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  • Hello! And welcome, to the Pets Weekly Podcast!
    My name is Lyndie and I will be your weekly host, as we discuss all things pets.
    I am the founder of Sunshine’s Pet Services, where I offer in-home pet services for all animals regardless of species, breed, or temperament.
    I became a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant in 2011. I offer virtual dog behavior consultations to pet parents in the united states. Additionally, I am a professional pet sitter that loves, loves, loves to take care of animals.
    Above all, I am a passionate animal advocate and a complete nerd when it comes to pet care, behavior, health, and everything in between!
    Pets Weekly will cover animal behavior, health care, and pet care. Additionally, I will share heartwarming stories and inspirational stories of pets and the people who love them.
    Also, we will go for a deep dive into dog and cat breeds, along with animal rescue, and advocacy content. I would love to do Q&A’s and share my knowledge and experience with you. I will have various segments that will educate and entertain you on a wide range of pet-related topics. There will be something for everyone that loves animals.
    If you are a listener, you can find the podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts.
    If you are a viewer on YouTube, There is a visually appealing version of the podcast that includes adorable pictures and videos of pets that coincide with what we are discussing in that episode. Furthermore, you can see me while I sit down and talk with you about all of my pet-related passions.
    You can follow the Pets Weekly Podcast on Instagram where I will post information about each episode, general info, and updates.
    Additionally, you can find the Pets Weekly Blog at
    Sunshine’s Pet Services Instagram & Facebook:
    I have a lot of ideas and dreams for this podcast that could help animals in need. With your support, we can go on that journey together.
    Now that I’ve introduced myself and the podcast, I hope to see you every week as we dive into the lives of our four-legged friends together.
    Virtual Dog Behavior Advice Consultations for all pet parents in the US:
    Virtual Dog Training - Affordable Online Dog Behavior Consultations (
    Phone or video consultations are available now!

  • A monthly podcast seeking to translate the current research base surrounding paediatric exercise science into context.

  • One of the oldest online Qualitative Research journals in the world, The Qualitative Report debuts its newest podcast called "The Qual Report". Join us as we talk to and about all qualitative research related topics.

  • In this I discuss about various universe news.

  • Prosthetic care is a ever changing field with learning at the center. The prosthetic paradigm podcast endeavors to further learning in the field of prosthetics, adaptive athletics, orthotics, limb loss, and more. Interviews with people who are pioneering techniques, technology, or training highlight and contribute the knowledge to further and facilitate knowledge in the field.

  • Dr Emmanuel Comte is an expert of the intertwined histories of migration and Europe and the author of The History of the European Migration Regime. The podcast "States and Migration in Europe" releases his monthly discussion seminar. Each episode addresses a current point of debate in both public and scholarly discussions. It features a relevant expert, who is a scholar or a practitioner. Follow the conversations to gain valuable insights and a unique perspective on the policies and challenges that have shaped and continue to shape human mobility in a crucial region of the world.

  • Музыкально-новостной подкаст о мире вокруг нас.

    Что происходит с планетой, пока мы продолжаем жить старыми привычками? Слушаем треки, подобранные нашими любимыми музыкантами и актерами, и узнаем захватывающие новости о природе, экологии, климате и устойчивом развитии (да, они могут быть захватывающими!)

    От создательницы «c ЭГО на ЭКО», «Пакет не нужен» и «Человек разумный» Лины Туомас

    Instagram: @ego_2_eco

    Telegram: @linatuomas

    Email: [email protected]

    Читайте веб-версию выпусков на

    Над подкастом работали:

    Идея и продюсирование: Лина Туомас

    Сценарий: Аня Шпильковская

    Звукорежиссура: Дмитрий Устинов

    Гости выпусков: Варвара Шмыкова, Александр Горчилин, Даниил Радлов, Айгель Гайсина, Дмитрий Устинов, Дмитрий Евграфов

    Обложка: Полина Шпак

    Оставляйте свои оценки и отзывы – это помогает другим слушателям находить этот подкаст.

