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  • Music in Cinema is a new podcast that explores songs and scores used in cinema. Each episode features a special guest and an in-detail discussion on 7 tracks and films.

  • Peju & Naomi (mother-daughter duo) enjoy cocktails while reviewing movies, discussing pop culture and having a good ole time! We are not professional movie critics so grab a drink, shut up & listen!

  • Нескучный подкаст о документальном кино. Разный взгляд на документалистику от представителей киноиндустрии.

    Новый выпуск каждый понедельник.

    Осторожно: подкаст влюбляет в док.

    Автор подкаста: Надежда Задорожняя @vechnayavesna

    Для связи: [email protected]

    Канал о документальном кино в тг: @okidocichannel

  • Join hosts and contestants Ryan Polly and Seth Worley as they develop an original feature film idea every week, starting with an assignment given to them by a "big Hollywood studio" in the form of random automation wizardry.

  • ホラーで笑おう!

  • 神戸・新開地より、気になる映画について配信をします。


  • Do you love superheroes and the shows on the CW? If you’re into Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, or Superman and Lois, this is the podcast for you!

    Tomorrow’s Legends is a TV review podcast that reviews each episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, and Superman and Lois. Join hosts Martin "The Flash," Jess aka "Harley Quinn," and Geoff “XForce11” as they discuss the latest episodes of these CW shows.

    To join in the discussion, submit feedback to [email protected]

    You can follow us on Twitter @tomorowslegends and join our Facebook group at

    All these details and more can be found on our website

  • Each month, Wes and Clay will use Rotten Tomatoes to determine the best and worst film in one individuals filmography. Then you can listen along as they try to figure out what went right and what went wrong!

  • アラサー会社員のめぐと葉山賢が 毎回1本の新作映画について語ります。なぜイマこの映画なのかーー映画が映し出す社会や時代の変化を親友同士のおしゃべりを通じて深堀り!〈毎週日曜10AM更新〉🍀📧番組の感想などぜひお寄せください↓↓Instagram (DM): @cinemanalensE-mail: [email protected] design & illustration by Ricco.

  • このラジオは2次元の面白さを語り合い知っていくをテーマに

  • さくら ゆき のpodcast不定期にて配信。歴史や本などをメインにお喋りしています。15分間、ゆるゆるとお付き合いいただければ幸いです。

  • 【フィルムドローム…映画を観たい・話したい・学びたい症候群】のタキダシボーイ、イケダ、カンの3人が映画関連のトピックスについて自由に話していく番組です。

  • Podcast10年選手の我々2人がダラダラまだ話してます。
    Amazon prime Videoで見ることが出来るけどあまり誰も見てなさそうな映画、ドラマ、アニメ、ドキュメンタリーを取り上げて真剣に駄話しをしております。

  • Join queer hosts Kevin & Chris for casual weekly discussions celebrating the weird, wild world of horror cinema! New episodes air on Tuesdays.

    Connect with us on Patreon & social media for updates!
    Instagram: homosonhauntedhill
    Facebook: HOHH Podcast
    Twitter: hohhpodcast

  • In a world as vast as the kaiju genre, there needs to be a podcast that can tackle all things giant monster - from film to fandom, television to toys, Godzilla to Gamera. That podcast is YHS on Monster Island!

    From the world of Yes Have Some comes a new show dedicated to the spectacle and madness of the kaiju genre; one as fun as a trip to World Children's Land and as informative as a Dr. Yamane lecture. Piloting this ship will be "The Tattooed Titan of Tokusatsu" and YHS co-founder, Jacob Walsh, and the "Mayor of Toku Toy Town" and acclaimed sci-fi author, Jay Key.

  • Every episode, a group of film critics review and discuss 3 new movies.

  • DocuSweeties with Chris and Wah is a podcast that reviews a myriad of popular docuseries such as (but not limited to) the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, Love After Lockup, Love of the Spectrum and more!

  • Join Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”), actor/writer Will McCormack, and director Lee Toland Krieger as they discuss their new film “Celeste and Jesse Forever”.

  • 「心の一本の映画」との出会いをお届けするPINTSCOPEポッドキャスト。誰かの記憶に残る映画体験を通して、映画の新たな魅力を発信する番組です。あの人が映画に触れ、感じ、考えたことにじっと耳をすませます。