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  • What if engaging with great ideas could become one of your daily habits? What if some of the best tips for living better and working smarter were served up with your morning coffee, a hit of motivation guaranteed to start your day right? That’s the idea behind “The Next Big Idea Daily.” We work with hundreds of non-fiction authors — experts in productivity, creativity, leadership, communication, and other fields — boil down their big ideas into bite-sized chunks, and then offer you one each morning.

  • «Recette de poche» est un podcast original de recettes faciles réalisées avec des produits locaux africains.

  • Balblair is a lost township. Tucked away in the trees, just a stone’s throw from the road between Ullapool and Inverness at Inverlael, centuries of history lie buried and forgotten. In this series of drama-documentaries with the help of Ullapool Museum, archaeologists and historical experts we’re bringing the people and stories of Balblair and Inverlael back to life. 8 snapshots, re-imagined moments in Scotland's Highland history which have, until recently, been HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

  • Welcome to the ReCharge the Soul Podcast! A sacred place where dynamic mother and daughter duo, Lorri Ann and Bailee Code, are here to bring you two fresh perspectives while at different stages in their lives. Here you can listen in on how to elevate and uplift your world through mind, body, and soul.

    Lorri Ann, has been a leader in the fitness community for over 30 years but as of 2017 has been called to express and share her spiritual side knowing a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body! Life coach, author, fitness guru, lightworker and ultimately an avid supporter of helping women step into their power, she is passionate about creating a life you love.

    A guide through meditations to one’s higher self and yoga instructor, daughter Bailee, is a speaker on all things self love, body confidence, and the importance of the journey in finding one's voice. Navigating her 20’s, she is excited to step into the ReCharge the Soul podcast to share her struggles, discoveries, and all the ah-ha moments in between.

    Now, the two host international women’s retreats and have immersed and transformed the lives of 100’s of women through mindfulness, sisterhood, play, and adventure. Passionate about serving others, the two created this podcast in order to provide an accessible outlet for tips and tools to be absorbed anywhere at anytime!

    Hope you enjoy!
    With love and light, the ReCharge the Soul team.

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  • In 1994 Asperger’s Syndrome was officially recognized. In 2013, it was no longer an official diagnosis.

    Today, it all falls under the category of Austism Spectrum Disorder. In my mind I see it as a line, right in the middle is what we label as “Normal”; the far left being severe autism, and the far right being an unlabeled disorder I call highly social with no social skills.

    I am left of normal.

    As an introverted, left of normal, entrepreneur and business owner, I have encountered a ton of unique problems in my life that required out-of-the-box solutions.

    Let’s work together to create a better world, learn how to adapt, and thrive as we live life to the Left of Normal.

  • Join Nadia Khaled in this new weekly podcast where she teaches you how to reconnect with your inner badass and align with your highest timeline, unlocking your infinite potential to create a reality that defies all odds. Alongside special guests, Nadia will explore themes like how to build confidence, tips for manifestation, charting your personality through astrology and human design, and so much more. Tune in and discover your own limitless potential!

  • Muzaffar & Mansura | Digitalnomad📌 Tiflis🐈Torbamızda pişik var.🌍Fərqli ölkələrdə yaşam təcrübəmizi bölüşürük.

  • Welcome to Bestie let's talk, a podcast hosted by Pita. She wanted a place where she could be raw and uncensored. Each week she will cover serious/crazy topics, storytimes, advice, or anything she has in mind. New episodes every Thursday! Support this podcast:

  • This show is a one-stop information shop to inform those currently living in or planning to live or visit Tbilisi Georgia in 2022 and beyond. Through our combined experiences first travelling and then living here we aim to give you all of the information we wish we'd had instant access to when we first came to Georgia. Where to Live, What to See, Do and most importantly - Eat and Drink in Georgia's leading tourist destinations! How to become a tax resident or set up a business in Georgia, and the day-to-day realities of life in Tbilisi.

    We will also have other expert guests join us along the way to tell you about things like Georgia's 8000+ year old wine history, traditional dance and polyphonic singing, ancient and soviet history, music, sport, local culture and customs, real estate (renting and buying), life as a digital nomad, important events and holidays, and all things to do with life in Tbilisi Georgia.

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  • Живые размышления о современном обществе и культуре.
    Как говорил один философ: "Материал не важен".

  • Ruth and Roger share and review what they are binge watching together. Who picked the show? Why did the other agree to watch it? What did they each like and dislike about it? May or may not contain spoilers. We can't guarantee anything.

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  • Привет, с вами SLIDER. Добро пожаловать на мой подкаст. И сегодня мы с вами поговорим... ОБОВСЕМ!

  • I Only Love Robots is a podcast about the robots we love (or love to hate) in fiction and real life. Demetria Spinrad hosts this show with weekly guests.

  • Авторский контент психолога Ильдара Мухамеджанова.

  • Orestas šiame podcast’e kalbės apie nesėkmes, kaip nepasiduoti, kaip siekti ko nori, baimes ir t.t. Dar kalbės apie save ir savo patyrimus, kaip man sekėsi ir kaip perėjau visą tai.

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  • Подкаст «Публичные призывы» рассказывает об истории антифашистского движения. Ведущий Дмитрий Окрест — журналист, автор книг по истории постсоветского пространства и биографии «Быть скинхедом. Жизнь антифашиста Сократа» — вместе с исследователями национализма, активистами, политзаключенными и непосредственными участниками движения объясняют, что представляет из себя борьба с нацизмом в России, Беларуси и Украине.

    Из подкаста вы узнаете: как девушки боролись против дискриминации внутри субкультуры и почему среди ее участников практически не было пацифистов? каким образом национализм укрепился в постсоветском пространстве? из-за чего государство начало террор против анархистов? каким образом Беларусь превратилась в полигон для репрессий? и что происходит с антифа-движением после 24 февраля?

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  • AnthroAlert is a podcast recorded live on USF Bulls Radio. Each week we interview an anthropologist to learn more about their work.

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  • Подкаст Димы Михайлова и Ксюши Кругловой, в котором мы исследуем и познаем совместную жизнь, через призму бережного и ненасильственного общения, основанного на уважении потребностей друг друга.

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  • Factory Settings is a podcast exploring politics, culture, relationships, mental health, addiction, and media, through the lens of how our built-in biases affect the way we consume information and form opinions.