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  • Harmonically Speaking is the podcast that meets high achievers from the field of music and gives listeners an insight into their lives.

    Hosted by clarinettist Macdara Ó Seireadáin each episode explores what sparked their passion, their career to date and their future plans, as well as challenges and setbacks they have faced along the way.

    With a wide range of guests from orchestral musicians and soloists, to conductors, administrators, instrument makers and more, this podcast aims to educate and inspire fellow musicians, aficionados and anyone who is curious about what a life in music really entails.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Music Interviews , News & Reviews
    Live Fridays at 7pm Eastern & Live Saturdays at 5pm Eastern
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  • The 4|Four Drum and Bass podcast features mixes from DJs around the globe.

  • Dive deep into the heart of music with "Behind the Notes," a podcast that brings to life the stories behind the songs that define our world. Each episode, we explore the creation, impact, and legacy of a hit song, blending engaging narrative storytelling with insightful analysis. From the iconic tracks that shaped generations to today's chart-toppers, we uncover the inspirations, collaborations, and cultural moments that make each piece unforgettable.
    Join us as we interview artists, producers, and industry insiders, offering listeners a backstage pass to the creative processes and personal journeys that lead to musical magic. "Behind the Notes" is more than just a podcast; it's a celebration of music's power to inspire, connect, and transform. Whether you're a lifelong music fan or just curious about the stories behind the sound, this podcast is your gateway to the melodies and messages that move us all. Tune in and turn up the volume on the tales that have set the soundtrack to our lives.

  • The Music Project is an online radio show that discusses all aspects of music. We interview up-and-coming bands, discuss the the latest music news, and more. For an hour every Sunday, we talk about all different factors of music. Since all three hosts are musicians themselves, they can really dig into technical elements of music. Our goal is present our listeners with artists who may become their new favorite band. We try to make our show fun and unique while talking about relevant topics in the music industry.

  • Welcome to the Worldwide Drum & Bass podcast with BMK. Every month a selection of the finest Drum & Bass from all corners of the scene. Expect everything from liquid to jump up and everything in between. Special features will be added to this podcast including sets from my weekly bassdrive radio show, exclusive mixes and regular studio mix uploads.

  • ////////////CRUZ IN THE MIX | underground, fresh sounds and all time classics from the dnb scene

  • Welcome to the Biotic Records Music Podcast, where we delve into the pulsating realms of Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, and Electronica. Join us as we showcase the deep, dark, and uncompromising sounds of our artists, peppered with exclusive, unreleased tracks and a curated selection of electronic gems. Dive into a sonic journey designed for the discerning listener who craves the edge of electronic music innovation.

  • Welcome to the Biotic Records Music Podcast, where we delve into the pulsating realms of Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, and Electronica. Join us as we showcase the deep, dark, and uncompromising sounds of our artists, peppered with exclusive, unreleased tracks and a curated selection of electronic gems. Dive into a sonic journey designed for the discerning listener who craves the edge of electronic music innovation.

  • Tinklalaidė "Rezonatos" - pokalbiai apie muziką ir gyvenimą

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  • “The Vibe Check” is a fun, irreverent weekly podcast from the creators of “The Goodelife” podcast. Join hosts Michael “Jammin” Parker, Jessica Marrs, Eijay “DaKidd” Goode, and Tevin “Only Tev”' Johnson each week as they review all things hip hop, music, and pop culture.

  • WKIM 61.1 RADIO. Los Angeles Radio! Catch us on the Red Carpet.

    Teen Choice Awards, Peoples Choice Awards, Movie Premiers, Oscars, Gifting Suites, Luxe Lounges, MTV< BET ect!!

    Featuring: Celebrity Interviews, Entreprneurs and more!

  • Key pieces of music from the Georgian period explored by Suzy Klein and Christian Curnyn. From BBC Radio 3

  • «шо є?» - бесіди з представниками українського хіп-хоп товариства і не тільки.

  • Spreading An Ear-To-Soul Connection Through Good Music.

