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  • Selena Gomez Spreads Self-Love Message With New Single “Love On”
    Pop superstar Selena Gomez recently dropped an empowering new single titled “Love On” as she gears up to release her highly anticipated third solo studio album.
    Produced by renowned hitmaker Ian Kirkpatrick, “Love On” marks a musical departure from Gomez’s previous dance-pop sounds, opting for mellow R&B sonics instead. Lyrically, the breakup anthem champions walking away from unhealthy relationships to choose self-love and independence.
    Both thematically and sonically, “Love On” showcases the artistic evolution and renewal for Gomez after a difficult few years of health struggles. The affirming track lays the groundwork for her next musical era rooted in confidence and joy.
    Selena Gomez’s Tumultuous Years Preceding New Music
    Since rocketing to fame first as a Disney star and later as a chart-topping pop album artist, Selena Gomez has endured her share of challenges alongside success.
    After releasing two hit albums Kiss & Tell and Revival between 2009-2015, Gomez took a step back from music as she battled anxiety, depression and complications from lupus, an autoimmune disease that required a life-saving kidney transplant in 2017.
    She re-emerged triumphantly in 2020 with her acclaimed album Rare which documented her path to overcoming heartbreak. But soon after, the pandemic derailed touring plans just as Gomez began experiencing bipolar disorder symptoms.
    After four years since her last album, Gomez is now healthier and ready to create again on her terms. “Love On” kicks off her next chapter with themes of resilience and self-reliance.
    Maturing Sound and Outlook
    “Love On” represents a sonic maturation for Selena Gomez, veering away from the dance-pop production that dominated her past discography.
    Co-written by Gomez with hitmakers Amy Allen, Jonathan Bellion and Ian Kirkpatrick, the midtempo R&B ballad relies on subtle beats, delicate keys and snappy finger snaps. The laidback arrangement lets Gomez’s smoky, evocative vocals shine.
    Lyrically, “Love On” finds Gomez affirming choosing herself first after a failed romance singing: “No more waiting for the words, so called lеtting go... I know I'll bе okay even though it hurts”.
    The introspective, self-assured tone echoes Gomez entering a new artistic era defined by authenticity instead of chasing mainstream hits. “Love On” sets the stage for more vulnerability and sonic exploration.
    Empowering Self-Love Theme
    True to its title, “Love On” celebrates leaving behind negative relationships to prioritize loving yourself. Gomez explained it was inspired by her learning to end unhealthy patterns.
    Instead of reconciliation, the lyrics champion independence and inner resolve with uplifting refrain, “I'm gonna love on myself no matter what...Yeah, I'm gonna love on myself”.
    Written amidst the pandemic, the theme reflects Gomez emerging stronger by nurturing her wellbeing versus seeking validation externally. It promotes self-care both mentally and physically.
    For fans, “Love On” provides an inspirational anthem for embracing self-worth and freedom. Gomez role models prioritizing inner peace and joyful independence.
    Artistic Growth Through Music Video
    The music video for “Love On” further expands the track’s message through impressionistic visuals.
    It depicts Gomez lounging carefree in natural settings like fields and rivers, emphasizing themes of pastoral rebirth. The dreamlike visuals convey the euphoria of releasing anxiety to be present.
    Vibrant sun-soaked colors and Gomez’s unencumbered dancing represent lightness she’s found by loving herself first. The entire video channels cathartic emotional liberation in line with the song.
    By artistically rendering the feeling versus literally interpreting the lyrics, the video treatment shows Gomez’s creative maturation as both singer and filmmaker.
    Mainstream Success and Fan Praise
    Following its September 2022 release, “Love On” immediately resonated with pop listeners. It debuted at #1 on iTunes in multiple countries and entered Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.
    Critics praised the relatable self-love theme and Gomez’s effortless, emotive vocals calling it a triumphant musical comeback. Fans celebrated the return of vulnerability seen in her 2015 album Revival.
    On social media, supporters voiced how the empowering lyrics encouraged them to put their needs first too. They applauded Gomez for once again leveraging music to offer hope during trying times in the world.
    Based on initial reception, “Love On” succeeds in marking an exciting new creative chapter for Selena Gomez rooted in confidence and healing.
    Follow-Up to Critically Acclaimed Album Rare
    “Love On” has built momentum as the first single from Gomez’s upcoming third studio album, following 2020's acclaimed Rare.
    Her previous effort earned Gomez her first #1 Billboard album debut thanks to the record-breaking singles “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now.” Rare gave fans a cathartic deep-dive into her emotional state post-breakup, showcasing stirring vulnerability.
