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  • Previously On... is the official Love Island USA Podcast, hosted by Love Island’s own Matthew Hoffman! Join Matthew as he breaks down the latest Love Island USA episode in his signature style with a very familiar Love Island guest. Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe so you can gather round our fire pit. Previously On... ensures you and your ears will have a great night.....TUUUUGHHHHNIGHHTTTTTTT!

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    Recorded at Hennessey Studios!

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  • From the creation of the world to what happened after the destruction of the One Ring, this podcast explains all of the lore, characters, history, and mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien's amazingly deep and complex world one topic at a time. It's like the best college course you could ever take with a professor who loves Middle Earth and adds in some mind-blowing concepts along the way. Whether you're new to the fandom or someone interested in brushing up on the details and expanding your perspective, this is the perfect Tolkien podcast for you. This is part of the Robots Radio network and is brought to you by the host of other hit lore shows including the Fallout Lorecast, Elder Scrolls Lorecast, Witcher Lorecast, and Cyberpunk Lorecast. For business inquiries or advertising please contact [email protected] This podcast is supported by our patrons at

  • A podcast dedicated to the show Outlander. We are Stacy and Brittany. Two friends, one hopelessly obsessed with the show, and the other....a total Outlander! Join us as we recap this wonderful show. Can Stacy draw Brittany into the world of Outlander?
    Join us, as we get through this long Droughlander together.

  • OG Dance Moms Christi (@christilukasiak) & Kelly (@kellylhyland) take us back to the barre with this weekly podcast, recapping Dance Moms episodes and sharing never-before-heard behind the scenes stories.

  • An Entertainment Law podcast for Canadian independent film/television/media producers with Greg Pang and Michelle Molineux.

  • Before binging, there was cable. Welcome to Basic!, the official podcast bringing you the unofficial history of cable TV. Go behind the scenes of a glorious time in pop culture, when shows like MTV’s ‘The Real World,’ ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ and AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ made basic cable a must-have for every American home.

    With the help of guests like Jimmy Kimmel, Cindy Crawford and Amy Schumer, hosts Doug Herzog (former network executive at MTV, Comedy Central, Fox) and Jen Chaney (TV critic at New York Magazine/Vulture) explore basic cable history through the experimental shows, ground-breaking creators, and Zeitgeist-shifting trends that defined the medium.

  • Weekly guests discuss their favourite movies, and I try to introduce them to a new, similar movie that they may enjoy. Will my recommendations be successful?

  • Arthouse movies vs Mainstream movies. It’s a high stakes showdown every week on Weekend at Bergman’s as Forever Dog co-founders and movie lovers Brett Boham and Joe Cilio watch an arthouse movie and mainstream movie that share a theme and have to decide which one they liked better. And they have to be honest. The Seventh Seal vs Weekend at Bernie’s! The Red Shoes vs Showgirls! Gummo vs Home Alone! The winning movies enter the canon and the losing movies enter the trash canon and Brett and Joe can never watch them again for the rest of their lives. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.

  • Join founding and Screen Rant Underground editors Ben Kendrick and Rob Keyes (with special guest Kofi Outlaw) as the friends reunite to discuss films, TV, comics, video games, and unfiltered stories from the entertainment industry.

  • A podcast about the life and filmography of David Cronenberg. Friends Thomas and Tristan dive deep into the twisted mind of Canada’s “Baron of Blood,” accompanied by the occasional guest to help them navigate Cronologically through the Croniverse.

  • Horreur 360 est un spoiler podcast qui revisitera un film d’horreur différent à chaque épisode. Vous saurez tout sur les anecdotes de tournage,le budget, des histoires inédites et bien plus. Il y aura des collaborateurs et des invités de temps à autre.

    Je suis un trippeux d’horreur qui a envie de partager sa passion tout simplement. N’hésitez pas à me contacter sur les réseaux sociaux afin d’échanger avec moi ou même pour des suggestions de films que je pourrais traité.

    Bon podcast.

  • It was the dawn of the third age of podcasting... A DREAM GIVEN FORM...

    Your hosts, Luke Winch & Baz Greenland, joined by special guests, discuss every episode of J. Michael Straczynski's classic 1990s science-fiction saga BABYLON-5, extended media and much much more.

    A proud part of the We Made This podcast network.

  • Degrassi's coming back and it's time to get refreshed on your favourite Canadian high-school drama. Join Degrassi's biggest fan as she analyzes Degrassi's history and goes behind the scenes on the show's most memorable moments. If you're a Degrassi fan, this podcast is for you.

  • A one hour movie news and movie review show based on films coming to Kingston’s independent Movie Theatre “The Screening Room”. The Screening in Kingston team reviews films, updates you on movie industry news and answers weekly fan questions!

  • The Halo Television Series has landed on Paramount Plus, and Halo TV+ is diving deep into the new live-action show, including exploring the showโ€™s history, guest discussions, and commentary & analysis on each episode as they release.

    Join host Oran as he explores the new Silver Timeline of the Halo TV Series throughout the first season and beyond, discovering all the new lore, characters, worlds, and so much more!

  • A Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch podcast. Join Steph and Kara as they recap and review every episode from the beginning. This podcast is spoiler-free and friendly to first-time watchers.

  • The Films At Home Podcast covers all things home entertainment and physical media. We talk about collecting physical media, 4K UHD and Blu-ray movies, home theater equipment, and industry trends in home entertainment. The podcast is run by your host, Jeff, a movie lover with over 3,000 physical movies in his collection.

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  • The Bridgerton Bros is a podcast from comedian Kevin McCaffrey and writer Jon Daly, best friends who bring you the funniest, fanciest, drunkest show about the most watched Netflix show of all-time.

    Kevin & Jon also do the Sex and the City podcast, "Sex and the Cidiots."

  • A show about movies through the lens of the legends that make them.