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  • I am Dhaval Patel, a software engineer by profession and a teacher by heart. I've worked with Nvidia and Bloomberg. I strongly believe "Anyone Can Code" ! No matter what your background and past skill set is, you can learn programming if it is taught in a simplistic and intuitive way. The goal of this channel is to fulfill this vision by teaching the programming in most simplest and intuitive manner.
    I teach simple programming, data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data structures, software architecture etc on my channel.

  • Hansen and Seed chat with fascinating guests about interesting topics ranging from entrepreneurship, technology, science and deep philosophical questions.

    Reach out to us at [email protected]

  • Alex Krey - professional illusionist, showman, finalist of show "Phenomenon" on TV channel "Russia", an operating member of the International Brotherhood of Illusionists, prize-winner international illusion festival in Turkey, the creative actor who is going on tour on the world.
    Алекс Крэй - профессиональный иллюзионист, шоумен, финалист шоу «Феномен» на телеканале «Россия», действующий член Международного Братства Иллюзионистов, призёр международного иллюзионного фестиваля в Турции, креативный артист, гастролирующий по миру.

  • How They Did It is a podcast by Mashable India, where the CTOs and CMOs, CFOs and the chiefs of all things cool of many businesses and ventures tell us how they made through their journey and well, ‘How they did it!'

  • Simulated Reality covers deep conversations with technologists to understand how cutting edge innovation like artificial intelligence is impacting the various facets of life , be it economy, skills, jobs, entrepreneurship, society, culture and much more.

  • In the past year, cybersecurity has risen from primarily an IT concern to a corner office mandate and watercooler conversation piece. The pandemic forced businesses to grapple with the implications of a largescale shift to remote work, with reshaped network architectures, spurring a rethinking of cybersecurity frameworks. Meanwhile, security threats like the $70 million REvil gang ransomware attack have gripped the headlines and put security teams on the spot.
    In this podcast series from Comcast Business, we’ll explore the events that have put cybersecurity at the forefront and the tools and technologies that business and IT leaders should be eyeing to address current and future cybersecurity demands.

  • Let's Talk about UX !
    This podcast dedicated for UX - Design, UI, Usability and User Psychology and all disciplines come under Design . www.uxtalks.in
    UXTalks is service by UXExpert (www.uxexpert.in)
    Our UX UI Traning Service UXUITrainingLab Pvt. Ltd. (www.uxuitraining.in)

    Founder and CEO -
    Tushar Deshmukh (https://www.linkedin.com/in/askforuxexpert/)

  • I’m Aaron Harris. I was a partner at Y Combinator for 7.5 years and now run Magid and Company. For the last decade, I’ve been obsessed with one question: How do founders fundraise?

    On Asking VCs for Money, I’ll be talking to founders about…well…asking VCs for money. We’ll talk about what they actually did - the tactics and strategies that led to success - how they met investors, how they prepared their pitches, and how they negotiated term sheets. I’m going to focus on process and particulars here, not grand pronouncements or hacks. I hope you learn something that helps you the next time you fundraise.

  • Blockchain podcast. Everything related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, coding tips, news, cryptocurrencies, descentralized applications (dApps), DeFi and NFTs.

  • Craft. Attention to detail. Constant iteration. There’s an art to creating great software. On Crafted, host Dan Blumberg speaks with engineers, designers and product people of all stripes to explore great products and the craft of software development. We’ll get into the weeds to understand: What trade-offs did they make? What experiments did they run? And what was the moment when they knew – when they just knew – that they were on to something?

    At Artium we care deeply about the craft of building great software - and great companies. We help organizations build best in class products, industry leading software and collaborative cross-functional teams that scale. Join us as we explore the art of… craft.

  • Shaun of the Shed gives those new to the world of technology a helping hand with everything from using a screen reader or smart speakers to unboxing and starting up a new computer.

    Host Shaun Preece is an audio producer from Manchester who has a real passion for technology. Despite being born with a visual impairment, Shaun's sight has worsened over the years and as such he has depended more on assistive technology.

    You can also hear Shaun on AMI's Double Tap podcast, airing weekly at noon Eastern on AMI-audio or download it from your favourite podcast platform.

    About AMI
    AMI is a not-for-profit media company that entertains, informs and empowers Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Operating three broadcast services, AMI-tv and AMI-audio in English and AMI-télé in French, AMI’s vision is to establish and support a voice for Canadians with disabilities, representing their interests, concerns and values through inclusion, representation, accessible media, reflection, representation and portrayal.

    Learn more at AMI.ca
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  • Welcome to the Data Science Conversations Podcast hosted by Damien Deighan and Dr Philipp Diesinger. We bring you interesting conversations with the world’s leading Academics working on cutting edge topics with potential for real world impact.

    We explore how their latest research in Data Science and AI could scale into broader industry applications, so you can expand your knowledge and grow your career.

    Every 4 or 5 episodes we will feature an industry trailblazer from a strong academic background who has applied research effectively in the real world.

    Podcast Website: www.datascienceconversations.com

  • Hi, I'm Tulsiram mehtre, a GoogleDevExpert who is obsessed with helping developers build high quality apps as fast as possible . Subscribe for new videos every week covering intermediate to advanced lessons about JavaScript, Flutter, Angular, Firebase, and modern app development.

  • The Sexy Cutiepie and The Annoying Pussycat are back with Odd topics, Odd takes on those topics and an entire level of oddness.

  • In each episode you’ll get a behind the scenes look at some of the most innovative product marketing campaigns at some of the world's best known companies and brands. We’ll hear from the product marketing leaders themselves about the triumphs, failures and insights found along the way- from the initial stages of customer research, to building product narratives and ultimately orchestrating some of the largest scale go-to-market campaigns.

  • SaaS Scaled is hosted by Arman Eshraghi, CEO and founder of Qrvey. In each episode, Arman will sit down with leaders and CEOs from the technology sector to discuss challenges, best practices, and what they’ve learned.

  • Tech Stories has been started to give knowledge over the emerging Technologies which we have already adapted to make our life easier. Through this source, the motive is to bring everyone to a reality that in coming years we will be switching to a new world i.e. Digital World, where our time, space, work, people and many work will be acquired by robots, gadgets, and internet.
    No worries for all the Non-Technical people for whom its get difficult to understand the Technical pieces. These Tech stories are narrated in such an easy and uncluttered way with voice and words so that everyone can enjoy

  • This second edition of the Global FinTech Festival (GFF) has been specifically conceptualised to harness some of the best minds to deliver strategic insights on the current transformation of the ecosystem globally, position strategic activations to attract higher investments, derive a future-proof road map and upscale the knowledge base.

    With the theme FinTech: Empowering a Global Digital Economy, GFF 2021 will provide an in-depth understanding of the latest business, policy, investment and technology developments within the FinTech landscape globally. We look forward to three insightful days