  • Clarinet Corner is an exploration of music involving the clarinet. The show features music across genres including: classical, jazz, world, film music, and rock. And the lively conversation includes topics such as: musical history and practice, social justice, playing in a film orchestra, and colorful stories about jazz players.

    You don't have to be a clarinet player or a musician to join in, host Tim Phillips makes the show accessible to everyone!

  • Originally from Bristol UK and now residing in Tauranga NZ, Peasoup has been spinning since '04 with a love for DnB, 140 and golden era hip-hop.

    Right here you'll find the All Crews drum & bass show recoded live over on Cratedigs radio, every Tuesday 7 – 9pm NZST.
    2 hours of Jungle Drum & Bass spanning the full spectrum of the genre and bringing you the classics alongside fresh upfront cuts.

    Large up to all the jungle heads, all the ravers, love to all crews.

    For Peasoup mixes head to

  • How Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Ushered Female Pop Into the Future
    Among Taylor Swift’s indelible catalog of zeitgeist-capturing smash singles, none represents a more decisive pivot into ambitious pop dominance than her chart-shattering 2014 single “Shake It Off”. Musically a defiant upbeat departure from the melodramatic country-pop that launched her career, lyrically “Shake It Off” marked Swift’s watershed declaration of emancipation from public criticism through kinetic self-acceptance. Both composition and mantra-ready chorus resonated explosively, propelling Swift to ascend as the voice of her generation on the strength of outside-the-box artistic liberation.
    By 2014, Swift had already amassed critical accolades and multiplatinum sales over four albums spanning nearly a decade in the spotlight since age 16. But rather than capitalize on established success formulas, Swift took startling risks with “Shake It Off”, reinventing her musical persona without warning. Trading vulnerable breakup balladry for swaggering horns, marching drums and shamelessly dorky verses about bad dancing, Swift made an ecstatic bid for fearless artistic ownership. Her playfulness felt iconoclastic in a pop realm then still unaccustomed to transparency from female stars beyond tabloid drama exploitation.
    Yet beneath that cheerful rhythmic bounce, “Shake It Off” reveals deeper personal epiphanies reclaiming Swift’s joy after years of weathering emotionally taxing criticism in an unforgiving public eye. Her lyrics confront tormentors head-on while dismissing the damage bluntly through the repetition of the titular hook. She urges tuning out disparagement through self-celebration. Rather than censoring raw reactions to pain though, Swift leans into unease sassily, exposing societal gendered double standards. Cathartically she chooses to laugh at misplaced judgments on her worth or talent.
    With “Shake It Off”, Swift ultimately redefined commercial pop boundaries through lyrics marrying the struggle to triumph over the commonplace burden of other’s projections. The track established her poignant yet galvanizing brand of musical inspiration rooted in resilience. Both sonically upbeat and thematically awakening, “Shake It Off” signaled Swift’s flowering into the chief emotional translator of millennial female experiences.
    From those very first confrontational lyrics, “Shake It Off” announces itself as Swift’s line in the sand defending creative liberty by rebutting criticism directly. She calls out perpetual judgments from “the liars and dirty, dirty cheats of the world” for thinking they can still “take her down”. Then with newfound maturity, she exposes harsh scrutiny as more toxic to targets than sources, determining she can simply tune out unproductive detractors without engaging.
    Swift doubles down on owed autonomy in the second pre-chorus singling out “the fakers” who leverage malicious gossip and salacious headlines purely for entertainment. Having endured years as media rags’ favorite clickbait controversy magnet for daring to be a young woman navigating romance openly, she again opts out of reaction cycles that only benefit those stirring turmoil.
    So when Swift unveils her signature rallying cry to simply “Shake it off, shake it off”, she provides permission for weary listeners to disempower bullies by forfeiting their harmful judgments any lingering currency or accuracy. She coaches fans to allow fleeting public embarrassments to roll off our backs smoothly by leaning into passionate personal purpose instead, our self-belief armor against detractors.
