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  • Les Astrophysiciennes Frédérique Baron et Nathalie Ouellette, de l'Université de Montréal, sont au rendez-vous pour parler de la recherche en cours en astronomie et d’astrophysique de manière informelle et ludique. Elles s’entretiendront avec des chercheuses et des chercheurs de différents domaines, afin d’explorer notre Univers, des planètes de notre système solaire jusqu'aux galaxies lointaines.

  • Bringing you the latest and greatest on education in regional anesthesia in a smooth and entertaining way.

  • Paranormal Odyssey is a place to hear and share stories of encounters with UFO's, Ghosts, Dogman and other strange experiences that can not be explained! If you have had an encounter and would like to be on the show, please email Brian at Please take a moment to rate and review the show! Thanks for listening!

  • reTHINK OT is an Occupational Therapy Podcast of short audio content to help you to REDEFINE what it is to be an occupational therapy practitioner. At Buffalo Occupational Therapy (outpatient OT clinic) we are #RehabRebels teaching clinicians the FULL scope of occupational therapy practice. OT is science driven, medically-oriented, top-down, and CUTTING EDGE--it's time for therapists to start respecting their own profession and understanding that OTs do the upper body AND the lower body, GAIT analysis, manual therapy, cognition AND muscle imbalance, discharge planning and so much more. Time to speak our truth and reTHINK OT!

    #rethinkOT #geriatricoccupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapy #buffalooccupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapists #occupationaltherapyassistants

  • Welcome to the Cryptid Clues Podcast. Join your hosts Taylor and Reuben as they explore the mystery and history of cryptids from across the planet, and beyond.

  • در اين پادكست که به تهیه کنندگی سیاوش‌صفاریان‌پور و حمایت ستاد توسعه علوم و فناوریهای شناختی ساخته شده است، اسماعيل‌ميرفخرايى برنامه ساز و ژورناليست كهنه كار راديو و تلويزيون با متخصصان علوم شناختى به گفتگو مينشيند و هر بار به گوشه اى از اين جهان شگفت انگيز مي‌پردازد.

  • Informational interviews with people working with or in the field of analytical chemistry. This podcast supplements CHY 213 at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

  • This is your informal guide to the subatomic ecosystem we’re all immersed in. In this series, we explore the taxa of particle species and how they interact with one another. Our aim is give us all a better foundation for understanding our place in the universe.

    The guide starts with a host of different particle species. We’ll talk about their masses, charges and interactions with other particles. We’ll talk about how they are created, how they decay, and what other particles they might be made of.

  • Science-based information on beef, cattle, and their environmental impact.
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  • Epidemiology Now! is a podcast series created for students in 2021W HLTH323 Introduction to Epidemiology, Queen’s University. In this podcast, Dr. Eun-Young Lee at Queen’s University interviews up-and-coming epidemiologists and health researchers from diverse backgrounds on varying topics from the basics of epidemiology to its applications in public health.

  • Emmet Penney talks to experts, workers, journalists, and scholars from all over the world about nuclear energy, energy issues, culture, and society. Subscribe to the substack to get the newsletter and the podcast sent directly to your inbox:

  • Meet the people from Ontario and beyond who have made it their mission to combat climate change. From energy production to emerging technologies, listen in on conversations about what the path to net-zero looks like here in Canada, and abroad.

  • Join host Paul McCarney in conversations about community, real food, and conservation. We speak with guests involved in inspiring work in the outdoors, discuss current conservation news events, and share tips and techniques related to food and cooking. Join us to explore important topics about hunting and fishing, learn about wildlife and wild places, and create an inclusive community.

  • My Bigfoot Sighting is a straight to the point, no-nonsense podcast where Bigfoot eyewitnesses talk about their Bigfoot sightings. If you listen to our show, you won't hear an interviewer asking guests questions or interrupting them, because all you'll hear on our show is non-stop Bigfoot sightings and encounters.

  • In Rigged, we’ll rummage through the bag of tricks used by PR to shape the world you live in. Over the last century, these tricks have rigged the media, the government… society, really...with sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes profoundly serious effects on our democracy. This is a podcast about that war for hearts and minds right here on US soil.

  • Cardio Connector is a podcast by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. It brings together cardiovascular professionals from across the country to help advance clinical practice standards and continually improve Canadians' heart health. You will hear about knowledge sharing, guidelines, education, advocacy, and our nationwide community of cardiovascular care professionals. We invite you to meet them through Cardio Connector. We kick off our podcast with a series on Perspectives in Clinical Cardiology - a new addition to our CCS program portfolio. It covers challenges faced in community cardiology from all regions in Canada. Remember to subscribe to our podcast and share it with your colleagues and friends.

  • This podcast examines the intersection between sexuality and forensics with doctoral researcher, Crystal Mundy. Her 10+ years of research and clinical training have focused on such topics. This podcast will follow the pathway of her university course, navigating through what sexual deviance is and the theories behind it. Included will be case studies, research findings, and common questions related to these topics.Intro & Exit Song: Mad World by Jasmine Thompson.#HumanSexuality #SexualCrimes#CaseStudies#ResearchRemarks#LivedExperiences

  • Welcome to LearnOn Podcast, the science show by kids, for kids! In engaging weekly episodes, you'll learn about problems and solutions in science with your hosts Jaansi (13 years old) and Sunay (8 years old). We use the STEM-based inquiry method of Explore, Explain, and Evaluate (the 3 E's) to discover interesting topics such as neurology, psychology, physiology, mental health, and mindfulness. We also work with a wide variety of medical professionals, organizations, and businesses to spread our message. Enjoy our non-profit podcast with more and more endless learning to come!

  • Introducing The Wonder of the Stent, an original mini-series brought to you by Wondr Medical.

    Presented by Dr Rohin Francis, aka 'Medlife Crisis', this Podcast uncovers the development of one of the most effective and frequently performed procedures in modern medicine today: percutaneous coronary intervention, or Stenting.

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