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  • Talking Industry brings you topical unscripted discussion from experts in the world of engineering Automation and Manufacturing.

    Hosted by DFA Manufacturing Media, independent publishers and event organizers deeply rooted in the industrial sector. DFA Manufacturing Media has been creating quality journals such as Drives & Controls, Plant and Works Engineering, Hydraulics and Pneumatics and Smart Futures for generations.

    So join as we explore new technologies and tackle some of the most pressing challenges that our industry faces today, and follow our series of bi-weekly podcasts.

  • Shining a light on the bright spots of crypto and fintech policy outside of the U.S.


  • INSIDE IT: Týdenní výběr novinek ze světa IT a technologií, komentáře, zajímavosti.

  • Practically Genius is a show built for innovators championing digitization within their organization. Hosts Lindsay McGuire and Ryan Greives host conversations with real-world innovators sharing stories of digital transformation while also providing helpful advice and insights to listeners.

    For your next practically genius idea, sign up for the Practically Genius Insider newsletter: https://www.formstack.com/practically-genius-insider

  • В нашей подкаст-ленте вы найдете аудиоматериалы по вопросам настройки и использования компьютерной, мобильной и другой техники, доступной незрячим людям, аудиозаписи лекций и тренингов, виртуальные путешествия, вебинары по различным темам, а также записи наших очных и дистанционных мероприятий.

    О Центре "Камерата".

    ""Мы помогаем незрячим видеть свой потенциал!». В этом девизе Центра «Камерата» отражены основные задачи нашей деятельности: помочь людям, лишенным зрения, стать самостоятельными, получить образование, найти работу, активно участвовать в жизни общества.Будем рады видеть вас в числе участников и ведущих наших мероприятий.

  • Der agilophil-Podcast - von und mit Frank Hampe

    Agile Entwicklung für Unternehmer:innen, Product Owner:innen, Scrum Master:innen und alle, die sich für agiles Arbeiten interessieren. Agile Entwicklung für Dich!

    Agile Produktentwicklung und Unternehmensorganisation sind die Herausforderungen in unserer komplexen Zeit. Im Podcast für "agilophile" Menschen bekommst du die Impulse, die dich wirklich weiter bringen. Erschaffe die perfekten Produkte für deine Zielkunden, werde agilophil - also agil-liebend - und hole dir Erfolg, Sinn und Freude bei der Arbeit zurück. Wenn dich Themen wie unzufriedene Kunden, unmotivierte/unproduktive Teams oder mangelnde Produktqualität quälen, dann finde hier Hinweise für deine persönliche agile Weiterentwicklung und die deiner Teams.

    Erfahre mehr unter https://frankhampe.com

  • Stratyho podcast s hosty známými i neznámými, zaměřený především na esport, podnikání v moderním světě technologií a motivaci mladých. Hlavní je se bavit - spolu, i obecně.

  • Synthetic Media is created with expanding technology, fueled by rapid growth and curiosity. While we may have heard of the nefarious deepfakes, there is a larger, positive movement to use synthetic media for good reasons and use cases that are already happening. Not simply limited to entertainment, there are many areas where more people including artists, scholars, startups, policymakers, and well-established companies are very conscious about ethics before using powerful technology to create synthetic media. We will explore the cutting edge as it evolves from the people who create and use synthetic media, as well as those who analyze its influence and intent. Looking beyond fear, hype, and technical jargon, we will help build awareness, inspiration, and understanding about synthetic media.

    Follow the Synthetic Media Podcast for weekly episodes that will blow your mind and excite all of your senses.

    Produced and hosted by Henrik de Gyor
    Music by Mattia Cupelli

  • پادکست تکچی، خلاصه مهم‌ترین اخبار حوزه علم و تکنولوژی هرهفته است که توسط شهروز چُرکچی تولید می‌شود.

  • Zprávy, informace a zajímavosti ze světa CAD, CAM, BIM a GIS technologií Autodesk od společnosti Arkance Systems, největšího partnera Autodesku v ČR a SR. Více na https://www.arkance-systems.cz

  • Full Stack Whatever is a series of conversations with creatives and technologists about the work behind the work.

    Technology, design, and art are all subjects powered by an immeasurable amount of time invested by humans. And too often, we find ourselves only talking about the superficial aspects; job titles, launches, campaigns, etc.

    With these conversations, I want to dig deeper and uncover the lessons, insights, and motivations of some of the best and brightest in our industries. I hope to illustrate that the journey is the reward, and that the stories shared will resonate and support some of you.

  • "You build it, you run it" je zásada vývoje softwaru, která zdůrazňuje odpovědnost vývojového týmu při navrhování, budování a údržbě systémů, které vytváří.Sledujte nás taky na Mastodonu @[email protected]

  • A casual technical deep dives into interesting tools, platforms and projects in Algorand ecosystem ⛓

  • Hello, I am Omkar Nikam. Welcome to Access Hub - Space, Defence, and Security podcast. On this podcast, we invite industry experts to provide the latest insights on space applications for defence, intelligence, and international security. For more information, log on to www.accesshub.today.

  • AI Podcast is all about what's going on today in the world of artificial intelligence. Hosts Abdelghani KABOT discuss pressing topics around artificial intelligence with easy to digest content, In-depth interviews with brilliant people at the forefront of AI research and practice from Algeria and outside.
    Some podcasts about AI projects, overview of AI books, try discuss the situation about AI in Algeria and how can we develop it and more...
    All of this in English and Arabic languages.
    Stay tuned!

  • Центр изучения и сетевого мониторинга молодёжной среды представляет подкаст о влиянии интернета и социальных сетей на детей и подростков.

  • Hey,

    Everyone in this podcast I will tell you what is information security and privacy policy and how to your self to privacy provide.

  • Friendly talks about software development for the cloud & everything around it. CodeNOW Talks are for those who want to get a headstart in today’s software development for the cloud. Artom Kuranov and his team will help you stay on top of things with these fun and informative discussions. Listen to everything there is to know about 'creating heaven in the cloud'.

  • Moin hier sind Cano und Mattis vom TechTalk. Vielleicht kennt ihr uns auch von Youtube oder Twitch. In unserem Podcast wird größtenteils über Videospiele, Computer und Technik geredet.