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  • Explore how the ocean holds the very key to all life within its silent and shadowy depths. Join expeditions of discovery to tropical coasts, to the deep, churning sea, and to meet strange and mysterious marine life that most of us will never get to see.

  • The Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS): A shared national vision leading to effective, responsive, integrated animal health surveillance in Canada.

    Le Système canadien de surveillance de la santé animale (SCSSA): Une vision nationale commune qui mènera à une surveillance efficace, souple et intégrée de la santé animale au Canada.

  • Our insight and analysis of the (often problematic) wellness world, and how we're navigating the middle ground within it.

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  • Smoky Signal is a show about the science behind Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    In season one, we explore three stories on the theme of Collections. We learn about renewing traditional plant gathering practices in the park, a natural history museum with thousands of specimens, and even the collection of something pretty stinky (in the name of science, of course).

    What can we learn about the Smokies—and ourselves—through these acts of collection?

  • Exploring various thoughts and ideas around nature and what makes it so dang neat! This series of 'Podchats' with different folks with different perspectives aims to get you thinking differently about the world we all share so that you can enjoy your time amongst it more.

    Nerdy About Nature is a passion project that creates fun, engaging and educational content to help unite people from all over the planet, regardless of their race, sex, gender, class or species.

    Visit or @NerdyAboutNature on social media for more videos and ways to support this project.

  • Welcome to So Tell Me More, a podcast hosted by two psychotherapy students, Prabhnoor and Naviya. Join us as we explore various topics from self-care to learning more about cognitive behaviour therapy. We hope to get you thinking and reflecting on all things mental health - let’s dive in!

  • CLOT Conversations from Thrombosis Canada is a regular podcast for healthcare professionals exploring advances in the diagnosis and management of thrombosis, with a focus on new research as it is published. Our 15 to 30 minute easily digestible episodes will help keep you up to date on the evolving practice in this challenging field. Listen to thrombosis experts as they discuss their latest research with hosts Dr Jameel Abdulrehman, Hematologist with specialization in Thrombosis and Hemostasis at the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada and David Airdrie, Executive Director of Thrombosis Canada Thrombosis Canada promotes excellent patient care and improved outcomes for patients with thrombosis through high-quality knowledge translation, educational resources, and point-of-care guidance for diverse groups of healthcare professionals. We also provide education for patients and the general public. This podcast is another way for us to support those seeking to learn more and keep up with new developments. To access Thrombosis Canada resources, tools, and programs go to

  • Welcome to Coffee & STEAM, where we choose scientific accessibility over jargon, and coffee over all other beverages. Your cohosts, Shalini & Gayathri, will be speaking to scientists and researchers to help break down the barrier between the scientific world and the public, one podcast episode at a time.

  • Hear from academic and industry experts sharing insider insights, information and trend forecasts for the cell and gene therapy industry. “Commercializing Living Therapies with CCRM” is brought to you by CCRM, a leader in developing, manufacturing and commercializing regenerative medicine-based technologies, and cell and gene therapies. Questions / comments? email: [email protected]

  • The "Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers At This Party" is created by a group of students from Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Veselin Jungic.

    This podcast celebrates Ramsey theory and the people working in this dynamic field of modern mathematics.

    Through their conversations with undergraduate students, some of today's most notable Ramsey theorists talk about their first experiences with mathematics, their times as undergraduate and graduate students, their views about Ramsey theory and mathematics in general, and about their research interests.

  • C'est quoi le raptor?
    Le sauropodcast des dinosaures et autres bébites préhistoriques!

  • Les Astrophysiciennes Frédérique Baron et Nathalie Ouellette, de l'Université de Montréal, sont au rendez-vous pour parler de la recherche en cours en astronomie et d’astrophysique de manière informelle et ludique. Elles s’entretiendront avec des chercheuses et des chercheurs de différents domaines, afin d’explorer notre Univers, des planètes de notre système solaire jusqu'aux galaxies lointaines.

  • Bringing you the latest and greatest on education in regional anesthesia in a smooth and entertaining way.

  • Paranormal Odyssey is a place to hear and share stories of encounters with UFO's, Ghosts, and other strange experiences that can not be explained!

    If you have had an encounter and would like to be on the show, please email Brian at [email protected]

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  • reTHINK OT is an Occupational Therapy Podcast of short audio content to help you to REDEFINE what it is to be an occupational therapy practitioner. At Buffalo Occupational Therapy (outpatient OT clinic) we are #RehabRebels teaching clinicians the FULL scope of occupational therapy practice. OT is science driven, medically-oriented, top-down, and CUTTING EDGE--it's time for therapists to start respecting their own profession and understanding that OTs do the upper body AND the lower body, GAIT analysis, manual therapy, cognition AND muscle imbalance, discharge planning and so much more. Time to speak our truth and reTHINK OT!

    #BOT #occupationaltherapy #buffalooccupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapists #occupationaltherapyassistants

  • Welcome to the Cryptid Clues Podcast. Join your hosts Taylor and Reuben as they explore the mystery and history of cryptids from across the planet, and beyond.

  • در اين پادكست که به تهیه کنندگی سیاوش‌صفاریان‌پور ساخته شده است، اسماعيل‌ميرفخرايى برنامه ساز و ژورناليست كهنه كار راديو و تلويزيون با متخصصان علوم شناختى به گفتگو مينشيند و هر بار به گوشه اى از اين جهان شگفت انگيز مي‌پردازد.

    مدیر اجرایی: هانیه علیزاده
    با حمایت ستاد علوم و فناوری های شناختی

  • Informational interviews with people working with or in the field of analytical chemistry. This podcast supplements CHY 213 at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

  • This is your informal guide to the subatomic ecosystem we’re all immersed in. In this series, we explore the taxa of particle species and how they interact with one another. Our aim is give us all a better foundation for understanding our place in the universe.

    The guide starts with a host of different particle species. We’ll talk about their masses, charges and interactions with other particles. We’ll talk about how they are created, how they decay, and what other particles they might be made of.

  • Science-based information on beef, cattle, and their environmental impact.
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