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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Welcome to Best Bad Movies, a podcast where we give your favourite bad movies the critical acclaim and love they deserve.

  • Brendan and Jason dive into the British Film Institute's Top 100 British Films of All-Time list. What does that mean? Well, they'll be exploring each film's significance, if it deserves its place in history and answering questions and comments from you, the listeners.

  • We talk about horror movies you probably haven't seen, but should.

  • reddits stories, sorry if i mis-say stuff, this is to help me listening to my own voice because i hate it.

  • Brought to you by the team behind The Geeky Waffle, Space Waffles is a podcast dedicated to all things Star Wars. From book reviews, to deep-dives and recaps, to exploring new corners of the galaxy, all with the signature Waffle humor.

  • Each week, over a nice cuppa, telly addicts Claire Parkes and Rebecca Speer chat about what they've been watching this week and what we should all keep an eye out for over the next 7 days.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Join Lizzie & Robb every Friday as they deep dive into your favourite girly movies! They look at the good stuff like the amazing characters and iconic quotes and scenes but they also discuss the bad stuff, like the plotholes, the crazy theories and the things that just don't make sense! Each episode is also loaded with little known facts and trivia. Then they announce the Best Character and they also give the movie a Final Rating which is added to the seasons rating list and you can find the ratings, girly movie quotes and memes on their instagram @girlymovienight :D Be sure to drop them a comment or a message if you have any movies that you'd like to hear about!

  • The podcast for in-depth discussion on film adaptations and the original material they're based on.

  • A Dingo Ate My Movie is a podcast that features classic Ozploitation and other slightly left of centre and overlooked cult Australian films from the '70s, '80s and beyond. Join us each month to deep dive into the movies you know well and others that you may have never seen.

  • Welcome to my brand new podcast, The Gossip Girl. You want a review? You’ll find it here! Whether it is songs, tv shows or movies. Enjoy the listen!๐Ÿ’œ

  • Besties love Betty! Lifelong pals Sam and Stephen recap, review, analyse and adore Silvio Horta's landmark show, Ugly Betty.

    This weekly re-watch features trivia, fun games, interviews (they hope), and a lot of love for the fabulous, colourful and hilarious world of Betty Suarez and MODE magazine.

  • The titular Popcorn Boys, Daniel Trainor and Kyle Jamieson, are two obsessive friends who have very strong opinions on all things movies. From the latest releases to box office, awards season to theater food, the Boys break it down every week with the humor and passion of two grown men desperately in search of an outlet. Grab some 'corn, cozy up to your phone and join the party, baby!

  • Besties by Bravo is a podcast with Caitlin Marshall, about all the Bravo shows and Bravolebrities that we love, hate, and love to hate and the friendships built on our mutual love of Bravo.

  • THE DIRECTORS SERIES is a podcast dedicated to appreciating and deconstructing the work of contemporary and classic film directors. In the show, we breakdown the careers of film directors like Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, The Coen Brothers, and Paul Thomas Anderson just to name a few. From their early works and short films to their blockbuster achievements and Oscar glory.

    The goal of the show to give the listener an insight into the film director's process and educate the next generation of filmmakers coming up.

    This season we will be deconstructing the work and career of film director Stanley Kubrick hosted by Cameron Beyl.

  • Tom and Morgan are two mates who love talking nonsense about pop culture, while also enjoying a beer. We've taken our drunken ramblings from the pub to the studio to teach each other about all kinds of films, TV shows, video games and more. From '80s cartoons to '90s kids shows, action film franchises to cult games, we'll chat about anything remotely geek-related, often with plenty of confusion, bickering and fond nostalgia.
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  • This is the show where we find movies on streaming services that were maybe missed when they first came out, were overlooked in theatres or DVD and ultimately flopped. The Goal? To find a hidden gem or maybe the next big cult classic.Each week we pick a movie at random from a watchlist made by this weeks host (Dave, Ian or Warren) to watch blindly and discuss it for your listening pleasure (Definition of pleasure may vary). New episodes drop every Tuesday on all popular podcasting services. Make sure to follow to receive notifications when new episodes go live.

  • Join the unashamedly dorky but super knowledgeable Den of Geek team as they tackle everything from the latest MCU releases to some genuinely weird Marvel projects from the past.

  • A weekly look at new content on the multiple streaming services available, along with new cinema & music releases of note.

    This Pop Culture podcast attempts to help you overcome the current dilemma of too much content being released by letting you know where, how and when to find it.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • โ€œFun City Cinemaโ€ hosts Jason Bailey and Mike Hull proudly present โ€œA Very Good Year,โ€ a new podcast with a simple premise: each week we invite a guest (filmmakers and actors, critics and historians, comedians and musicians) who loves movies, and ask them to select their favorite year of movies. Some pick a year from their movie-going past; some go deep into film history. Whichever the case, we spent (about) an hour talking about that year: we ask them to share their top five films of the year, and tell us why they love them; we look at the yearโ€™s news headlines, award winners, and box office champions; and we finish with a lightning round, where we talk about as many films as possible in as few minutes as possible. 


    โ€œA Very Good Yearโ€ debuts this fall; our guests include Bilge Ebiri, Roxana Hadadi, Keith Phipps, Drew McWeeny, Dana Stevens, and Alex Winter.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Join us as we explore the historical context and easter eggs dropped throughout the successful period drama mystery series of the same name. Perfect for fans of the show as well as history enthusiasts who've never watched. Each week Kalinda and Ivy look at an episode of Murdoch Mysteries and dig deeper into the show's scientific and historic references.