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  • The Object Relations View Podcast" is the place for all curious about human development and the WHYs of our behavior, relationships, and life trajectories - from the perspective of the Object Relations psychoanalytic school, British and American. Topics will include projective identification v. projection, self-sabotage, fear of success, loyalty to bad objects, love addiction, creativity and writing blocks, among many.
    New episodes every day, by psychoanalyst, theorist, author Susan Kavaler-Adler, a founder of the Object Relations Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (www.orinyc.org)

  • From bloated and tired to free and inspired! An exploration into natural medicine's ability to unlock your physical and mental competency presented by naturopath Philip Watkins.

    The culmination of 15 years of solving digestive and mental health issues, Free and Inspired Radio is an opportunity to take the information into your own hands and learn about how natural medicine can help you regain your personal health sovereignty.

  • Josephine 是澳洲註冊音樂治療師,在墨爾本執業,頻道的目的是想以廣東話分享音樂治療的資訊、個案及經驗,藉此令更加多人認識音樂治療


  • 由藥師大天使Peggie與門診經驗豐富的護理師怡靜,

    希塔療癒分享會 https://bit.ly/pdep1pr (生病怎麼辦的觀眾只需要100元)
    希塔療癒 核心課程直接報名 https://bit.ly/pdep1class
    希塔療癒 大師課 IA人體直觀 https://bit.ly/pdep1ia

    生病怎麼辦 IG https://instagram.com/healthy.theta
    聯絡藥師 大天使Peggie https://www.instagram.com/the_peggie/
    聯絡護理師 怡靜 https://www.instagram.com/daji_dali_life/

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  • Inside the mind of a champion

    How does the mind of a world champion work ?
    How do Olympic champions think ?
    What are the thought patterns of a world record holder ?
    How do they build such a level of resilience ?
    How do Olympians overcome doubts and failures ?
    What are the mental secrets of these champions ?

    Get up close and personal with the best athletes in the world, understand their mental patterns and apply them to yourself so you can make the changes you want in your life.

    Welcome to the Mind Your Brain Podcast !

  • A resurgence of authentic self love, acceptance, and discovery of the divine feminine goddess in all of us.

  • Mental Health is not something we openly discuss in our Malawian society. But it is real and it is killing us. I believe vulnerability is key to healing. This podcast openly discusses Mental health and tries to openly create awareness while sharing my journey as someone who suffers from a mental health illness. I hope this can inspire you and remind you that you are not alone and give you the hope you need to forge ahead. Enjoy!

  • Navigating the path of self discovery, healing, and growth. Deep dive into narcissism with me.

  • Looking to strengthen both your mental and physical state? You’ve come to the right place. Host, NASM Master Instructor, and health therapist Angie Miller discusses how to best balance and enhance both of these important facets.

  • Beyond Recovery: Live Your Best Life. Without the Need for Alcohol.

    Join #alcoholfree host, Matt Gardiner, who brings on weekly guests to talk about their “Hero’s Journeys” from the darkness of addiction into the light of Recovery.

    The show’s premise:
    Sharing Your Story & Connection with Like-Minded People:
    (2 of the most valuable pillars of a successful, ongoing Recovery).

    What routines & habits keep you on the right path?
    (This is another crucial topic covered in each episode).

    “Beyond Recovery” means feeling through your past traumas and creating a life you don’t want to numb out.

    To Rediscover Who You Truly Are.


    Find Matt 👀

    Matt battled alcoholism from his mid-teens, to deep into his adult life.
    He has an #af date of April 8th, 2019.

    Matt is the Head Coach at www.recoveryroadmap.me
    and is a certified Sound Therapist and Breathwork Guide.

    The mountain imagery represents:
    - inner elevation
    - permanence
    - risk w reward
    - constancy
    - absolute consciousness
    - eternity
    - stillness
    - firmness
    - mystery & adventure

  • 這是我在澳洲當護理師的日常紀錄,包括:護理系的國際學生會遇到的困難,護理工作有趣的地方,還有關於健康知識方面的分享。
    Hi, there, this is S nurse and welcome to
    my channel where I would like to share with you of what I learn in work. If you’re international nursing student, patients or even just normal people who are interested to know more, I hope you can find something to take away from here.

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  • Did you realize in many scenarios fitness overlaps pop culture and the “real world?” Here are on Random Fit hosts Ken Miller and Wendy Batts explore all the unique and, at times, unexpected places health and wellness intersects with pop culture, as well as in movies, music videos, the news, and many other unexpected places. The personal trainers add their own unique perspective with some humor along the way.

  • 「性」

    想睇更多性愛小知識或產品資訊,歡迎追蹤我哋 Facebook 或 Instagram,不定時會有最新的消息同優惠。晴趣屋 Adult Loving,喺香港紮根超過 10 年,致力普及香港的情趣文化,令唔少單身男士、女士及有另一伴的人士享受情趣生活。「讓情趣放晴」係我哋嘅宗旨同使命,唔能夠令佢躲喺陰暗處。近年仲積極推動性教育,同大家分享學校同父母都未必會教嘅性知識。


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  • The Mindset Meditation Podcast is dedicated to Sleep Music, Meditation Music, Study Music, Relaxing Sleep Music, Pregnancy Music For Mother And Unborn Baby, Sleep Music, Peaceful Music, Yoga Music, Stress Relief Music, Reiki Music, Background Music, Healing Music, Zen Music, Spa and Massage Music, and much more. The purpose of these Podcast is to help in healing and re-balancing the mind, body and spirit, by helping people experience moments of peace, clarity and relaxation. Follow us on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2RnSdjS. Listen to our other Podcast

    Nature Sounds for Sleep - https://spoti.fi/3kNhFdF.

    Learn Stock Market, Investing Trading and Personal finance - https://spoti.fi/3zG8OAT

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  • A destination des professionnel.les de santé, mais pas que... !

    Dix épisodes thématiques où se mêleront témoignages et réactions de professionnel.les afin de mieux connaître l’étendu du spectre de l’autisme et partager le vécu des personnes concernées.

    Un podcast coordonné par Pascal Bellanca-Penel, en partant de son vécu auquel nous nous sommes associés avec le Centre ressource Autisme Rhône-Alpes, l'unité TS2A et le dispositif ZEST, Zone d'expression contre la stigmatisation (porté par le centre référent lyonnais et le centre ressource de réhabilitation psychosociale).

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  • 我想約你去散步,然後談談幸福這回事。

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  • Wellness is the foundation that unlocks your highest performance and allows you to enjoy life to its fullest.

    People of any age who are looking to better themselves on their wellness journey will benefit from Coach Pyry’s holistic approach to wellness that leads to better sleep, more focus, energy, and less stress.