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  • My podcast is about poetry and I am poet Maahi, I am here to share beautiful poetries with you all...

  • Hey poems lovers chand baatein kahti hun sunti hun sunati hun taaki sabdo ke khel jeevan ki bela bane .

  • THEATRE PUKE with Brandi Aguilar is a FUN podcast all about Broadway and Theatre in general. Brandi Aguilar will be your host. We will be doing audio performances of new plays or plays you’ve never heard of, sing songs from your favorite musicals, and improv games! But not only will there be performances on this podcast, we (meaning ‘I’ as in Brandi Aguilar, heh heh) will be interviewing people who work in Theatre like actors, playwrights, directors etc etc. I will also be doing reviews of Broadway shows and plays. Brandi Aguilar has been a film and stage actress since she was 10 years old.


  • The old-time radio show "Frankenstein" starring George Edwards is a notable adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel, tailored for the radio audience. George Edwards, a prominent figure in radio, was known for his work in Australia, where he produced, directed, and starred in numerous radio dramas. His adaptation of "Frankenstein" is particularly remembered for his portrayal of multiple characters, showcasing his vocal versatility and dramatic skill.Key Features of the Show:
    Multifaceted Performance by George Edwards:George Edwards was renowned for his ability to voice multiple characters within the same production, often switching seamlessly between roles. In "Frankenstein," he not only narrated the story but also performed the roles of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the Monster, among others.His portrayal of the Monster was both sympathetic and menacing, capturing the tragic and horrifying aspects of the character.Atmospheric and Dramatic Production:The show utilized atmospheric sound effects and music to enhance the gothic and eerie mood of the narrative. The sound design played a crucial role in immersing listeners in the chilling events of the story.The use of suspenseful pauses, crescendos in music, and soundscapes that mimicked the environments of the scenes (like echoing footsteps in a deserted hall or the buzzing of electrical equipment in the laboratory) were critical in building tension and excitement.Serialized Format:The adaptation was serialized, a common format for radio dramas of the time, which allowed the story to unfold over multiple episodes. This format helped build suspense and kept listeners engaged over a longer period, encouraging them to tune in regularly to follow the story's progression.Focus on Themes:Similar to the novel, the radio adaptation explored themes of ambition, isolation, and humanity. Edwards' adaptation delved into the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by Dr. Frankenstein and the existential crises of the Monster.The script, while streamlined for radio, retained much of the philosophical depth of Shelleyโ€™s original work, prompting listeners to ponder the consequences of man's pursuit of god-like powers.Cultural Impact:
    Popularizing the Story: George Edwards' "Frankenstein" contributed to the popularization of Mary Shelley's story in Australia and beyond, making the tale accessible to a broader audience through the medium of radio.Legacy: Edwards' ability to bring complex characters to life with his voice left a lasting impact on listeners and set a high standard for radio adaptations of literature.George Edwards' "Frankenstein" remains a significant part of the history of radio dramas, celebrated for its innovative approach to storytelling and its ability to capture and convey the nuances of a classic novel through the audio-only format.

  • Hey! This is Srj, A young Poet Suraj Singhaniya who write and perform Poetries on mostly about Love share his Feelings and Emotions or UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE about someone special or sometimes also write on many different topics such as life, patriotism, society etc,. He is also a Co-Author in some Anthologies, Teacher and Traveller also.

    My all Poetries link:- https://linktr.ee/iamSrj

    My all weblink:- https://linktr.ee/SurajSinghaniya

    Visit us on YouTube:-

  • I am Seema Lal, a voice over artist since childhood. I have regularly given my voice for various Radio shows and Educational videos as a Child Artist. In my growing years I gained experience in the line of theatre which helped me hone my voice modulation and projection. My educational background & corporate work experience helped me gain command, confidence, correct pronunciation and fluency in English language.As an Adult, I have given my voice for short films, documentaries, narrations, audio books, explainer videos and commercials.

  • Listen to some artistic and beautiful creations such as poems, stories, interviews from bollywood celebrities and creative individuals.

  • Sharing my love of song, writing lyrics, art, photography, life & the people I meet along the way & our stories. Being the wife of a musician and songwriter myself, I am learning about the music business. Sharing those stories of those I meet. An experienced artist and photographer sharing my visions, work and that of my friends. A lover of life with many stories to tell. I hope you will join me on this journey.

  • The journey from CA to now a Culinary Arts student has been intriguing. My fascination w food has what kept me going through all these years to now finally having it as my profession! Join me in my journey as we nerd talk and decode all the ingredients, methods, recipes, science, nutrition, cooking on a budget, hacks. And understand this entire beautiful process of turning simple raw ingredients into a scrumptious meal. Welcome to Ultimo Pasto. ๐ŸŒธ
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  • Reflecting on a life that has had its fair share of unexpected turns and twists, pivoting every five years and re-discovering the person I am while becoming the person I hope to be.


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