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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • For widows, by a widow who found her way through the first year of grief. Joann The Life Coach sharing from the heart hoping it helps other widows find their way to reinvent their life and find joy.

  • The podcast is gentle reminder that the time to follow your dreams is NOW! Each guest story reminds us this life is not a trial run and we have got to make the big moves now or time will indeed run out!

  • Enhance your pharmacy practice with ProCE’s up-to-date, clinically relevant, and evidence-based education across a variety of therapeutic areas.

  • This masters level science course aims to give you an understanding of the application of physics to the techniques of radiotherapy, one of the key weapons in the fight against cancer. It is designed to enable you to develop a broad and balanced appreciation of this area of contemporary medicine, rather than a detailed ‘professional’ knowledge. The course explains the principles of applying basic physics to radiotherapy in dosimetry, external and internal treatment methods, treatment planning and radiation protection. You’ll also study radiobiology and consider the effects of ionising radiation on biological tissues. By the end of the course, your understanding of these topics will enable you to discuss confidently the ethical, social and financial constraints in delivering radiotherapy.

    This material is taken from The Open University course S819 Radiotherapy and its physics.

  • During my ongoing journey of recovery I have met more and more people who have been sexually abused in one way or another. Statistics say that 1 woman out of 5 has experience some type of sexual assault and 1 out of 3 between the ages of 11 & 17. Statistics also show that 1 out of 4 men experience some type of sexual abuse in their lifetime and the same ratio as women for young men between the ages of 11 & 17. We all can find statistics in various places, and these can also be different; but you know what? We are not a number, we are human beings who know that we are part of these groups of people who are the making of the stats. We are humans, we are men and women who want to belong to something else other than statistics. We are individuals who need to not feel lonely, alone, ashamed, fearful, abandoned and forgotten. This podcast is for you, for my fellow humans who feel the deepest feelings that sexual abuse has brought to our lives. You are not alone and although I can't promise that you will feel better after listening to this podcast, I feel enormous hope that you will find in these stories some comfort in knowing that you are never alone and that better times are to come.email: [email protected]

  • Hosted by Siun Prochazka, this podcast delves into the world of ADHD for the people who have it and for the those in their lives. Siun coaches women with ADHD, helping them to find calm in the chaos and confidence in their abilities. She is passionate about people with ADHD finding their strengths and learning to live their life through those all while learning what their unique brain wiring needs and what makes it thrive!
    Follow Siun on Instagram @uniquely_wired_adhdcoach and check out her website www.siunprochazka.com for more details.
    Music by @miserable_martin

  • Finding Movement explores kind, weight neutral and pleasurable ways to move our bodies.

    These chats and audio classes are here to help you connect with the wisdom of your flesh and bones, become stronger and learn about what feels good for you. No diet talk, no fitness judgment - just small steps towards towards community, joy and better mental health. 

  • The Overcoming Betrayal and Addiction podcast, featuring Dr. Rob Weiss and Tami VerHelst, presents a conversational Q&A style discussion drawn from listener questions about sex and porn addictions, infidelity, cheating, and hard work required to heal relationship betrayal. Dr. Rob and Tami are very good at engaging people struggling with painful life issues in a useful, respectful way. They also invite you to join them on their live weekly webinar (Mondays, 5 p.m. Pacific at https://bit.ly/DrRobandTami), where they answer questions live Dr. Rob is Chief Clinical Officer for Seeking integrity Treatment Centers. He is a 25-year licensed therapist, a PhD sexologist, and author Sex Addiction 101, Prodependence, and Out of the Doghouse, among other books. Tami is Chief Relationships Officer for Seeking Integrity LLC. Tami brings over 30 years of personal addiction knowledge, helping supply struggling individuals and couples with the resources and direction they need to heal.

  • Get to know athletes as they share their personal experiences, CrossFit beginnings, and perspectives beyond the competition floor in “More than Fitness” — hosted by five-time Games athlete, analyst, coach, and affiliate owner Adrian Conway.

  • This Podcast aims to reassure, support, validate and empower women on their Pregnancy and Postnatal journeys. Through Ailish’s career as a Physiotherapist, teaching pregnancy classes for years, completion of Motherhood Certification and being a mother to 3 girls she has delved deep into this area and wants to empower women on their journeys.

  • The Lusk AC podcast is a club-based podcast that covers the topics and issues that matter most to members of athletics clubs in Ireland and beyond. We very much welcome your feedback and suggestions for features on our show.


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  • Over the course of 12 weeks, The RTE Running Podcast with Brian O'Connell will discuss everything from how to run your first couch to 5k, to what are the best runners to wear, how to avoid injury and detailing the ups and downs of marathon training. Along the way, everyone from weekend runners to Olympians will share their running stories and discuss why they run.

    The podcast series is intended to appeal to both the novice and committed runner and will be presented in an informative, curious, and sometimes self-depreciating style. Throughout the series, Brian will detail his own marathon training, and involve some of his running club members as they train for Rotterdam in mid-April.

