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  • There’s one special thing the most famous singers in the world have in common: Eric Vetro. From Camila Cabello to Shawn Mendes, to John Legend, vocal coach Eric Vetro has guided your favorite singers during some of the most iconic moments of their musical lives. On Backstage Pass, Eric’s celebrity students retrace their vocal journeys, from the very first song they ever sang, through notable challenges in their careers. Listen to Ariana Grande talk about the blessing and curse of perfect pitch. Hear Chloe Bailey’s transformation from singing at a summer camp to signing with Beyoncé. Eric is part therapist, part life coach as listeners become privy to the intimate relationship between student and teacher. You’ll hear these singers as you've never heard them before, and you may even learn to sing a little better yourself.

  • Três (ou quatro) jovens amigos discutem intensamente o mundo audiovisual, enquanto divagam sobre as peculiaridades do quotidiano que os rodeia.

    garagem151 is brought to you by: Duarte, Hugo, Pedro (e Alberto).

  • Exclusive insights into the world of string playing, teaching and instrument making from The Strad magazine: Essential reading for the string music world since 1890

  • Dear friends and listeners,

    Auch ich habe mich dazu entschieden, den SUPPORT BUTTON auf meinem Profil einzurichten (oben Rechts in blau)
    Soundcloud hat dieses TOOL freundlicherweise vor einiger Zeit ins Leben gerufen und soll uns Musikern helfen, die Zeit, in der Covid-19 unsere Kultur lahm gelegt hat und uns in unserem Dasein einschränkt...zu überstehen!!!
    Events und Bookings sind bzw. werden abgesagt, aber die laufenden Kosten bleiben dennoch und stellt uns Künstler & DJs so vor ein großes Problem!
    Die Politik scheint leider an alledem nur bedingt Interesse zu haben, zu helfen...?!
    Ergo...wir helfen uns selbst, weswegen ich den o.g. BUTTON jetzt anbiete:
    Leute die mögen und schätzen, was ich mache,...Fans, die wollen das ich auch in der Zeit nach der Pandemie weiter da bin und mit dem weiter machen kann, was Ich liebe...die können mich so, auf diesem Wege...freiwillig, direkt und relativ einfach unterstützen.

    I also decided to set up the SUPPORT BUTTON on my profile (top right in blue)
    Soundcloud kindly launched this TOOL a few days ago and is supposed to help us musicians to survive the time in which Covid-19 paralyzed our culture and restricted our existence !!!
    Events and bookings are canceled ... running costs still remain and this presents us artists and DJs with a big problem!
    Unfortunately, politics seems to have only limited interest in helping everyone?!
    So ... we all need to help ourselves, and that´s why I use the BUTTON above
    People who like and appreciate what I do ... fans who want me to be there in the aftermath of the pandemic and to continue doing what I love ... they can help me in this way, support voluntarily, directly and simply.


  • I'm Richie Castellano, I play guitar and keyboards in Blue Oyster Cult. I also make YouTube videos, read comics, and play video games. Band Geek is a podcast where I get to combine all these things. We also have a house band that tackles songs requested by our listeners and jams with our special guests. As an added bonus, we also teach our listeners how to play some of these songs in bite sized lessons. If you like music, gear, movies, games, comics or anything in between, then get in here!

  • Your chance to hang with some of the gurus of trumpet performance, education, repair, and manufacturing. Real people. Real talk. Real fun. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and join in on the hang.New episodes drop every Tuesday! Support this podcast:

  • Home of the simsphonica podcast.
    Electronic music connoisseur, crate digger, DJ and co-founder of the hk. podcast.

  • Podcast series by The Attic – an online music magazine which investigates different cultures from all around the world by disseminating a wide variety of music genres.

    Our music approach has no typical boundaries of genre, style, time or space, but admits its importance and relevance. For track listings visit our website:

  • A biweekly podcast talking about new releases from the world of K-Pop!

  • Evita Nossent praat met Luc, Sebastiaan, Jelle, Noa en Julien. Ze hebben een gemeenschappelijke liefde voor koormuziek en samen zingen. STEMHEBBERS is een maandelijkse podcast van Koor&Stem.

  • Listen the official podcast - Best of Dance Music mixed By Dj Cisko from Portugal - Azores!

    Cisko TV no MEO - Kanal nº 212722
    Dj Cisko Party Time - Podcast Radioshow /

    Dj Cisko Party Time - diariamente numa radio perto de ti!!!


    Antena Sul Évora - Alentejo e Algarve Sábados 1h às 5h 90.4, 95.5 e 104.7FM

    Rádio Dueça Miranda do Corvo Terças e Sextas 0h 94.5FM

    Rádio Clube Pampilhosa FM Pampilhosa - Aveiro Sextas 1h 92.6 FM - Mealhada

    Douro FM Tabuaço - Peso da Régua Domingos 18h 91.4FM - Peso da Régua

    Rádio Horizonte Algarve Tavira Sextas 5h e Terças 2h 96.9FM - Tavira

    Rádio Hertz Tomar Sábados 0h 91.9 e 98FM Tomar

    ESPANHA - Hispanidad Huelva Huelva Sábados 22h

    FRANÇA - RCP - Var Online - St Maxime Sábados 22h 90FM - St Maxime & Cannes

    ROMÉNIA - Radio Experience - Online - - Diariamente

    Faial - Estação B - Online Sábados 2h

  • Dois amigos de longa data conversam sobre um álbum por semana, trazendo detalhes, construção das faixas e a opinião dos ouvintes. Vai ao ar todas as sextas-feiras, às 11 horas. Apresentado por Daiane Radke e Diego Back.

  • Samba-rock é um tipo de dança que surgiu da criatividade dos frequentadores dos bailes - em casas de família e salões da periferia de São Paulo - no final da década de 1950 e começo da década de 1960, mesclando os movimentos do rockabilly com o gingado brasileiro de se dançar samba.

  • Nujazzsoul is an internet radioshow hosted by Francisco Coelho. Every month you will listen to two hours of eclectic music in real radio style with a microphone, for some live comments, curious record stories and extra information. From the shows, expect to listen jazz, house, breakbeat, reggae, disco, techno, ambient, soul, exotica, brokenbeats, library, electronica, latin, etc, and to hopefully join the dots between the past, present and future of music. There's also the blog section to check for regular updates, where you can find record tips and music related posts.

    Nujazzsoul is not a new internet radioshow and was first founded by João Cari and Francisco Coelho in 2003 and lasted for 4 years. Back then, the show was recorded weekly and was built in the same eclectic music concept combining new records cooked by underground musicians/producers with timeless good music.

    I hope you can enjoy Nujazzsoul’s comeback as much as i will enjoy sharing the music i love and collect.

  • 🆘 SOS SUPER MAMAN, le Podcast qui entraîne les ENFANTS dans l'univers des PARENTS ... et inversement ! 📌 Épisodes drôles et colorés * bruitages à base de jouets * personnages déjantés * idées slamées, chantées, beatboxées ou racontées : ❤️ Bienvenue dans le S.A.V des Parents Désemparés et des Enfants à Croquer !! ☎️ Poux, devoirs, siestes, câlins, punitions ... 1 à 2 fois par semaine, je réponds à vos questions (et ça RiM ;-) 📮 Pour me contacter, envoyez vos messages vocaux sur ⁉️ SOS SUPER MAMAN que puis-je pour vous ⁉️ ⁉️ Une histoire, une chanson, un bisou ⁉️

    Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

  • Conversas sobre música clássica, cultura, arte e sociedade. Um podcast da Orquestra Sem Fronteiras com Diogo Costa e convidados

  • At least, allow me to do something really different, about my daily routine!