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  • By Design, a new podcast from the team at Abstract, explores the nuances and many steps in the product design process with a goal of highlighting all the work that design teams take on. Hosted by Josh Brewer, co-founder at Abstract, each episode focuses on a specific stage of the design lifecycle, with perspectives from some of the best leaders in design today. Listen in to hear more about how design teams work now and where design is headed in the future.

  • Mes, BITĖS Profai, pristatome „Profkastus“, kuriuose patarsime kaip geriausiai išnaudoti įvairių išmaniųjų įrenginių galimybes, dalinsimės naujienomis ir įžvalgomis apie technologijų ateitį. Kad jūsų kasdiena būtų lengvesnė.

  • Podas Kęstas - tai trijų programuotojų pašnekesiai apie IT aktualijas. Edvinas, Vaidas ir Tadas šneka apie viską kas susiję su IT ir web technologijomis: nuo programavimo iki privatumo tinkle.

  • IT sritis labai plati ir kitokia nei atrodo iš pirmo žvilgsnio. Mes kalbiname IT srities specialistus, klausomės jų istorijų ir jų patirties, ko jie laukia ateityje. Taip pat, pakalbėsime naujienas, iniciatyvas, idėjas, ar kitokius bazinius IT dalykus.

  • You've seen the cyber-attack stories on the news, but you may not be sure just how big of a threat cyber-attacks are to local companies right here in our community. The truth is, successful attacks are happening here all the time. We see them because we're the ones that get called in to assess the damage and clean it up.
    We started this podcast to help educate business and IT leaders on just how serious the threat of cyber-attack is so you can take control and protect the people and the business you care about so much. Don’t feel guilty about skipping the IT conferences, lunch-and-learns, and panel discussions. Just subscribe to our podcast Cybersecurity in Session and begin your journey to becoming a more secure company.

  • The ConnectWise Podcast Network is the source for insight, analysis, tips and commentary on everything MSPs need to know, with shows and produced by ConnectWise, the Platform for What's Next. From the latest in cybersecurity to strategies on how to achieve greater success with managed services, listen now to discover how you can unlock unlimited potential for your MSP business.

  • Listen in on Jane Street’s Ron Minsky as he has conversations with engineers who are working on everything from clock synchronization to reliable multicast, build systems to reconfigurable hardware. Get a peek at how Jane Street approaches problems, and how those ideas relate to tech more broadly. You can find transcripts along with related links on our website at signalsandthreads.com.

  • AI Boost tinklalaidė - pokalbiai apie dirbtinį intelektą ekspertiškai, bet suprantamai kiekvienam.

    AI BOOST yra MITA dirbtinio intelekto ekosistemos skatinimo iniciatyva Lietuvoje. Jos tikslas - gerinti sąlygas inovacijoms ir sprendimams kurti dirbtinio intelekto srityje. Iniciatyva teikia konsultacijas įmonėms ir startuoliams dirbtinio intelekto klausimais, skatina diskusijas dirbtinio intelekto tema visuomenėje bei skelbia apie lietuvių pasiekimus dirbtinio intelekto srityje Lietuvoje ir užsienyje.

  • Šioje tinklalaidėje Tomas Lukaševičius kalbina IT specialistus, IT įmonių vadovus ir psichologus apie tai, ką daryti, kai supranti, kad nori keisti karjerą, o labiausiai viliojanti sritis - IT.
    Projektą įgyvendina VšĮ „Integracijos centras“
    Projekto informaciniai partneriai: Asociacija „Aktyvus jaunimas“

  • Pradedame naują, dar nebandytą, turinio projektą - Socialaus Marketingo podcast'ą. Tikimės, kad patiks, bus įdomu ir naudinga.

  • Wanneer het de smaak krijgt van vieze koffie, wordt digitale ongelijkheid pas tastbaar. Wanneer een slimme Barbie jouw kind leert over communisme, wordt kunstmatige intelligentie echt politiek. Medialab SETUP maakt samen met kunstenaars de impact van nieuwe technologie op de maatschappij tastbaar. In onze podcast nemen we je mee in onze leukste projecten en beste longreads.

  • Industrial Talk is about celebrating the women and men of industry and manufacturing. We celebrate these innovative leaders and companies because they make our lives better and are changing the world for the better! These passionate leaders collaborate, innovate and educate with speed and purpose to positively impact people and communities around the world. Industrial Talk in collaboration with industry and manufacturing leaders address topics that include: Digital Transformation, Big Data, Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, AI, ML, Optimization, Edge, Cloud, Asset Reliability, Maintenance, 5G, Sales, Marketing and Branding and strategies for success. This is a podcast that is focused on Getting Stuff Done and learning from individuals and companies that have been there and have a track record of success. We celebrate a bright future in industry and manufacturing from with women and men dedicated to making our communities and world a better place.

  • 2020 has seen the world of work transform before our eyes. The global freelance workforce has been augmented by millions of skilled workers looking to engage in new, creative ways while businesses look to reduce their fixed costs and move to flexible, resilient, as-a-service delivery models.

    Join the re-source team as they meet the movers and shakers from the wonderful world of open talent

  • Hey my dudes!In this podcast, we will discuss about programming in general and becoming a blissful programmer in particular. Having been programming for around a decade, walking in shoes of both lead software engineer and beginner, having given hundreds of interviews and taking hundreds as well, I have accumulated some knowledge which I would like to share.Topics include how to start coding, skills to sharpen, how to improve quality, what hiring managers are looking for, how to become a great team contributor and more. Patreon Link belowYours,SauravSon, Engineer, Brother Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blissful-programmer/support

  • مدیر ممتاز پادکستی است که در آن به سفر تبدیل شدن از کارآفرین به یک مدیر عالی (مدیرعامل حرفه‌ای) و سپس رهبر پرداخته می‌شود.
    در فصل یکم به راه‌اندازی و مفاهیم استارتاپ ها و کارآفرینی پرداخته می‌شود

  • Stories of how the most successful companies use no-code tools alongside their engineering teams. We're learning why they picked the tools they did, how they've overcome scaling obstacles, and how they've learned to collaborate with engineering, on both a cultural and technical level.

  • Tinklalaidė apie skaitmeninių produktų kūrimą ir valdymą. Kalbėsimės su įvairių kompanijų atstovais apie jų kuruojamus produktus, dalinsimės patirtimi ir įžvalgomis apie produktų valdymo procesus.