  • Welcome to Unspoken, the podcast that highlights experiences that are all too common but rarely discussed. I am Dr Clodagh Campbell, The Wellness Psychologist, and I feel very passionately about speaking the Unspoken to remove the taboo and shame that so often surrounds our experiences and internal worlds. 


    For each episode of Unspoken I am joined by someone who would like to uncover their unspoken story with us, in order to help themselves, but also to help others. Episodes will mirror the therapy process, cultivating a listening experience where those tuning in will feel like they have a fly on the wall vantage of these unspoken, often taboo topics, that are actually far more common than we might care to admit or realise.

    Episodes will conclude with me sharing my expert advice on how those listening who relate to this Unspoken can care for themselves and lower the distress they or a loved one may be experiencing, for we all have our Unspokens, and now is the time for us break through the shame and taboo that has always held us back

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  • Note to File is a podcast for clinical research sites - interviews, best practices, and candid commentary from Brad Hightower, founder of Hightower Clinical and clinical research professional.

  • At Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, we want to support parents and families of children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Listen to ASD Engage to hear from psychologist Dr. Heidi Kiefer and psychometrists Shawn Brumby and Maureen Mosleh as they help move beyond the cold facts and details of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • MEDICAL CBD TALK with Dr Thomas Rocco - CBD explained by an educated physician and staff. Dr Thomas Rocco discusses important medical points on proper and safe CBD use as it pertains to different medical indications.

    Dr Thomas Rocco is a Medical Director of a medical marijuana evaluation center licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health and physician at BAK 2 Basics CBD Medical Consultants. 

    Krystle MacDonald is part of the medical staff at BAK 2 Basics CBD Medical Consultants and has worked in the medical field with chronic pain patients for over six years.  She also worked at a licensed Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center in RI as an educator and consultant.  Krystle has experienced first hand the benefits of CBD, and is passionate about educating and helping others experience a natural alternative for relief.  She has created petition proposals to the State of Rhode Island to improve the RI Medical Marijuana Program.

    website- https://www.bak2basicsllc.com/

    website CBD Health- https://bak2basicsllc.com/about-us/education/blog/

    SHOP QUALITY TESTED CBD PRODUCTS- https://www.bak2basicsllc.com/products/

    Contact us for any medical CBD questions by email, text or phone call.
    Dr Thomas Rocco and Krystle MacDonald
    [email protected]
    (401) 678-6420

    Proper medical CBD therapy is our passion. 

    Get CBD from an MD - #getCBDfromanMD

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  • The amazing health benefits of medicinal mushrooms as well as how to grow mushrooms, cook mushrooms and hunt for mushrooms.

    Mushrooms thrive in the worst environments and their survival depends on their ability to be able to filter out pathogens. If we consume them we can acquire many immune boosting benefits as well.

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  • Hello and a very big welcome to the Long Story Short Podcast. I’m your host, Vicky Cornick. I’m a gym owner & personal trainer and I have the joy of educating and empowering women from all different walks of life on becoming healthier, happier and more confident versions of themselves.I’ve got some brilliant conversations coming your way from leading experts in the fitness industry. I will also be sharing some of my own and very personal experiences, especially when it comes to my health and fitness journey. Follow me on Instagram: @vickycornick @victory_fitness_ie

  • If you're Trying To Conceive and want to know what you can do to improve your fertility and understanding of it, then this podcast is for you. This is the fertility education and information that you wish you'd been given at school. I'm a fertility acupuncturist and fertility awareness educator and have spent the last ten years working with hundreds of people who are TTC. This podcast aims to provide practical and helpful information so you can take control of your fertility and reduce the overwhelm that can come when you're trying for a baby.

  • Jenny Israel is a Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Activator, Counselor and Teacher. On Soul Speak, Jenny provides you with the tools you need to heal your life and discover your deeper purpose. Jenny started developing her intuitive and healing gifts in 2009. After dealing with her own health crisis, she dove deeper into her healing profession. The ability to see her clients’ energy blocks began to strengthen and she soon realized that she was channeling information directly related to physical, emotional and mental illness. She began collaborating with holistic doctors on special cases to test information that was coming through and found that she was experiencing about a 90-95% rate of accuracy. On Jenny’s podcast, you will embark on a journey of expansion guided by Spirit. She will cover how spirit and science merge in the field of frequency and energy, forecasting, teach you how to raise your vibration partner with other lightworkers so you can also learn from them. Each episode will allow Spirit to speak through energy for overall wellness, increase your emotional intelligence to open up joy in your life, and guide you into spiritual evolution using topics such as energy healing, Emotion Code, sacred geometry, numerology, tarot, crystals, channeling and more!
    Listeners will leave feeling empowered with their newfound knowledge of how to understand and heal their body, mind and spirit.