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  • 2022年四旬期,逢星期一至五,讓大家透過呼吸、放鬆練習;每天安頓身心,進入默想、祈禱、與天主相遇的空間!

    內容:心耕世作 (
    製作:沸點- 天主教香港教區青年網上平台 New Media initiative for Catholic youths!
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  • Eurisko 陪你傾傾生活。一起發現神透過這些片段、細節,與我們說話,讓我們認識祂更多。
    祝福你聽此 podcast 時,神給你亮光,使你遇見祂!

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  • Listen to messages, midrashes, and Bible studies from Jacobs Tent Fellowship in Cleveland, Tennessee.

  • Welcome to the Rooted Working Mom podcast!

    Find True Rest in Jesus, Rise in Your God-Given Authority & Raise Kingdom Kids
    Steward & Connect With Your Kids Through Gospel Centered Parenting, as a Busy Working Mom
    God-Led Wholeness Coaching in Faith, Motherhood, Wellness, & Mindset
    Find Clarity and Purpose in Your Motherhood
    Let Go of Working Mom Guilt
    Say Goodbye to Burnout

    Hey sweet mama!

    If you’ve been in a space of overwhelm, exhaustion, struggle, and feeling like you are just not good enough…Maybe you feel the tug to step into your authority as a present mom and wife while still pursuing your career… but you’re unsure how to integrate everything with more peace and intention while staying partnered with God. And you are truly ready to figure out who God is calling you to be in your life. Then this podcast for YOU!

    Hi I’m Cynthia, director (both at work and at home), entrepreneur, busy working boy mom of two here on earth and two in heaven, wife, and daughter of the King. After struggling to be the patient and loving mom I wanted to be, constantly burntout, having outbursts of anger towards my family, allowing the enemy to torment me with food, striving to always please people, and believing I was failing in all areas of life, I spent years finding my identity in Christ. Fighting against the spiritual bondage of perfectionism, worry, fear of failure and growing my trust in Jesus, have allowed me to experience healing, restoration, and freedom. After navigating who God has called me to be as a wife, mom, leader in higher education, and businesswoman I was transformed! Through that shift, I was led to creating this safe space for other working moms to explore their own identity in Christ and create a rooted, whole, life-God’s way with His priorities and energy!

    This Holy Spirt-Led podcast is going to help you find TRUE freedom, while resting in Jesus, rising into your authority, and raising kingdom kids. AMEN!

    Here in this space you will be encouraged, empowered, and partnered with Jesus to get breakthrough in your faith, motherhood, wellness, and mindset so that you can have victory, as a mama who is resting and living light, in the presence, with peace, joy and fulfillment. You will find tactical training, tips, biblical truths, inspiring guests, honest stories from women just like you, self care tips, and so much more!

    Grab your coffee or glass of wine and let’s dive in!

    You were born for such a time as this!

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  • Relax with Raven while commuting in your car.
    Negative energies come from stressful situations at home or at work. Listening to these mindful meditations opens the chakra system and helps you to release emotional imbalance. Chakras are energy centers in the body that regulate mood and emotion. Mindful meditation is different than deep trance meditation where you go into a deep state of trance and can have an out-of-body experience. Mindful meditation happens in the present moment. You keep your eyes open and focused on your five senses and while calming the thoughts running through your mind. Join Raven for driving meditations where we always keep our eyes open and focused on the road.

  • Welcome to HMCC of Hong Kong. Transforming lives, transforming the world.

  • Bible Lab is where we explore major themes from every book of the Bible in order to see how each page points to Jesus.

    Primary resources used:

    The Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament
    by G. K. Beale, Benjamin L. Gladd

    What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Their Writings
    by Kenneth Berding, Matt Williams

  • 幸福在哪裡? 幸福就在你心裡!只要能從內心感覺到自己很幸福,不論目前的境遇,你便能享有真正的幸福快樂!怎樣才能有幸福的感覺?不外乎「心理自在、 生理健康、事理圓滿」,且聽黃庭書院-張慶祥 講師與您分享,掌握人生三大方向的幸福關鍵!