  • The Isaac Newton Institute is the world's foremost mathematical research centre. Living Proof aims to highlight the diverse people and interconnected topics linked to its many activities. Interviewees range from visiting academics and lecturers to mathematicians, other scientists, musicians, artists, students, and prominent figures within the University of Cambridge and beyond. The podcast typically involves mathematical themes, but is specifically aimed at a general audience. The focus is on the subjects being interviewed and the social stories they have to tell, not just on the significance and details of the research they may be undertaking. We hope there is interest and inspiration here for everyone.- The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (UK) is an international research centre based in Cambridge, UK. A part of the University of Cambridge, it has been hosting research programmes on mathematical themes since July 1992.Visit >

  • Sociologai ir antropologai visada yra REIKALINGI, tik galbūt ne visada pastebimi, tad šiame podcast'e stengsimės populiarinti sociologijos ir antropologijos mokslą ir atskleisti šias sritis jų dar nepažinusiems bei kviesti diskusijai tuos, kurie šiose srityse nusimano.

    Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod

  • Join Ashley Ahearn as she visits working ranches across the West to meet the women who are reimagining the way we raise meat. There are a lot of problems with the industrial meat system in this country. Ahearn saddles up, microphone in hand, to bring us a series of sound-rich portraits of women ranchers – their big dreams and daily challenges – as they work to change the ways we manage land and livestock in the West.Projects like these are made possible by Boise State Public Radio members. Give now to support future podcasts.

  • Der Podcast "hochschulreif" unterstützt Schülerinnen und Schüler bei der Studienwahl. In jeder Folge laden wir, Alexandra Becker (Zentrale Studienberatung) und Christoph Jäckle (Hochschulkommunikation), einen Gast aus einem Studienfach der Uni Tübingen zum Gespräch ein. Das Gespräch gibt erste Einblicke in die wichtigsten Inhalte des Studienfachs, in die persönlichen Voraussetzungen für das Studium und in mögliche Berufsperspektiven. Zu jedem der Themenfelder befragen wir im Vorfeld Tübinger Studierende des Fachs über ihre persönlichen Erfahrungen bei der Studienwahl, über ihr Studium und wie ihre beruflichen Wünsche aussehen. Studierende kommen dadurch ebenso zu Wort wie Fachexpertinnen und -experten.

  • Becky is the integrative Psychotherapist & Life Coach for the people who dare to dream & are ready to be, do & have more. Sharing with you personal lessons & the most effective teachings & perspectives from psychology, neuro-science, spirituality & coaching, so that you can lead your way through life with more confidence, discernment & conviction.Are you ready to Radically Redefine your Reality... create a life of internal freedom, increased personal power, unlimited potential & feel deeply whole, expansive & wealthy in all aspects of your world?Connect with Becky; Instagram - @integrativecoachingwithbeckyWebsite -

  • Падкаст «Праз космас» - гэта падборка цікавых навін аб космасе, новых адкрыццях, публікацыях і касмічных праграмах на беларускай мове.

  • Welcome to Overthinking, where we take fun and interesting ideas, over-analyze them, and run them to their logical conclusions... all in the name of exploration, education, and most importantly entertainment. Support this podcast:

  • I search a problem to solve in the world and i talk about some solutions we can use

  • Presenting our new podcast series, Heart Failure in Focus, hosted by Dr Muthiah Vaduganathan.

    Published monthly, this series is intended to offer practical guidance to health professionals managing heart failure, in an era that has seen some seismic changes to the way in which we treat and view this disease.

    This podcast is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca.

  • Research shows conversations matter - both for learning and inspiring action. In this new podcast collection, we are 'Talking Transformations' with thought leaders from government, industry, and academia. Our mission is to discuss current trends in science, technology, governance, and behaviours to transform our society and economy towards sustainability. 'Talking Transformations' is produced by the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. We release a mini-series several times a year, consisting of a bundle of episodes around a common theme. Our inaugural mini-series focuses on cities, climate, and change. Also, check out our regular long-form podcast 'Advancing Sustainable Solutions'.

  • Mokslo populiarinimo laida, grįsta fantazija ir vaizduote. Laidose Ignas Klėjus su skirtingos srities mokslininkais iškelia hipotetinę situaciją, aptaria galimas jos pasekmes, apžvelgia realius procesus ir tyrimus. Nauji epizodai – antradieniais nuo 16.05 val. per LRT RADIJĄ.

  • Afsana Faheem and Dr Kate Cooper from the University of Bath talk with a broad range of guests from diverse clinical backgrounds about their experiences of working within the clinical psychology profession. Guests share their personal stories and journeys, whilst also offering advice to aspiring clinical psychologists. Topics include experiences of racism, discrimination, working with refugee and asylum seeker communities, and much more! Follow us @WAU_Podcast for latest updates.