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  • This is the place where we awaken our inner Goddesses together. Where spirituality meets reality. Where simplicity with deepness intertwine together. Where vulnerability and deep talks are more than open. Where stereotypes and outdated norms are being bashed. It is the place to connect with The Universe. That Universe is YOU.

  • … aby to v našich domovech vonělo. Rozhovory věnované rodině a všem, kterým rodinné vztahy nejsou lhostejné.Informace o dalších pořadech hledejte na webu

  • Predigten der Credo Kirche, Campus Wuppertal Elberfeld. Wir sind eine Kirche, die an einen Gott glaubt, der nicht tot, sondern heute erfahrbar ist. Wir sind eine Kirche, die an einen Gott glaubt, der gut ist und das Beste für uns will. Wir sind eine Kirche, glaubt, dass Jesus Christus heute rettet, befreit und Leben in Fülle und Freiheit bringt. –

  • My focus is on the discovery and understanding of biblical truth.

  • Are you concerned that you or a loved one might be in a cult? High Control is a podcast about identifying, leaving, recovering from high-demand, high control groups (cults). Hosts Ally Henny and Scot Loyd share their experiences with high-demand religious groups, how they got free, and their journey of disentangling from toxic groups.

  • A podcast designed to bring Catholic Counsel to the Community. Inviting listeners into therapeutic conversations to navigate the current landscape of family, faith, marriage, mental health, and growing cultural concerns. This podcast will benefit anyone who wants to increase in Truth, Freedom, and Love. Change the world, by changing yourself. Smuggle more hope into your life today. Support this podcast:

  • Osobní rozvoj, práce na sobě, spiritualita, nitro, duše, život v souladu sám se sebou, terapie, poradenství & výklad karet.www.terapiedohloubky.czIG, Fb, TT - terapiedohloubky

  • John 16:12-13
    12 I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now 13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come I have the SPIRIT OF TRUTH in me and I will tell you and teach you what I hear from heaven.

    From the start was I a healer but on my way under GOD have I been a Prophet. I have a very close relation with GOD almighty and in Arabic is it Allah.

    My Youtube channel :
    In year 2000 was I on my way to make a suicide but only some minutes before I should it stood an higher Priest from heaven in my home and talked to me. ( I understood 23 years later it was an higher Priest from heaven )
    He was talking about my past and I understood he had been with me on my way to earth and is he that look after me in this life.
    When he had left came a voice and talked to me about my future and I understood it was GOD and what HE told me have I done and now am I walking in this over-time and let heaven / afterlife lead me as I should have been dead since year 2000.
    I hear from heaven, including GOD and this Podcast is for you to learn what is going on here on earth and they in afterlife teach us what is in heaven and what they see what is going on in our life.
    My main language is Swedish but I have been taught English by heaven to could give messages to the whole world.
    This Podcast is owned by them in afterlife and they give healing to all my listener.

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  • Čaukooo, tady Áďa. Vítej u podcastu Nebe Tobě. Můžeš se těšit na spousta peprných, ale zároveň pohodových příběhů ze zákulisí křesťanů, o kterých si popovídáme s hosty podcastu. Věřím, že v jednotlivých epizodách k tobě bude Bůh promlouvat. Si Boží dítě a přesně pro tebe Bůh zemřel, protože tě miluje!!!

  • Bienvenue dans "Saints", le podcast quotidien créé par Hozana pour vous donner chaque jour du contenu de prière en rapport avec la sainteté.

    Ce podcast vous donne accès à des neuvaines édifiantes, créées sur Hozana et vous propose de partir à la rencontre de saints de France en vous racontant leur histoire.

    Confiez-vous à ces grands intercesseurs et laissez-vous toucher par leur témoignage de foi.

    Le podcast suit le calendrier liturgique, découvrez des neuvaines inédites et des parcours de prières spéciaux pour préparer votre coeur aux plus grandes fêtes catholiques.

    Tous les parcours de prière sont disponibles sur Hozana, les liens sont en description de chaque épisode.

    Abonnez-vous pour ne manquer aucun épisode !

    En union de prière,

    L'équipe Hozana

    Hébergé par Acast. Visitez pour plus d'informations.

  • Remembering who you were before the world taught you who to be is no easy task, and something host Bruna Nessif knows quite well. As an author, intuitive, and spiritual advisor, Bruna has been her own greatest case study on the mysterious and oftentimes overwhelming spiritual journey of surrender and coming back to yourself. Through honest, vulnerable, and unfiltered conversation, Return to Self reminds us that spiritual journeys can look different for everybody, however the challenges, experiences and revelations that come up are unifying, and remind us of what we always knew, but somehow forgot along the way.

  • The wavy self podcast is home for souls in search of more joy, liberation and inner freedom through the art of expression.

    Host, former health coach and shuffle dance sensation Sterling Torres dives deep into the everyday ebbs and flows of the soul’s journey through the perspective of a curious mindset, radical self-love and authenticity.

  • Join Jamie and Mallory for Divine Table Talk, where you have a seat at the table. Here we will facilitate conversations that invite women to the abundant table of God's Word, where they can feast on the richness of Scripture in the midst of their bustling lives. Join us for Season One as we have real candid dialog regarding the book of Acts. Our hope is to create a hunger in you to study and understand the Bible and grow in intimacy with God. We can’t wait to journey with you.

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  • Fui salvado por su gracia, dotado de propósito y amado con locura por un Dios real. Soy Jafet Montes, un chavo que trato de hacer la diferencia y no ser diferente, soy como cualquier otro, solo que en esto quiero ser como yo y no como alguien más. Me da tanta alegría saber que este podcast será de mucha bendición en tiempos entenebrecidos pero estamos condenados a brillar por la luz de Jesús. No dudes en compartirle este podcast a tus amigos o familiares, porque predicar acerca de Jesús siempre es una buena excusa.

  • The Last Service Podcast explores the narratives of American churches that have closed, consolidated, or merged. But this isn’t a tale of despair; it’s a celebration of good endings, enduring legacies, and the courage to embrace new beginnings.
    American churches are closing at a pace faster than new ones are emerging, the need for thoughtful conversations around closures is more crucial than ever.
    By shedding light on the paths taken by these congregations, we aim to inspire and encourage church leaders facing difficult decisions. Every episode is a testament to the hope that lies in finishing with grace, faith, and a sense of the bigger story God is writing.
    So, whether you’re a pastor navigating the delicate balance of transition or a curious listener seeking wisdom from these poignant narratives, The Last Service Podcast is your haven for stories of faithful endings.

  • This is the Official podcast of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver and Western Canada.