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  • Uncuffed is a podcast presented by Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This podcast's purpose is to encourage you, to have conversations about issues inside and outside of the church in a more relaxed and "uncuffed" manner. Visit our website for more information about Calvary Worship Center or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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  • 🎧 聲音導航

    //在生命的不同階段,我們都需要作重要的選擇和決定。面對不同的抉擇,我們會搜集資料,聆聽自己的意願,也會詢問朋友的意見⋯⋯ 作為基督徒,你曾否想過在每次重要的選擇中,留意天主對你的心意?//

    💬 淺嚐「意識省察」祈禱;以生活中的所見所聞,在情緒的高低、思想的流動之中…… 原來可以,發現天主臨在!

    沸點 X 心耕世作

    #沸點靈修 #意識省察 #沸點製作

    IG: @YouthBoilingPoint

  • This podcast explores the mystical side of human intuition, consciousness and awareness known as the Noetic Sciences. Can you perceive the future? Yes you can... Have you ever had a dream come true? Did you "just know" something was going to happen and then it did? Have you ever "had a feeling" something was going to happen and then it did? If so then my friend you are able to perceive the future and you're in the WAKE UP. Our podcast explains the way to the higher human consciousness to manifest spiritual abilities or intuition naturally. Everyone needs a teacher or an example who knows the way and can demonstrate the intuitive gifts they teach. If you're here, it is not by chance. Intuitive researcher and author Douglas James Cottrell, PhD is your host, joined by co-host, Les Hubert.

  • Faites compter chaque journée en écoutant les méditations du Notre Pain Quotidien. Chaque jour apporte son lot de décisions et de situations difficiles. Ces courtes méditations se veulent être une source d’encouragement et une aide dans votre marche avec Dieu afin de grandir dans votre foi en lui. Il se peut Dieu ne change rien à vos situations pénibles, mais passer du temps en sa présence fera de vous la personne qu’il désire que vous soyez !

  • 占卜師Yoko的每週早晨時間✨

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  • 以色列人在曠野的時候,神每日賜予他們嗎哪,
    今天 神也為祂的兒女 預備一份 屬天靈糧 聖經

    帶著 承接靈糧的器皿,
    領取 新鮮的曠野嗎哪!

    每日與你一齊 領取嗎哪
    陪伴你 每日靈修。


    有故事的聲音 Sooopodcast

  • Comfort Talks Tuesdays are short podcast episodes that illuminate Christ in our daily life. We are here to find God within our daily movements. God is faithful within our lowest points and highest points .Hope everyone enjoys !

  • The Every Little Thing podcast exists to share the Love, Freedom and truth of the Word of God and how to be real with the Lord and those around you. Our mission is to encourage women in every stage of life to pursue Christ fully and therefore inspire those around her.
    Everything isn't rainbows and butterflies and I'm done pretending it is. Life is ugly, hard and sometimes it just sucks but if we're not honest with Christ and each other then nothing changes. I'm ready for the honest life that becomes easier and less heavy when we surrender it all to the One who can hold it all. At the Every Little Thing Podcast we're here to be real, to share our struggles and to encourage you to live the life God has called you to live.

  • Emmanuel College is a theological college of Victoria University in the University of Toronto.

    On Belief is a podcast produced for the University of Toronto’s Emmanuel College. The show is a home for conversations about the place of faith in the public sphere. It will explore the role and place of belief, whether defined as organized religious practice or individual spiritual understanding, in the culture and politics of secular society.

    The podcast theme music was composed by sacred music professor, Lim Swee-Hong in consultation with worship professor, Bill Kervin and Emmanuel’s principal Mark Toulouse. Lim's friend, Lee Meng-Cham, music pastor of an Assembly of God congregation in Singapore, orchestrated it. The melody is crafted in compound duple time pattern, a common form across various world cultures. It also features a variety of sounds drawn from a global music palette. The matching of a simple diatonic melody with complex rhythmic patterns reflects the College’s ethos and efforts to address complex issues in a global context.

    Emmanuel is the largest theological school associated with the United Church of Canada, one of seven federated theological colleges within the Toronto School of Theology and a fully accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools.

    Please follow us... new episodes will be published on the 15th of each month!