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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • MOTIV8 is a new Series from 1 Minute Motivation. In this Series You will be seeing Motivational Videos from Leading Motivational Speakers and World Leaders. The length of the Video will be Longer, about 8 Minutes Long.

  • Welcome to the Patientless Podcast. We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly about real-world data and AI in clinical research. This is your host, Karim Galil, co-founder and CEO of Mendel AI. I invite key thought leaders across the broad spectrum of believers and descenders of AI to share their experiences with actual AI and real-world data initiatives.

  • יוליה אור מארחת בפודקאסט שלה בכל פרק סיפורי הצלחה של אנשים שבחרו ללכת בדרך שונה ממה שהחברה מכתיבה.
    אנשים ששינו מסלול בפתאומיות כי הבינו שהם באו לעשות משהו אחר בחיים, לא עוד עבודה משעממת, לא עוד להקשיב לאמונות מגבילות מהסביבה.
    סיפורי ההצלחה האלה בחרו בדרכים לא שגרתיות כדי להצליח לעשות את מה שהם עושים היום.
    מה הסוד של האנשים האלה?
    למה יש אנשים שמצליחים וכאלה שלא?
    ומה התפקיד שלנו כחברה כשאנחנו רואים אנשים שמשנים כיוון ומסלול והולכים אחרי החלומות שלהם?
    על כל אלה ננסה לענות עם כל אורח באופן קצת שונה, אם כי תמצאו שהתשובות - דומות מאוד.

  • The IMG Podcast is dedicated to empowering International Medical Graduates (IMGs) across the globe through deep diving conversations, inspirational stories, analysis of Match trends and BEYOND! Our mission is to help you learn what it takes to succeed and to thrive as an International Medical Graduate. By providing comprehensive residency program research, educational resources, and an inspired community, we help IMGs accomplish their dreams of Matching into medical residency in the USA.

  • Podcast with Eula is a fun, honest podcast fronted by Eularian who is willing to talk about anything and everything. From relationships to situationships to everything life experiences. You can expect unadulterated girl with no filter. Podcast with Eula, new episode will be available every Monday. Hosts Instagram @postcast_with_eula Youtube @podcast_with_eula. Get in touch and share a receipts with us [email protected]

  • Welcome to the Outside The Box Podcast, hosted by Ben Rogers and presented by Performance Medicine. On this podcast, you'll find Outside The Box Stories and Outside The Box Conversations. Both of these series highlight health and wellness experts that are thinking "Outside The Box" with their philosophies and treatments. You'll also find stories of people like you and me who have chosen to look "Outside The Box" with their own health journeys. And finally, each week we have a Q&A Episode with Tom Rogers MD where he answers YOUR health and wellness questions. Hope this podcast brings you value!

  • The Binge Breakthrough Podcast is for anyone looking to break through the cycle of binge eating, compulsive overeating, emotional eating, or food addiction. No matter how long you've struggled or how many things you've tried, Master Certified Coach Jane Pilger will teach you the strategies, tools, and mindset you need to create lasting food freedom in a new way. Her approach is rooted in the science of the brain and body, trauma-informed, and filled with compassion. Tune in every Wednesday for a new perspective you may have never heard of before.

  • Your child is autistic, now what? Parenting a child is often rewarding, but for parents of autistic children, it can be a struggle when communication, finances, or behavior is a barrier. Join hosts Lia & Matt McCabe, an Autistic & ADHD couple raising two autistic daughters and the founders of the charity project AutismWish, in weekly discussions to provide parents with guidance, tips, resources, and a newfound perspective on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

    Each week we will share our experience raising special needs children and tackle difficult or taboo subjects in the Autism world with encouragement and guidance on how to broaden your perspective while learning to understand and empathize with your autistic child, from weathering the storm to Embracing Autism. Learn more at www.autismwish.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @AutismWish.

    Disclaimer: We are not doctors or therapists, so please always consult with your child's physician before taking any of our advice. We try our absolute best to get everything right but we are only human, so please make sure to consult with an expert. If you feel anything has been misrepresented or inaccurate, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at [email protected]

  • Hey! It’s Irina, the active optimist! With everything I do, I want you to be unhindered by depression or any other mental illness. To be mentally healthy, alert, and happy. To be able to achieve your mental wellness goals now, not in 20 years when you have plenty of time, free of your parents, and have a cushy insurance plan. You don’t have to be depressed forever because, believe me, I've been there and its not fun. I am here to help you fight to demon of paralysis and guide you to transform into the happy, living your best life, action oriented, independent YOU!