    Throughout, Swift models radical acceptance of all self-perceived flaws from awkward dance skills to fashion faux pas. Playfully she flips every shortcoming named on its head until radiating self-love powerful enough to turn mockery into celebration. With winking genius, she guts criticism’s sting by embracing supposed missteps first.
    Swift later elaborated on the cathartic creative process in the studio where this musical pivot felt fully liberating. She called the horn-laced production “a sonic bath” soothing the accumulated sting inflicted by years steeped in self-doubt from external voices. Swift attested to escaping that echo chamber of shielding perceived weaknesses to be judged made loudly proclaiming unconditional self-acceptance through lyrics that deeply healing. She recognized fans craved that modeling of courage too.
    Accordingly “Shake It Off” resonated explosively upon release in summer 2014, majorly redefining Swift's artistic trajectory going forward. The track blasted airplay records and became her first bonafide global smash crossover, outselling every 2014 single besides megahit “Happy”. Swift attributed its meteoric success to how “Shake It Off” arrived as an emotional lifeline for young women feeling similarly discouraged into self-consciousness.
    With that cultural antennae attuned, Swift soon marshalled pop dominance on her own terms, becoming synonymous with daring vulnerability, and political activism alongside number-one hits. “Shake It Off” stood as a watershed mark of her assuming creative reigns. Where country radio once bounded her inventiveness, Swift now freely hybridized musical styles to match raw lyricism.
    When embarking on global stadium tours too, Swift transmuted “Shake It Off” into her emboldening encore anthem, catapulting from trap doors in sequined leotards to sizzle energy to a fever pitch. Like a choreographed metaphor, Swift dramatically shed past constraints before tens of thousands echoing the chorus with tearful elation. Together artists and audiences wordlessly sealed a covenant pursuing self-love and purpose above outside voices.
    In 2023, nearly a decade since its release, “Shake It Off’s” legacy as Swift’s career-rocketing fight song endures stronger than ever with new generations discovering its empowerment. TikTok dollies regularly revive the track as euphoric shorthand for overcoming all manners of adversity or injustice through solidarity. Swift even partnered with Spotify to release uplifting “Shake It Off” remixes naming societal biases still requiring shaking off - from anti-LGBTQ legislation to climate change denial.
    Clearly Swift struck generation-defining magic with “Shake It Off” that fateful summer precisely by boldly marrying musical innovation to psychological healing insight well ahead of pop peers. Where female icons before relied on image spectacle or vocal acrobatics alone, Swift invited mass intimacy through compassionate accountability instead. And a decade later, pop remains filled with disciples she’s paved space for from Selena Gomez to Olivia Rodrigo actively erasing stigmas around women’s mental health issues through smash hits.
    But most resonantly, Swift sustains that solidarity with fans growing up alongside her by upholding “Shake It Off” as a guiding light whenever adversity strikes. Each show’s climactic mirrorball explosion into its jubilant chorus becomes a ritual rebirth summoning strength together. The song remains both balm when coping privately and amplifying battle cry declaring collective triumph.
    Indeed nearly 10 albums later, Swift endures as critic-proof pop's most ingenious visionary precisely by inspiring human connections around struggles no external success could shield her from either. The resonance is evident in every voice raised to cheer “Shake It Off’s” audacious chorus in unison makes clear Swift’s genius was ensuring nobody needs weather objectification or self-doubt alone in the dark anymore. Not when there exists an ever-brightening beacon guiding whole generations toward confidence’s dawn. Thanks for Listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Naktin – tai procesas, pasitinkant rytą, o to proceso palydovas esi Tu. Iš pradžių iš lėto dairaisi, vėliau tampi minios dalimi, kol galiausiai tarp tos minios atrandi save. Supranti, kad tai Tavo gyvenimo būdas – jis įvairus, kitoks ir nuolat kintantis. Šioje laidoje kalbėsimės apie tokius, kaip Tu – nakties gyvenimo būdo mylėtojus. Daug dėmesio skirdami lėtai, laužytai, kartais intensyviai ir klampesnei muzikai, pasinersime ir į pokalbius su tais, kurie kuria nakties gyvenimo būdą.
    Ved. Tomas Lukaševičius