroline Dumont vous accueillent au réveil avec les chansons que vous aimez sous le signe de la complicité et du plaisir. Un début de journée branché sur Québec avec les infos, la météo, la circulation et les nouvelles culturelles. On vous promet des matins souriants et amusants avec, entre autres, le Vrai ou Fake et le Combat des hits!.

  • Equal-opportunity offenders who don’t take anything seriously, especially themselves. Dave, Rachel & Forman are the 3 best friends that anyone could have!

  • Created's desire is for all women to know who God is, so that they know who they are. Our mission is to provide helpful resources for women to know their worth and identity by being honest, vulnerable, going deep, and living intentionally.

  • Vérité ou Quoi? a comme mission de démystifier la science une thématique à la fois afin de lutter contre la désinformation.

  • From the scientific mysteries of today, to the innovations and technologies that will set the pace for the world of tomorrow, Rebelliously Curious is a podcast that explores science, technology, and the unexplained in rich, colorful conversations tailored for the passionately inquisitive mind. In every episode, host Chrissy Newton, a longtime podcaster, video journalist, media expert and contributor to The Debrief dives into the less-often explored areas of science and culture. You can follow her on Twitter @chrissynewton, and watch videos of all past episodes of the program on the official YouTube channel of The Debrief.

  • The GOODS Podcast is hosted by Lani + Lauren, founders of ANI+WREN. We cover a range of topics from beauty, sex, fashion, parenting, health...and everything in between. Each week they chat with a variety of guests and industry experts - sharing their own personal stories, best kept secrets and hot tips - giving you The GOODS you need to (and want to) know.