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  • This podcast investigates the foundations of Jungian psychology. Through dialogues with Jungian analysts and scholars, it addresses fundamental questions Jung asked, and tried to give answers to, throughout his lifetime which forms the foundation of his psychology. Specific emphasis is put on faith versus religious experience, and on Jung’s tireless wrestling with Christianity—and why it remains important for us today.

    The show is hosted by Jungian analyst Jakob Lusensky in Berlin.

    Join the community, find transcriptions and share your feedback: https://www.cross.center

    Visit Youtube for extra material: https://bit.ly/3kZjjJk

  • 香港首個寵物健康知識頻道,與主人分享有關飼養寵物的不同課題:寵物健康及保健、常見疾病、食物營養、領養資訊及専業獸醫知識分享

    🐶🐱🏰毛孩王國Furkids – 最全面嘅寵物健康知識平台

    Facebook: 毛孩王國Fur kids

    Instagram: furkidshk

  • Yin: Untangled is a discussion on all things Yin Yoga, Intuition, Energy Work, Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Life, Learning and MORE. Hosted by Cat Mead.

  • Your Health, Fitness, & Nutrition Sounds.Better Health & Body Radio is your number one source for the latest research & understanding in health, nutrition & human performance. We give you an exclusive seat at the table with thought-leaders that range from CEOs to scientists.BHB Radio gives you the latest news and answers your questions about healthy eating, exercise, stress, sleep, and more so you can optimize your day-to-day life.​Bridging the gap between theory to practice, our mission is to make evolving your health and fitness easy, so you can live a happier, healthier life.

  • "Why everybody around gets pregnant and I'm not?"

    "If I have XYZ, could I still be able to conceive naturally?

    These are the most common questions that my clients ask me.

    So I decided to create a podcast and bring you:

    - the best experts in their field to answer not only to these questions but many others and

    - real women who were just like you struggling with fertility and now have their baby dreams come true.

    Tune in every Thursday to get your fertility expert's advice.

    Find Anna Reyes on Facebook or her business page @ https://www.facebook.com/naturafertility/

  • ”Brave Conversations” is a podcast about yoga and society as told through the voices of yoga teachers, scholars, and life-long students meeting at the intersection of wokeness, wellness, and the world.

  • A podcast by two dental students, offering insight into the world of dentistry and what life is like as a dental student and beyond!

    Dental Appointment will cover a range of topics, which will prepare you for your application for dental school, what to expect whilst at dental school and offer insight into opportunities throughout and after qualifying. Expect to hear about current advances and hot topics in the profession too!

    Let us know what you think on Instagram @dental_appointment !

  • Waves of Change: Modern Perspectives in Asian American Psychology is a conversation with Diana Chu and Dr. Mankit Li. We are San Francisco based psychotherapist and psychologist who like to deconstruct psychology, digging deep to challenge ourselves and our listeners.

  • SexyAgeing - a community celebrating the gift of ageing and debunking the notion that life after 40 is all “downhill”. Ageing for women has changed and you can reap the benefits of knowledge and hindsight. Tune in for insights with some of the world's inspirational women on how to successfully navigate the changes to your body and mind. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tracy-minnoch/support

  • 大沈係大嬸嘅升級版,承載力如5.5噸貨車一樣勁力十足,



    Sooo 大沈 星期日 聽有溫度的故事!


    Sooopodcast乃遠東廣播,除了電台和網台以外, 於2021年開始的另一個播音平台。
    你聽見的每一把聲音,背後都有一個故事, 每一個故事,都有一把聲音為你講出來。 有故事的聲音 Sooopodcast

  • I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most INCREDIBLE therapists - medical and alternative! And I want to share these people and their amazing knowledge with you.
    My older daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 1.5 years old - I’m blessed that she’s cured and in her 20s now!
    I hope you enjoy these podcast interviews as much as I enjoyed making them. Please subscribe, share them to empower your family and friends and follow our Instagram platform - www.Instagram.com/wellnesscurated1

  • To be imperfect is to be human — it doesn't mean you have failed nor does it mean you are broken. You don’t have to be anything more than who you already are. Join host Taj every Thursday for heart-centered conversations about self-love, self-doubt, and embracing imperfection. Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable and together let’s explore the complexities of this thing called life. The road to becoming your true self can be messy but you don’t have to do it alone.

  • Welcome to the Timeless Teachings podcast. My name is Yana and I am your guide into the world of spirituality, mysticism and consciousness. Each episode we dive into deep and often controversial subjects. This space is for people who are brave and who are ready. The guests are encouraged to speak their minds and hearts freely and share their most authentic life experiences, teachings and realizations.

    I am doing it, because I have been on the journey of spiritual and personal development for more than 30 years, and I feel that now is the time for all of us to come together and illuminate the truth. Make yourself comfortable and get ready for a deep dive into Mind, Body and Soul. Let’s create a world that celebrates wisdom, compassion, equality, and love!

    Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. STAY WILD and BE HUMBLE.

  • Vitamins for your mind


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  • 能改變生命的 能拯救生命的
    翻天覆地的生命 義無反顧的生命
    每天用聲音講出的生命故事 源源不絕。


    Sooopodcast乃遠東廣播,除了電台和網台以外, 於2021年開始的另一個播音平台。
    你聼見的每一把聲音,背後都有一個故事, 每一個故事,都有一把聲音為你講出來。 有故事的聲音 Sooopodcast

  • The 303Endurance Podcast mission is to is to create a global community of endurance athletes. To inspire participation in endurance sports by connecting you to coaches, experts and professional athletes.

  • "Save the Date," a dating survival kit from Coffee Meets Bagel.

    Join Dawoon Kang, our host and chief dating officer, as she sits down with guest experts to explore what it takes to go on great dates and ultimately find a serious relationship.

  • A health & fitness professional diagnosed with cancer, Emily Tan is out to discover how people fight their battles and thrive with resilience. Thought-provoking and raw conversations with everyone in the health and fitness industry, from practitioners to coaches, competitors to CEOs, professionals in mental to sexual health.

    Tan is known for her passion for thriving. Having fought bouts of hardship in her own life, she digs deep into stories of strength, fear, and what makes people hungry for life.

    Breaking barriers of small talk, no topics too taboo or risque, Emily Tan is out to seek the truth in people beyond skin-deep, learning how they find power from their struggles.

  • 【多人耳朵運動 | 改變社會風氣 | 提高生活內涵 】浩室舞曲\ 馳放沙發\ 英派節奏 ⋯多樣曲風總有一款適合您!

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