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  • Welcome to the Embody Your Soul podcast. Your host, Alexandra Shelly, also known as The Modern Medium, invites you to get comfy and talk about how we can connect to our deeper selves, our divine calling, in order to embody your soul, through spiritual connection and best practices. Topics will include her work in Psychic Mediumship and Channeling, spiritual modalities, manifestation, mental health, personal development, along health and wellness. And of course, she will invite guests of various industry expertise and change-makers on the podcast to invite wisdom into our journey. Tune in every Wednesday and/or Friday wherever you get your podcast. If you'd like to learn more about Alexandra's story, her values or feel called to book a full reading, simply go to Follow her on Instagram @themodernmedium_

  • Awaken your soul's truth
    Activate your unique codes
    Embody the frequency of your desires

    Hi I am Risma Thakoerdat
    I am an inner work specialist, shadow alchemist and embodiment coach.

    This is a sacred space where I empower and activate soul-led women to reclaim their body, life and business, so that they can create a divinely purposeful life.

  • Hier sind die Predigten der wöchentlichen Gottesdienste der FeG Schwerin. Wenn Du live dabei sein willst, findest Du unter Infos, wo Du uns sonntags um 10.30 Uhr findest. 

  • Prayer is how we speak to God, and along with the scriptures it is how God speaks to us. Oftentimes we may not know how to go about praying, or what we are to even say to God. Fortunately the scriptures give us direction in this.

  • Honest, faithful discussions about @churchofjesuschrist culture & beliefs designed to encourage, uplift, and inspire.
    Host: Mary Alice Hatch

  • Een podcast die tijdloze wijsheid laat schijnen over actuele vragen van jongeren.
    Met 14 jaar las Daan een boek over Socrates, die radicaal zocht naar de waarheid. Dat inspireerde een zoektocht naar filosofie en geloof.
    Ook nu zijn jongeren op zoek naar richting en zingeving in hun leven. Dat zelf moeten bedenken is best zwaar. Ook gelovige jongeren vragen zich af: hoe kan hun traditie helpen bij vragen van nu, bij hun eigen ontwikkeling? Mens zijn anno nu bouwt een brug door tijdloze wijsheid te laten schijnen over actuele vragen van jongeren - zo inspireren we persoonlijke groei.
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  • We interview the most interesting people on the planet. We discuss the most dangerous and forbidden topics we can get away with.

    You can find us on Rumble and YouTube as well.

    The Gosslings - Interviews that strike down the darkness!

  • Wij zijn Mozaiek055, een kunstwerk van gebrokenheid waar je welkom bent zoals je bent.

  • I help Christian women coming from belief systems that promote works-based salvation and are struggling with self-worth to know they are enough through self-help done God’s way so they can fulfill their purpose of loving Him and making Him known.
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    Are you ready to go on a Jesus Journey? You’re invited!
    I know what it is like to have so many questions about the Christian faith. And if you are like me you may have some religious baggage that left you questioning your self-worth in a big way.
    Let me guess- the world keeps telling you you are enough- all on your own you are enough?

    Well, I’m about to drop a truth bomb-
    ....on your own you will never be enough! 

    Hold up! 
    Did I get your attention? 

    I’m Shelby Hohsfield at times I was an ex-Mormon, agnostic, a Sunday Christian, want to be Buddhist and a New Age follower, but God had very different plans for me. The whole time I was living in one very big lie- that I was in charge of my own enoughness and my works were going to save me and my life. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I am all about self-help and personal development, but as a born-again fully transformed Christian I learned there is the world’s way and there is God’s way. 

    To quote CS Lewis, ”The more we get ourselves out of the way and let Him take us over the more truly ourselves we become.” Mere Christianity. 
    You are enough not because of what you have done, but because of what He has done, and He lives through you. 

    If you are ready for Bible truths, theology and apologetics, and wisdom from His word that will shape your life, your confidence and yes, your feeling of being enough-
    then, friend, you are in the right place!
    Finding Faith Above is hosted by Shelby Hohsfield. Shelby grew up in a mixed faith home and attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon or LDS) church until she was 18. As most people do when they leave the church, 85% actually, Shelby left God altogether when she left the LDS church. It wasn’t until she was pregnant with her son that God was made evident to her.
    From there sparked a quest to FIND FAITH, a fleeting idea that challenged her at every step.
    After trying all matters of religion for years, she was struck one night when some big things literally brought her to her knees- When things got super hard it was the surrender to the one true God that changed everything about Shelby’s life, belief, and understanding of this universe we live in.
    After a 20-year journey after leaving the church, she finally found faith above.
    As Jesus asked us to do, Shelby now dedicates herself to the great commission- telling the world the good news of Jesus. _______________________________________________________________
    If you are ready to also share the good news you can partner with Shelby and create a website to match the amazing message you are bringing to the world.
    Go to to get started!

  • Unraveling Revelation is an examination of spiritual warfare and how the prophetic books of Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and others reveal God’s end-time plan.

    Derek and Sharon Gilbert are husband and wife authors, analysts, and hosts of the weekly program The Bible’s Greatest Mysteries and a weekly Bible study podcast, the Gilbert House Fellowship, in addition to Unraveling Revelation.

    Sharon K. Gilbert is the author of the popular Redwing Saga series of supernatural fiction, as well as the novels Winds of Evil, The Armageddon Strain, and the non-fiction book Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

    Derek P. Gilbert is the host of Five in Ten for SkyWatchTV and the author of The Second Coming of Saturn, The Great Inception, Last Clash of the Titans, Bad Moon Rising, and co-author with Josh Peck of The Day the Earth Stands Still.

    Together, the Gilberts have co-authored the groundbreaking books Giants, Gods, and Dragons and Veneration.

  • Evidence 4 Faith is an apologetics ministry founded in 2021 by biologist and Bible speaker Michael Lane to point people to God through the Cosmos. We research and develop free lessons and workshops covering areas of history and science in contrast to the Biblical record to examine what is true and how God can be trusted. This podcast hosts audio from all our lessons, ministry updates and guest conversations. You can find video versions and more resources at our website.

  • Hoi!

    Tof dat je hier bent, deze podcast volgt het leven van Leendert en Nelleke in Praag. Er komt een nieuwe missie aan en deze willen we graag met jullie delen! Heb je vragen voor Leendert, Nelleke of de kids!? Schroom niet om ons te contacten en je vraag te stellen. Wie weet nodigen we je wel uit om een aflevering mee te draaien in de podcast!

    Veel luister plezier!

  • A dharma talk given by Peter Doobinin offered weekly on Sunday.

  • Zencentrum Nijmegen heeft een eigen zendo. Er mediteren bij ons wekelijks ca. 50 mensen. Jong en oud. Zij vormen de Kwan Yin Sangha. Er is doorlopend mogelijkheid tot introductie. Het hele jaar door is instromen mogelijk in doorgaande groepen. In de zomermaanden is er gratis zomer-zitten.

  • The Lion-Faced Guru Podcast is all about the exploration of pragmatic and effective Yogic practice that leads to Full Enlightenment i.e. Buddhahood.

  • Ik help ondernemers de rust, stilte en vrijheid te hervinden in 7-daagse meditatie retraites op bijzondere locaties over de hele wereld!

  • How to study the Buddha's Teachings and meditate on the insight pathways from the Theravada suttas. Emphasis on lay practice towards developing the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path, attaining path & fruit, and culminating in the realisation of full liberation (nibbāna).This is an offering, Dhammadāna, take what is useful to you.For videos notifications and published documents get in touch with a question, request or comment, you can:1) leave a voice message or2) send an email to suttameditationseries[at]