    By contrast, “Love On” presents Gomez content and in control after doing the inward work Rare initiated. She has found fulfillment on her own terms.
    Longtime fans recognize Gomez is entering a happier phase paralleled by her optimistic musical outlook. They eagerly await a full album continuing these positive narratives.
    Signaling New Era of Selena Gomez Music
    Throughout her career evolution from child star to pop sensation, Selena Gomez has grown immensely as an artist and person. “Love On” demonstrates this maturity in both substance and style.
    The track establishes a more sophisticated sonic direction guided by raw lyricism instead of chasing hits. It also sets the stage for more honesty in her music as Gomez focuses on emotional health and self-discovery.
    Whereas past albums centered romantic relationships, heartbreak and healing, her next record has potential to explore self-love, resilience and identity now that Gomez has become grounded in who she is.
    “Love On” suggests audiences can expect more genre-spanning versatility, vulnerable storytelling and messages of empowerment when Gomez’s new album arrives. The era is distinctly hers to own and promises to reveal even more artistic facets of this multifaceted star.
    Global Pop Stardom Through Multifaceted Pursuits
    Beyond just music, Selena Gomez remains one of the most influential all-around entertainers of her generation based on her diverse creative résumé:
    - Actress – Gomez first drew fans as a Disney Channel sitcom star before expanding into grittier film roles in projects like Spring Breakers and The Dead Don't Die. Upcoming releases include the mystery thriller Dollhouse.
    - Producer – She produces the hit Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why and comedy series Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin.
    - Entrepreneur – Gomez founded the successful makeup brand Rare Beauty focused on celebrating uniqueness and mental health.
    - Activist – She uses her voice to advocate for causes like immigrant rights and mental health access through campaigns like the Rare Impact Fund.
    - Social Media Mogul – With over 350 million collective followers, Gomez is the most-followed woman in the world on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.
    Her commitment to acting, producing and activism beyond music solidifies Gomez as a multi-hyphenate pop culture icon. “Love On” hints at more creative fruits soon to come from this diverse star.
    Conclusion With vulnerable new single “Love On,” Selena Gomez declares she’s entered a confident new era defined by self-love and personal fulfillment. The midtempo ballad champions emotional independence through a relatable, healing lens that resonates widely with fans.
    Both the track and accompanying video usher in artistic rebirth and promise even more expressive, empowering music is coming soon when Gomez releases her next studio album. “Love On” proves her songwriting continues maturing towards catchy yet substantial pop anthems.
    As Gomez flourishes across entertainment realms, this latest hit single cements her status as a role model for self-care on your own terms. By loving on herself first, she inspires fans worldwide to nurture their inner joy as well. Gomez continues evolving gracefully into one of music's most compassionate, resilient pop saviors. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts. And Hey! History buffs, buckle up! Talking Time Machine isn't your dusty textbook lecture. It's where cutting-edge AI throws wild interview parties with history's iconic figures. In the Talking Time Machine podcast: History Gets a High-Tech Twist, Imagine: Napoleon Bonaparte talking French Politics with Louis the 14th! This podcast is futuristically insightful. Our AI host grills historical legends with questions based on real historical context, leading to surprising, thought-provoking, and often mind-blowing answers. Whether you're a history geek, a tech junkie, or just love a good interview, Talking Time Machine has something for you. Talking Time Machine: search, subscribe and (Listen Now!)

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  • Kris Kristofferson - Pilgrim Poet Prophet
    Kris Kristofferson wears many coats - gifted Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Golden Globe actor, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, tireless humanitarian. His storied career mixes artistic innovation and integrity with good old-fashioned rambling and rebellion. As one of the seminal figures crystallizing the progressive Outlaw Country scene in the 1970s, Kristofferson penned classic tunes recorded by legends Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin and Willie Nelson. His resonant baritone voice perfectly matched sensitive lyrics celebrating soulful nonconformists and walking wounded pilgrims. An enigmatic mix of brooding intensity, erudite charm and roguish humor both on screen and off, Kristofferson championed political justice from farm worker and Native American rights to opposing state-sanctioned violence. Now into his 80s, though considerably less hell-raising, his poetic propensity for wrestling with existential and romantic mysteries through song remains uncompromising.
    Rhodes Scholar Rebel
    Born in Texas border town Brownsville in 1936 to an Air Force Major father, Kristofferson enjoyed a peripatetic military upbringing before accepting a prestigious Rhodes scholarship studying English Literature at Oxford University. However, the staid academic track left him cold. After joining the Army as a helicopter pilot, Kristofferson soon found himself regularly going AWOL for weekends trying to break into Nashville’s music scene. The mounting tensions of avoiding expulsion from the military while itching for more creative freedom catalyzed Kristofferson to bitterly resign his coveted post in 1965 - a shocking life gamble that alienated family expecting further military distinction.