  • Improve Healthcare is an independent educational podcast focusing on delivery system improvement. It's key themes are "Policies, Processes, & Patients. Featured guests share national and international perspectives on a range of topics that impact the healthcare delivery continuum - both inside and outside of health facilities including public health, health education, and systems-thinking.

  • Melina casually and openly shares what's on her mind as she grows, heals, evolves, and becomes while riding the waves of life. This podcast is an everything under the sea, nothing off limits, relaxed and casual vibe, with topics often relating back to the health and wellness space. Riding the waves was brought to life as Melina dove into what wellness looked like outside of the nutrition and movement space. Tune in for weekly personal journals, wellness topics, and a chance to grow together. This current holistic nutrition specialist is riding the waves of life in her 20s and taking you on the ride for a deeper, more connected way of life.

  • The podcast about how to use your brain in matters of the heart, blending emotional awareness with intellectual relationship skills. Hosted by Megan Sundra and Fernando DV, who provide raw, real, and sometimes ridiculous advice on love, sex, and relationships. Answering your questions and sharing resources, they equip you each week with juicy insights, tantalizing tools, and embarrassing anecdotes in order to help you have the best lovelife ever. Their approach is always authentic, validating, progressive, relatable, lighthearted, and enlightening. Tune in to commiserate, laugh, and learn something new! Submit your burning questions at www.headoverfeelspod.com/contact

  • Sex is everywhere, yet we're not talking about it openly and too many people report not having much sex or being unsatisfied with the sex they're having. Dr. Alisa Kriegel gets real. Talking about sex and relationships in an open, honest and shame free way. She gives you permission for pleasure and encourages you to be bold in speaking up to share what you want and improve the sexual connection with yourself and your partners.

  • Want to become a health coach? Hear what it's like to be a health coach, directly from successful coaches themselves! In the Health Coach Careers podcast, we share the best health coach interviews to pull back the curtain on how they started and grew their own health and wellness coaching practices.

    ➡️ GRAB THE DECISION KIT: I've created a free Health Coach Decision Kit to help you decide if health coaching is the right next step for you. Get your copy here: https://wellpreneur.com/decisionkit

    These interviews originally aired on The Wellpreneur Podcast. The wellness industry is booming, and many people are considering training as a health and wellness coach either as a new career, to start their own business as a wellness entrepreneur, or to complement other holistic therapies, yoga, nutrition etc. This podcast is hosted by Amanda Cook, founder of Wellpreneur.


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  • After living most of my life morbidly obese I decided to make a change and run a marathon.This podcast discusses the pursuit of weightloss, relationships, and mental health.

  • Join therapist, coach and creator Buck Dodson (LCSW) for Gay Men's Life Lab, a podcast that extends the brave and bold conversations he’s been having with other gay men for over 15 years about what matters most to us, and how to follow our own paths to feel alive and aligned – mind, body, heart, and soul. Each episode, Buck and his guests dive deep into the issues facing gay men today, including relationships, self-worth, purpose, a healthy body, sex, and more. Together we take an honest look at what’s working, what’s not and what to do about it. We get real with each other, about ourselves and our lives, and we open up about our struggles and our successes. Along the way, we learn from each other and grow together, feeling inspired and connected. This is your Gay Men’s Life Lab. Welcome!

  • Welcome to the History of Retina, a continuously unfolding story of the specialty’s dynamic evolution. Trace the journey by exploring milestones in technology, instrumentation and techniques and hearing first-hand accounts from retina pioneers whose innovative spirit and pivotal contributions laid the framework for the advanced sight-saving retinal care of today and the enormously promising treatments of tomorrow.For more information visit https://retinahistory.asrs.org/.

  • Nikki Ellis (Sports science academic, Public speaker and PT genius) has a passion for helping everyday women ‘Find their fierce’ to become the most confident and best version of themselves.

    Whether its fitness, fashion, motivation, nutrition, body image or the latest lifestyle trends, Nikki is here to help educate and mentor you with her new podcast ‘Find Your Fierce With Nikki Ellis’.

    Hear inspirational stories from those who have been on the journey and transformed their lives, get the right information as Nikki seeks out only the best health and lifestyle experts and every week create a positive mindset with Nikki’s Monday Motivations.

    ‘Find Your Fierce With Nikki Ellis’- wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Hey guys, welcome to Fitness Over 40 for Guys. If you are fed up with your out-of-shape body and tired of feeling old, this podcast is for you.No quick-fixes, no fad diets, no Super Secret Formulas! My goal is to educate, motivate and entertain and give you actionable tips and information about exercise, nutrition, weight loss and your overall well-being. Improve your health and fitness starting today. Get up and move! You can absolutely do this!