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  • Seis canções, seis conversas sobre como o caminho para Abril também se fez de música e letras em que se pressentia a mudança. O jornalista Nuno Pacheco conversa com Luís Cília, Manuel Freire, Sérgio Godinho, Fernando Tordo, Paulo de Carvalho e Francisco Fanhais em seis episódios. Em cada um a canção é o mote para recordar os anos de canto e de luta, a censura e a perseguição.

  • In this liminal variety show, host and Operator Jacquie Cotillard guides you through the endless halls of our strangest dreams. We are advised by musicians, artists, and fascinating souls that pass by the Main Desk in Birmingham, Alabama for the sounds and seeking.

  • Hello, I’m Henry and this is my music podcast where I talk about music and the story behind it.

    You can visit my website at
    I know it’s long but maybe in the future I can shorten it down.

  • Tyler, The Creator Brings Irreverent Style to Louis Vuitton Collaboration Leave it to Pharrell Williams to keep the hits coming during his prolific tenure at Louis Vuitton. His latest bold move? Tapping red-hot collaborator Tyler, The Creator to design a playful capsule collection for the storied French fashion house. Slated to launch globally on March 21st, the "Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 Men's Capsule by Tyler, The Creator" brings the rapper's irreverently preppy style into the luxury fold. Known for bending genres in music, Tyler now gets to remix Louis Vuitton's codes through his own idiosyncratic lens. Pharrell wisely recognized Tyler's talents could infuse fresh spirit into the brand, blowing the doors open for new possibilities. "Tyler has been my close friend and collaborator for years and we've always connected on music and design," Pharrell shared via email. "This collaboration is unique to Louis Vuitton because it's a natural extension of our LVERS philosophy, building on our network of incredible artists and creatives." Indeed, Pharrell's creative community mindset has reinvigorated Louis Vuitton with a cool, optimistic energy. Enlisting cultural icons like Tyler to share their visions pays it forward for future generations. By giving Tyler center stage, Pharrell empowers him to make LV his own. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Tyler leaned into the chances to customize Louis Vuitton's signature elements. Most strikingly, he hand-drew an original interpretation of the brand's iconic monogram pattern, playfully dubbed the "Craggy Monogram."
    Rendered in shades of pastel pink, creamy vanilla, and chocolate, Tyler's Monogram incorporates his beloved airedale terriers alongside colorful doodles. Nods to his previous work with Murakami abound. This new Monogram appears across puffer jackets, backpacks, sneakers and other accessories. The rest of Tyler's capsule centers around clothes reflecting his own consistently eclectic style. Standouts include preppy cricket sweaters and cable knits in soothing hues, luxe mechanic jackets for motorbike rides, and tailored Bermuda shorts perfect for unconventional red carpet looks. Of course, Tyler also indulged his quirky obsessions through LV collaborator accessories. Think custom monogram cereal bowls with spoons, deluxe leather golf bags, canine-shaped crossbody pouches and even a travel chess set with hand-carved pieces. "My main focus was making things I would wear all the time," Tyler explained. "I dress the same in a meeting as I do a performance or grocery store trip, so hand drawing the monogram felt like the perfect balance to me." Indeed, fans can expect to spot Tyler repping items from his namesake Louis Vuitton collection everywhere if his enthusiasm is any indicator. The hand-designed chess set ranks among his proudest creative achievements to date. "The chessboard is one of the greatest things I've made and is definitely my favorite thing from the collection," he raved. "The team was great to work with...P has always left a door open for me, but I still can't believe this one."
    Pharrell no doubt grinned knowingly at Tyler's palpable excitement. When kindred creative spirits unite at Louis Vuitton, magic manifests. The capsule promises Tyler's inimitable influences through a luxury lens. Past collaborations between Pharrell and Tyler in music foreshadowed their natural rapport. Pharrell's productions and vocals have graced Tyler's albums for years. In turn, Tyler recently contributed a scene-stealing verse to Pharrell's 2022 single "Cash In Cash Out." But this new fashion partnership at Louis Vuitton represents their most multifaceted and rewarding joint endeavor so far. By merging their distinctive aesthetics and sensibilities, the pioneers remind us that playfulness and prestige can coexist beautifully. Expect Tyler's Craggy Monogram to become an instant collectible as his generation embraces LV in their own cultural terms. Yet the capsule also speaks to Pharrell's universal ethos - creativity as a community, openness as an opportunity, expression as freedom. Inclusive ideals never go out of fashion. So cue the cameras on March 21st as Tyler steps out head-to-toe in his custom Louis Vuitton. If his previous fashion moments are any indicator, he'll orchestrate an unforgettable scene guaranteed to go viral. But those lucky enough to score the limited-edition pieces can also rep the capsule in their own way. However fans style it, Tyler and Pharrell's energetic LV mashup promises to shake up traditional luxury spaces - and have a whole lot of fun in the process. When these genre-bending phenoms link up, expect only the freshest fits and beats. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts. And Hey! History buffs, buckle up! Talking Time Machine isn't your dusty textbook lecture. It's where cutting-edge AI throws wild interview parties with history's iconic figures. In the Talking Time Machine podcast: History Gets a High-Tech Twist, Imagine: Napoleon Bonaparte talking French Politics with Louis the 14th! This podcast is futuristically insightful. Our AI host grills historical legends with questions based on real historical context, leading to surprising, thought-provoking, and often mind-blowing answers. Whether you're a history geek, a tech junkie, or just love a good interview, Talking Time Machine has something for you. Talking Time Machine: search, subscribe and (Listen Now!)

