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  • Founded by Prophet Alex Armstrong, Potter's Family Chapel is a Word-based church, with spiritual emphasis on teaching, discipleship, and the prophetic ministry. God's Kingdom is our Priority at Potter's Family Chapel and the aim is to spread Kingdom-mindedness across the globe.

  • Hello fellow cosmic explorer! Welcome to the How to Trip podcast, where I share my psychedelic knowledge, guidance, and advice on how to get the most out of your cosmic adventure.

    I'm James Xander, host of The James Xander Trip podcast, and The Microdose podcast. This is a spin-off podcast where I want to share my best episodes from The Microdose, specifically on how to trip safely on psychedelics — be it psilocybin, DMT, LSD, Ayahuasca, or another plant medicine.

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  • This guided meditation collection is part of the Seat of Your Soul Intuitive Reiki Mentorship with Wynne Thornley.
    Enjoy guided meditations that support your daily energetic hygiene routine, channelling and soul healing. Thank you for being here.

  • Welcome to Adventures with Spirit, where we embark on a beautiful journey into the heart of spiritual living. I'm absolutely delighted to be here with you, exploring the realms of intuition and spiritual development together as we uncover the magic within ourselves and the world around us.
    As a professional psychic medium, I've been witness to the incredible impact of embracing the adventurous side of spirituality. Life, in my eyes, is one big adventure, and spirit is intricately woven into every thread of our existence. In this podcast, my mission is to create a space where curiosity leads the way inviting you to explore the depths of your own inner knowing and set forth on a soulful adventure that empowers you to infuse more joy and connection into every corner of your life.
    Consider this podcast as an open invitation to a down to earth conversation, a sacred dialogue where we delve into the mysteries of the Spirit realm. Each episode is a stepping stone, gently guiding you towards a richer understanding of yourself and the spiritual energy that unites us all.
    I believe that by embracing the adventurous side of spiritual living, we not only uncover the immense potential within ourselves but also foster a profound sense of interconnectedness with the universe. Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just dipping your toes into these waters, Adventures with Spirit is here to be your companion on this journey of evolution through life.
    So, let's grab a metaphorical compass, open our hearts, and embark on this expedition into the wonders of the Spirit realm. Together, let's explore, learn, and evolve, weaving a beautiful tapestry of experiences that elevate our lives. Welcome to Adventures with Spirit—where the extraordinary seamlessly intertwines with the everyday, and every moment is an opportunity for a new adventure in the realms of the soul. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

  • Building upon the sequential study of the Doctrine & Covenants, this class will explore the major themes that are essential to the Restoration. Topics like: The Nature and Identity of God, The Role of Prophets, Priesthood, Building Zion, Missionary Work, Temples and Temple Covenants. Please join the class at

  • Hi, Iโ€™m Jay Lane, Psychic Medium and Host of Laneway to Spirit.  My mission is to bring a unique perspective to the metaphysical world by sharing my personal stories and experiences in hopes of inspiring others to explore their own spiritual paths.  Get ready to be inspired and intrigued as we delve into my life of spirits and all things paranormal.  So, grab your favourite mug, settle in, and letโ€™s get started!

    Drops Thursdays @ 8 AM EST!

    NOTE - I just wanted to inform you that unless permissions were given, the persons discussed in this program do not reflect any person or situation. If you feel there is a likeness to your situation, understand it is strictly unintentional or coincidental by the hosts.

  • Welcome to the "Unfiltered Universe of Danielle & Regan," where humor and enlightenment find a way to meet in the middle. Each episode, join BFF hosts Danielle Mercurio and Regan Tilton, two spirited and single entrepreneurs, as they navigate the universe of modern spirituality and entrepreneurship with a dose of sass.

    Every episode is a ride through the realms of the cosmos, dating, travel, pop-culture, and everything in-between. Tune in for the laughs, the growth, and the unexpected twists in the 'Unfiltered Universe.' Because here, nothing is off-limits and every chat turns to gold.

  • Since 2018, Alyssa has been on the journey of self-discovery and authentic living that took her from a corporate accounting career to spiritual entrepreneurship.  Her life at age 30 is nothing like she imagined it to be when she was younger, it's SO MUCH BETTER!

