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  • In the initial five-part series, Amit Majithia, Vice President and Country Head, Wipro Limited Canada, provides some case study examples.

    We explore (deeply) strategy options with experts using real-world case studies. You’ll also find episodes that investigate the tips, tools, trends, and insights that help leaders solve the digital transformation challenges preventing their organization from reaching their full potential.

  • Žaidimų naujienos iš viso pasaulio. Tikrų "Geimerių" kanalas.

  • VS Energy and our guests discuss the HVAC Commissioning process and the importance of quality commissioning in depth. The commissioning process is often overlooked, performed incorrectly or incompletely, or treated as a checklist at the end of a project. Our team of industry professionals will give insight into personal experiences, best practices, and outline the correct commissioning process throughout the series. We will discuss shared experiences of commissioning failures, corrective actions, and results.

  • Startup Recruitment Failures is about challenges and failures faced when hiring people. Every startup founder has a story or two on how they were burned by a hire who went sour. Listening to these stories, you will not only find relief (in case you are going through similar situations), but also get insights on how to improve hiring practices and reduce your share of recruitment failures.

  • Providing advice on how to get the best Return On Investment from your Software Development.
    Hosted by Mark Taylor of Red Folder Consultancy, this series is targeted at those that fund software development in improving their return on investment.
    Through a series of short weekly podcasts, Mark explores and explains why "traditional" management techniques will not only produce poor returns, but actively encourage it.
    Find out more about Red Folder Consultancy, or sign up to their mailing list at https://red-folder.com.
    Or reach out to Mark on Twitter @redfoldermark

  • Why does anything we do matter? What can we do to increase our impact, change our perspective, and make a difference in our worlds? Why IT Matters is a series of conversations hosted by Tracy Kronzak and Tim Lockie of Now IT Matters, about change, especially as experienced by nonprofits, technology experts, and the worlds that are served by the impact economy. What are we willing to do to change the course of our work, and who are the leaders, executives, and everyday heroes offering ideas and actions? We invite you to listen to conversations that begin with nonprofit technologists and continue to encompass philanthropy, faith, business leadership, and systemic racism. This podcast is about not being defined, and our conversations evolve and grow, accordingly.

  • Brian Friel and the Phantom team highlight the founders, developers, and designers who are pushing Web3 forward. Join the conversation as we delve into the unique challenges and innovations happening in crypto.

  • On the Surfacing Podcast, digital governance expert Lisa Welchman and design leader Andy Vitale take a deep dive into the world of the digital maker community. Join them as they talk to the designers, technologists, and business leaders responsible for building the experiences that make up our world.

  • Tinklalaidė duomenų tema - duomenų inžinerija, analitika, mokslas.

    Temų įvairovė - technologinė infrastruktūra, duomenų modeliai, nauji įrankiai, naujienos ir tendencijos, metodologijos, interviu pasiruošimas.

  • Der erste deutsche Solana NFT Podcast. Verfolgt uns auf unserer Reise durch das Solana NFT Netzwerk.

  • Kalbame apie sistemų projektavimą ir viską, kas mums įdomu.

  • Digital: Disrupted is a weekly podcast sponsored by Rocket Software, in which Paul Muller dives into the unique angles of digital transformation — the human side, the industry specifics, the pros and cons, and the unknown future. Paul asks tech/business experts today’s biggest questions, from “how do you go from disrupted to disruptor?” to “how does this matter to humanity?” Subscribe to gain foresight into what’s coming and insight for how to navigate it.

  • Welcome to tooltip time, the podcast that will help you find the right tools 10x faster.

    Each week, your co-hosts Mijon Zulu and Jude Brewer will dive into different tools to let you know what works, what doesn't work, and who this tool might best suit. tooltip time is brought to you by tooltip.com where you can decide whether to build or buy the best tools for online business. Recent reports include virtual office space for small groups, online grammar tools for business, and AI-writing assistants for fiction.

  • Hello, world. What is this MODEM podcast all about? Well, we saw a gap emerging in the technical podcast space. That gap was a deeply technical podcast, focused on the protocols, the details, the how-to-demistify-complex things, the unbiased, un-cola of networking that needed to be filled. We’re not interested in the marketing, or the fluff - we want to deconstruct the new shiny things and break them down into comsumable parts. Maybe also some witty banter.

  • Welcome to the Laser Source Podcast! In each episode, Alex and the gang from Laser Everything host the best podcast for growing and scaling your laser engraving business. This show is dedicated to helping you learn how to perfect your craft and take advantage of all the latest technology and techniques. So whether you want to grow your laser business or just getting into lasers for the first time this show is for you.

  • Welcome to Not Billable. Weekly legal news updates. Full event replays. And, a chance to hear from industry leaders about what’s been going on behind the scenes. Powered by Lawtrades, and hosted by their Head of Community, Matt Margolis.

  • Digital anthropologist Gabriella Coleman interviews the most influential actors in each era of the evolution of hacking culture from the 1970s to the present day.

  • 🎓Мы приглашаем педагогов, разговариваем об образовательных дисциплинах, традициях и новациях, стараясь выяснить, как возможен человек среди технологий, какие мы – люди в XXI веке, и как нас с вами изучают социальногуманитарные науки.

    Подкаст-проект реализуется в партнерстве с Европейским гуманитарным университетом (Литва).

  • Cryptocurrency News & Fundamental updates along with Market Sentiment & Technical Analysis to cover all of your BlockChain needs.