  • Um podcast da cena musical underground portuguesa apresentada por Tiago LP

  • Proyecto de práctica para el manejo de un podcast y que busca explorar la época de la Guerra Fría en EEUU por medio de un análisis musical

  • Contando um pouco sobre da historia da música

  • This episode tells the story behind The Weeknd's record-shattering synth-pop single "Blinding Lights"—how it was crafted into an instant hit yet continued smashing charts for over 90 weeks and counting. Tracing the song's origins, musicality, visual aesthetics and more, it decrypts why this throwback crossover smash fundamentally impacted mainstream pop while making history across every conceivable industry metric since its late 2019 debut.

  • Newspaper journalist George and super-fan Chris discuss everything from the world of Morrissey and The Smiths - all while drinking medium-priced wine. Expect news, reactions and opinions. This podcast comes from the team that brings you the Morrissey Mercury fanzine. Get in touch at [email protected].

  • Showcase na Radio Latina, todas as sextas-feiras, com Cristina Gonçalves!

  • Na vida de cada um de nós há duas ou três músicas que nos transportam para as pessoas com quem as ouvimos pela primeira vez. Por trás de cada música, há uma história. Por trás de cada história, há uma pessoa.

  • Fala galera!!!
    Alexandre Monteiro por qui , em nosso podcast estaremos falando sobre música , assuntos voltados ao reino de Deus , eventos etc...

  • The best portuguese metal and alternative rock bands. Hot new discoveries every week!

  • 방탄소년단 RM이 말했죠. "스픽 유어셀프(Speak yourself)"

    우리는 아미(ARMY)들의 이야기를 들어보려 합니다. 어떤 이야기든..아미들과 나누고픈 이야기가 있다면, 들려주세요. 아미들이 응답할게요.

    여기는..쉿! 아미들의 대나무숲, 스픽 아미셀프(Speak ARMYself)입니다.

  • Esse é um podcast para todos os músicos que querem treinar o ouvido e chegar mais perto do ouvido absoluto. Metodologia pra você estudar onde estiver, mesmo sem instrumento em mãos.

  • As histórias dos singles dos Wham!, "track by track", com o relato do próprio Andrew Ridgeley. Um exclusivo M80 com locução de Vanda Miranda.

  • Francisco Gil vai conduzir uma viagem fascinante pelo universo musical português onde os artistas vão revelar segredos, como a primeira palavra escrita da canção, as histórias e curiosidades à volta da letra e da música, entre muitas outras curiosidades das canções que conquistaram e marcaram gerações. No final da conversa cada artista vai cantar a música ao vivo no Palco Do Gil!
    Uma Rubrica no Regresso a casa da M80, sexta feira às 19h15.