    Alyssa is passionate about astrology, personal growth, spirituality, cyclical living, and courageously pursuing the dreams that are in our hearts.  She believes that everyone is here for a reason and we are all meant to use our unique gifts to make the world a better place.  That's what the Journey to Authenticity is all about!

    This podcast is full of stories about people living their most authentic lives; the ups, downs, and everything in between that lead them to where they are today.  You will be inspired to continue walking the path of your most authentic life in your own unique way!

    Follow @authentically.alyssa for more inspiring content

  • The Heal Your Energy Podcast is a deep dive into self-healing and spiritual awakening. It is a show for people looking to explore their inner world and the spiritual world, who desire to achieve authenticity, empowerment, and embodied ascension. Hosted by Author, Healer, and Shamanic Practitioner Kalíaine Kavara.

  • This podcast is for people who want to heal, learn, and grow from powerful stories & experiences shared by sovereign mothers & women. Mothers & women who question when their sovereignty is in danger. Mothers & women who have faced deep grief & loss. Mothers & women who have walked the coals inside themselves to unprogram what they thought and who they could trust to really come home to themselves and their power. These mothers & women fiercely protect their spiritual energy & their families health and well-being. On the Noble Mother podcast we will share stories of birth, life, magic & death

  • Podcasts are available only in telugu for now and the aim of these podcasts is to spread the hindu devotional knowledge to the upcoming and the present generations in the simpler version.

  • Welcome to The Unhinged and Healing Podcast, where you can find insightful discussions on a wide range of topics such as confidence, overcoming adversity, manifestation, health and wellness, and more! Terri shares effective strategies to help you achieve remarkable results in your health, wellness, relationships, and finances.

    Get ready to be entertained as Terri shares her personal experiences and showcases the triumphs and trials of other successful entrepreneurs in her podcast.
    This podcast is a place for guests to feel safe expressing their authentic unhinged selfs.

    Terri is an avid advocate of health, wellness, spirituality, and science. She has dedicated herself to optimizing her physical and mental health, and her inspiring story of defeating depression and trauma motivates her to assist others in elevating their lives.

    If you are looking to get in touch with yourself, and level up your life, this is the place for you!

  • A narrative podcast about Muslim life in Canada. Made in Edmonton, Alberta, where we turn 25 degrees north-east to face Mecca. Every season we pick a theme, and use it to tell true stories about the diverse facets of the Canadian-Muslim experience. 

    Season 1: In Canada, 5% of the population is Muslim. In Canadian Prisons, over 10% of the population is Muslim. With little available institutional support, a cyclical system that turns every sentence into a life sentence, and complete isolation from the community, join us as we listen to Muslim Narratives in the Canadian Prison System.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least. The Church has the most important mission on the planet, "Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations" (Matt. 28:18). The Family is the most important institution in the history of humanity, "The future of the world and the Church passes through the family" (Saint John Paul II). This podcast is a conversation about Leadership Where it Matters Most.

  • At Kingdom Story Company we truly believe that the right story can change your life. We invite you to experience this transformative power with us through conversations with our friends - where the art of storytelling intersects with faith, hope, and redemption.

    Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Erwin has found his calling in crafting stories of the underdogs and rebels, the broken and the redeemed. As the director of films like ”I Can Only Imagine", "American Underdog", and "I Still Believe”, and a producer of “Jesus Revolution”, he knows a thing or two about the impact a story can have.

    In each episode, Andrew delves into the heart of storytelling with fellow artists, exploring its transformative power through the lens of faith. From directors to actors, writers to musicians, and thought leaders to cultural icons, "The Storytellers" illuminates the divine spark that ignites creativity and shapes narratives that resonate with the soul. Through these candid discussions, you will gain insight into the challenges, triumphs, and profound moments of struggle and inspiration that guide these storytellers on their creative journeys.

    Join Andrew and some of his closest friends as they guide you into the process of discovering the story you have to tell and reveal how they found theirs. 

  • Ce balado prรฉsente des visionnaires inspirรฉs qui arrivent avec des nouvelles idรฉes pour bรขtir un monde meilleur, plus รฉquitable et plus fraternel. 
    Visionnaire est une source d'inspiration pour se nourrir de grand, de beau et de tous les possibles!