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  • Podcast de tennis francophone mettant en vedette nos trois hôtes Marc-Olivier Long, Alexis Fortin et Lennon Bilodeau-Daudelin.

  • Eoin O'Callaghan brings you behind the scenes of Canadian Premier League side York United FC. With exclusive and extensive interviews, analysis and feature stories, there is unprecedented access to players, coaches and executives, ensuring a fascinating insight into the club. At such a special time for soccer in Canada, itโ€™s a compelling look at how a pro team operates.

  • Welcome to "Whiskey Bugger," the podcast that combines the art of fly fishing, the craft of fly tying, and the nuanced world of whiskey reviews. Join your host Will, as he discusses the perfect pairings of meticulously crafted flies and carefully selected whiskeys. From the peaceful serenity of the river to the warmth of a fine whiskey, "Whiskey Bugger" offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and sophisticated indulgence. With tips on tying the perfect fly, insight into the finest fishing spots, and in-depth reviews of various whiskies, this podcast is a must-listen for outdoor enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs alike. Grab your rod, pour a dram, and join us for a captivating journey on "Whiskey Bugger."

  • Horse Speak Chronicles is a journey of getting to know horses outside the box. Join us as we see horses from their worldview as a prey animal but with the same social needs as us. The members of Horse Speak are on a mission to educate horse enthusiasts about horses based on repeatable/learnable, and teachable observation skills and body language mechanics.

  • Bird dogs, field trials and more! Join Robert Ecker, professional bird dog trainer as he discusses training, sportsmanship, and the great outdoors!

  • Welcome to 'Wild Talk', your immersive journey into Canadian Hunting, Fishing, and the Great Outdoors with hosts Steve Hamilton and Kaylee Klassen. In each episode, we bring you closer to the pulse of the wild, welcoming special guests to share their expertise, stories, and insights. From national discussions to entertainment highlights, from top-notch gear to inspiring human experiences, 'Wild Talk' delivers it all. Get ready for in-depth investigative reports, exclusive interviews with trailblazers, and enthralling features that will ignite your passion for the wild like never before.

  • At a Conversation Pace, where running, community, and storytelling converge. A podcast where the vibrant world of running clubs and groups is explored, uncovering the bonds that unite us on the road and trail. Through intimate conversations, we'll hear tales of triumph and perseverance, reminding us of the transformative power of putting one foot in front of the other. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a novice runner, join us as we journey through the landscapes of resilience and camaraderie. Every step is a story, and every guest is a cherished member of our running community.

  • All things running and some things not running. The good, the bad, ugly and funny. Most content is simplified for easier digestion.
    Note: Please consult a medical professional before beginning any exercise program.
    Questions or Comments: [email protected]

  • The Tri Hard Podcast is your ultimate source for everything triathlon. Join Parker, Mike and Seid as they share their training routines, race experiences,  insights from their time with the NVDM team, and just general banter related to Triathlon.  Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or just starting out, our podcast covers all things triathlon, from gear and nutrition to mental preparation and race strategies. Tune in to stay motivated, informed, and entertained on your triathlon journey.
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  • Welcome to The Lockerroom Unplugged, the ultimate destination for all things football! Dive into the pulsating world of the beautiful game with us as we dissect matches, analyze player performances, and explore the latest news and controversies that make football the global phenomenon it is.

    Hosted by passionate fans, our podcast offers a unique blend of insightful commentary and spirited debates. Whether you're a seasoned supporter or a casual observer, we invite you to join our lively discussions and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of football fandom.

    From tactical breakdowns to transfer rumours, and iconic moments to off-field drama, The Lockerroom Unplugged covers it all, ensuring you stay informed and entertained throughout the season. So grab your jersey, put on your game face, and join us as we celebrate the beautiful game in all its glory.

    Get ready to experience football like never before on The Lockerroom Unplugged โ€“ because when it comes to passion, dedication, and love for the game, we leave no stone unturned!

  • Nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and recording from Hinton Alberta, this podcast is all about embracing the great outdoors!
    Featuring interviews with local wilderness enthusiasts, camping and backcountry survival tips, gear reviews and more.

  • Murder Gymnastics is a podcast hosted by a pair of heavy metal loving Canadian wrestling nerds. Dive in and join Col & Paul each episode as they talk WWE, AEW, TNA, Old school wrestling and more!Alright let's do this! Spotify users don't forget to interact with the Podcast Q&A's and polls directly in your mobile app! Follow the pod @murdergymnasticspod on Instagram & ThreadsReach Col @mister.meanie on Instagram@mistermeanie on TikTokReach Paul @whyweseemoviespodcast on InstagramResearch assistant & marketing by the amazing Margot Meanie

  • Former NFL tight end Luke Willson gives his takes alongside Luke Bellus. Sports betting picks, Hail Mary parlays and NFL breakdowns

  • It’s three downs. It’s a longer field. It’s a shorter play clock. It’s the rouge. It’s the Canadian Football League and this is the CFL Gambling Podcast on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network. Each week, Rod Villagomez and CFL Jim break down your best bets for another exciting season of the CFL. Subscribe now on the SGPN app or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

  • The FCS College Football Experience is the top FCS college football betting podcast. Pick Dundee and company break down each week’s best matchups and key in on their top plays of the week. The guys got you covered with the FCS College Football Experience from the SWAC to Pioneer League to the Ivy League, etc. The FCS College Football Experience is the only podcast you’ll need to get to get to the FCS National Championship. Join in on the Experience you don’t want to miss.

  • The Big 12 College Experience is the premier podcast for the best league in America. Hosted by Ryan McIntyre, Rush Bishop, and Troy Chewning: the guys talk Big 12 college sports year-round. From opening Labor Day weekend in college football to March Madness in college basketball: we’ve got you covered with breaking news headlines, game previews, and betting picks. We thoroughly cover all 14 programs scattered across the country from Morgantown, WV all the way out to Provo, Utah so you have the information to win you money. Come join us for the full Big 12 experience on The Big 12 College Experience part of the Sports Gambling Podcast Network.

  • This is the only betting show you need before placing your bets.

    Join host Joe Osborne and a cast of sports betting experts on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays as they guide you through the betting landscape.

    We will be giving out picks, best bets, and props, as well as breaking down all the biggest storylines from across the world of football.

  • a very late 20 something and washed up 30 year old discussing hockey, 2000s tv and pop-punk

  • Storytelling has earned its place as the most important tradition humans possess. The most important reason for this being that every story contains a lesson. The lesson to love, to forgive, to be just, and to strive for better than we have. They empower us, they lead us, they comfort us. This podcast is all about the stories of fly fishermen across the globe, who all have one common bond, Fly Fishing Saved their lives.