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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • In depth reviews of the 69th episode from a different tv series every month. Everything you ever wanted to know about the 69th and ONLY the 69th episode of tv shows.

  • “There’s no beauty here. Only death and decay”- I Walked With a Zombie (1943)

    The Beauty of Horror is a podcast dedicated to exploring the unsettling beauty found in the horror genre. Each episode your host, Chandler Bullock, welcomes a different guest from the realm of horror to talk about a horror film they find beautiful…and why.

  • An explanation of all things Ducktales and the Mcduck Family! From the show, to the comics, and fandom, ships, and more! Life is like a hurricane in Duckburg so we're here to talk about it all!

  • promotes Actors. Host JOHNNY KEATTH empowers 1 or 2 artist per episode worldwide the ability to promote themselves and share their success stories on his Top Ten International Podcast in Performing Arts. Dreams do come true if you have one. What's your Dream? STEP FORWARD ENTERTAINMENT 310-927-0318 [email protected] to book JOHNNY KEATTH

  • Ethics and Chill explores the ethics of pop culture. We dive deep into things considered shallow, uncovering how pop culture shapes our understanding of right and wrong. Movies, TV shows, pop music, comics and more provide the modern myths which help us live our lives – and Ethics and Chill examines them all.

  • It takes a lot to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re an Actor, Writer, Director, Make-Up Artist, or a Producer; everyone has a story to tell. Each week, the hosts of Pretend Worlds Real People are joined by various members of the Performing Arts to share their experiences. Previous guests range anywhere from industry veterans to the up-and-comers of independent film. Stick around as we sit down with these incredibly talented folks!

  • Love horror as much as we do? Join us (Tasha and Julia) while we discuss and analyze our favourite horror movies from the classics to modern day creep-fests. Each episode we'll delve into a specific movie, series, or subgenre and rate them using our "Scare-o-meter".*Disclaimer* There will be spoilers and lots of behind the scenes fun facts.

  • Podcastica goes to the movies! Join us as we delve into the films we love, from the classics to current cinema, and everything in between, with our opinions, analysis, insights, behind-the-scenes tidbits, and more.

    We're Podcastica, and we've been doing deep dives into amazing TV shows and movies for over a decade now. Check out our other fare at It's showtime, folks!

  • You know those movie moments where a character suddenly up and sews something out of nowhere? Is that possible in the world of the film? Or is it just lazy writing!

    Join playwright Meghan and patternmaker Liza as we get into the real technical stuff, but also indulge some some real tangents as we determine Could they, Would they, and Should they really sew that thing?

  • Film Critters Processes is the podcast version of Film Critters, a video essay series on Youtube about movies! Processes is where we talk about current releases, whether it be blockbusters, trash horrors, "Netflix originals", international festival favorites, and never, ever, Marvel Cinematic Universe pieces. It's like talking about a movie outside the theater with your friends!

  • Corey and Will are two buds who love movies. Each week, they will analyze one film that they believe deserves another look! Whether it's a film that slipped through the cracks, or a nostalgic favorite - this podcast is about reconnecting and reexamining personal histories through cinema.

  • A cheeky recap of episodes of Love Island (UK and Australia) with guest friends with serious and funny reactions to the shenanigans of the show. Nothing is off-limits: behaviors, banter, outfits, looks, challenges, and snogging. Good chat, silly banter, and definitely no mugging or melts. Oy!!!

  • For decades TV has been an escape from everyday life. We use reality tv to escape our jobs, children and most of our responsibilities. Born out of the pandemic with 2 friends who became coworkers. I’m Greg and I’m Demetria… Join us to Escape Reality

  • Comics creators Erica Henderson, Benito Cereno and Matt D. Wilson tackle each episode of SyFy/USA's series "Chucky," and maybe some more Child's Play to boot!

  • The Human Instrumentality Podcast celebrates animated fiction from Japan - or, anime - that uses groundbreaking visual storytelling to tell unconventional and moving stories.
    Season 2, now airing, tells the story of of beloved director Satoshi Kon, whose brief-but-brilliant oeuvre includes “Perfect Blue” and Paranoia Agent.” Kon’s psychedelic and psychological parade of images and characters celebrate the animated film tradition and critique the society that created it – and the fans that enable its existence. Hosts Ian Cory and Joseph Schafer cover Kon's entire career, from his humble beginnings as a background artist on "Akira" to his final cinematic dreamscape, "Paprika."
    Season one, which finished in 2022, covered the animated television series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," unpacking its sometimes cryptic plot, and examining its unique place in pop culture history — it's so much more than a cartoon about teenagers and giant robots.
    Follow the Human Instrumentality Podcast on Twitter at @AnotherEvaPod and on Instagram at @humaninstrumentalitypod
    Our website is:

  • Xem Full Cửu Bình: 9 Bài Bình Luận Về Đảng Cộng Sản [Trung quốc] VIDEO - AUDIO - EBOOK :ửu Bình: 9 Bài Bình Luận Về Đảng Cộng Sản [Trung quốc] :​Mục đích cuối cùng của Chủ Nghĩa Cộng Sản :​Giải thể văn hoá đảng [Trung cộng] :​Ma quỷ đang thống trị thế giới của chúng ta :​Trong suốt hơn 80 năm tồn tại của mình, Đảng Cộng sản Trung Quốc đã không ngừng bôi lên mọi thứ bằng vu khống, chiến tranh, lừa dối, độc tài, giết chóc và khủng bố. Bằng bạo lực, Đảng triệt phá truyền thống và tín ngưỡng, tiêu diệt quan niệm luân lý và cấu trúc xã hội. Yêu thương và hoà bình trong công chúng được Đảng thay bằng thù hận và đấu tranh. Thuận Trời thuận Đất thuận Tự nhiên được Đảng thay bằng tự cao tự đại ‘đấu trời đấu đất’. Nhân tố đạo đức xã hội cũng như các nhân tố sinh thái đã vì thế mà bị Đảng phá sạch, dẫn đến khủng hoảng trầm trọng cho dân tộc Trung Hoa cũng như nhân loại hôm nay. Tất cả đại tai nạn ấy đều do Đảng Cộng sản hoạch định, tổ chức, khống chế mà sinh ra.Nội dung: Cửu Bình: 9 Bài Bình Luận Về Đảng Cộng Sản [Trung quốc] Dẫn Nhập: Cửu Bình - Chín bài bình luận về Đảng cộng sảnCửu Bình 1: Đảng cộng sản là gì? Cửu Bình 2: ĐCSTQ xuất sinh như thế nào? Cửu Bình 3: ĐCSTQ, một chính thể bạo ngược Cửu Bình 4: Đảng cộng sản, một lực lượng phản vũ trụ Cửu Bình 5: Giang Trạch Dân và ĐCSTQ câu kết với nhau đàn áp Pháp Luân Công Cửu Bình 6: ĐCSTQ phá hoại văn hoá dân tộc Cửu Bình 7: ĐCSTQ, một lịch sử đầy giết chóc Cửu Bình 8: ĐCSTQ, một tà giáo về bản chất Cửu Bình 9: ĐCSTQ với bản tính lưu manh

  • This is a film and television podcast hosted by Hajer Zubairu bringing you discussions and reviews of the most interesting and relevant television shows and films. A podcast for everyone who likes talking film and TV. This podcast brings insightful takes and fresh perspectives on your favourite movies and TV.

  • In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.

  • From the hosts of Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs, this is an exploration of TV's missteps, blunders, and hidden gems.