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  • Her şey ne zaman başladı? Peki biz kimiz? Bilim nedir? İşte buna benzer daha çoooooooooo..k soru yok mu sence de? Burada soruları biz sorarız. Sonra yine kendimiz cevaplarız. E siz de dinleyin o zaman! :)))

  • Herzlich willkommen zu der Rubrik "Neues aus der Forschung" des Arbeitsbereichs "Psychologie des Alterns" der Universität Wien unter der Leitung von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jana Nikitin! Hier finden Sie verständliche Zusammenfassungen interessanter, psychologischer Forschungsbefunde zum Thema Altern aus der Welt der aktuellen Fachliteratur.

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  • Podcast Sayfasıdır.

  • The UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology embraces a vibrant community of research groups from across the University of Edinburgh. From biological sciences and medicine to engineering and social & political sciences.
    Synthetic biology is being applied to gain insight into human and animal health and disease and to transform medicine and healthcare.
    In this podcast series, we chat to a number of our researchers and discuss how their work is addressing a diversity of scientific questions with wide ranging impacts for society and industry.

  • پادکست های دکتر آذرخش مکری

    این پادکست غیر رسمی بوده و تنها برای دسترسی راحت تر خودمون ایجاد شده
    آذرخش مکری - azarakhsh mokri

  • Merhaba, Ayna’dan yansıyanlara hoş geldiniz!
    Ayna Eğitim ve Psikolojik Danışma Merkezi terapistleri olarak en sık karşılaştığımız soruları birbirimize soruyoruz. Cevapların peşine düşüp, birlikte düşünüyoruz. Biz sohbet ederken çok keyif alıyoruz, sizleri de çayınızı alıp bize eşlik etmeye davet ediyoruz. :)

  • Documentaires scientifiques ayant pour thème l'eau dans des domaines aussi différents que l'hydrogéologie, la télédétection ou le droit.

  • We Are Carbon is the interview show that helps us to recognise that the future of both our planet and our societies can be incredibly beautiful - and that we all play a role in getting there!
    There's a new episode every Thursday, and they'll average 1 hr long.

    We see endless headlines warning us of the horrific impact that we're having on the climate and how dire the outlook is, but we're going to re-frame this crisis and start putting the solutions into our own hands.

    I'm inviting in voices from science, agriculture, business and more, to help us gain an understanding of how we might live in greater harmony with the world around us. How we can build a society where our everyday choices have a positive impact on regenerating and stabilising the planet that we depend upon. Because when the planet and nature are thriving; that's when we can thrive! That's when we can live in a world less focused on fear and restrictions.

    I don't think that real solutions are ever found until we zoom out, see the full picture and recognise how it all connects together.
    We can't view climate change as an isolated issue. Our health, our food security, stability of economies and the way we interact with one another, they're are all tied in.
    The topics can seem expansive, so we're using carbon as a focus.

    We're exploring some important, and at times complex subjects here. But the whole point is to make this info accessible and transparent to us all.
    So let me know if there's ever anything that you'd like breaking down or exploring further. Or if there's related topics that you feel should be discussed. Reach out and let's keep this project expanding!

    And if you're a visual learner, look out for the animations! I'm creating short digestible videos to illustrate some of the key concepts that we're exploring. Find them at

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    Let's keep learning together!

  • Popüler bilim ve Bilim Kurgu/Fantastik eserler üstünden çeşitli mülahazalar

  • بودكاست علمي يناقش مواضيع شيقة تلامس صحة الفرد والمجتمع. من تنفيذ مجد عبدالغني ونورة الرشيدان، باحثتا دكتوراه في قسم العلوم الطبية بجامعة أكسفورد.

  • This podcast starts at the beginning of Earth's prehistory and works forward through time. Bedrock will explore the first 90% of Earth’s past, a time known as the Precambrian Era. Before humans, before dinosaurs… there was the Precambrian.
    The Earth was an incredibly alien world, but not a dead one.
    Along the way, you will build a mental toolkit to see the world like a geologist. You will never look at a mountain, the moon, or pond scum in quite the same way again.

    Welcome to Bedrock.
    For transcripts, visuals, and references, check out

  • پادکست با طعم تکنولوژی و برنامه ‌نویسی

  • Bu podcast'un bir ürünüdür.
    Astronomi tutkunları için özel olarak tasarladığım, aylık güncel bilgilerden kült bilim kurgu filmlerine, farklı teorilerden teknolojik gelişmelere kadar öğretici ve renkli içeriklere ulaşabileceğiniz yayınıma hoşgeldiniz!

  • Bol bol düşünsel aktivitelerin olduğu, tarih, felsefe, kültür, psikoloji, sosyoloji ve bazen de antropolojinin dibini sıyırdığımız güvenli bölge!

    İnstagram ve diğer sosyal medya platformları:

  • The Solar Power Podcast is presented by Bison Roofing and Solar, a South Florida company who is dedicated to helping educate the public on the benefits and cost savings of Solar Power. Get your questions answered and find out if Solar Power is right for you by listening to The Solar Power Podcast.

  • Merhabalar,
    Açık Bilim Topluluğu Türkiye podcast serisine hoşgeldiniz. Bizler açık bilim konusunda Türkçe içerik oluşturmayı amaçlayan bir topluluğuz. 2019 yılında Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi akademisyenleri ve öğrencilerinin ortak çalışması ile ortaya çıktık. Ürettiğimiz Türkçe içerikleri paylaştığımız bir blogumuza adresinden erişebilirsiniz.

  • A fun way to break down new technologies, studies, and publications in the field of Neuroscience.

    Two neurology enthusiasts, John Mccance and Nicolai Pamukoff share their knowledge about everything neuro.

  • Interviews with biologists and evolutionary scientists about their new books

  • Having trouble sleeping? Need some calming sounds while you write? Relaxing Nature Sounds are one hour soundscapes designed for meditation, relaxation, sleeping, and other activates where you need natural ambience in the background.

    Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube Music, and most other podcast providers.

  • Modern Türk edebiyatına ait eserlerin değerlendirildiği, bir edebî eserin veya sanatkârının anlamlandırılmasında önem arz eden kitaplara dair sesli okumaların yapıldığı podcast kanalıdır.