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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Join host Kevin Dawson as he talks with figures from the worlds of music, TV and film about their path into the industry and their stories and process within it.

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  • Hosted by Laura Whitmore, Hear Her Voice celebrates the artistry and talent of women in music. Join Laura and her guests as they explore the female experience via the songs, albums, lyrics, and creative output of trailblazing female recording artists through the decades.

  • Like a book club for your next favorite record, each episode is an in-depth discussion of a single, under-appreciated album. Many episodes feature a follow up interview with the band that recorded the album.

  • Inside the Banjoverse connects with the unique journeys of music’s most celebrated roots artists - delving into the thoughts, emotions and experiences that drive and inspire them to art and to greatness. Hosted by We Banjo 3’s Enda Scahill––Ireland’s four-time banjo champion and a self-confessed technophobe and recovering perfectionist–– Enda uses his musical experience (he coined the term banjo-dysmorphia “what I think I’m playing, you might be hearing differently?”), candor (I’m in a band with my brother, and two other brothers -think I don’t have candor?) and listening skills (ask my wife!), to get straight to the stuff that matters.

  • Welcome to Famous Firsts, a new Global Original podcast from Smooth Radio, with host Jenni Falconer.

    We all remember our first concert, our first album and the first song we slow danced to, but what about our favourite artists’ firsts? In Famous Firsts, Jenni Falconer will chat to pop music legends to hear the stories behind their firsts: first gigs, first record deals, first TV appearances and much more. Famous Firsts will let listeners hear the hilarious, heartwarming and at times heartbreaking stories from guests each week as they reminisce with host Jenni.

    Hear Ed Sheeran talk about his hero Elton John; Michael Bolton open up about his parents’ divorce and their unwavering support of him; and Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne reveal what made Westlife get on their feet for their very first key change.

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  • Join myself, Adem Eve (The Record Doctor/This Is Disco/Doctor Pop Pod) each month as I delve deep into every single official Girls Aloud release; singles, albums, books, even the TV Specials, tours and all of their solo efforts! Diving in from the very start of their careers right through to 2013's TEN TOUR and beyond. Each month I'll also be joined by a very special guest Alouder to chat with me about the greatest pop group of all time.

  • Have you ever wanted to take a graduate class in Beatle history? In this podcast, hosts Karen Hooper and historian/author Erin Weber delve into the band's historiography--- the study of how their story has been told over time -- by reviewing beatle biography in the context of its data sources, the objectives and biases of the individuals who have constructed its narratives, and the varying versions of Beatle history contained within its pages. A podcast for Beatles lovers, readers, and history lovers alike.

  • Album reviews of Scottish artists from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. Along with Artist interviews from Scotland's golden era of music. With insights to their work, songs and stories behind the music.

  • Sraith raidió ar Raidió na Life é Mo Cheol Thú, a théann amach gach oíche Aoine ag 7 i.n. Labhraíonn an láithreoir Seán Ó Dubhchon le haoi speisialta gach seachtain faoi roinnt de na hamhráin is tábhachtaí dóibh sa saol. Insíonn na haíonna scéalta na n-amhrán dúinn sula n-éistimid leis na hamhráin iad féin. Cloisimid faoin bhrí agus tábhacht na n-amhrán go léir agus muid ag cur aithne níos fearr ar na haíonna speisialta sa chathaoir.

  • The Turf Shed Podcast is an Irish based video/audio podcast focusing on the entertainment industry. Founders Dylan Connolly and Evan Barrows from Co. Galway have an ambition to bring a behind the scenes look into the priceless and unknown stories from your most loved entertainers. From new and up and coming acts to your household entertainment names, we have it all right here. In association with Turf Shed Productions, every second Wednesday, followers will able able to enjoy a new episode. Welcome to The Turf Shed.

  • Authentic music podcast, mixing in real life topics

  • Get ready to hear synthwave news like you've never heard it before. Join Dennis G and Neon Fawkes as they tackle the less hard hitting synthwave news. It's funny, surreal, yet hugely informative featuring great music from synthwave's best.

  • First Thought invites you to discover new perspectives, people, and more. Tune into conversations on creativity and the issues of the day. 
    Based on Galway International Arts Festival's popular First Thought Talks series.

  • Your Spurs x culture podcast, with Ash, Billie T, Charlie, Rosa and Tom. HG is committed to covering the Tottenham Hotspur men's and women's teams, and tapping into the Spurs fan experience. We're talking the grief and glory of being fully COYS: cult heroes; iconic shirts; comically miserable away days; everything from Amsterdam to Zagreg. The team are also dedicated to bringing you music, TV, film, books and art recommendations we know youโ€™ll love. Plus guests! We have very special guests from the Spurs and culture crossover universes. Eventually, these guests will include Adele. It is our ultimate goal here, after all.

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  • An unpredictable and funny mix of conversation and music of the light-hearted variety with especially grilled guests on every episode. Join the members of Kern as they waffle and giggle their way through the folk world and beyond. We’ll put the kettle on…

  • The Tunes From Doolin Podcast is an Irish Traditional Music interview series featuring musicians from County Clare and beyond, who visit your host, Charles Monod, in Doolin. We are guided on each episode by tunes picked and played by our guest and we talk about various topics such as sources of inspiration, repertoire, style, memories and much, much more. The first 4 episodes of the Tunes From Doolin Podcast were made possible thank to the support of Clare County Council through the Community Support Scheme 2021.

  • SongTown on Songwriting is an honest look at what it takes to write a great song and navigate the music industry. This podcast is a celebration of songs and songwriters. Real pros who teach, entertain and inspire.

  • An interview-based show about beat culture past, present, and future. Hosted by journalist Laurent Fintoni and producer and DJ Kutmah, every week they talk to guests from around the world whose work within hip-hop and electronic music keeps the culture moving forward.

  • Canciones de Tiktok que aún no estaban en Spotify

  • Welcome to Vox Singing Academy's Podcast's hosted by Peter Vox with Vox Singing Academy teaching staff and numerous guests. Discussing everything regarding singing, vocals and much much more!