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  • Ludovick Bourgeois et Christophe Dupéré s’amusent en décortiquant le C.V. de leurs invités.

  • The Gavin Tucker Show is a program hosted by Gavin Tucker. On the podcast Gavin tackles stories headlining around the world in a no-nonsense fashion. Slaying holy cows along the way, he unpacks issues often too sensitive for mainstream radio. It’s fun, hard-hitting, informative, opinionated and soon to be interactive! Join the debate so long by emailing the show with suggestive topics of discussion: [email protected] Also visit the website

  • Take a dive into the world of bait making, bait makers, and fishing through their eyes. Find us on:Instagram - @madetocastEmail - [email protected] my lure page:Instagram - @hashimoto_conceptsFB - @hashimotoconceptsYT - Hashimoto concepts Tiktok - hashimotoconceptsEmail - [email protected]

  • Stabled but Unstable is an equestrian podcast where we spill the tea. Two professionals giving you their insight on the equestrian industry and sharing their funny story. Don’t take us too seriously but take our advice; we’ve seen a lot of shit! Could contain some strong language and brutal honesty. Be aware unstable friends.

  • Introducing the story of legendary beach country musician, Uncle Drank (Will Sasso). This comedic musical podcast also stars Luke Wilson, Chelcie Lynn, Kinky Friedman and Billy Zane - as a talking blender named BLENDY. This 8-part series hits like a blended daiquiri full of stories, complete with missing brain cells and certified Uncle Drank Gulf and Western country classics! With original songs featuring Brian Kelley, Uncle Kracker, Snow and more! From Audio Up and SiriusXM!

  • Mrs.Frazzled and AWalmartParkingLot from Teacher TikTok are diving into Teacher QuitTok!

    Teacher Quit "Talk" provides a candid look into why teachers are leaving and what, if anything, could get them back.

  • Kristen quits her 6-figure government job to become a full time artist, Mike offers her tricks and tips from his 15 year career as a musician. The husband and wife duo discuss following dreams, living the life of a ”creative”, and all the ridiculous stories along the way. They share chapters from their travel/relationship book ”You and Me” and interview guests about their path to following their own dream. Hilarious, philosophical, and heart warming all at the same time.

  • Join Jill Canty and Brian Shirlaw as they rank and discuss Vancouver's best restaurants, cocktail bars and things to do with your time. Have comments or questions about a restaurant we've covered? Want us to review something in particular? Email us at [email protected]! Follow us at @battleroyalewithcheese on Instagram!

  • Foul Tip is a sports podcast covering sports all over the world, however…Wahlid has close to zero knowledge about sports but internally wishes to just be one of the “boys” and talk about sports! Our superfan Zach watches baseball just about every night, is up to date with encyclopedic knowledge of all sports, plays Fantasy Football, and even has a secret twitter account where he has over 8k tweets about sports tweeting to absolutely no one. On this series, Zach + Wahlid will get into sports gambling, highlight and educate all things sports, and catch up on their personal lives.

  • Leftover Millennials is a podcast by Khadija Mbowe and Denny Ancheta. Eagerly teetering on their 30s, they provide unsolicited advice on unorthodox topics, explore conversations about formative pop culture zeitgeists, and satisfy their insatiable need for attention (Denny is speaking for himself). If you're looking for advice from two (sort of intelligent) individuals, shoot an email to [email protected] to be featured in an episode! Follow Khadija and Denny on IG at @khadija.mbowe and @pockypapi. All episode cover photos made by Geoffrey Guillermo. Leftover Millennials cover photo made by Alice Gabou. Intro music by Davie Levesque.

  • An (allegedly) monthly review podcast of every CGI Barbie movie, viewed in chronological order.

  • « extra sauce », c’est des discussions de 15-20 minutes, dans lesquelles les humoristes Louis Girard-Bock et Jay Laliberté disent de la sauce sur n’importe quoi avec comme seule inspiration un générateur de mots aléatoires sur un site internet super laid. Bonne écoute.

  • Pat Finnerty brings his youtube series What Makes This Song Stink to the podcast world with a show that dissects the songs you can’t stand. Pat is joined by comedians, musicians and friends to spend way too much time talking about the songs that tighten your jaw in line at the supermarket, and explore the music that defies explanation.

  • Checkered Past is the #1 Edmonton-based Ska History podcast. Every two (tone) weeks siblings Celine and Rob dig in on a different ska band covering their history, impact and catalogue. Expect a lot of jokes, culture discussions and of course, ska-based puns. Great for new, lapsed and casual listeners of the genre as well as fellow Skaficianados!

  • SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts: Comedian Jim Norton and host Sam Roberts interview some of the biggest names in comedy and pop culture.

  • Each week, Youtuber and comedian  Jason Nash (“Last Comic Standing,” “David’s Vlog” and “Views”) hosts a unique video and audio podcast with comedic monologues from Jason, conversations with friends and celebrity interviews. The podcast will feature guests from all walks of life and will merge talent from  the traditional and digital world making it appeal to a wide audience. 
    The pod will also have a traveling element from time to time, as Jason and his producers Jess and Ferris will travel to interview big name guests with vlog footage mixed in with their journey. They’ve already taped five episodes including: Dave Portnoy in The Hamptons, comedians Sam Morrill and Mark Normand in New York City and Nikki Glaser in St. Louis. Along with comedian Yannis Pappas and Instagram star Adam W. in their Los Angeles studio. 
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  • From the Webby Award-winning creators of The Box Of Oddities Podcast comes The Shallow End with Schnebly and Toth.

    Friends since childhood, Lindsay Schnebly and Jethro Gilligan Toth have always shared a love for stories of people doing ridiculously dumb things. They found it wildly amusing as young boys. They still do today. This is your invitation to pour a strong drink and join them for true stories that are tragically hilarious.

  • Dating can be a drag, so why not turn it into a game? In this blind dating game show, host Jujubee (RuPaulโ€™s Drag Race, Dragnificent) guides singles through a series of sexy games and challenges to see if they can find their one true love-for-now. Sure to make you laugh, gasp, and smile, this inclusive show is the first of its kind.

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