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  • TONOs podkast for deg som skaper musikk og deg som bruker den.

  • Each week we take deep dives into some of the most wild and bizarre stories from music history. From the artists you've never heard of, to the stories you think you know but don't, each episode is a wild ride through music history. Hosted by stand up comedians Ken Krantz and Chip Chantry, guests include comics and the musicians who lived the stories themselves.

  • Musikkmagasin for podkast og scene.

  • Paul Birken's electronic music audio archive from past decades through newer releases. Integrating the emerging possibilities of value for value built upon Bitcoin's Lightning network with podcast 2.0. There is nothing more "techno" than an unstoppable network unleashing the creativity of a connected peer to peer planet. Check to participate.

  • Welcome to Ukulele Portal : Your one-stop-shop for taking your Ukulele Playing to the next level!

    In this series of podcasts, Róisín Erskine, founder of Ukulele Portal, will host conversations with performers and community leaders from across the global ukulele scene. We want to share inspiring and uplifting stories with you, because for as many different types of ukulele there are, there are as many wonderful creatives doing exceptional things with their uke.

    Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for info about our upcoming live podcast recordings and other online ukulele events.

  • Underholdende og lærerike samtaler om hvordan det er å jobbe som kvinnelig sanger.

    I podcasten «Syngedama?» får du bli med bak sceneteppet og møte interessante og kreative mennesker som skaper auditiv kunst ved hjelp av sine stemmebånd. Hege Bjerk vil vite hvordan arbeidshverdagen til sine kollegaer ser ut, hva slags bakgrunn de har, hvorfor de synger, hvilke rutiner de har før en opptreden, hva de drømmer om, hvilke tanker de har rundt tituleringen «syngedame» - og mye annet gøy!!

    Podcasten er støttet av NOPA.

  • Des Podcast Variés du Cinéma à la science en passant par les effets spéciaux

  • Andrew Constantine interviews celebrities from behind the scenes in the classical music industry in "A Stick With A Point". This innovative and thought provoking podcast turns the spotlight on composers, directors, record producers, venue managers, radio broadcasters and many more!

  • Der monatliche Audiostream von Saetisfai. Powered by Electronic Beatz Network.

  • Pretty Good Vibrations analyzes and celebrates pop and rock music and its crucial role throughout our lives. Podcast veteran and host Dan Koch (You Have Permission Podcast) has been a professional musician for most of the last 20 years: songwriter for the emo-pop band Sherwood, then as a commercial composer since 2012. Multiple episode styles include bracket-style tournaments, chronological walk-throughs, and deep dives into genres, artists, and eras.

  • «Feedback med Egon Holstad» er en podkast om musikk, der Egon inviterer gjester fra musikkbransjen. Referanser, erfaringer, historier og nerde-anekdoter. Intet tema er for stort eller for lite, så lenge det handler om musikk.

  • Podkasten Sanghistorier forteller sangers, oftest folkesangers, historier. Bรฅde de fantastiske fortellingene i selve sangen og historiene rundt og bak. Det er nemlig noe magisk med sanger!

    Om Sanghistorier:

    Manus, research, intervjuer og programledelse: Ann-Turi FordLyddesign og klipp: ร˜ystein Vesaas, LydkjรธkkenetOpplesing: Leif BlixVignettmusikk: Jo KolltveitUtgiver: Grappa Musikkforlag og Ann-Turi FordPodkasten er stรธttet av Fritt Ord og Lindemans Legat.


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    Kontakt Ann-Turi Ford pรฅ [email protected]

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • 10 years later and still an ok guy! That Drummer Guy has decided that it's time to retire the namesake and become something more than just That Drummer Guy. Heavy Debriefings promises to continue on with his vast display of music appreciation showing off bands of the metal and rock varieties with breaks of entertainment, mental health and other segments of live's endeavors

  • Welcome to BlueDeck. A weekly podcast featuring an eclectic, uplifting mixture of music from today's most exciting independent artists. If you're ready to add new music to your libraries you have come to the right place. Strap in, sit back and turn it up loud.

  • A Podcast by your friendly neighborhood rockstar. Enjoy as each week Bobby Westside pontificates about music on vinyl sometimes joined by a guest but always while enjoying a damn good cup of coffee.

  • Vintage vinyl. Classic sounds. A musty museum of music.

  • Stumbling through life, talking absolute nonsense. Occasionally, we play some music.

    Crates and Vinyl is a podcast where a few friends, namely Terriss, Jordan and Craig sit down, have a chat, share some beers and play some good music.

  • Covering all topics related to vinyl records

  • We are talking about how to practice, playing outside, mixing/recording, live sound, composition, stage fright, improvisation, probably some BBQ tips, and anything else we can think of.

  • The 80's to early 90's were a unique and golden era of Christian music. Every genre and style had amazing artists creating high quality music and solid messages. Christian Geeks Classic Rockcast explores this era through reviewing our favorite albums, giving a history, and interviewing the artists to give their perspective. Rock on!