    Now with everything staked on making it as a musician, Kristofferson weathered lean early years mopping floors in a recording studio while struggling to get songwriting breaks. But prolific output averaging a song a day matched by staunch refusal to tailor material towards safer radio-friendly country soon earned notice from fellow outliers like Johnny Cash. As Cash’s star producer, Bob Johnston began including Kristofferson originals on Cash’s late-60s albums, widespread exposure followed with peers clamoring for more of his soul-searching story-songs themed around seeking purpose through rootlessness. Vietnam protest anthems “The Soldier” advocating anti-war conscience and “Bobby McGee” celebrating hippie vagabond idealism particularly resonated as countercultural touchstones. Kristofferson’s early supporter Cash later hailed his poetic sensibility fused to rugged grit declaring him “a walking contradiction...fighting for freedom, speaking out against things he thinks are wrong, standing up for things he thinks are right.” Janis Joplin’s chart-topping cover of “Me and Bobby McGee” soon cemented Kristofferson’s reputation as one of music’s most sensitive truth-tellers. Outlaw Icon
    The stunning success of “Me and Bobby McGee” bought Kristofferson breathing room to develop his idiosyncratic songcraft even further. Teaming up with maverick producer Fred Foster, his 1970 debut album Kristofferson emerged a phoenix from years of struggling obscurity. The lyrical ballad “Sunday Morning Coming Down” went straight to Number One that year and broadcast to Middle America the hungover pathos, loneliness and longing more often confined to country music shadows rather than pop spotlight. As Kristofferson’s original songs turned to romantic anguish fueling the dazzlingly prolific early 70s, his laconic charisma, Hollywood handsome looks and fearless vulnerability captivated listeners and famous admirers alike. Friend and collaborator Willie Nelson praised Kristofferson’s arresting introspection telling Rolling Stone “Here was this soldier/songwriter with some truly different ideas.” Kristofferson soon counted pals and partners ranging from Dennis Hopper, Billy Swan, Gary Busey and songstress Rita Coolidge who later became his wife.
    Kristofferson also attracted major acting opportunities in cult films like Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid alongside longtime influence Bob Dylan. Major lead roles opposite Barbra Streisand and in Martin Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore further revealed magnetic screen presence. Kris and Rita Coolidge’s slice of Malibu bohemia hosted celebrated musicians like Bob Dylan while championing native and farm worker justice amidst 1970s frontline activism. However, crises followed in the wake of early grammy collecting triumphs. Kristofferson’s escalating substance use and womanizing fueled turbulent family life and career inconsistencies for much of the late 70s. Yet signature classics kept coming including 1977’s epic “To Beat the Devil” showcasing the songwriter’s muscular focus and masterful economy of language: “If you waste your time talking to the people who don't listen/To the things that you are saying, who do you think gonna hear/And if you should die explaining how the things that they complain about/ Are things they could be changing, who do you think's gonna care?”
    Lion in Winter
    As the 1980s unfolded, Kristofferson continued exploring acting with grittier character portrayals in more obscure films while raising his young children in pastoral isolation he dubbed The Shoal Creek Saloon. Musical output winnowed down to a trickle until a new creative lease followed clean living and third marriage in 1983. Several critically acclaimed late-career albums put musical punctuation marks on a distinguished legacy with sparse acoustic backdrop letting timeworn vocals shine. While film opportunities dried up, Kristofferson joined fellow Outlaw geriatrics Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings for supergroup The Highwaymen's chart success and touring from 1985-95 cementing their era-defining status.
    Slowing down in his mid-70s, lifetime recognition arrived through induction to the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Country Music Hall of Fame. After decades of amplifying marginalized voices since his Vietnam-era glory days, Kristofferson’s latter decades keep his political conscience intact protesting against corporate agriculture and mass incarceration while supporting LGBT equality.
    From Army captain to wasted Nashville song-plugger to charismatic ladies’ man, Kris Kristofferson took an unorthodox path to reach heroic cultural influence. His fiercely independent spirit shares poetic dispatches from the frontlines of a rand life where shadow and light dance. Through over 500 songs and 70 acting credits burnishing his legacy as a consummate artist, Kris Kristofferson modeled creative authenticity and bridge-building conscience few achieve with his boldness. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts.

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