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  • Tai lietuviškų audioknygų platformos Audioteka rengiama rubrika, kurioje žurnalistė Jurga Šeduikytė netikėtu kampu kalbina knygų autorius, aktorius, įgarsintojus ir kitus kūrėjus. Tai – neformalūs pokalbiai, nevengiant gilių temų, atskleidžiant asmeniškas kūrybos paslaptis ir primenant, kaip svarbu žaisti gyvenimą.

  • Featuring new conversations with and readings by artists and poets, as well as recordings we've made over the past years of rile* projects. rile* is a Brussels based bookshop and project space for performance and publication, hosted by Sven Dehens and Chloe Chignell. More info at www.rile.space.

  • La Bona Renkontiĝo okazas ĉi foje inter verkistoj kaj legantoj! En la sekva serio de LBR vi povas aŭskulti mallongajn rankontojn verkitajn por la Interkultura Novelo-Konkurso, kiuj ne rajtas konkursi, ĉar la verkistoj estas aŭ teamanoj de la organiza teamo de la montreala UK, aŭ de INK. La limdato estas la 20-a de junio!

    LBR does literature this time! INK is an Intercultural Short Story Competition, and the hope is to inspire people to submit their work for the contest. These stories that are not allowed to compete and are read out loud in this series to hopefully inspire and entertain.

  • A podcast that does its best to know something about poetry, and fails.

  • Movementtalks was born in 2019 as an online platform which aims at sharing knowledge about artists who work with movement, dance and the body. It started with a series of podcast interviews to makers who explain their practice, their motivation and their inspiration. Their approach to the body is a central topic of the interviews.
    Movement, as a form of expression and contemporaneity, has a fundamental role in generating connections and strives to share a message which can help change the world we live in.

  • Raganėlė Brunhilda seka pasakas vaikams kiekvieną vakarą. Psichologė Maria Molicka savo knygoje „Pasakų terapija “ teigia, jog pasakų terapija yra efektyviausia 4-9 metų vaikams. Būtent šio amžiaus vaikų vaizduotė yra lengviausiai sužadinama. Senosios pasakos gerokai skiriasi nuo šiuolaikinių. Tačiau nepaisant laikmečio yra dalykų, kurie visuomet išlieka pasakose – tai nuolatinė kova tarp gėrio ir blogio. Pasinerkite į fantazijų pasaulį.

  • Audiolaiškas — tai kalbantis, asmeniškas, kassavaitinis laiškas, pristatantis naują Audiotekoje pasirodančią audioknygą. Laiško autoriai ne tik pristato knygos turinį ir kontekstą, bet ir laisvai reiškia savo asmeninę nuomonę ar filosofuoja kūrinio temomis.

  • Around the World in Eighty Days (French: Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours) is a classic adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, first published in 1873. In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and his newly-employed French valet Passepartout attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days on a £20,000 wager set by his friends at the Reform Club. (Summary from Wikipedia)

  • Mieli draugai, pristatome jums ramių, jaukių bei sielą praturtinančių audio įrašų ciklą #VakaroSkaitiniai. Mintys, vaizdai ir garsai, kuriais užbaigsime dieną, atneš gražų, švarų ir harmoningą rytojų, todėl kviečiame vakarus pasitikti aktorės Olitos Dautartaitės skaitomais tekstais. Jais dalinsimės kiekvieną antradienį 🙏🏻🕊️. Tai išmintingos ir pamokančios istorijos, kuriose kiekvienas rasite dalelę savęs.

  • Nowadays, websites & applications are expected to be simple and easy to use. Each Monday, join me as I uncover what it really takes to design with the user in mind. If you’re a current UX designer, want to get into UX, or just want to learn more about good design, this is the podcast for you.

  • John Douglas has been murdered at Birlstone manner, but Sherlock Holmes' main concern is the missing dumbell in the murder room. This fourth and final novel of Sherlock Holmes is based on the real-life adventures of the mob in Pennsylvania and the consequences of betrayal many years later. (Summary by Alisson Veldhuis)

  • I am trying to start an online peace movement, to promote peace and love, flower power in every living creature's lives, and protection of Mother Earth Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deborah-mills/support

  • Pokalbiai apie architektūros aktualijas

  • „Fantastiškai beprotiška!“ - tai fantastų festivalio „Lituanicon” podcastas apie fantastiką ir kultūrą, kurį veda Rūta Miškinytė ir Eglė Jankauskaitė. Su įdomiais pašnekovais stengiamės paknibinėti įvairias fantastines temas giliau ir paieškoti jų sąsajų su realybe.

  • Join me and my guests as we talk about the good and bad of food, movies, tabletop and video games and everything under the sun.

  • The TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman focuses on the HOW’S and WHY’S behind making consistently great photographs.

    Regardless of your skill level, if you are working to improve your photography, this is the photography podcast for you.

    The TOGCHAT Photography Podcast hosted by award-winning photographer and photo educator Joe Edelman is listened to by a growing community of photographers and photo enthusiasts in over 100 countries.

    Join me each week for exclusive interviews with renowned photographers from around the globe. Also, behind the scenes interviews with photo industry manufacturers and retailers as well as discussions about photographic techniques, photo news and even the occasional gear conversation.

    TOGCHAT is a great way to learn while you are editing, shooting, exercising, cleaning — well you get the picture!

    I do hope you’ll join me for the next episode of TOGCHAT and let me help you improve your photography. Remember, your BEST SHOT — it’s your NEXT SHOT — and I want to help you make it a great one.

    — Joe Edelman

  • By Design, a new podcast from the team at Abstract, explores the nuances and many steps in the product design process with a goal of highlighting all the work that design teams take on. Hosted by Josh Brewer, co-founder at Abstract, each episode focuses on a specific stage of the design lifecycle, with perspectives from some of the best leaders in design today. Listen in to hear more about how design teams work now and where design is headed in the future.